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IUI/SO-IUI: Anyone?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by xinyu, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. augxp

    augxp Member

    Hi. The eve refers to the trigger jab tt night?

  2. Panffy

    Panffy Member

    Hi, anyone doing IUI this month and currently on 2WW with me? I am waiting for my blood test on next Friday...
  3. Phantom

    Phantom Active Member

    Eve is before actual day = bd. On actual day, the night itself too. So total twice
  4. Daledale

    Daledale Active Member

    Hiya, mine failed. Just went for ivf briefing recently. Lets be motivated, Don't give up. =)
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  5. Wishingstar98

    Wishingstar98 Member

    Hi can i check how long will progesterone pill delay period. I am on utrogestan but i tested BFN and so had stopped taking it yesterday. But there is still no sign of the witch. Haiz
  6. princess20

    princess20 New Member

    Hi, How much is the IUI and SO-IUI in KKH? Do you have recommended hospital which is more affordable? I am not PR nor citizen, thus no medisave :(
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  7. shynah

    shynah New Member

    Hi ladies,
    Anyone undergo IUI with Dr. Jonathan Wee before.

    I'm suppose to have it done by Dr. Loh SEong Feei, but he'll be away during that period and so Dr Wee's his stand-in

    Anyone, advice ?
  8. kk82

    kk82 Active Member

    When is dr loh away?
  9. shynah

    shynah New Member

    During the Mar school hols
  10. kk82

    kk82 Active Member

    Oh no. Hope his stand in will be good!
  11. shynah

    shynah New Member

    Exactly. I tried looking up on Dr Jonathan Wee and his IUI procedures .. But can't find anything .. Just that he's from Irene and Jon
  12. kk82

    kk82 Active Member

    If you are uncomfortable, you may want to postpone?
  13. shynah

    shynah New Member

    Yes.. After much consideration, I'm gonna postpone it. Anyway, just have to wait for 1 month only
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  14. PPY03

    PPY03 New Member

    Hi gals, I am new here and want to share my experience of SOIUI @kkh.

    I got pregnant in Jan 2016 which end up natural M/C due to empty sac. TTC for 6 month then consider go for IUI as we both are in 30s already. Went to poly for referral letter and they also made appointment for us, waiting time is 1 month!!

    In Oct we went through some test including HSG (fallopian tube), US, fertility hormone and DH did sperm test only. Result are all good except DH's morphology is a concern (1%). But doctor says it is still okay and give us the option to continue try naturally or go for SOIUI.

    Oct and Nov no news then we decided to go for IUI in Dec 2016. Call IVF center on D1 of AF and asked to come next day morning for consultation session. The consultation is not Medisave claimable, following procedure and medicine are all covered by Medisave.


    I started 50unit puregon injection daily (very easy to do at home and no pain) and come for 1st US after 5 days. Turns out I am not very responsive to puregon and that cycle I only got 1 egg @16.5 when I did the HCG trigger on D15 of AF, IUI done on the morning of D17 (36 hours after HCG trigger). I also got brownish spotting after HCG trigger. This cycle doesn't work which I have expected somehow.

    Total cost is 2.5k, a bit over regular cost because I responses very slow to puregon.


    Started cycle on Feb 6 (2nd day of AF), doctor increased dose to 75unit as last round I am not responding. However this cycle I am responding too well that by 1st US I already had 6 follicle larger than 16mm on Saturday with one 22mm. That was only D7 from AF XD. Doctor suspect the biggest one is water cyst so they asked for blood test on the spot. I dont know the result but they mention it is to check whether LH is surging. They also give me OPK and ask my husband to stand by, IUI is possible to be done on Monday. OPK is negative on Sunday.

    Monday I came back, US show there are 4 big follicle (21, 19.5, 18, 17.5) with positive OPK result. I had HCG trigger at 11am and IUI done at 1pm. This cycle was so fast!!!!

    Now I am in my 2ww, keep clam and hope for good things to happen :) If you had been there or will go for IUI, hope the above might be helpful to you~
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  15. rafiki

    rafiki New Member

    I'm with Prof PC Wong from NUH. Will be starting my IUI next cycle. Now i'm just waiting for my menses to come, then take Clomid from CD2-CD6, and IUI on that cycle. Hopefully things turn well! All the best to everyone who is ttc-ing too :)
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  16. sherberries28

    sherberries28 Member

    Hi rafiki, were you also taking Duphaston? i just started this drug (went NUH too) and before I can start to look forward to see red after 7 days. Then got to call them up on 1st day to arrange scanning on 7th day, is it the same?

    I wanted to go for IVF directly and the doctor also suggested to try IUI first before IVF, after sharing all the info.

    Were the Clomid given after the Duphaston / after scan , like a next drug to take or? I'm also going for IUI, very anxious about it! :)
  17. rafiki

    rafiki New Member

    Hi sherberries28,

    Prof PC Wong did not prescribe Duphaston, just Clomid to be taken from CD2-CD6. I will have to call them when my next menses is here in order to make appointment for the scanning on Day12. From there, doctor will tell how big is the egg growing and to arrange for the next appointment for the IUI.

    What is Duphaston and what is it supposed to do?

    I am also very anxious about it but at the same time trying to stay calm :) Which doc u go to in NUH?
  18. sherberries28

    sherberries28 Member

    Hi rafiki

    What is CD2-CD6? I took Duphaston to induce my menses (due to irregular menses) then to call them on my 1st day menses for an appointment to scan on day 7th.

    I'm under subsidized patient, hence I don't have a fixed doctor. I was attended by Dr Ng (female) You are under private I supposed?

    I hope it doesn't take too long for the egg to grow at correct size. I also looking forward to start IUI.

    Yeah, we need to relax and stay calm at all times. Don't stress! I've been telling myself that too.
  19. rafiki

    rafiki New Member

    Hi sherberries,

    CD2-CD6 means cycle day 2 to day 6 of your menses.

    I see. So you don't have to take any Clomid pills or injection to grow the eggs?
  20. sherberries28

    sherberries28 Member

    Oh ok , now I got it. Heehee.

    I just seen the doctor very recently then to start medication go induce menses.

    At this moment, I'm still taking medicine for menses. Have not heard about getting any Clomid pills or jabs yet.

    Are we at the same stage where we are waiting for menses, I supposed so? Just that the CD is different? Hmmm.
  21. willowicy

    willowicy Member

    Hi, is it a bit dangerous? To go for IUI with 4 follicles? May I know where you are doing your IUI?

    I was supposed to go for second round of IUI this month but I had too many follicies and doctor advised me to try naturally instead as there is a risk of multiple pregnancies and it's not just twins. So I was a bit concerned that you went ahead with IUI with 4 big follicle. O.O
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  22. sherberries28

    sherberries28 Member

    Did you go HSG as well? Was it painful?
    I heard it helps in pregnancy because it "clears" up inside. I will be going for HSG next week.
  23. RiyanN

    RiyanN New Member

    Hi ladies, coming onboard the so-iui train. AF just came yest evening. Will be going to kkh on Monday.

    Some background abt me. Turning 32 dis yr, DH 36. This Dec, been married (and trying) 6yrs. Have been having painful and dramatic period pain since 13yrs old. In 2010, found endometriotic cysts on both ovaries 10cm and 6cm. Did lap cystec to remove.

    Last yr found out I have low ovarian reserve,doc say somewhat similar to a 40+ yr old. Did HSG last yr and a Hysteroscopy and D&C earlier dis yr to remove polyps. In queue for IVF in May. Advised to try SO-IUI while waiting.. And here i am!
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  24. willowicy

    willowicy Member

    i went for TCS, not HSG. TCS is slightly cheaper option and uses ultrasound instead. :)
  25. happymom2510

    happymom2510 Member

    Welcome to some new frens here.

    I am 32 this year, trying for 2nd pregnancy for 1.5 year. I got a son naturally conceived in 2014 but this time round is not so lucky. I am under NUH, been through IUI once but fail. Going for 2nd round next week.

    Doctor made me take ovulation pills at CD12 onwards bcos apparently i am not ovulatin this month. I am not sure is that even possible but I just listened. I just hope to make it through this cycle. Well, everyone here does anyway. Very tired of the 2ww and all the rollercoaster emotions. This Wed going in for scan to see have I ovulated successfully.

    if there is a chance we can open a whatsapp grp that will be nice.
  26. happymom2510

    happymom2510 Member

    by the way, I have tried home insemination before advised by doctor. if it is due to penetration issues, then this may help. I tried for 3 months but no results so...have to do IUI. I read online there has been successful cases.
  27. rafiki

    rafiki New Member

    May I ask, why need to go in with full bladder when performing IUI?

    I just did a scan today, Prof PC Wong said there's 1 follicle with 18.5mm size. I asked if 1 follicle is normal and sufficient and he said yes. What about the rests? How many follicles you ladies have during the CD12 scan?

    I took Clomid from CD2-CD6
  28. sherberries28

    sherberries28 Member

    I just went for my HSG test and was informed that one Fallopian tube is blocked, while the other one is normal. I asked whether I could still proceed with IUI with this, doc informed no issue.

    Waiting for my next consultation with doctor to get IUI started.

    Anyone on the same as well? Can share experience?
  29. Daledale

    Daledale Active Member

    I had 5 but only 2 was 15mm before trigger.
  30. Daledale

    Daledale Active Member

    Btw ivf Q for kkh is appx 6 months. So after my first failed soiui. I book 2nd time so-iui and Q for ivf at the same time.
  31. Ifwah

    Ifwah New Member

    Hi ladies.

    I am on IUI cycle and suffering from slight OHSS. Im on 16dpo today, cycle supposed to begin on 14dpo as I am on 24days cycle. I have only been spotting on and off and tested negative on 14dpo. Technically I am 2 days late and spotting is unsual for my normal cycle. I am also on dydrogesterone given for the process. Could I be pregnant or my period is delayed due to the medication? My OHSS have not improved a single bit. Still looking 3 months preggy with that bloated amdomen.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2017
  32. Ifwah

    Ifwah New Member

    I had 4 too and doctor still went ahead with the procedure. Both nurses n doctor did reminded me again of the risk before they began.
  33. Daledale

    Daledale Active Member

    Could be due to medication. During my last iui i thought spotting was actually menses cause with medication menses not full flow. They only told me after blood test negative and ask me stop the meds so menses will come full flow.
  34. Ifwah

    Ifwah New Member

    Thank you. You think I should stop the medication? I still have 3 more days of intake.
  35. Daledale

    Daledale Active Member

    You went for blood test and negative? If so can stop the meds.
  36. RiyanN

    RiyanN New Member

    Officially in 2ww.. Just did insemination this morning.. Blood test on 10Apr..
  37. Daledale

    Daledale Active Member

    Gd luck.
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  38. willowicy

    willowicy Member

    good luck!!
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  39. meowmeow83

    meowmeow83 New Member

    Good luck!
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  40. Hopeful16

    Hopeful16 Member

    Hi all, anyone here with endometriosis cyst and adenomyosis and succeed with IUI? My gynae said not advisable to remove the cyst (abt 1cm) as it will affect egg reserve. The route to having a baby is getting tougher :(
  41. kk82

    kk82 Active Member

    I had endo cysts. Small one. chose to remove after some tussle. Felt it's good to remove before I proceed for IVF since IVF is a lot of investment. I also did ovarian test and it's good so I went ahead with the laparoscopy. My understanding is if surgeon is good, egg reserve will not be very affected. During the procedure, my gynae removed the blood cysts and blood clots sticking the ovary and tubes. This could only be seen during the laparoscopy. Besides removing cysts, he also checked the womb to ensure no fibroids etc.
  42. RiyanN

    RiyanN New Member

    I have endometriosis. The surgery i did in 2010 (to remove 10cm+6cm cyst on my right and left ovary) did affect my egg reserve. It is now very low according to doc. But at that time, it was crucial for me to go thru wit the surgery cos of the size. I only recently started IUI after 5 years trying naturally and is currently in 2ww. Hoping to share a success story..at the moment still waiting to see how it goes

    For the IUI process, doc put me on puregon for 7 days and had 3 medium sized follicles on the left 15mm,14.5mm and 9mm and 1 on the right 12mm.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2017
  43. qvalst

    qvalst New Member

    Hi All, I'm really new to this hence was hoping for some patient kind soul to provide some advice and guidance.
    We have been ttc for quite sometime but no luck still and have been planning for IUI if still no news next month. As both of us have hectic working schedule and this ttc thingy has caused me to be quite stressful in addition to work stress.
    I heard Dr. Wendy Teo from Mount E Novena is pretty good but expensive? I called and asked, so one procedure plus consultation plus scan is around $1800. Some says have to try 2-3 times before it works or something?
    So my question is, if you go to a gynae or a fertility doctor, tell them the basic background etc, will they first do a check on both of us first to determine the problem before continuing with IUI?
    As for IUI, it's just a procedure so you basically just need to wait for your ovulation etc, go to the clinic when it's your ovulation day and do the procedure?
    Lastly, any recommendation for fertility doctor? We don't really want to wait as age is catching up but of course we don't mind if can claim medisave etc :) since I believe private hosp will not have such subsidies.
    Looking forward to your replies! :)
  44. willowicy

    willowicy Member

    Hi, I'm pretty sure they will at least run a SA test for your husband and maybe a HSG for you just to check if your tubes are functioning. Depending on the test results, the doc might suggest IUI or IVF. IUI is not for everyone, esp if your tubes are blocked or your husband sperm count is low.

    IUI also can be SO-IUI or IUI. SO-IUI involves injections, I believe. For me, I did a normal IUI with a fertility drug to be taken from CD2. After which, you have to go in to do a scan to check if there is any maturing follicles and you do an injection to "release" the egg. Then, you go in to do the actual procedure.

    I went to a govt hospital so unable to advise on the private doc part.

    Hope this helps!
  45. qvalst

    qvalst New Member

    Yes! Thank you so much! :)
    Do you have to wait long at the govt hosp? What's the cost like? If you don't mind can provide me with some breakdowns of the cost and if it's medisave claimable too?
  46. willowicy

    willowicy Member

    hmm, i went to a polyclinic to get a referral letter so my rates are subsidized for the medicines etc. My appointment was like 1-2 months after i went to a polyclinic?

    If i remember correctly, the entire IUI procedure cost about 600++.

    This is an approx estimation from my memory:

    HCG injection - abt $16
    Injection by nurse - abt $16
    Basic Ovulation Scanning - abt $150
    Remaining cost will be for Sperm Washing & the actual procedure

    I didn't claim from medisave though cos it's still relatively cheap. I want to save it for in case I have to go through IVF. *touch wood*
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  47. qvalst

    qvalst New Member

    Woah, OK, govt hosp price is much lower than private I guess but have to wait. Thanks a lot for the replies, it has been really helpful!!
    How about your doctor etc? Any recommendation for that? :)
  48. qvalst

    qvalst New Member

    Anyone has recommendation for fertility doctors let me know too?
    Please share experience and charges for private hospital too if any! Really appreciate it! It's a taxing journey but I believe it's definitely worth :)
  49. willowicy

    willowicy Member

    Hmm, I'm with Dr Hema at SGH. She's so-so, kind of rushed at times. I wouldn't really recommend her though. =/
  50. qvalst

    qvalst New Member

    Thanks a lot for your advice and answers! Really helped a lot =) Appreciate it!!

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