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    Help! Private Gynae Recommendations

    Hi Guys, really need help as i am a bit overwhelmed with all the info! I was actually considering private route but the prices quoted by some private clinics are really high. I am about 7 weeks pregnant EDD should be mid Sept, have not gone for my first consult yet as i thought need to go...
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    Doctor Tan Kai Lit - Gynae reccomendation

    We would recommend Dr Tan Kai Lit from Thomson Medical Centre. My pregnancies are managed by him, with 2 c sections. He is a confident & assuring gynae with vast experiences and often share his knowledge with us. His recommendations are great when it comes to many different methods for test or...
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    Gynae recommendations for c-sect at Thomson Hospital

    Hi Mummies, it is my first pregnancy. I'm looking for recommendations for female gynae for c-section at Thomson Medical. Please help! Couldn't find much reviews so far Note: due to health issues, I have to opt for c-sect
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    Gynae Recommendation (Highly Recommended) - Dr. Tan Kai Lit

    I’m a first time mummy. Also this was my first time pregnant experience. How lucky I am to have dr. Tan as my gynae! i didn’t do much research before hand but just visit dr Tan for this first time consultation after I got pregnancy.My husband and I immediately decided to just have him as our...
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    Any first time daddy here?

    First time daddy here... writing this on my laptop at TMC ward while my wife is changing my daughter's diaper. feels so unreal that it all happens so fast! throughout the entire journey of pregnancy from pre-delivery to post-delivery the experience ive had is not entirely smooth sailing...
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    Real cost of IVF at Thomson Medical

    Hello Everyone, came across this forum, its awesome. This is my first post. we have been TTC since three years without any luck, did three cycles of IUI but all negative. Now trying for IVF but scared of the expenses. Can anyone share their experience of how much does it cost for entire IVF...
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    Dr Tan Kai Lit

    This is coming a tad too late however I would like to give a shout out to my amazing gynae, Dr Tan Kai Lit from Thomson Medical. He first became my gynae for my second child and when he was still in KKH in 2018. Followed up with him for my third child in 2019. He is meticulous, caring and...
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    Gynae recommended ( Dr Tan Kai Lit )

    Hi, I would like to recommend my gynae (Dr.Tan Kai Lit) He delivered 3 out of 4 of my children (3rd baby was delivered in KKH with another gynae as Dr Tan moved to Thomson and we decided to engage Dr Tan and therefore went to Thompson instead.) Doctor Tan is someone who tries his best to help...
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    Dr. Theodric Lee - Thomson PD Centre at JEM

    Hi, We are first time parent, would like to seek if anyone had any experiences visiting Dr.Theodric Lee at Thomson PD Centre JEM??? Thank you.
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    TMC Delivery Charges

    Hi Mummies, I am a first time mom and is going to deliver my baby at TMC in Jan 2019. As I am totally clueless of the costs and other miscellaneous charges, any kind mummies would like to share their bills - to better prepare my partner and myself mentally (so that we won't get a shock and...
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    TMC hospital bill advise

    Hello!! Anyone recently given birth at TMC? I’m trying to decide between 1 bedded and 4 bedded.. Can you advice on the $$ you paid and the ward you stay in? Thank you.
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    Friendly, Helpful and Caring Gynae Dr Liana Koe

    Hi Ladies, I am writing this thread to personally recommend my awesome Gynae Dr Liana Koe. Honestly, i didn't have a gynae before i got pregnant. I had to handpick one at Mount A due to urgent condition. From my personal experience i learned 1 thing, the gynae i found at Mount A i didn't quite...