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Insect bite tips for young children

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by hoailunar, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. hoailunar

    hoailunar New Member

    Your home, your skin is quite good, your skin is very good, your skin, a mosquito bite, you can make your limbs as low as one year, there are nodules 2-3 years later, Someone got bitten by mosquitoes from 1 year old to 5 years and still has dark spots. There was a period when I was extremely stressed because his limbs were too deep, the flower was full, the child was wearing a skirt that was sad, like rubbing salt into it.

    Due to the same place so I also bear, I was young so also hope this big tomorrow will be different. From that day, I have learned to apply insect bites and mosquito bites to children at the same time, the positive effect is that the bruises will later light, Originally not processed.

    For example, the insect bite on Soc's cheeks (see photo), she was bitten by a bite to go back home for Tet (from 23/2, until today is 27/2), the family can not know it's baby. What, just his face swollen on one side like bees burned, tear continuous, one side of the eye can not be opened, red bite and signs of infection, who see it also have to utter scared too ! I applied the following methods and after 5 days, the bite her is almost gone.

    When the baby is bitten by insects, the first thing you should do is wash the bite to the baby immediately with soap, the purpose of removing the toxins and bacteria that penetrate the skin. Insect bite wash also makes the baby feel more comfortable, less itchy pain, prevent the wound spread on a large scale.

    Step 2, you take a cold stone, around the bite for the baby, acts almost like a temporary anesthetic, baby will not itch to the point of scratching the bite that it cut out, bleeding Swelling at the bite, protecting the wound from infection. http://amthanhthudo.com/loa-karaoke-caf Grease python (if any) on the wound to heal quickly. You can also mix salt with cool water, use wet cotton to wet and then wipe the insect bites for children, have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, help bite faster heal.

    With some heavy bites, as if something bites swollen, there are signs of sores, you detoxify the bite by squeezing the lemon juice into a clean cup, using a cotton swab with lime juice and dots. Gently on the bite. Acid contained in lemon neutralizes toxins at the wound. Or sliced lemongrass, then use lemon slice that gently rub on the bite for the child to itch trouble.

    The above applies to adults also have very good results!

  2. hungeus347

    hungeus347 New Member

  3. hungeus347

    hungeus347 New Member

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