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How to slim down?

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by vincytan, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. vincytan

    vincytan New Member

    Anyone has any tried and tested methods to slim down? I've not been able to shed off the baby weight and it's really depressing each time I look into the mirror! I've tried exercising and eating less, but it doesn't seem to have any effects at all. I've thought of seeking help from slimming centers, but I'm pretty sceptical and not sure how to go about~

  2. Carmen23

    Carmen23 New Member

    Hi Vincy, may be u can try this? Screenshot_2017-06-13-22-42-03-49.png Screenshot_2017-06-13-22-54-17-72.png
  3. DoubleQ

    DoubleQ Member

    Ginger wrap? I did tried it... I put on ginger lotion, and wrap my tummy to sleep..
    the next day I woke up, I had too many water on the wrap.. Ginger lotion are hot may help to shed some fats..
  4. Yan Lin

    Yan Lin Member

    Please pm me. I have lost quite a lot and it worked.

    My number 81256130

  5. Poslife

    Poslife New Member

    Hi Vincy, I have sent you a message. Do check your inbox. Perhaps I can help.
  6. Alexendra

    Alexendra New Member

    I guess it all depends on how much you are willing to pay for such treatments.
    Slimming centres or going for a mommy makeover which will have a higher chance of getting back the slim shape since you are paying more..
  7. vincytan

    vincytan New Member

    Hi there! Ginger lotion? But wouldnt the heat burn the skin overnight?
  8. vincytan

    vincytan New Member

    Hi Alexendra, I've been thinking of going to slimming centres. I know people would say exercise and dieting, but my work and family has taken up majority of my time.
  9. colbietelent

    colbietelent Member

    hey vincy! ever thought of slimming centres? i had the same problem as you. i was introduced by a friend to SHOU and have been with them since!
  10. DoubleQ

    DoubleQ Member

    You don't put a lot.. just abit and spread it over.. as long you can feel the warm feeling.. it helps to burn fats slowly.. I use this cause I can't afford to go for slimming package.. hehe!
  11. vincytan

    vincytan New Member

    i see! how long did it take for you to lose weight though?
  12. vincytan

    vincytan New Member

    i am! but at the same time a little scared. i dont want to be paying for sessions that are not useful. it's costly! i did a bit of research on SHOU and realise they have trials. have you tried any trials? is the quality the same?
  13. leannewong

    leannewong New Member

    I'm having my treatment with Babies Laughter. Completed my postnatal massage and been through 3 sessions of slimming treatments at the moment. I find it effective as the machine they used are similar to slimming centre! Most importantly, they come to our house for the treatment. Price similar or slightly cheaper than slimming Centres
  14. leannewong

    leannewong New Member

  15. leannewong

    leannewong New Member

    They take photo to show before and after on 1st session. And can really see results.
  16. chrisby

    chrisby New Member

    I used one slimming cream and It worked well for me. Please pm +6596921860
  17. DoubleQ

    DoubleQ Member

    Just after my confinement ends, I manage to tone down.. I find the best time to slim down is during confinement. Cause during that period, we have lesser food choice, and eat healthy, drink more plain warm water.. In the same time put the cream and wrap ourself.. hehe! Some more because I do everything myself during the confinement, like wash clothes, sweep and mop floor, dry laundry and bath my baby. this is consider exercise for me cause I walk around, squats etc.. hehe!

    I didn't realise cause I'm superb tired with myself doing everything alone and lesser sleep. But my family, friends and colleagues said I tone down very fast.. I'm back to my single-hood size.. haha!

    I find this is the cheapest way to slim down cause I don't want to spend money on session which I myself have no confident it will helps. Rather spend the money for baby stuff.. hehe!
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  18. vincytan

    vincytan New Member

    how does one session go? is it just solely massage?
  19. colbietelent

    colbietelent Member

    yes they do have trials! i was like you too. a little scared and sceptical, so i took up their trial. even if i didnt like it, it was not a lot of money. you should try it! where are you looking to slim?
  20. leannewong

    leannewong New Member

    Massage + machine. Not painful.
  21. dream567

    dream567 New Member

    I think its best to just eat normally while pregnant, it will be more healthy for the baby. Once give birth then consider to do exercise? Just sharing my thoughts
  22. dream567

    dream567 New Member

    How long will the process be? Like how long do I have to do the food remedy?
  23. winterxc

    winterxc New Member

    Im presuming you are talking about post-pregnancy weight loss.. only proper exercise routine and diet will help to reduce weight. For a regular exercise guide you can try Kayla Itsines guidebooks or app. I think Sonia Tlev also recently released a postpartum exercise guidebook - shes a personal trainer that regained her abs within a month after giving birth.

    I will say dont bother wasting money on slimming centers and food remedies. All you need is grit and determination!
  24. Hazel lim

    Hazel lim New Member

  25. Hi ,I'm a certified prenatal and postnatal massage service provider with experience, maybe you can try my postnatal massage ,below is the benefits..

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    · It gives relief from back pain and at the same time, it minimises the requirement of painkillers.

    · It helps in combating and preventing depressing after pregnancy and helps in mental wellness.

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  26. cmargarethz

    cmargarethz New Member


    I am successfully slim down through meal replacement. I lost weight almost 12 kg for 3 months. The program takes min. around 3 months.The meal replacement is doesn't feel u hungry and give u excellent nutrition and boost your metabolism. The best part, u still can eat as per normal during lunch time.^^

    WhatsApp me if you want me to find out more as I don't frequent here. Hp no 85003890

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