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March 2018 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by happycsk, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Liau Yun Er

    Liau Yun Er New Member

    Hi Hygeia,

    I'm a consultant from GE, our Flexi Maternity Cover covers pregnant mummies from as early as 13 weeks of pregnancy. With a one-time premium, it can cover up to 3 policy years for your baby. Most importantly it is a standalone maternity insurance plan where you don't need to purchase it together with another plan.
    Although the coverage of $5,000 or $10,000 (based on your option) is not much, but it gives you a peace of mind. Most importantly it has Guaranteed Insurability Benefit + exclusive premium voucher where you can opt to buy for you and your baby in the future.
    Please whatsapp me if you need more information: 9350 7303

  2. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    Not sure about marigold yogurt being pasteurized anot...
    I only know some cheese are not pasteurized like Brie and Blue Cheese.

    I thought milk and yogurts are quite generally safe. :) maybe check the packaging to see if they wrote pasteurized. Did a quick google but can;t find any definitive answer.
  3. chinnyychin

    chinnyychin New Member

    Thanks for your prompt reply! I did a search too, but can't cfm too..
  4. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    Maybe stay out of it if you are worried.
  5. cori_yeo

    cori_yeo New Member

    Would like to check if any mummies is having brown sticky discharge? Is it normal? Gynae is asking me to rest more if possible and prescribe uestrogen to stabilize the pregnancy. Still having slight staining after taking pills.
  6. placebo

    placebo New Member

    - a standing freezer - Fisher and Paykel
    - a combi rocking bassinet - Taising
    - a rocking chair - this is hand carved wood craft from india that I shipped online this is for me, not baby :)
    - a car seat (like a bucket with handle)
    - heaps of muslin -spotlight
    - a spare dishwasher - electrolux
    - a freestanding baby bath unit -lucky baby
    - a mattress - ikea
    - a changing pad - ikea
    - nipple shields - medela (tho I saw a lot at TMC and Alvenia gift shops with different brands
    - bottle steriliser - phillips advent
    - 3 wheeler hiking pram - steelcraft: chose option of inflatable tyres for baby comfort, and fully zippable everything so things will not fall out
  7. placebo

    placebo New Member

    Actually it was nice to not feel ill and I figured I had better get my admin sorted while I could! :)
  8. placebo

    placebo New Member

    I bought steam because I plan to wash my things (hand or dishwasher) and dump into the steamer to clean. Do not want to wait till dry then UV sterilise. So steam, open, cool to touch (or body temp) then use immediately.

    plus if i leave something on the drying rack after washing and do not use it immediately, i do not have to worry about dust so much. Steam will form condensation and drip off my item (thereby removing my worry/dust)

    am undecided on getting a portable teat UV sterilizer - i suspect I will never use it
  9. placebo

    placebo New Member

    What exactly are you choosing between? I think get what features you would like and what works for everybody would be a bit different. i chose things that allow me to have the lifestyle/convenience i want.

    eg, my pram is huge. some people prefer the small form factor, - fold-till-tiny kind of pram.
    I chose a huge stable one that can take rocks and curbs because I like to walk outdoors and want a pram that can handle rain and some mud and some jogging. and can take from newborn till rather large toddler size as i do not want to buy another one.

    my friend did not use a pram at all. she slung her baby everywhere

    For baby bath, i think the hospital gives a free one. I bought one that is free standing and at chest height. like this one
  10. placebo

    placebo New Member

    I sewed mine but i used this shape. boppy pillow https://www.boppy.com/
  11. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    You are really great!
    I don't know what I want actually, like, everything people recommend also sound/look good.
  12. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    Stroller is tie with lifestyle i feel.
    I brought a aprica air for my #1 becoz its super light and i like 1 hand mechanism of compacting the stroller.
    Very light also means its more unstable when you hang heavier things at the back.

    I change to a cheap "Yoya" when my girl got bigger becoz we wanted something tt folds down to a cabin size.

    In fact... i use my carrier more than my stroller when my girl is below 1.5yo. Its difficult to wait for lift in the malls.....
    I use stroller more now as I can't carry my coming to 13kg girl anymore, so its easier to get her to sit in the stroller and she is willing to sit inside now.
    placebo likes this.
  13. happycsk

    happycsk Active Member

    Hi5!! I also bought an aprica for my #1. I feel aprica is more stable than combi brand after testing at baby fair. But she hates it so I babywear her everywhere when she's younger.

    But subsequently I bought yoya from qoo10. So cheap but we bought it for overseas trip coz scared aprica will get spoilt ($500+ not cheap) but turns out she actually likes yoya more and willing to sit in it. I think it's been more than a year since we used the aprica. Will just take out from storage and wash it for newborn....
  14. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    high 5 sis. our case is almost similar. hahaha
    i alao thinking to take the aprica out for the newborn or i will wrap her.
  15. Clarence02

    Clarence02 New Member

    It's safe if it's prepacked & refrigerated. It's only those home made ones that we need to avoid. Had been taking Greek yogurt regularly, and no issues so far.
  16. Baby_baby1234

    Baby_baby1234 Member

    Hi mummies, for those of u who're suffering from morning sickness, are your still having it? I'm 17 weeks tmr and I still vomit from time to time, about once or twice per week. My appetite is still poor although overall it's still better den 1st trimester. I'm worried that I'm not eating enough for baby and so far there's no weight gain yet! Can't wait to see doc next week..
  17. Xyg

    Xyg New Member

    Hi I had pretty bad morning sickness (in fact it lasted for the whole day) during my first trimester. I'm entering my 14th week and I am definitely feeling better now. Still feel nauseous at times but i have kind of stopped vomiting for now. My appetite is also better than the 1st trimester but still not as good as pre-pregnancy. Yups I had lost weight in fact but I try to eat everything in moderation ( e.g. Having fruits n veg everyday, soya milk regularly cos I don't drink milk). Hopefully my appetite can recover more in time for my holiday trip in Oct!
  18. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Morning sickness +1.
    Lousy appetite +1.

    The only difference is that, I was and am still unable to throw up which make me feel even worse :(
    And I am having headache constantly.
    And I get bloated VERY easily.

    Seen my gynae last Friday and was told that these symptoms may subside from week20 onwards..
    I am 4kg lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight.
    My gyane told me should start eating more :oops:

    Don't worry too much, baby carries his/her own "lunch box" during the first three months (yolk sac) hence will not be affected. I am 15+4 and my baby was 2 days ahead. Jiayou okay? *hugz*
  19. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    i am at 13wks+ now.

    My morning sickness sort of disappear already... but i gotta control my eating.... I have gestational diabetes during my #1 and now doc want me to take the OGTT test at 15wks.... OMG.

    Don't worry about weight gain as long as bb is growing accordingly to their age. I gain around 8kg in my last pregnancy as i am overweight and doc give me a strict no over 10kg limit. I limit my carbo and my #1 is happily taking up most of my weight gain. i hope the same for this pregnancy.
  20. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    GD is another thing to worry after the detailed scan at 20w :oops:
    Now also watching out what I eat despite poor appetite.
  21. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    Just don't eat for 2 and take too much sugary stuff.
    I have a sweet tooth for this #2.. its a struggle!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Hahaha I can't even eat for one now..

    So 1w+ more to your OGTT test.

    Bear with it first for now?
  23. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    I will have to retake at 28wks. hahhaa
    I think i can tahan.. i felt i like starving in my 3rd tri for my #1.. now i gotta start starving earlier.. hahha
  24. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Neh mind..
    Endure now for 15w test, den start to control again later for 28w.

    Eat in moderation should be fine.
    Mummy's mood is very important~
  25. Is spotting normal at 13 weeks?
  26. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Spotting is not unusual during pregnancy but definitely not normal.
    Contact your gynae and go down to see him/her asap if possible.

    Take care!
  27. Baby_baby1234

    Baby_baby1234 Member

    Hi I hope u feel better for your upcoming trip! Previously my gynae told me morning sickness should subside around week 14, so u should be getting better!
  28. nqt

    nqt Member

    Are you working? If yes, how do you hande @ work? My previous pregnancies, i had nausea every morning but a very mild 1. This time, my nausea will start morning till after lunch. then it will come back almost dinner time. I don't throw up too..i just feel like lying in bed all day!

    My appetite is worse this time too, i see picture of foods, i feel like vomitting...i always feel hungry, but no appetite to eat anything. :(
  29. Baby_baby1234

    Baby_baby1234 Member

    Oh dear, unable to throw up can really make u feel bad. But good thing is u can keep the nutrients within your body hehe. Previously my doc said symptoms should subside by around week 14, but dun seem to be happening for me.

    I'm now trying to take in as much nutrients as possible by taking chicken Essence and prenatal vits, eating as much and not throwing up..!! Haha
  30. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Yeah, I am working.
    In fact I don't feel that bad when I am at the office, probably because I have something to keep me occupied and people to talk to? I feel even worse when I was on MC at home.

    MY MS started as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, till the moment I fell asleep at night, anytime, anywhere. Lying on bed making me even more tired. Very emo period.

    I got disgusted by the photo of gourmets as well - I don't feel hungry all the time, only have craving but I couldn't even finish the normal one portion of a meal.

    Bear with it my dear.. We will be fine and back to normal very soon! *hugz*
  31. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Yeah.. Many said second trimester is honeymoon period, but I don't feel it yet :(
    It got worsen in fact, for my case.

    I started to take the chicken essence 滴鸡精 also, hoping it can provide enough of nutrients to bb.
  32. Baby_baby1234

    Baby_baby1234 Member

    Maybe can control sugary drinks, desserts and carbs? I'm finding myself drinking more coke den I ever did before cos it makes me feel better lol. But now I restrict already.

    Yea I really hope baby is growing accordingly to their age.. I will be able to find out soon!
  33. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Eh coke+1 too! :p

    Carbonated drink really make me feel much better, but try to avoid coke and substitute with 100+ or Sprite or Root Beer that do not contain caffeine.

    When's your next appointment? :D
  34. nqt

    nqt Member

    I don't feel like talking in the office. My colleague feel something wrong with me. But i just said, nothing wrong.
    Ohh yes2!! I can't finish normal 1 portion meal too!
    The laziest pregnancy! hahaha thanks!!
  35. nqt

    nqt Member

    I don't drink carbonated drinks usually, but this time, yes! coke! even my elder daughter was shocked, "eh, I thought u don't take gassy drinks?" hahahaha
  36. nqt

    nqt Member

  37. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Talking to them when dealing with works lor..
    'cuz when I was staying home alone, I got nothing to do, too lazy/tired to do house chores, very emo.

    I have got kaypo colleagues as well who kept hinting me before I passed my first trimester, I just denied and walked away. These people are so annoying lor.. Ignore them!

    And if you ever feel like talking, this thread is the ideal "place" for you.

    We are all @ the same boat, let's jiayou and encourage each other! ;)
  38. nqt

    nqt Member

    Thanks3 for the encouragement.

    Yes! Im very lazy with house chores too! when i hv the mood, 1/2way thru, the nausea came...then i need to stop! haha.

    The only person I can talk to now is my husband as I have yet to break the news to anyone. Planning to do so once we know the gender which is in nov...
  39. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    You can talk to us here! *hugz*

    Oh you didn't do Panorama/Harmony uh?
    I got to know mine weeks ago when I got my Panorama result.

    Only informed immediate family member and my bff, oh and my boss (before I passed my first trim 'cuz need to prepare him for the upcoming absence).

    I also didn't announce officially and thinking of doing so after the detailed scan at 20w.
  40. nqt

    nqt Member

    Nope, we decided not to do Panorama/Harmony.

    I think the worse person i got to tell is my superior as I don't think they will find a substitute during my maternity. Furthermore I'm working in an all male environment, quite hard for them to accept...my 2cents only though.
  41. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    But still gotta inform your superior at least 3 months prior to your EDD then he can get replacement to cover your ML.
    Poor you, xin ku ni le..

    I was planning for IVF earlier this year, so I resigned.
    My boss asked me to stay and assured me that he is okay with the constant absences (if necessary), so he is (kind of) aware of my family plan. The only concern he has is, I don't quit after I have got pregnant/gave birth.
  42. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    Ya, i am prepared to cut off all these. I am not a desserts person. I cut down alot of carbs and it becomes a habit after i deliver my #1. its drinks that i got more problem. hahhaa I will sip/steal abit from my hub. It will pass.
  43. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    My whole company know that i am pregnant by 5 weeks as i was schedule to travel the week after. Can't hide coz its a big company event and a lot of us are flying so when i can't fly every one sort of knew y.

    My office is a fertility fountain... at any one moment, we have around 5 pregnant women in the whole company.
  44. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Wah still got vacancy or not?
    I wanna join after I give birth :D

    It is still okay that people (sort of) know what happened but didn't bluntly ask you about that.

    My company ones, already denied (during the first 3 month) but still didn't give up and kept pestering for an answer.
    Annoying lor..
  45. Baby_baby1234

    Baby_baby1234 Member

    Yea sometimes I try to substitute with 100 Plus instead cos can hydrate. But somehow I find coke have the shiok factor lol. Next appt is on wed.. soon already..!!
  46. Baby_baby1234

    Baby_baby1234 Member

    Lol somehow coke has this magic power to make mummies feel better hahaha.
    nqt likes this.
  47. hygeia

    hygeia Member

    16 weeks already but:

    - Nausea +1
    - No appetite but still have to eat +1
    - Cannot sleep well at night +1
    - Realized the magic of Coke +10
    - Kena scolded for drinking Coke +16489789451

  48. Baby_baby1234

    Baby_baby1234 Member

    lol maybe sometimes can negotiate for a few sips here and there? Hope we can feel better soon and start eating properly..!!
  49. hygeia

    hygeia Member

    Ya man! I super wanto drink seasons ice lemon tea also but tcm said no no! Walilei.

    Let's grit our teeth n tahan thru this 2gther! Grrrrr.
  50. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Kena scolded by husband?

    Mine didn't dare to, he only tried to persuade me to lessen the intake of coke.
    I told him that's the only thing that make me feel better although it sounds nonsensical.

    He's seen how bad my days were, so yeah..

    Jiayou together! :D

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