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March 2018 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by happycsk, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. $Abby

    $Abby New Member

    I've bought valdera playpen all accessories for $200 from ezbuy but still waiting for it. I saw babygogo selling the same thing $299 for the playpen only, other accessories need additional charges.
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  2. kellyunik

    kellyunik Member

    Currently week 30 having slight water retention on the left leg. Yesterday just have my first pre-natal massage not really comfortable compare to normal massage. Massage lady have teach me to do exercise to prepare myself for labour. The lady did massage my breast n feel so painful. As a FTM the lady did mention tat my breast milk sure will struck. Wondering any mummy is going through all this currently?
  3. Hi all. My edd just got brought forward to 12 March. Is there a fb or whatsapp group i can join? Thanks
  4. Christine Neo

    Christine Neo New Member

    Hi, my edd is march 22. Would like to join The march mummies group chat thanks!!
  5. pinktulle

    pinktulle New Member

    Hi March MTBs :)

    I’m from the Oct’17 group n delivered my first baby girl in Oct. My confinement nanny has a slot in Feb to early March (specifically 20/1-15/3) and asked me to check if any of my friends are looking for confinement help.

    She came highly recommended from my gf and was such a great help that we extended her. She’s very clean, proactive, gives gd advices and cooks really yummy meals and tonic soups. She cooks for me n hubby most days, n even taught my helper to cook Chinese food. She took care of my baby really well and established a routine for me leading to a smooth transition after her departure.

    I wanted a CL primarily to help me care for my baby while I recuperate, give me some tips on taking care of her, n cook yummy confinement food cos I’m such a fussy eater. I’m glad she exceeded my expectations in all aspects.

    If I have a second child, I’ll definitely engage her help again.

    I’m not gonna leave her number since she only has one slot in between her jan n march jobs. But do pm me if you have any questions or wld like to engage her help.

    Enjoy the last leg of pregnancy n wishing all mummies a smooth delivery :)

  6. Salutations!
    2nd time Mum...
    Edd supposed 01/04/18 but if same as #1 pop at week 38 will
    Be mid March Mummy hehehehe
    Hello all!!!
  7. My mom
    Used to tell
    Me get someone to ask u “你吃饱了吗?l
    Then u ans back “我吃饱了” and it kind of just cease the burping... I tried a few times weird it works.. but some times try on hubby doesn’t.... hehe
  8. Omayi21

    Omayi21 New Member

    Hi All,

    I have a really nice and good confinement lady to recommend. Anyone who is going to deliver after cny or march, can let me know so i can pass you her contacts.

    I got to know her from my Mum’s good friend as she has already helped a few of my Mum’s friends daughther to take care of th during their confinement and all give very good feedback so i try using her and it was really good.

    she is very experience and took very great care of my baby. She also helped my me slim down my tummy a lot with her secret recipe. Really thanks her so much.

    All the best to 2018 Mummies!
  9. SherelleWee

    SherelleWee New Member

    Hi mummy!

    I have done post natal massage for both my pregnancy and I think it really helps. The first time I did jamu and the second time I tried TCM tuina by Madam Partum. Would highly recommend madam partum's massage which works on the basis of TCM! My uterus reduced back to normal size by the 5th session and their lactation massage helped me to unclog my blocked ducts without pain. Even saw an increase in my supply right after the first session! My therapist also addressed my spinal and shoulders issues. They can customise the massage to your health needs. Have heard many raving reviews about them before I decided to jump in to try instead of jamu beacause jamu didn't work that well for me. Lucky it didn't disappoint!
  10. ckis17

    ckis17 New Member

    Dear Mummies,

    Has anyone delivered vaginally baby that is 4kg and above? I am 37 weeks pregnant and baby's estimated weight is 3.2kg. On average baby puts on 300-400g a week. Doctor is suggesting to induce early to prevent baby from putting on more weight. However I have heard that induce may lead to a higher chance of C-sect delivery. Anyone faced similar situation?
  11. iluv7

    iluv7 Member

    May I have Madam Partum contact? What is her charges?
  12. Shinkirou

    Shinkirou Active Member


    I gave birth vaginally to my boy at 3.94 kg at 40 weeks with the help of forceps. I've a friend who gave birth to her boy at 4.1 kg at 41-2 weeks. The birth experience was a little traumatic for me though.

    My second one is 3.2 kg at 35 weeks +. So my gynae also suggested inducing early at 38 weeks aft CNY. So I'm just going to follow his recommendations. We also discussed abt c-sect to reduce the chances of birth trauma for the baby. Just choose what is safest for baby n mummy. Jiayou!
  13. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    I think it depends on how ur body react to the induce med.

    I was induced at 38wks for my #1 due to my GDM and other medical condition, my dilation really took a while to kick start but it went well and i did not have a E C-sect.
    If the bb is too big then u risk injuring yourself and the baby during vaginal delivery.
  14. ckis17

    ckis17 New Member

    Hi Shinkirou, thanks for your advice. I just went for a visit yday and the doc was pissed when I refused to get induced. My hubby and I were taken aback with her professionalism. Currently at a loss, not sure if we can even change gynae at this stage. Thanks again!
  15. ckis17

    ckis17 New Member

    Hi sunflower307, thanks for the advice! 3 more weeks to go, feels like forever
  16. Shinkirou

    Shinkirou Active Member

    Hi. My gynae was also very concerned when I told him that I didn't want to induce over the CNY weekend cos we are really not mentally prepared for the baby's early arrival. In the end, after considering what happened during my first delivery, I decided to go for c-sect next week. Cos my baby is already 3.8 kg at 37 weeks. All the best for your delivery! It'll be good to discuss your concerns with your gynae again. I guess she has her concerns too when she recommended for you to be induced. Maybe the tone she used was too harsh. Most gynae will not take in new cases at such a late stage of pregnancy. Most importantly it must be someone you are comfortable with n can trust his/her judgement during the delivery process.
  17. suz99

    suz99 New Member

    Hi mummies, any whatsapp / FB to join? Thank you in advance :)
  18. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    Anyone Pop?
  19. adlina

    adlina Active Member

    Haiz... i am already overdue. Today is already 40wks5days. Seems like VBAC planned failed. I will have to turn myself in this Friday looks like it... Another c-sect again... How dreadful is that. I am so dissappointed :(:(:(:(
  20. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    Hugs dont feel discourage! More imptly is to deliver ue bb safely.

    I am 38 wks now and counting down..

    Felt like i had some contractions but it didnt persist into a regular interval for labour...
  21. lovely0315

    lovely0315 Active Member

    Come on. Adlina.. cheer up.. as long as baby is healthy.. ;)
  22. ckis17

    ckis17 New Member

    Hi Mummies!
    Hope everyone is doing well. If you guys need any recommendation for massage lady or confinement nanny so PM me. I just finished my confinement and the 2 person I got was great! I went down very fast as well.
  23. ckis17

    ckis17 New Member

    Hello Mummies, I am looking for a portable breast pump, does any one have any recommendations? Appreciate it!
  24. Ane.sve

    Ane.sve Member

    Hi there, i’ve just went for my 20th week detailed scan and radiologist discovered my baby girl has ARSA too. My gyne suggested that i should go for amnio but i’m not sure whether if i should for it or not. I didn’t test for any DS cause i’m only 26 and no family history of DS. So another opt is to go for the harmony bloof test. For a peace of mind. Mind sharing ur experience
  25. Ane.sve

    Ane.sve Member

    Hi there, i’ve just went for my 20th week detailed scan and radiologist discovered my baby girl has ARSA too. My gyne suggested that i should go for amnio but i’m not sure whether if i should for it or not. I didn’t test for any DS cause i’m only 26 and no family history of DS. So another opt is to go for the harmony bloof test. For a peace of mind. Mind sharing ur experience
  26. Chirag Gupta

    Chirag Gupta New Member

    Is there any watsapp chat group for the mothers who gave birth in late Feb/early Mar?
  27. kellyunik

    kellyunik Member

    Anyone kno part time nanny charges.. I planning to get one.. but mainly what they suppose to do.. FTM so not very sure. Do I bring them to nanny hs or the nanny come my hs?
  28. lovely0315

    lovely0315 Active Member

    Not sure how it work for part time..

    it’s depend on whether the nanny prefer to go to your house or prefer to stay at her own house ba...

    Also depending whether you arecomfortable with the nanny to go to your house...

    So far I bring my kids to nann’s house..
  29. Kittyneo

    Kittyneo New Member

    To all 2018 March mummies,

    Firstly, congratulations on our pregnancies and our journey to motherhood! By now I reckoned all the mummies are busy with their bundle of joy and not to mention all the exhaustion! Ah, the joy of being a mother. I hope everyone is doing great and please continue to share tips and advise if y'all have any!!
  30. dream567

    dream567 New Member

    When you do ultrasound should be able to see an heartbeat for being pregnant for at least 6 weeks
  31. urhor

    urhor New Member

    Hello mummies, is there any Facebook group for March babies? Just gave birth on 19 March
  32. Hopeful16

    Hopeful16 Member

    Hi all,

    May I know if it is normal to have post delivery first check-up one month later? Is it too late? My gynae asked me to book appt one month later. o_O
  33. IloveChocolate

    IloveChocolate New Member

    Anyone wanna form a new whatsapp group for new 2018 mums? I am thinking along the lines of exchanging advice, tips, support etc. PM me!
  34. Sarah_sg

    Sarah_sg New Member

    Hello mummies, if you happened to know anyone giving away her baby for adoption. You may keep me update. Im currently married for 12 years with no baby :( Looking for one, prefered Malay baby. Thank you.
  35. Lishi Chen

    Lishi Chen New Member

    Any facebook group for march babies? :)
  36. Hello.. any whatsapp or fb group for march mummies? If not i can set up a whatsapp group.. those keen just give me your contact and i will create one.. looking forward to meet all the march mummies
  37. SLmommie

    SLmommie Member

    I gave birth in March too!!
  38. casstan86

    casstan86 New Member

    Hi there! I’m new to this site as well as this forum. My baby was born on the 1st March and would love to be part of the fb and whatsapp group :)
  39. bee lee

    bee lee Administrator Staff Member


    We have some tickets to the seminar organised by Raffles Hospital, happening this Sat (19 May) at Conrad.
    Topics include Developmental Milestones, Managing Eczema, Picky Eater and more.

    Write to us at contest@singaporemotherhood.com for the tickets. Let us know how many tickets you want and give us your full name and mobile number.

    Let us know before 18 May 2018 1pm.

  40. radish1

    radish1 Member

    Hi mummies
    I' providing home based Nanny service in the east..
    25yrs xp taking care of infants
    Contact 97327396 for more info..
  41. ckis17

    ckis17 New Member

    Hihi.. Is there a WhatsApp group I can join? Thank you
  42. tinymomo

    tinymomo Member

    Any mummies here taking Nestle Nan 1 ? Bought 1 dozen and baby don't like this brand.
    I've 10 tins here to spare, brand new and sealed. Expiry 2019.
    NTUC selling for $52.60. Letting go $45 each.
  43. Sia White

    Sia White Member

    Oh, my child don`t like it either. Could you share with what brand you replace nestle
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  44. tinymomo

    tinymomo Member

    bellamy. it's organic
  45. shona

    shona New Member

    hi I am also going thru the same situation, my has arsa too, waiting for the harmony test results, wait is killing but , i want to know hows ur baby , i hope everything is ok. plzz suggest something .

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