Need advise-maid agency refuse to return loan amount


Hi all,

I'm in a dilemma now. I really hope that someone out there who has experienced this situation help me. Last year in September I engaged a Myanmar maid from MY MAIDS STATION at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. I am not afraid to post their name out as they have very unsculpulous means of running their business. I brought the maid home, her name is Hla Yin, beware of her. I really pity the employer who has gotten her but somehow it’s of good riddance to me. This girl’s loan amount then was $2500, a salary amount of $350 every month. Agency charged agency fee and test fee which is standard for most agencies.

When she came, we didn’t take note of anything strange about this girl. Until after a month, my mum in law caught her red-handed drinking barley that she had boiled directly from a 5L bottle at an angle high up. My mum-in-law stopped her and querried her, the girl claimed that she was looking for ants and denied drinking! What a liar! I came home after work and interrogated the girl and she continued to deny and even swear that she didn’t drink. I even told her if she had done it, apologise and don’t do it again. She kept denying, my mum-in-law was furious when she is the one who caught her red-handed. After a while, the girl suddenly knelt down and said Sorry Sir, Sorry Mam. She can lie through her teeth. From then, we watched her every move and only to find out that she’s horrible. She didn’t even wash my baby bottles and sterilized them. I noticed the milk fat stains and orange carrot juice lined in the bottles and teats. She even cause 2 of my parquet skirting to drop out, my bomb shelter door to be spoilt, now can’t even close. Even my window 2 panel grill could even be pluck out. There was one incident whereby she didn’t close my hot thermal bottle and all the water spilled in my diaper bag and scalded me husband’s lap as he placed it on his lap, it was so lucky that he didn’t have the baby with him. She wasn’t at all apologetic.

Her personal hygiene was also horrible. Can you imagine, she could do housework for the entire day and not bathe at all, didn’t change her clothes, go to sleep and the next day carried on doing her housework. It’s normal for maids to eat from hands, I don’t mind that but at least be neat and clean. When she eats, she will use that same hand to scratch her head, continue to eat and takes up her t-shirt and wipes her mouth and scratch her hair, didn’t wash hand, then collects the laundry. When she cuts raw meat, after cutting, she rubs her hands on her pants and does other things. These are actions that I’ve caught her several times and reminded her not to do but it didn’t change. My friends even wondered how I could tolerate such a person. When she washes clothes by hand, she just dips in the water, take out and squeeze and that’s called washed. We didn’t take note until after the barley incident. Thinking that she doesn’t know how to wash clothes by hand, my mum-in-law taught her for many days. This girl washed according to how she was taught only for a week and when she sees my mum-in-law(MIL) watching her, she scrubs the clothes and when MIL is not looking she dips and squeeze. It just shows that this maid is lazy. One Saturday, we went out at 10am, I told her since we are going out, she had better ironed all the 16pcs of clothes that she had chalked up for ironing. Since we were not around, I believe doing housework should be easier as she doesn’t need to prepare food nor cook. I came back at 11pm, I got a shock of my life. I saw the mopping pail and a mop on the floor and when I asked her what had she not done, she hasn’t washed the kitchen, not even the toilets. Needless to say the 16pcs of clothes was not touched at all. Even my laundry basket was doubled in height and all those are for machine wash. I asked her what she had been doing, she said that she was very busy cleaning that day. What a joke!

Anyway, all those are secondary, I returned her after 2 months and got a replacement. I had to top up her loan to $3120. Now, I’m very particular about my maids as I have 3 dogs and I always reminded the agency that I need a maid who can take care and likes dogs. Agency reassured me that their maids are willing to take care of dogs. Ok, the replacement Myanmar maid came here to be a princess and not a maid. She wore hairbands with big flowers on it. I mean I am fine with that. Agency also lied that she didn’t have any siblings here and in the end, when she arrived, she has a sister here, apparently worked here in Singapore for quite some time and is with the same agency. The day she came to my house, the next day she requested to call her mother in Myanmar. This girl is a Mummy’s girl. When I taught her how to cook, I even cooked her share, she can say, “ Mam, I don’t want to eat this.” And she shake her head. The worst part was she didn’t even know how to cook at all not to say her own Myanmar food. Even when my MIL want to cook, she will ask the maid, “ Do you want to eat this?” I was so pissed off as I felt that we were keeping a princess and not a maid. I noticed that she didn’t like dogs at all and even kicked them. Apparently, this princess wasn’t used to picking up the dog poo too when I have initially exaggerated to the agency that my dogs poo every 15mins and girl said its ok. So I decided to tell the girl that I cant possibly cook her Myanmar food and specially cook something that she liked to eat. I told her that I will only cook for my family and if there’s leftover, she can choose to eat or she can take anything from the fridge to cook her own meal. Well, my friends said that I was stupid. How can she be allowed such treatment. In the end, the girl cried as she doesn’t even know how to cook so how to cook her own meal? The next day, she ranaway and I noticed that she had been calling her sister in Singapore. This girl only worked for 5 days but was transferred soon after.

I went back to agency only to find that the previous maid, Hla Yin reported us for a maid abuse. So my husband and I had to go down to the police station to take down our statements. Most of the allegations were against my husband so he was also called in by MOM.. Apparently, the maid didn’t even have any bodily harm on her body just an allergy of her hands which she didn’t even mention to me. C’mon, if she is a 31 year old lady and if any part of her is not well, she should tell me but she didn’t. I don’t think any employer would go around checking their maid’s body every now and then right! My husband had to undergo a lie detector test and a lot of unnecessary time was wasted. At the end of the day, the case had ended mid April 2011. It was a false allegation from the maid. The maid (Hla Yin) was already transferred in February. When I reported the case to the police as the maid has caused us unnecessary duress and stress this period of time for giving false allegation, the police said that they can’t do anything about it. SO lousy right! When a maid reports, the police investigates. When an employer reports her for false allegation, the police ignores. What kind of world is this! The police even said that if I want, I can get a lawyer to sue the maid, what is this! What do I stand to gain by wasting more money to sue a penniless maid.

Anyway, the main issue now is that the maid refused to return my upfront loan of $3000+, having pro-rated the 5 days from the new maid who ranaway. MY MAIDS STATION apparently claimed that Hla Yin stayed with them during police investigation for 90 days and they want to charge me $20/day for food and lodging which amounts to $1800. They were only willing to return us $1200. I felt that it was absurd. Firstly, in the contract, it states clearly that its $10/day before the maid is being transferred and up to a maximum of 30 days and thereafter, agency will bear. Now, they charged me $20/day and it’s for 90 days. My goodness! I had to get a lawyer to write them a letter asking for my $3k. They refused and only willing to return a maximum of $1800 and even gave me a grace period of 7 days of accepting that $1800. I feel that this agency is out to cheat people and who knows, they might be the devils advocate teaching their maids what to do to gain that big buck. You see, they added loan amount to the maid when she transferred and on the other hand, get money from my side. How shrewd are they! I even suggested instead of 3k, we’ll just accept $2.5k but they refused to return. I wanted to sue them my the amount does not justify the lawyers’ fees, I mean it’s not tens of thousands but 3k is definitely not a small amount either. My friends said that it is quite pointless to go to Case as they are just middleman and probably nothing will be done from there.

Does anyone have any suggestion what I can do or anyone who has experienced such situation to advice me on what I should do? If I go to small claims, will I be able to get back my entire $3k or what’s the max that I can possibly get? Anyone who has any suggestions, you can PM me and I really appreciate your help. I really hope that the government can look into these kind of real life situations instead of gaining votes and not helping their own people.


hi bibi,i got same case like u...even worse.maid from indo is a "double snake head" make me n my mom quarrel wit my MIL n at the end we had same situation like u.worse cz she went to embassy n said tat we abused her.then we're called by police,wasting time and must pay all her loan while she's happily went back to indo w/o paying anything.and i'm ending with cant engage any maid.but after i talk wit MP,can hire one.i only can say...forget the money.we also end up paid her loan 9 months + 2 months (cz she's transfer maid) cz thinking not worth to hire lawyers.go to court also another problem.God not blind.1 day she will get her punishment.let it go.i also hv same thinking like can get money from us n later on get replacement from their supplier.but nevermind...they have their own "bussiness' later mom alw says...let it go n u'll get better later on or even better.



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You can go to SMALL CLAIMS TRIBUNAL. For a fee of $10, both parties will be called up in the presence of a mediator. You need to provide evidence & tell your side of the story, then the mediator will decide on the settlement. If they fail to turn up for the appointment, then it is to your advantage [IMG=]

normally contract states if balance loan is refundable anot or if party terminates contract .

penalty is hw much

ur case is becos kena police case den u are quite hard to protet urself, i am standing fm outsider view nt trying say cant but chances so so only.

cos kena police case, 90 days maid stayed there and then made them cant find employer for maid blah blah..etc... hope it helps u a lil

FYI : used to be working maid agency =D




few yrs back i had a runaway crazy maid who claimed that i hit her. SHe hid in the embassy for about 1-2mths ( cant recall).It was a police case but police and MOM didnt "invite" me for any interview at all. But i was informed by my agent that I was barred from employing any new maids till the case is cleared. And My agency also refused to refund me back my $. Maid only worked for me for a month!

But after negotiation with the agency, they refunded me 50%. The maid was sent back to her own country as she eventually admitted that she lied, she just wanted to go home.

It is really v hard to get back your $ from agency,. even though it is not our fault! Maid lied and claim thaqt we abused her etc.. and they happily go back home while we suay kena the shit and have to pay.

wish u good luck!

HI Its direct hire , unless u have used a maid before otherwise i've heard of cases fren refer u their own maid fren in but end up also crazy women . direct hire oso go thru agency something like that but agency doesnt guarantee u replacement , tt time i was working , it was ard $1800-2k now dunno how much already =D

yah still have to go thru agency if not u can hire her just apply own permit i think tt one nt v sure , u have to go mom to see

apply a IPA for ur worker

den buy airticket , she must board the flight if nt u waste money - u must cfm * after all these yrs she still same =D

den pick her up fm airport bring her go thumbprint n neccessary test all by urself=D



Just ti sharebmy story

My indo maid worked for me for 4 mths plus and came went I was heavily preg.. As it was my first maid... I was warned by other not to select hong kong ex maid as they have attitude problem...and that was my criteria when selecting.. Happily picked this ex msian exp maid who appears very amiable n obliging... U ask her eat what... She will say anything...

Then horror begins.... Everything was fine until she started revealing her true color..

She said she was from hong kong but agency told her not to indicate as Singaporean don't like ex hk maid. Since she alr start working ... I hav to accept it.. Oh by the way,,, she said she take porks coz in hong kong have to eat pork...n

All was fine until a mth before my delivery.. She said she wanted her hdph back (when we picked her from agency, she and agenc claim that the hdph was her relative whom work in sg but not convenient to hold, as the agreement was salary at 450 with no day off n no hdph, I kept the hdph in trust for her). But alas.. She confessed that the hdph was her and she wanted it to talk to her kids...but we alr foc bought her a phcard to call home twice a mth,.. How can she turn back on her words.

Hi got exp in employ maid too. I kana unlucky too. First maid i recruit work for me 13mths. 1st mths work for me ok. 2nd mth pattern come. Give her chance.after she tell me got fever, stomach pain &others. Lucky i smart enough to see through,every time she told to her cousin.another day sick. I tell her will send her to hospital for full check. For that day onward no more sick. A lot of bad about her like stole money, tell lies., make my thing spoilt. After 13 mths, cannot stand her anymore. So i transfer her out. B4 transfer her out, ask

and tell her what she hv done.record every single words to ur hp during conversation.. At least she go to agency or police and tell lies. No more use already. Cos we got prove that she tell lies and admin she stole $. Today the agent call me and the maid say my mum abuse her.what a laugh. Dun employ a maid call elvira. (married with kids)

hi bibibaba, The term condition u signed i dun know what is the term.. By right , a new maid coming if u never fetch her u have to pay agent daily $. But i never hear a maid run away we still have to pay for her lodging and food. I know have to pay her levy only. Maybe u read the term and condition and call MOM for info.

I dun know why MOM like to believe those maid instead of employer. Why we have to pay tax to government and protect foreign not us.? Maid kill and murder in singapore dun need died.? why?

i agree. i just got played out by the maid agency and maid too and los 6k in 6 months. I thik we should do something to stop all the maid scam.they're not here to work. tey're here for holiday at our expense.and the govt doesn't help us at all.



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Recently in April, I hired a Myanmar maid from MY MAIDS STATION at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. After comparing with many other agencies, I realised that their agency fee was one of the lowest. However, when I signed the contract, I discovered that it has so many terms & conditions which spans over so many pages. (At that time, I should have realised the reason why it needs to cover itself so well.)

Only when I decided to terminate its services (after changing one maid) that I found that I had to bear a hefty cost. Eg. the agency charges $200 for admin fees & $10 daily up to 30days if it fails to market out the maid that you return. In addition, it refused to refund the money which I paid for the maids' loans (which totalled up to about $1800 after deducting the admin cost etc) to me until after 30days in case the maid needed medical attention which is an indefinite sum. (Note that when I went to another agency, it does not have all these charges should I terminate their services.)

Eventually, after much calling & hassle, I finally got the money back.

The agency claimed that it trained its maids. However when I asked my first maid, she said that they were not trained. It was quite apparent with both maids from the way they mopped the floor with one hand. The second one that the agency recommended took 5hrs to do the ironing (my previous indon took 2hrs or less). They seemed to receive little briefing or training as they came having different expectations and lack personal hygiene.

The first one, Moe Moe, came with fanciful clothes & shoes & in less than 2 weeks, I received a phonecall from a man. The man pretended to be the employer of another maid whom my maid supposedly called so he returned the call. Although she was fresh from Myanmar, she possessed a phone book filled with Singapore contacts. Even before the month was up, whenever I instructed her to do things, she ignored me and walked away.

The second one, Sanda Win, complained of dizziness, chest pain & stomachache in a matter of less than 3 months in 3 different occasions. I told her to rest and she ended up lying in bed for the whole day and worse, whined and chanted until I had to send her back to the agency.



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MY MAIDS STATION at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre - A Rogue Maid Agency that all Consumers need to beware...

I engaged a Myanmar maid in September 2011 from them and this maid was rejected and returned to them due to many reasons:-

1. No training given to them by the maid agency at all even though the agent's advertisment at the front of their shop states daily training. Maid tells me that the agency did not teach them to do housework, cooking etc.

2. Maid exhibit behaviours such as watching TV and reading magazines and also wakes up late every morning to slowly eat her breakfast while we take care of the baby who wakes up at 5am.

3. Maid is also fussy about the food and eats what she likes.


After returning the maid, the contract states clearly that the maid station is to refund to their customer after 30 days. I was informed by MOM that the maid has already been transfered to the new employer after 2 weeks. After 30 days, I have been chasing for payment for 2 months and I still did not receive.

At the refund stage, the maid station has a different person that handles this instead of the "nice" and understanding initial maid agent that sold the agent service to you.

This other person that is handling refunds is very unprofessional and rude. He cooks up alot of excuses. He will lie that he will check and call you back but he never does it. When you finally manage to get hold of him, he will tell you that "Management" has not signed the check and if I keep pushing, he will give me a bounce check.

From my experience, please avoid MY MAIDS STATION at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre as 1stly, their maids are not great and 2ndly, do not expect a timely refund of the loan, 3rdly, beware of the person that handles refunds. I think that person with the gangster behaviour was employed there for the purpose of delaying refunds.

At this point, I still have not received my refund. Next step is to lodge a complaint to CASE and the Small Claims Tribunal.



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Runaway .... fake illness .... poor agency service .... maid with wrong working attitude eg "If you are not happy, you can send me back to agency." or If you are not happy, you can get me transfer". These are two of the common phrases which employers hear from maids easily.

Simple to them. Employers' nightmares!

They argued they are human beings, deserved this deserved that at employer's expense. If we let them go due to their 'threats', poor attitude or working incapability (mindset is not to be a domestic helper), who suffered the most? Employers! By pretending unable to work, don't know how to carry out a task correctly after few trainings, weak or saying above, their wish are forced to be granted = sent back to agent. How to hire and pay for a domestic helper when you're the one slogging at home & work or forever at the losing end?

We suffer time loss to find new replacement, re-train, take annual leave, pay additional costs imposed by agency and MOM.

MOM collects levy comfortably, agency continues to count money + no responsibilities, maid granted the luxury to rest at agency while employer pays for daily lodging and food (waiting for transfer), etc. Is this how Singaporean employers should be treated?

We paid levy, paid agency fee and insurance but what protection do we get? Anybody or organisation bothers to know the quality of maid nowadays is not worth the high pay? It is really high pay, compared to Hongkong because employers are paying levy, salary, agency fee, binded by repatriation clause (air-ticket) + security bond terms (runaway means $2500 to $5000 gone), in-house food & lodging, etc.

A lot of local cleaners or housekeepers do not receive take home pay (savings) of $400-500 per month but maids do! Maids don't need to pay for food, transport, housing loan, CPF, education & medical in Spore, etc. So is take home pay of $400-500 per month really low?? Taking into consideration, their demands are so high these days... more off days, chat on mobile frequently, no hanging of bamboo laundry, can't wash windows or car, shorter working hours (mine has 9-10 hrs rest), etc.

Seriously, if you've a better choice, don't hire maid. The reason why we are suffering is because there's a high demand for maids in Spore. No matter how harsh, how unfair the terms are set, as long as the demand for FDWs didn't gone down sharply, our voices won't be heard.

I wrote to MP, even PM but they don't care! Grassroots came to visit my house and vanished (no follow-up). CEL kept giving suggestions that are non-feasible. Gov, CEL or MOM only read key words, not content of your message/problems so they kept giving wrong or impossible suggestion. 说风凉话 These people are not in my/our shoes or have no time to look at our root cause properly. 事不关己 I suppose, we're small flies, not worth the effort and attention. So what I'm a locally born citizen. I don't have any strong backup to voice on my behalf nor am I or my hubby in an industry or position that commands power.

Highlighted my situation and reluctance to hire a maid..... I have a special needs child, no childcare or daycare centre setup for her or willing to accept her. Really forced to hire a maid so that I can work. If continue to stay home, we're unable to bear the costs of Sg high living standards. Get financial assistance .... you think so easy to ask govt for money? You able to withstand the coldness of your social worker, insensitivity, continuous financial assessment (means testing) and help (S$) that is insufficient.... having a special needs child or disability is costly in Spore!

I don't want maid but I don't have a choice. I've stayed home for many years, a financial drainage, used future money .... I have to work but government not compassionate or willing to help.

Advice: If you've a better choice (most of you should be better than me, given other feasible options), especially if you or friend has encountered errant/princess maid, don't try to get yourself in messy business, no fun, stressful, nightmares, money wasted vs quality hired. The new era maids are not here to lighten your loads. If you want a big baby to take care or money nowhere to spend, they fit well!



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I still remember the 1st time I've thicken my face to ask for financial assistance.... purposely carried my girl there as nobody interested to babysit her. At that time, household income was strictly cap at $1500/household. Very tough.

The coldness and attitude of that social worker really make Sporeans think thrice when trying to get money from govt. Noticed lately, more news on govt trying to help the needy ie low-come group. They have increased the income cap but how many already bitten and don't dare seek assistance? How many who required help but were turned away just because they were too honest and declared too much?

When the social worker saw my declaration of hubby owned a motorbike, she immediately said it was a luxury. She didn't bother to find out the type of bike and work out the cost of having it. Hubby worked shifts so he either leave house before 6am or leave office after 11pm. It is cheaper, more convenient, more time saving to have a motorbike (pic: rather than to flag a cab and be charged for peak hours or spend lots of time on transferring & waiting for mrt and buses, late at night or early mornings.

When social worker saw I have some money (think about $2000) in my bank statement, her eyebrow raised, when she saw we've life insurance policies, she commented we should try to cut cost ie terminate the policies, don't rely too much on govt, get a job or work out other ways.

So readers, if you've have a choice, don't hire a maid. Comparing yourself and me, you're much fortunate, at least you don't have a child with developmental delay whereby no childcare centre including Integrated Childcare wants her. When principal or teacher learnt she's 5yrs old yet not toilet trained and can't self feed, they claimed no vacancy.

For student care centres, they are meant for students above 7 yrs old and can attend mainstream, definitely not for children who rely on others, not independent, requires more attention and troublesome to them. We really had no choice but to hire a maid. Forced to work for our own money yet govt/MOM kept trying ways to make my only resource be taken away ie having so many unfair terms and policies, super protective of maids and agencies.



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Jasmine (maxtrad)

For my case, I sent email to agent, cc my MP and MOM. I got my refund in less than a month. MOM rang them for a friendly chat and told me about it.

When come to refund, you must be pro-active, don't wait for them to get in touch with you. If you're offering them money, they'll ring you but if you're trying to dig money from their pockets, you better be more hardworking.

Some are not lucky, their maid loans rec'd were lesser than expected as agency ate part of it, claimed to be lodging or admin fee, etc.

I really don't want to go thru such headache and worries.... if my current maid resigns or give me problem ... don't know whether I got courage to hire a replacement. I'm worried what will happen to my girl, alone with maid at home or journey to school. CCTVs can't cover all corners..... [IMG=] Hope a daycare centre nearby can be setup. Lots of elderly care centres sprouting but not special needs daycare.

I'm posting here to highlight to all readers (some might thot I'm spamming), if you've another alternative, don't hire maid and get yourself into muddy business. Believe you've a choice, unlike me!



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I have hired a myanmar maid from my maids station at Bukit timah shopping centre last year & so far e maid work quite well for me, working attitude is ok & teachable. Im quite happy with their service so far..Hmmm not much unhappy issue so far until today. My sister in law also taking maid from My maids station. Everything goes well & smooth for them too.



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I took 3 transfer maids (criminals) from my maid station from jul 2011-aug 2012. They stole money, cooking oil, rice, etc. One even beat my toddler girl. Another tried to destabilize my girl by telling her ghost stories, etc. I'm not even complaining about the shoddy work & over-sleeping.



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Hi Alice, can you PM me? I took a maid by name of Moe in Nov 2011. she is under police investigation for 2 crimes - my household & next employer.




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For sure, my maids station agency is the most evil one i ever met. Once you have any connection with them, it's endless. They are like vampire. And they also teach maids to give false statements such as abused by the employer!!



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I deeply regret that i did not take the advice online. I did read those stories about this evil agency before i took a maid from them. But i needed a maid urgently so i signed a contract with them. Then it's a journey of you are always topping up more money into the package. It says, FREE REPLACEMENT. But you have to top up another 300 or more if you want to change the nationality or if you want an experienced. And they always treat you as if they were animals, yell on the phone or in face, lies.............always lie. I took a new maid them claim having good English. but she turned out to know nothing!!!



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Well, just to let you know that my ex-maid is probably a sex addict. I have photos & website which displays user profile. They are mostly Filipinos. She supplies her Bangladeshi boyfriends with things stolen from my house. Banglas are like gigolos - free sex & food, etc. it appears quite a number of maids to this in our neighborhood.

When I reported the theft to neighborhood police, he didn't want to write report. I don't need an investigation

I wonder if MOM is aware that a fair number of Filiino maids are watching porn on their cell phones.

Hi Ping, Can i have the website in order for me to employ right maid. ? I know quite a few will stolen $ or branded clothes to sell away My friend, colleague and relative "Kanna" their branded clothes, gold & $$ stolen by maid but mostly from indonesia. They told me their maid work less than a month , some less than 7 month. (some lose $4K and other relative lose some gold) At the end, search their clothes and bag, some can find back 70% , Some can't take any? By how ??



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I need advise urgently.

i didnt come across this thread when i engage the service of my maids station. i told them my criteria, they immediately push me to sign contract to get this maid fresh from chin, myanmar. The sale person confirm + guarantee that she can speak english caz he said he interviewed her personally. Finally the day when i fetch this maid, my jaws dropped. She cannot understand any english at all. BED, BATH, EAT, SLEEP, SWEEP, MOP..all she dont understand.

the agency say ask me to train her, she is teachable etc no choice i brought her home. she tell me she dont wan eat this, dont want eat that and drink alot water instead. So worried abt her, i brought her back for counselling..then slowly my mum help me to teach her how to sweep mop etc..she dont even know how to do all these and i dont use a vacuum cleaner by the way..its the traditional method of cleaning floor.

in summary, we brought her back to agency countless times for counselling and lots of calls to agency for her to talk to the agent. all the times, the agent ask us to bear with her flaws, teach her etc etc. almost everyday after 2 weeks, she started to spoil this and that, break my piggy bank etc etc.

then one fine day, she request to call back agent again then dono what happen, the agent came and collect her while i working in office. that weekend, i went down to find out what happen. the agent said she threaten to commit suicide and that she told the agent she was punish at home?? i was like "WTH" i ask that maid who was sitting there like a princess what happen and with the help of another transferred maid, the maid said she never say she wan commit suicide. she never say she was punished. but that she had muscle pain in her legs which she already experienced before in hometown. Wah liao, the agent face turn black loh. then tell me dont need talk to the maid liao. she cannot trust. but when i ask if she will be sent back home, they say no. will be transferred. i ask the maid why she wan transferred she said too many things to do. Pls loh, she never help in cooking since i still have tingkat, she never help at all in taking care of my baby, she never touch my laundry, she never help in packing cupboard at all, so she only sweep/mop/wash toilet/clean windows. and i only staying in a 3 bedrooms flat leh.

so now, could some kind souls with experience in this maid agency pls teach me what shld i do now? if i terminate, will i still need to incur the $200 & the S$20 daily charge since the maid dont wan to work and not me dont wan her? if i still get maid from them i also scare the qlty of maid liao.

$200 for ??. $20 daily charge. U have to check your contract signed. If the maid transfer , will charge daily charge till she got new employer but depend of contract. Some will ask to pay up to 21 days max. if the maid still cannot find. (depend ur contract). This is my experience only deduce daily charge and at the same time i terminate my contract and get my balance back after maid found new employer and (14 days daily charge). Terminate can get money back as long as ur contract signed is avail. But they will deduce the daily charge till maid find new employer then can refund back the money to you. Pls check ur contract signed stated if the maid return need to pay up to ? days daily charge.



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hi mumof2,

the contract says $10 but the agency tell me if i dont sign the transfer letter form, they will charge me S$20 each day

the $200, is in one of the clause that says if i terminate the service then they will charge me $200

this is on top of the charges fines if i shortlist the maid but pull, even if i dont choose another replacement maid i will have to incurr this cost? ayoh the wordings in the contract so small and so until i also blur blur

Hi babybride, transfer form have to sign, if not they cannot transfer out the maid to new employer. Before u terminate , u should complain them why recommend this type of maid to you.And tell them is the maid dun want work not i dun want her The maid has return to them already, right?? And u have not choose any maid, right? Then u can call them and tell them u would like to terminate. If terminate, ask them how much you can get back. Maid $10 daily charge per day. (no.of days deduct) How deduct is depend maid when u send her back to agent and when she find new employer so that the no. of days is deduct. I terminate two agents already. Only charge daily charge. Call ehem to ask first.



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Babybride, i experience almost the exact thing from my maids station!!! Yes, most of their myanmar maids are chin people which is myanmar minority people. they can NOT understand what other myanmar maids say and can not read it either. so it is totally useless if you borrow an English to Burmese dictionary.

Mine is also like yours, uncivilized. Change cloth without closing the door which scared my husband so much!!! and the agency also asked the maid to say we abuse her. and they also also say some threatening words to FORCE us do this and do that. And also like what you experience, they told me they interview the maid in person and the maid has a good comprehension of English!!! But she knows not a single English word.

Anybody wants to lodge a report against this agency together? I even double even if you terminate the contract, whether they really put the maid in their office for transfer. I did not see my maid there...



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u terminate with maids station too? how much u have to pay in the end? u managed to get back the loan?? or u have to pay $200 admin cost? how much they charge u?? u got just one maid from them? need ur advise how u dealt with them leh..caz they promised to ans me last week...still no news from them!!! super sick of their service liao



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the same: $200 + $10/day until the maid was transferred.

No, they will never call you. always busy, busy. Just write to MOM and the MP. Or sue, which just costs $10, but will definitely solve all the problems and take back the balance of the loans. It's much easier and simpler to deal with the judge than my maids station, Louis or whoever. So wait for another 30 days from the day when your maid was transferred. If no refund, just sue them! I am interested to see how many employers will sue this agency until it is totally banned by the government.

I just learned they even asked employers to interview maids an employer already paid the deposit. In another word, they re-sell the same maid for a higher rate. Some their filipino maids already complained to MOM.

Believe it or not, keep away from My Maid Station!



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Sorry I didn't log in for some time.

Email to MOM. My Maid Station has a police case on hand; they are very scared of MOM. if all of you write in to complain at the same time, they will be more cooperative. MOM will hopefully investigate this rogue agency.

I will write in & complain abt maid#3. I have created 3 picassa albums of these 3 criminals to show to MOM & police for #3.

For me, I took a pix of my house everyday & emailed to My Maid Station.



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i still havent heard anything from maids station yet. think by end of this week, prob i will proceed on with next step liao.

Ping, i understand that MOM will not step in caz its betw employers and agency. is it not true?

cdmama, so in the end, u got ur refund back? how u get it? u got call agency tell them terminate? what shld i do for next step now?



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any comments on rejoice maid agency?

is it true that now to get a indo maid, the agency fees are now charging >S$1k excluding insurance???

Why must get indo maid?? Indo maid doesn't mean got experience and good.Normal employ to cook and do housework ok only. You employ to take care kids or elderly, my friend and colleague advised not to choose indo maid. most of indo maid will hurt kids / elderly. And it really happen on my two colleague side.(one of the kid become vegetable). Agency charge fee $1k possible because the govt push up all the price include their salary. Not exp also must pay at least $450 onwards. Choose myanmar or philip maid. I can recommend is Joy employment Services at Bukit Timah Shopping Ctr (Look for Ms Jojo). I choose mine from that side. Her service good and will tell liars about the maid. She will tell truth whether can choose this or that maid. Their agency fee also not so expensive. The biggest agency doesn't mean good.



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i cannot get php maids caz they wan off day and hp which i wan maids without off day and when i go out on weekends they follow me...

myanmar maid is what i hav from my maids station loh and lots of problems..lazy, not initiative, no willingness to put effort to learn...sigh..if got good one, i also wan to take myanmar maid, cost me less..but dont have this kind of luck so far leh..

Why not try this centre Joy employment services. i just get one from them. Maid agree no off day. If that agent not trustful , better change. Actually can ask agent, agent will call to their country and ask. More impt to info them what requirement you want.. Not every maid got problem. You can try this agent. ok.



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mumof2, are you a representative from Joy Employment? hahah...I know this Jo Jo. I met her. She sounds soft but i can see she was trying her utmost to make it nature. I am not sure whether it would be the same situation after i sign the contract and pay the loans...But true, sometimes her maids are cheap (i mean half an year ago, not sure for now)

Honestly, all those agencies are the same at BT Shopping centre. But some are slightly better and do not play too many ridiculous tricks and even cheats like my maid station. I want to recommend a relatively "good" one. but i don't want others to say i am the middle person. so give up!

anyway, to me, they all suck blood. you look into their (women and men) red eyes, only money and money

babybride, no, i have not got the money back as it is not due yet according to the contract. But if my maid station does not post me the cheque on the right day, i will go thru the small claim court. what's harm? just $10 and i have time. If i were you, yes, call and email (keep a copy) everyday until one week overdue. then go to ASEA or CASE first, then the court. simple and easy! never expect that Louis or whoever will call you back. I sued one agency there before. then the boss sent over the cheque to my door.

I think this kind of agency should be seriously punished by Singapore law and banned from the industry.

No, it's ridiculous to pay over $1k for any maid! Are they from Royal family? I'd rather donate the money rather than wasting money for nothing, or maybe for nightmares...

Hi Cdmama, sorry i not representative. Frankly speaking, i have change two agent already. haha... And i have take back all my money back on time. I recommend as becos i take my current from them.



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hi cdmama,

what u mean by due according to contract? u mean contract have due date to refund? ayoh i see their contract til eyes painful so many clauses to read. anyway, i just saw from the mom website that the maid is transferred out to another employer liao..heng, else more money flowing out for nothing..

my hubby went down over the weekends ask him why no response, he pulled out a medical certificate say he on mc for 2-3 weeks..waa like tat my hubby nothing to say liao liao loh..

anyway they say i have to pay $200 + $10/day lodging for that maid who wish to be transferred...sigh..why maid wan to transfer also employer problem and $$ er to pay..

mumof2, i got go enquire at joy employment before...they ask me to take transfer ones but when i try to interview them, its like one duck and one chicken talking...i ask them how many brothers, she replied no brother, but bio got brother, i ask her papa do what? she said papa no more, mama no more..but bio states differently...ayoh..

but i ask ard agencies, most of them quote abt this price $1k for indo maid excluding insurance...

unless i still settle for mynammar one but i have to take the risk again since my last mynammar maid was a nightmare from maids station

Hi babybride, My experience take transfer maid before and will like to info you, dun take transfer maid for any of the agent. Most of the transfer got problem then transfer.. Take new maid and don't take ex-singapore maid and ex-hongkong maid. I take new maid from philipiness. At least, i tell them my problem and my requirement so they help me to interview them. Why not you interview them yourself through the phone to test their english first once u choose their bios.



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Oh, my advice will be the other way. NEVER take the new maids. I took two, nightmare. One is as motionless as a tree with hands allergy problem; one the the myanmar maid from my maid station, wild, no English.

so babybride, they refund u the money at site? if no, when? If on the contract, it says refund the balance ONE MONTH after the maid is transferred...

To me, if i have to change maid again, i only take transfer maid. I don't agree that all the transfer maids are problematic. My standard is first, to check whether she changes employers too often within a short period of time. second, interview. give attention to details, such as her attitude, the way she sits, dresses up. To our home, no handphone on weekdays, non-negotiable!



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I understand MOM will not usu interfere with employment disputes but it can add demerit points to agency.

We have to pressurize the useless MOM to act to protect singaporean citizens. The agencies are recycling criminals & wasting our time & money.

I think Louis MC is fake. He seems to be 'on MC' regularly.

I take 2 transfer maid b4. They give me nightmare. Maybe Sometime we have depend our luck. not all new or transfer maid good or not good. also the agent we choose too. The maid that I choose whether new or transfer, my mum or me will teach them at least one week.



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Aiya! If only I have discovered this forum earlier! Now I am in the same boat as many of you here. I also got a maid from My Maids Station at Bt Timah Shopping Centre. After getting a Myanmar maid for barely a week, the maid said that she wanted to go back to the agent. She wanted a job that doesn't need her to cook, boil water (kettle with water is too heavy), have afternoon time off, can use handphone any time and any day. Her pay is $500 with 1 day off per mth. She said agent told her she can transfer easily. I brought her back for counselling and told the Lxxxx guy that I want to change to an Indo maid. He said will show me Indo maid biodata which will come in 2 days' time and can bring in the maid within 2-3 weeks. And then, ... you must have guessed. No news, no call and you can't get him. Was told he is on MC, had operation etc. Now I also don't know what to do. Cdmama, babybride and others, if you are lodging complaint, count me in.



I called them yesterday and was told i can get a maid from them soon arriving... n as usual ask me faster come n make payment if i want that good maid that can speak eng n chinese!



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takefortywinks, ur maid macham like the maid that i took from same agency. do so little work stil say too much workload..they really too much liao..

i confirm wan terminate the contract liao..but just bu gan yen caz they bai bai earn the $200 admin fees if i didnt use their service for 270days