Jan 2019 Mummies


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We have very close EDD! i am currently very nauseated with no appetite :(
Hello! Hope ur feeling better! I don’t know why.. but this no.3 makes me so nauseated too and I am spitting lots of saliva.. not pleasant at all.. I really hope these nasty feelings will go away soon!


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Hi I am 3rd time mummy! Thinking of starting a small whatsapp group for mummies with multiple kids - can discuss issues like how to help our existing kids to not be jealous, dealing w other issues of a mum w more than 2 kids, arrangements for the other kids! Pm me if you keen!


Hello all! I am new here.

I am currently seeing A/Prof Tan Heng Hao from KKH. He is really a nice and sweet doctor when I saw him the last time, yet I am thinking of switching to Mount A.

Anyone has any doctor from Mount A to recommend?
Hi dear, many weeks into your pregnancy? did you manage to change gynae? Im also at kkh under Dr lee jm thought of changing to moUnt A


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Hello there, just want to start a new thread for Jan 2019 mummies!
I just got my positive test and EDD with the app is 6 Jan, would be visiting gynae this sat to confirm EDD better hahaha :)
Let's start a whatsapp group soon!
Hi, Im new here. How do i pm you my number to join the whatsapp group? :D


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Dear mummies,

Have Obimin and Stretchmark cream to let go cheap. Do check them out at WTS. Thanks!


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Dear Mummy’s, can add me in the WhatsApp group too for edd jan’19? :D Jen - 93396010
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Jus to check for first time mum, when will you start shopping for babies stuff? Keep seeing baby fair but it seems too early for jan.
Any good stroller brands or Breast feeding machine to get?


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Would like to join whatsapp group, staying in amk if there’s anyone nearby. Thanks! 2nd time Mummy here!
Hi I’m staying in bishan till confinement.. but I’m not in any of the gc... any new gc ? Also if majority ard tpy bishan amk yishun area? Haha so if got meet up also easier ..


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hihihi, all. Glad to join Jan Mummy Group. My EDD is 17 Jan 2019. I would like to be added to whatsapp group...1st time mummy..


Hi fellow mummies or mummies to be:) anyone starting a new WA group? Would like to join:) let me know who to pm:)
Hello :) I’m new to this group! I’m expecting my first baby and first trimester has been terrible and horrible for me.
I hardly get to sleep and lost almost eight KGs ever since I pregnant. Been to A&E for three times. My Gynae said could be due to work stress.
Any mummy encounter the same situation as me? Also is there a group chat I can join to have more opinion from all mummies?
Hi May,
How r u? Do u manage to gain any weight? I also lost weight, worried. :(


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Hello everyone, I am first time Mummy. My EDD is 30 Jan 2019. Anyone created a WhatsApp group? If yes, can add me into the group? Thank you :)


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hi! first time mum! would love to join a chat group for Jan EDD. is there one currently ? or if i create one, is anybody interested?
Hi expecting mums! I'm helping my own mother, Ivy, to let you all know that she's available as a stay-in confinement lady (or nanny as well if you'd like to keep her on afterwards).

She's Chinese, age 58, Malaysian, speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay, and some basic English. She can fulfil all the usual expectations of a confinement lady - cooking confinement food, taking care of the baby around the clock (especially the night shifts), helping with breast-feeding and pampers changing, giving advice about taking care of the baby, minor household chores - and generally just making the newly parents feel as comfortable as possible as they adjust to the new lifestyle (with a new kid or the changing dynamics of having an additional kid).

My mum is highly experienced and well-liked by her clients. She recently came off a 4-year nannying stint with a family who took her on as a nanny after engaging her as a confinement nanny for their first child. They had twins after that, and my mom looked after them as well. Prior to this, she was working as a confinement nanny for several years. She has good experience with twins as she'd taken several stints with twins (as she had been highly recommended by the mommies to other mommies expecting twins).

My mum is also extremely responsible, friendly and caring. She cooks well (she is one of the star chefs of my big family when it comes to CNY). She tends to clean a lot as she doesn’t like mess. She's agreeable and accommodating; she won’t be fierce at parents when it comes to giving advice (she will just share her two cents worth based on her experience). As the eldest of her 9 siblings who grew up in a single-mother household, her motherly instincts and practical household knowledge are top-notch. She’s very hygienic and works a lot towards making the house a clean and neat environment. She raised me and my siblings well and I couldn't have asked for a better mum.

If you would like to know more or set up an interview in Singapore, please whatsapp her at 9167-8571 (her name is Ivy). Thanks for your time.


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Hi all...my EDD is Jan 2019 and im expecting twins. If anyone creating a grp chat, kindly inbox or add me up? Thanks! :)


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I would like to connect with Jan edd mummies and join a WhatsApp chat group too :) not sure how..Can get in touch with me?


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Hello everyone here.. i am new in this website. Just to check if there's any groupchat which i can learn more about mummy stuff. My edd is on Jan 2019 too. :)


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Hihi everyone, would like to join whatsapp group if there's any. Let me know who I shall pm. Thanks!


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my EDD is jan 29th as well. Have all super mommies above formed a whatsapp group. Please join me in as well.


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Hi mummies, I’m a June 2018 mummy.

My husband and me created anti radiation pillow, cap and nursing cover after I deliver my LO at Thomson. I wanted to protect my LO so much that I didn use my mobile phone at all during the confinement. Thus we created this for all babies well being and also for us mummies to use phone while BM lol :p

So I would like to introduce it to you girls.

Check it out first in Singapore and made in Singapore products (https://www.neonatenest.com.sg/)

I’m having booth on the Expo Baby Baby event, all item is on discount.

For enquiry, I can be reach at 86134497.



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Hi, my edd is on 23 Jan 19 and would like to join the whatsapp chat. May I know whom do I PM to join the chat?


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Hi, I gave birth to my boy on the 10 Jan, I wanted to wean his mittens, may I ask when do your remove mittens he tend to scratch his face whenever he is fussy.. I have cut the fingernail. But still sharp


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Recommended Full Time Babysitter Available at Punggol East side ,35 year old Chinese Mummy , Your child will very happy when come here .

Home is clean ;Educational Toys and Books available also.

Preferred Timings : Weekdays 7am to 7pm. Other timings can be discussed. Babysitter is Flexi

Most importantly, fees can be discussed

Interested parties, pls drop a text or call to 8163 6875. jasmine


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Are you ladies on any medication? Like what they said An Tai Yao? I am not given any by my gynae and I am not sure if I need any. I was instructed to just take folid acid only.
No Medication means you don’t need. Besides folic, just multi vitamin and omega oil is ok already. I’m taking an all in one supplement if you’re interested