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March 2018 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by happycsk, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Oh if friends still easy, I'll ask them to SHUT UP (which I did) :D
    But but but still for our own good and bb, we gotta start controlling now.

    (don't scold me! hahaha)

  2. hygeia

    hygeia Member

    Tcm ma. Anything too sourish and "liang" like lemon & watermelon generally asked to avoid or minimize intake.

    But the cannot-eat list I think quite subjective one, and it keeps growing. So many different advices all over. The latest (weird) thing I heard was to avoid aloe vera and chives. I was like........what?? Why??

    Abit hard to keep up with the constraints all the time. I just eat what I want in moderation most of the time (no appetite already still got so many limitations...maybe eat grass also got people ask me to dun eat so much) and if I can avoid the obvious ones like pineapple, I will just avoid lor.
  3. hygeia

    hygeia Member

    Hahaha I didn't ask them to shut up lah. They are experienced mothers ma, I m just a noob so just guai guai, nod, smile, listen and come bitch abt it in forum lor.

  4. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Aloe Vera and Chives I heard before, like, liang for former and the latter may cause uterus contraction.
    I stopped eating jiao zi and guo tie since then T_T

    Even pineapple also got people eat leh, and also nothing, so yeah agree with what you said, every individual is different.

    BTW, i just had a cup of iced lemon tea yesterday, shiok leh :p
  5. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Met up w my bff and her husband 2 weeks ago, they saw me ordered coke, both staring at me w 6 eyes!
    I asked them "what's your problem now? I drink what I like okay? And I know what you gonna say but shhhh, diam"

    Then they changed topic, and I changed from coke to sprite lah.. :p
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  6. nqt

    nqt Member

    ohh yes!! the shiok factor! can't agree more. :D

    @ this moment when my appetite is haywire, i feel its' better to be able to eat something then nothing..though its not healthy. but of course, moderately...
  7. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    My mum say cannot eat kang kong! hahaha and when i ask y.. she just shh me away
    But... this #2, i eat she nvr say anything.

    I actually eat anything for this #2. haha even sip those liang stuff. :p
    I think cooked pineapple can eat.
  8. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    I give my lunch kakis the pitiful eyes when they try to stop me. hahaa sometimes they close 1 eyes.
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  9. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Actually I think some liang stuff should be fine leh (not overdose) 'cuz we are not supposed to be overly heaty as it may affect the bb aka 胎热 so nowadays I started to eat a bit of melon and bittergourd (MY FAVE!!) but try eating during daytime :D

    And there were a couple of times when I felt I gonna "pu zhua" liao lor..

    Before pregnant I could finish half a kg or even one kg of longan myself and still alive and kicking.
    After pregnant, I merely ate 3 seeds and lai liao, damn sad :(
  10. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    i think moderation is key. Wa... bittergourd!

    I stop Durian now coz its a weight adders and a GDM patient big no no.. hahhaa
    My enemy is still the cold drinks! i will limit to once a week...

    I always joke to my colleagues, i eat healthier when i am preggy... when i am not i just pig out in everything i love..
    1 thing i really look forward after delivery is my mum's confinement food! SLURP!
  11. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    OMG lewlian~ Used to be my fave as well but ever since I ate it once during my 10w, that's it.
    I hate lewlian now :mad:

    Cold drink I think is fine, COKE is the killer, hehehe.
    Try other alternatives without caffeine, but then again, COKE is the shiok factor!

    And ^5, I love confinement foods (though this is my first bb) - imagine the sesame chicken, red/yellow wine chicken *slurps*
    Hahaha very tamjiak!
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  12. Totally agree there are sooo many "cannot eat" food that I don't know and stumble upon later so I decided not to stress myself and just eat in moderation too. Ironically I haven't had coke since I got pregnant so never felt the "shiokness"...but cold sprite was smth which got me through the last couple of weeks...the husband also gave up and told me that I shld know my limits myself....but the biggest weakness has been teh c!

    I was avoiding for so weeks till week 7 or 8, then I just sipped some one afternoon and bam I'm back! Lol

    But I do keep it to 3 cups per week.
  13. hygeia

    hygeia Member

    I know! U can eat xiao long bao!

    Omg!!! Ice lemon teaaaaa!!!
  14. hygeia

    hygeia Member

    Huhhh kang kong also!? Alamakkkk...

    My MIL doesn't know yet and she cooked assam fish and I happily tucked in until I saw pineapple inside. I 'zum' my brakes abit and just continued eating the fish.
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  15. hygeia

    hygeia Member

    Eh? Suddenly appetite all good liao hor?
  16. hygeia

    hygeia Member

    Wah sprite ah. Also sounds good hor I m the 100plus gang now. Sometimes I also feel abit cuckoo drinking it when I did nothing but laze around whole day. Puahaha.
  17. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    LOL your reply so funny!
    Traditional confinement foods are naise leh~

    *sipping iced lemon tea again*
  18. kellyunik

    kellyunik Member

    Due the weather is too hot I also drink sprite but not everyday. But almost everyday I will have one cup of cold drink regardless is ice tea or other color drink u will just feel so comfortable maybe baby inside like it too haha. hot drink is just boring. Ever since pregnant I really prefer to have slightly spicy food, it just make my meal more tasty but I won't feel heaty at all. Especially mala Xiang guo I jus like it so much it jus make me feel hungry when ever I see tat. But cannot every week eat is not healthy too many msg. I only feel heaty if i eat too much biscuit but no choice sometime in between just feel hungry and wanna have some bite. My weight increase when I am in trimester 1, right now I'm at week 17 and my weight have not increase but my baby is growing well and the gynae is smiling while saying good. Feel like the gynae is teasing me. But one big problem is my stomach always feel bloated in the middle of my sleep and make me difficult to sleep back any mummy having this problem at night.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2017
  19. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    You are good! I want to gain as little as i can also!
    Hopefully i don't gain rapidly as we reach 2nd tri...

    I like spicy food since i am preggy with my #1, i level up with my #2 now hahaha
    i love Korean food, bimbimbap and the kimchi noodle!

    I was never a hot drink person too!
  20. hygeia

    hygeia Member

  21. smileyann

    smileyann New Member

    Hello mummies! I'm new to the group :) Tested positive when I was 4 weeks and me EDD is on 6th of March 2018. So exciting.
    How long did you ladies take to find out about the gender? I'm already 17+ weeks but still can't tell the gender. Waiting for my 20 week FA scan, hopefully can tell by then. I am so excited about it.

    Currently visiting Ob at Parkway Easy Hospital :)
  22. starrymoon

    starrymoon New Member

    Hi fellow mummies! I just chanced upon this forum and would like to be added to WA and FB group. Please let me know who to PM! :)
    I'm currently now at week 16, first time mum! :)
  23. StrawberryPrecious

    StrawberryPrecious New Member

    Hi mummies, I am a first time mummy edd in mar 2018 too. Can someone advise how I can join the facebook group and watsapp group? Thanks a lot.

    Any mummies under subsidised at NUH or have experience birthing there under subsidised? How was you experience and recovery? Is it true that bad stitching can hinder recovery?
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2017
  24. Sia White

    Sia White Member

    you should try products with hyaluronic acid
  25. Xyg

    Xyg New Member

    Anyone been having backaches? Is it normal to have frequent backaches at week 14? My baby is not very heavy but backaches are happening to me almost everyday
  26. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Good morning all.

    Have not been sleeping well these few days - woke up at 4am+ almost everyday. Bad nauseousness and vomiting as well. Not any better than first trimester :(
  27. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    I am a subsidized patient with NUH now but I was a private patient with them for my previous birthing experience.
    I can only say... I shouldn't keep walking around after i deliver.... i didn't rest enough and it was swollen down there...

    You have a choice to switch to a private doc at any point of time.
  28. nqt

    nqt Member

    Usually detailed scan will be done @ 20wks (as per my previous 2experiences), but some of the mummies who have done the Panorama/Harmony test, found out their gender during the test which is quite early.

    i gave birth @ NUH as a subsidized patient in 2010 & 2013. Overall i must is gd. My 1st was c-sect & 2nd was normal w forceps. Both heal nicely without any complications.
  29. beac

    beac Active Member

    Hi, you can PM me your email I'll add you into the secret FB group. As for WA, you can also PM me your number, I'll ask the admins to add you in.
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  30. I've been having backaches throughout my first trimester and still having it. My husband just massages lightly for me whenever it gets too painful.
  31. Any mummies seen dr. ananda Kumar from Camden for his genetic scan?
  32. sapphire sun

    sapphire sun New Member

    I’m new to the forum! Can I request to be added to the Facebook group and WhatsApp group? Thanks!
  33. jellynova

    jellynova Member

    I'm looking to switch to private at NUH. When is the usual latest week/month I can do this?
  34. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    My friend change to private at her last tri.
    If you can wait, i can check with the doc next Fri as i am going there.
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  35. nqt

    nqt Member

    That would really be helpful, cause im considering too.
  36. serene_11

    serene_11 New Member

    Hi Sapphire Sun, you can pm @beac
  37. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    My friend see almost the same high risk doc everytime so she just decide to book that doc for her delivery.

    I am also seeing the high risk docs at the sub clinic now so if i continue to see the same doc i might decide to choose her for delivery at the very end.

    @nqt, hows ur appt? wah the wait at clinic G is no joke. hahaa
  38. nqt

    nqt Member

    My appt went well...there's a few changes from 2013 but adaptable...so far my wait was ok, total abt 1-1.5hrs so far. What time is your appt usually? I always get/change to afternoon after 2.30pm.
  39. MarchBaby87

    MarchBaby87 New Member

    OMG I spotted slight traces of blood yesterday when I pee, so i plan to see my gynae later at 2.30pm. Anyway, regarding the coke...HAHA is shiok but heard can try for substitute such as Ginger Ale. Should be equally shiok. I used to drink only warm water etc, but nowadays drink cold drinks really very shiok. But can only drink in front of husband or friends, cos my mother-in-law will keep saying.

    I am already 14.5 weeks but still vomiting dinner sometimes and no appetite!!! Almost never hungry, is this common? When is the appetite coming back :(

    I am also visiting Parkway East but my gyane is Dr Heng.
  40. MarchBaby87

    MarchBaby87 New Member

    Is the 滴鸡精 good? I plan to buy the Tian Yuan Xiang which is highly recommended. Both my MIL and Mum doesnt know how to make chicken essence so I think is best I buy if not my baby will not have enough nutrients. No time to go down to Novena to try out, which one did you buy and is it tasty to drink? Plan to start once I have better appetite.
  41. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    My last appt is around an hr wait but the waiting to pay bill and collect med add another 30-45mins...
    I get morning appts usually which is good as i go back office after that. They have lock in my detail scan date too.
  42. kellyunik

    kellyunik Member

    My edd is on 5th March. On week 16 I went to the gynae and he told me the baby gender is 95% girl. But gynae mention nothing is cfm need to wait till Week 20 for FA scan than can cfm still have chance. (As the gynae knew tat my husband wants a baby boy it seen like the gynae is still bringing hope for my husband). But in my mind I already accept it as a baby girl.
  43. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    My hub also thought have a chance of my #1 becoming a boy even though we confirm at 16/17wks. HA!

    I praying #2 to be a another girl purposely jio jio my hub!!!!!!
    I am 14 wks and don't think i get to know gender till detail scan~

    Most doc will reconfirm with you if they feel its a girl at 20 weeks. I think default they feel everyone wants a boy. hehe

    More importantly is to delivery a healthy baby safely and with no complications for mummy.

    After going thru 2 MCs and a torturing #1 pregnancy and delivery, my only hope is to just hold a baby at the end of 37/38 wks (i am counting down to that deadline as my previous pregnancy was also induced at 37wks)
  44. kellyunik

    kellyunik Member

    For me I actually prefer a girl. Mayb is due to first pregnancy I was hoping to give my husband a baby boy to the family. But is just too bad. Need to plan for #2 aft #1 is out lolx.
  45. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    Too bad we can't choose boy or girl~ its 50/50. I am stopping at 2.. no matter boy or girl.
  46. nqt

    nqt Member

    ohh yes...the pharmacy is very long...

    i prefer afternoon, the Q is shorter, also i will always ask them for mc, so i can wake up late haha.

    ur detail scan which means gender knowing too?

    my next appt this coming mon but its early morning 8.30am, for scaning to determine which wk i am now... I asked for afternoon, no slot, so no choice, cannot change another day as they need to scan to know the EDD.
  47. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    Its also the detail scan for 20wks and i think they will confirm gender if baby is cooperative.

    They always give me morning but i wouldn't change as my office is 1 mrt stop away, i just take time off to see the doc. No need take leave or mc. You can go to medical center pharmacy to buy, i think the q there is shorter. main pharmacy is just too packed.
  48. Dingtingding

    Dingtingding New Member

    I am going to switch during my 20 weeks and take the package. Since their package starts at 22 weeks onwards.

    Their package include the detailed scan at around 22 weeks.
  49. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    does it include the growth scan at 32 weeks? i remember last time have.
  50. jellynova

    jellynova Member

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