Mel Shoes by MELISSA (FINAL REDUCTIONS, Closing Down SALES, LAST Chance) ~Tweetsprees~

Hi, i have transferred payment via IB to your DBS account.

IB nick: d3bz
Transaction ref: 11094202497

Can i know my order belong to which batch? Thanks!
Hello d3bz

Payment received, order taken in

Your order will be under batch 27
Order for batch 27 placed
will send a mass email tomorrow.

will also update the arrival of batch 25 and 26 tomorrow

Am back for the 3rd time!

Mel cherry bow
UK 6

Mango glitter pumps
UK 4

(£29 + £25) x 2.15 = S$116.10
S$116.10 + S$1 = $117.10

Self collection @ punggol.

Amt correct?

Exchange rate now British Pound GBP(£)1 : SGD2.15 *subject to changes

Website Link :
Seller Speed : 2-3 weeks (they can take from 3-10 days to process, good things are worth the wait tho ^^)
Estimated Shipping : Free shipping on £150
Ordering : Ongoing, capping at £150
Note: recommend to size up if getting wedges/heels or if you are in between sizes

Delivery options:
Self collection
Punggol home (weekday nights)
Punggol MRT station (Sun 12.30pm)
NUS Faculty of Science/ Kent Ridge MRT station (weekdays, subject to our schedule)

Normal postage
≤ 500g: S$1.50
500g - 1kg: S$2.55
1kg - 2kg: S$3.35

Registered postage - Normal postage + additional $2.25
plz note that bulky mail (those that can't fit in mail box) & reg mail can only be mailed out once a week since post office is closed by the time i end work

TA-Q-BIN courier: from $6

Post your orders here or email to [email protected] or leave a comment at

Order Format:
Contact (email/hp no.):
Item name:
Price in GBP(£):
Price in SGD: Item(s) price in GBP(£)* 2.15
Delivery method: Self collection/ normal mail/ registered mail

Handling fee $1.00/spree order

Please proceed with payment after you've placed your order. No confirmation is required.

1st payment for order - Item(s) price in SGD + $1.00 (handling fee)
2nd payment for the shipping charges, GST(if any), local postage etc

Payment mode:
By IB & ATM Transfer to DBS Savings Plus 062-6-000846
For internet banking transfer,use nick during transfer
For ATM transfers,indicate the ref no., time, date and amount of transfer.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Please spree with us if only u agree to the t&c.
2. We are not held responsible if the merchant ships the wrong item or if the item is defective or if there is any missing item in the order.
3. We will not be held liable for shipment delays from the merchant/freight forwarding company.
4. We will not be held liable for the loss of your items en route from UK to Singapore.
5. We will try to avoid incurring GST. But should GST be incurred due to shipping, it will have to be shared among the spreeists.
6. We reserve the right to cancel this spree due to poor response.
7. All items are to be collected within 3 weeks after spree arrival else disposed or donated.
8. NO payment= NO Order.
9. Please proceed with payment after you've placed your order. No confirmation is required.
10. No cancellation or refund is allowed upon payment.
11. Reg mail and bulky items will be send out once a week.
12. We will not be held liable for any damaged or missing articles, should you opt for normal postage.Return address will be written at the back of every parcel.
13. We reserve the right to reject orders.
14. Updates will be done on spree page and mass email will be send when items arrived.
15. Handling charge of $1.00/spree order will be collected regardless of postage/self collection.
INSTOCK: Selling off Fresh Open Toe Slip On II Black size UK4/ EU37/ US6 (Brand new in box)
for $26.44 (cost price)

(no waiting time as it is instock)
Please PM me or email to [email protected]

hello summerreef

have re-forwarded the mass email to you.
may have ended up in your junk email.
plz check and let me know if you receive it.
norm mail will cost $1.50 (without shoebox which is too bulky)
Hi I would like to order the following

1) Item name: Pop Bow Black Lace
Size: US8
Colour: Black Lace
Qty: 1
Price in GBP(£): 30.00
Price in SGD: Item(s) price in GBP(£)* 2.15: 64.50
Delivery method: Self collection

2) Item name: Cherry Bow Pump Mel Cherry Bow Red URL:
Size: US8
Colour: Red
Qty: 1
Price in GBP(£): 18.00
Price in SGD: Item(s) price in GBP(£)* 2.15: 38.70
Delivery method: Self collection

I will transfer total amount of $104.20 (inclusive of $1 handling fee) to you tomorrow and update you of the transaction details.

hello blurqu33n

yes, your order has been placed under batch 28.
will update everyone once i have the time
order for batch 28 placed (will update everyone once i have the time)
will place order for batch 29 tomorrow.

batch 30 will be the final batch before i'll be taking a break from sprees due to my hectic schedule
Cap for batch 30 hit

Spree temporarily closed due to my hectic schedule
Not taking in anymore new orders for the time being
post on behalf of joyce

Item name: Blackberry Nude Snakeskin Sandals
Size: UK 5 / EUR 38
Colour: Nude
Qty: 01
Price in GBP(£): 25

Item name: Melon Coral Flip Flops
Size: UK 5 / EUR 38
Colour: Coral
Qty: 01
Price in GBP(£): 18

Price in SGD: Item(s) price in GBP(£25 + £18)* 2.15 = SGD $92.45 + $1 = $93.45
Delivery method: Registered mail
hello pepper_pepper

sure will do, also keep a look out for this space just in case i decide to do another batch or so

I received my shoes, they very nice & comfortable to wear. Please let know me if you are doing another spree especially if there is sales. Thanks!

I received my shoes! Just wanna say that you've been a great spree organiser (for Mel and river island etc)!

Please come back soon! :D