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Feb 2019 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by Shannafer, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Shannafer

    Shannafer New Member

    Hello ladies. Let me start the ball rolling! Currently week 6 and according to app, edd should be early Feb. Would like to start a WhatsApp group to support one another and get advices since this is Baby #1! If keen pls PM me. :)

  2. Nailswlove

    Nailswlove New Member

    Hello! I just tested positive last saturday too. This is my #2. Will pm you for the Whatsapp group! :)
  3. Shannafer

    Shannafer New Member

  4. Jiek

    Jiek New Member

    Have pm you!
  5. carababy

    carababy Member

    Hi, how do i pm u?
  6. Pink1708

    Pink1708 New Member

    Hi I am keen will PM you :)
  7. Otnum2

    Otnum2 Member

    Hi, my Edd is early Feb too! Just pm you
  8. Joybutterable

    Joybutterable New Member

    Hi All. I just tested last Sunday. And blood test done today shown positive! :) doing research for suitable gynae now.
  9. Shannafer

    Shannafer New Member

    Hello ladies. We are keeping our WhatsApp group size to only 10 ladies and have currently hit 10. Perhaps the new additions can start a new group on your own? Am sure there will be more mummies to be!
  10. Shannafer

    Shannafer New Member

    Hello ladies. We are keeping our WhatsApp group size to only 10 ladies and have currently hit 10. Perhaps the new additions can start a new group on your own? Am sure there will be more mummies to be!
  11. Redblush

    Redblush New Member

    Hi, any open groups I can join?
  12. Jiek

    Jiek New Member

    I can start a new group for those who are keen... can pm me..
    Redblush likes this.
  13. ChaiNguyen85

    ChaiNguyen85 New Member

    Hi Ladies, I'm a dad to be..bt bcos my wife is a nt local and don't understand english, i would like to find out more while she aldy tested positive 3 week ago..can i join any chat group please?...thx...
  14. Redblush

    Redblush New Member

    Hi! I can’t seem to send you a PM sorry am really bad at this. Can you send me one instead?
  15. Jiek

    Jiek New Member

    Our chat groups are usually meant for mummies. Maybe you wanna consider facebook groups for dads?
  16. JeslynT

    JeslynT New Member

    Hi mummies to be,

    I’m very new to this. Can I join a group chat?

  17. NishaA

    NishaA New Member

    Hi Ladies!!
    Congrats to all new mummies over here. this is my first pregnancy, very excited.
    Got my positive HPT on May 27. my edd is Feb 1. went to scan last week, Dr told baby is very small in size for 6 weeks. im much worried about it.
    my baby is 3.42 mm with heart beat.
    kindly help, is my baby size normal? Thanks all.
  18. mrstann

    mrstann Member


    Just tested a bfp this morning, may I know when should we schedule to see gynae? I was told only on 7th weeks
  19. cherrygirl

    cherrygirl New Member

    Can I join the chat?
  20. aloesbb

    aloesbb New Member

    Hi! Been following the forums and just graduated from TTC.
    Did a blood test on 14/6, and am BFP @ 4 weeks.
    Would love to join a group as this is my first time too! Thx!
  21. Meow meow

    Meow meow New Member

    Hi I just tested positive and edd is 17 Feb. hope to join the groups as I am a first time mom-to-be!
  22. cherrygirl

    cherrygirl New Member

    May I know which gynae do you guys visit?
  23. Tuzi

    Tuzi New Member

    Hello, same here. Can I join in the group?
  24. Anzother

    Anzother New Member

    Can I join the group too?
  25. Rachel.L

    Rachel.L New Member

    Hi all! Would love to join the group too! Is there a new one created? :)
  26. shirleytxn

    shirleytxn New Member

    Tested positive few days ago! Based on website, edd is 16/02. Any WhatsApp group to join? ☺️
  27. mrstann

    mrstann Member

    Hi may i know at which week did u all scheduled for the first gynae check?
  28. andtheniammum

    andtheniammum Member

    Hi mrstann, I scheduled mine for week 9. Not going so soon as it may be too small to see much. Does anyone experience MS already?
  29. mrstann

    mrstann Member

    Wah.. my gynae asked me to go in at week 6 lor lol. So I don’t know if it’s a good idea.
  30. Amy Koey

    Amy Koey New Member

    omo... same like me... im a bit confuse on baby birth date... i'll pm u my number ya.
  31. Amy Koey

    Amy Koey New Member

    me too.... tested yesterday. finding suitable gynae too.. anyone mind travelling to JB for medical checkup? JB Kempas medical centre have a very good gynae.... but a bit too far for me. previously i went there!
  32. jollybeee

    jollybeee New Member

    Hello! I went to check the next day after my pee test for confirmation! My gynae was able to take an ultrasound pic although it's 6 weeks but it's pretty pricey compared to market rate (worth it nonetheless!) after the first visit she started prescribing supplements which I think helped with my morning sickness a little :)
  33. mrstann

    mrstann Member

    Ah i see, the ultrasound pic at 6 weeks can see anything? Base on my calculations i tot im only 5 weeks when i go for my appt but the nurse said is 6 weeks so i’m confused lol cus she say start from the first day of my last menses. I tot is count from the day we had intercourse/ the results shown on the digital kit
  34. aloesbb

    aloesbb New Member

    I'm also going for my ultrasound on week 6. Apparently is to check on number of embryos and to hear heartbeat!
    And yes, apparently they start counting from the first day of my last menses. Got me confused too at first until I started reading up.
  35. Jiek

    Jiek New Member

    I’m not sure if I missed out anyone.. But if you are keen to join our Feb chat group, please pm me. Thanks and congrats once again!
  36. Ungufied

    Ungufied New Member

    I sent you a PM. I think... lol quite new with this forum so not too familiar.
  37. Ellasing

    Ellasing New Member

    Hello! I have pm u :) thanks!
  38. mrstann

    mrstann Member

    It’s a good idea to have a cap on the numbers of people in the group, i can start a new group for first time mummies who are keen to join PM me and let’s start sharing!
  39. infatuation05

    infatuation05 New Member

    Hi all, tested positive on 4 June... wasn't convinced so went to buy the digital clear blue test kit and got a 2-3 result. Went to confirm with my family GP first who referred me to Dr Tracey Lim, did transvaginal scan because I was still quite early (about 5 weeks then) and the ultrasound + consultation + folic acid prescription cost $307. Did some research and found that her cost are slightly on the higher side, but I must say she is a very patient and nice lady. Did more research and scheduled an appt at 6 wks + to see Dr Benjamin Tham. His slots are quite full but they managed to slot me in one morning and doctor says baby still considered small at 6 wk 4 days. But I was glad to be able to hear the heartbeat really loudly. Next visit will be on 2 Jul.

    Morning sickness has plagued me quite miserably. It started at 5 weeks + and gradually got worse. I would feel nauseous throughout the entire day and at times vomited acid from my gastric, after which the gastric will start to feel very painful. Med prescribed by 2 GP didn't really seem to work. Dr Benjamin Tham prescribed me some med and hopefully it will help. Been taking the med for 2 days now but still have that sour after taste at the back of my throat which is awful. Doc wanted to admit me into hospital because I lost 2.5kg in 1 week. I didn't want to so doc said to monitor and come back and be warded if I really can't take it. Sitting here typing this I still have the nausea feeling and I really hope this phase will pass soon.
  40. mrstann

    mrstann Member

    *hugs* hope you feel better soon! I’m also scheduled for my first appointment with dr benjamin tham next week at my 6th week. May I know your bill size for ur first appointment with him?
  41. sn0wing

    sn0wing Member

    Hi all, i was tested positive around 11 Jun. Just went to see Dr Benjamin Tham and was told im around wk 6 now. Was prescribed with duphaston as he noticed some fluid/blood around my womb thru scan. Praying that everything will be fine. This is my 2nd pregnancy by the way. May i knw which wa grp can i join?
  42. mrstann

    mrstann Member

    Pmed u le
  43. Jiek

    Jiek New Member

    hang in there and jiayou!!
  44. iheartwoo

    iheartwoo New Member

    Hi I would love to join whatsapp group too!
  45. Give a hope

    Give a hope Well-Known Member

    How many duphaston per day u will have?
  46. Baobao9181

    Baobao9181 New Member

    Hi i would like to join too. Please add me. Thanks. Congrats to all too.
  47. sn0wing

    sn0wing Member

    2 tabs a day
  48. Give a hope

    Give a hope Well-Known Member

    Was it help?
  49. sn0wing

    sn0wing Member

    Im not sure also. Just started taking only anyway. Will be back to see gynae 2 wks later.
  50. Give a hope

    Give a hope Well-Known Member

    But ur case so far no spotting right?

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