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Dr TC Chang ( Chang Tou Choong) from TMC

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by bride_sept05, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. bride_sept05

    bride_sept05 New Member


    anyone seen this doctor before?

  2. bb2ndwear

    bb2ndwear New Member

    Hi Janice...my gal was delivered by him. He's good & very serious.
  3. bride_sept05

    bride_sept05 New Member


    thanks. [​IMG]
  4. cc2

    cc2 Member

    My gal is delivered by him too. [​IMG]
  5. winnie77

    winnie77 Member

    He delivered my gal in Jan 05. He is a nice and professional doctor.. [​IMG]
  6. bb2ndwear

    bb2ndwear New Member

    Dr TC Chang is a specialist in scanning...he did good job of C-section (bikini-cut) for me, can move around after I woke up the next day.
  7. cc2

    cc2 Member


    U can move ard the next day after c-section? Wow... I can oni start to move around freely after 1 week. Before that was "crawling"...[​IMG]
  8. bb2ndwear

    bb2ndwear New Member

    Ya...I was actually told to get up & moved around for blood circulation as I had laid for almost a day after the op. I did not feel much pain, only pretty dizzy...After 3 days, I started to take hot shower. The cut was well covered so jus felt like a piece of plaster. Guessed Dr TC did a good job. My MIL told me dat during her time, the C-cut is vertically down & she cannot bend...yeeee....goose pimples liao...
  9. winnie77

    winnie77 Member

    I can walk on the second day as well just that it is painful to get up and down. Dr TC Chang asked me to walk around. He is quite gentle with C section cut during check up. My cut is around 4 to 4.5 inch.. [​IMG]
  10. bride_sept05

    bride_sept05 New Member

    Hi LL and Winnie,

    that's a very good one that you gals can walk on the second day.
    I'm actually planning for baby now, so have to start search for all this information.
    My friend told me that he is good,gentle and professional, and he is the head of the foetus department.
    He even wrote books,
  11. winnie77

    winnie77 Member

    Hi Janice,

    Yah, he is the head of the foetal assessment dept. [​IMG]
  12. bb2ndwear

    bb2ndwear New Member

    Hi Janice...yup, he did write a book..can't remember the title and GOOD LUCK...
  13. blanche

    blanche New Member


    I'm with him for my first boy and second due-to-be-born boy also with him. He's good. Very assuring, gentle and good beside manners. He's also the very pro-natural kind.

    I recommended him to 2 of my friends and all had good things to say about him.

    My c-section was a result of medical reasons and I too was able to walk the next day without much pain. I bathed the day I could get off bed as well. No problems at all [​IMG]
  14. winnie77

    winnie77 Member

    The title of the book he wrote is "Doctor I want to know if my pregnancy is healthy?"
  15. bride_sept05

    bride_sept05 New Member

    Very seldom that I heard from woman that they able to get down the bed and walk on the next day.

    ok, thanks for the infor.I will buy that book to read.
  16. bb2ndwear

    bb2ndwear New Member

    Janice...guessed itz all in a person's mind. Have positive thoughts & all will go well & smooth.
  17. bride_sept05

    bride_sept05 New Member

    Hi LL,

    thanks for the advised. [​IMG]
  18. snort

    snort New Member

    Dr Chang is a very nice and good doctor... he does detailed foetal scans for abnormalities. I used to see him when my regular gynae (LC Cheng) not around... they work together... [​IMG]

    LC also good with c-section cuts. i also got up by 2nd day. so boring in bed. also they ask you to get up so you heal faster. then they can also remove your drip. by the 4th day at home, i was walking around like i didn't have an operation. everyone was astounded. but i believe it has to do with individual's healing and pain threshold. best to get up becos it aids faster healing. the more you lie in bed, the stiffer you get and when you do get up, lagi more difficult!

    warning tho: it's not that it's easy to get up on 2nd day... i walked like a cowboy about to get into a gunfight... bowlegged and all. but that's the difficult part. once you're on your feet, you'll quickly get over the soreness and stiffness.

  19. winnie77

    winnie77 Member

    Hi Snort,

    I agreed with you.. Walking around is not painful but getting up and down is painful.. [​IMG]
  20. snort

    snort New Member

    winnie, YUP indeed!!! i doubled up each time i got up and down, that helped! but then again, after the second day, even that was no longer an issue with me.
  21. winnie77

    winnie77 Member

    I guess it adds pressure to our wound when u get up or down.. Did u experience numbness at ur wound area after the C section? Doctor say it is due to our nerves being cut off during the C section.. It will take around 6 mths for the nerves to re-connect.. But even up till now I still feel the sensation around the wound area different from before, it is not as sensitive..[​IMG]
  22. stephy

    stephy Active Member

    my gynae is tc chang too. I'm very pleased with his skills. I had c-section too. Like the rest of the gals, i could walk on the 2nd day when my drip was out. At first, I was very scared that the wound will hurt. Surprisingly, it didn't. Only on the first attempt, the nurse assisted me, subsequently, i went up and down the bed myself. The wound was painless but i wld walk like a old lady with a hunchback, because i scared that the wound wld tear if i stretch too much. In fact, i have my postnatal massage done on the 2nd week after I had discharged.

    Juz last few weeks ago, I went back to him for my annual pap smear, I was so glad he was back from his research. I feedback to him that I got a bad experience with the gynae that he had refered to me when he was away.. He didn't comment much.

    While making payment, I realised he had given me a "little discount" [​IMG]
  23. jkjt

    jkjt New Member

    Hi all
    my gynae is also Dr TC Chang.

    hee.. i oso managed to get out of the bed on Day 2 after my epidural c-section. My hubby was allowed into the OT to witness the birth of our first baby 3yrs ago.
    Now expecting baby #2. He is still that professional [​IMG]
  24. winnie77

    winnie77 Member

    Hi Stephy,
    So nice of him to give you discount.. [​IMG] The other time when he is away, they assigned Dr WC Cheng to me.. He is very nice and gentle as well.. I guess I am more lucky [​IMG]

    Hi JKJT,
    My hb also witness my gal's arrival..
  25. stephy

    stephy Active Member


    u are so lucky, he assigned M Tan to me.. it is a mistake to go [​IMG] So far, all the pap smear i have done it's never painful juz uncomfy, I had the most painful pap smear done by her. I swear i will never see a lady gynae again for my eternity life :p
  26. winnie77

    winnie77 Member


    I never like female gynae, always feel that male gynae is more gentle.. and i think female gynae is more fierce..
  27. jollysheep

    jollysheep Member

    Any idea where's his clinic located?
  28. jivy

    jivy New Member

    Hi JollySheep,
    Here's the add:
    WC Cheng & Associates
    Ground Floor, Thomson Medical Centre
    339 Thomson Road
    Singapore 307677.
    Tel:6253 6174 or 6253 4122
    I think his appointment is quite full, have to make 2 weeks in advance..
  29. stephy

    stephy Active Member

    anyone knows what is T C Chang's package now? heard his fee has increased. The last time I was paying $800 for the consultation and $1.2k for cs with epi i think.
  30. winnie77

    winnie77 Member

    Hi Stephy,

    Same as you, I paid $800 for consultation.. But C section with Epidural is $1600 leh.. I gv birth early 2005.. I guess his rates may have increased again..
  31. stephy

    stephy Active Member


    i double checked again.. ya, mine also $1600 for c-s.
  32. jkjt

    jkjt New Member

    His package is still $800 exclude scanning.
    can be quite expensive sometimes but i still feel worth it coz he himself do the scanning and explanation which is very important. Also, he has scanning on every visit.

    when i had my 1st child in year2003, his $800 package is inclusive of the routine scanning (except detailed scanning at 5th mth).
  33. stephy

    stephy Active Member

    JKJT :

    so the normal scanning is chargeble liao?? How much is it? He will print out a copy for u to keep, right?

    Last month, I was there for my routine pap smear.. I ask the cashier whether his package has increased, she said yes, but got to check the fees with another staff. But I didn't bother lah. [​IMG]
  34. winnie77

    winnie77 Member

    Hi JKJY and Stephy,

    Wow if normal scanning is excluded, it can be quite costly leh cos we need to scan every visit..
  35. jkjt

    jkjt New Member

    hi winnie/stephy

    i'm 6mth preggie with my 2nd baby.
    so far, only 1st, 3rd and 5th month visits he charges for scanning. It could be that he did some detailed scanning for me. The rest of the routine scanning, he doesn't charge extra.

    yes, he still print a copy for us to keep.
    i was aslo given $200 discount for this package.[​IMG]
  36. ma22

    ma22 Member

    Hi mommies,

    Can I just check whether Dr Chang does the 2D o 3D scans during the monthly checkup ?
  37. winnie77

    winnie77 Member

    He does 2D scan for me normally.. but i think he does 3D scan as well if you request for it..
  38. dancinglizliz

    dancinglizliz Member

    My gynae is not Dr Chang. But I went to him for the detailed scan. Not bad, very eloquent.

    I noticed that most mummies here gave birth via C-section. Is it coincidental or what? Anyone gave birth naturally by him?
  39. stephy

    stephy Active Member

    one of my friend, sees him too.. she delievered naturally. for me, because i have high BP, got to induce too, but i chose c-section instead.. he said c-section will be better for me due to my high BP.
  40. ara

    ara New Member

    Hi, anyone out there have experience dealing with Dr Chang on fibroids and complicated pregnancies?
  41. veriblur

    veriblur Member

    Can anyone provide the tel no. for Dr Chang?
    How much is his delivery charges?
    Pls help.
  42. bride_sept05

    bride_sept05 New Member

    Hi Veriblur,

    you may call this number for Dr Chang 62536174/62534122
  43. jullchae

    jullchae New Member


    Heard Dr Chang is good. I've had miscarried twice always during the 6th week, wonder if he's able to help me with this problem? So far no gynae is able to tell me where my problem lies, that's why I don't know am I facing any fertility problem or what. I need to see a gynae soon, to tell me what's wrong with me and also to help me to conceive. Wonder Dr Chang can help me on that? Thus need some advice from here.

    Can someone please advise me? Thanks much...

  44. septmummy07

    septmummy07 New Member

    Hi all,

    Just to share ... My gynae was also Dr T C Chang. He's a very professional and assuring gynae. I delivered my gal in Sept 07, assisted delivery with epidural. Dr Chang did a very good job. I can get off bed and walk about the next day after delivery. Minimal pain from the wounds and stitches too.
  45. capjan

    capjan Member


    I like to add on as well. My doc is TC Chang too.
    I have miscarriage in June 06, and conceived again in Feb 07, he's very good and takes good care of me throughout my pregnancy.

    Also, I have a very low threshold of pain. He gives me strong painkillers to make sure I don't have much pain. In fact, am able to walk the next day after delivery too. My colleagues who saw me were shocked.

    Will definitely go back to him on my next pregnancy.
  46. lexuan

    lexuan New Member

    Hi mummies,

    My gynae is Dr TC Chang as well when i gave birth at 2003. He was recommended to me through my good friend. I can say that he's a professional, patience & good gynae. Will go back to him if im going to have a 2nd child. I remember that he did a free 3D scan for me when i went tmc for my detailed scan.(At that point of time, his clinic was at katong area besides tmc clinic) Also, he gave me $200 discount for my package as well =)
  47. bubblesfairy

    bubblesfairy Member

    Hi all, my gynae is also Dr TC Chang. I have been seeing him since 2000 for regular pap smears. That time he was still operating at Katong Clinic for Women at East Coast Road. I think his clientel expanded alot and he could only operate from TMC. Doesnt have the time to run 2 sites.

    I had a fibroid removed in Nov 2007. He was very caring and very detailed in explaining the process and the operation. He is however a very matter of fact doctor. Hence if you are the "manja" type, you may not get the "attention" from him.

    His charges are not exactly cheap but you can be assured that you have the highest quality service and advise.

    I'm now 12weeks pregnant and he is still my gynae. He specialises in scanning and even IVF. A lot of expats see him. Somehow I feel that he has delivered a lot of twins cos i always see twins when i'm there for my appt.

    Oh the nurses are impt too. His nurses are all professionals and when they do blood tests, they are very gentle. I'm terrified of needles so I'm glad that they do it quite painlessly.

    He's very good, so be rest assured that you are in good and safe hands! [​IMG]
  48. cynn

    cynn New Member

    Any more comments/personal experience to share about this doctor? Thanks! [​IMG]
  49. jeng

    jeng New Member

    TC Chang is my doc too. He is really very professional and careful. I had 2 difficult pregnancies but he helped me overcome and both babies r born safe and healthy. Just try him out sur no regrets. BTW if you r recommended by his patients, you get a discount for your 1st time consultation.
  50. roxyz

    roxyz Active Member

    Dr Chang was my gynae too and like what other mummies have commented, he is very detailed and through in his scanning, especially as he is the head of foetal assessment. He does all the detailed scanning himself using his very high tech machine, which gives us more assurance. We feel our baby is in very good and safe care in his hands.
    I had some difficulties in my pregnancy as baby wasnt growing well. Dr Chang monitored baby growth very closely (weekly without charging us extra) and assured us and gave us very professional advice on when to let baby come out via c-sect as baby was in breech position. My entire csect operation was very short and stitches very nicely done, I could even walk to nursery on the 2nd day already
    We were also impressed by his care. During our follow up visit with him after delivery, I expressed some problems I had with latching bb on and he went down personally to TMC Parentcraft to ask them to contact me. Best of all, 2 weeks later, Parentcraft called me cause Dr Chang had asked them how I was doing. We were very touched that he remembered us and even called the nurses to follow up with us in the midst of his super busy schedule esp as I have already delivered.
    Though his charges are pretty exp, we will definitely go back to him for our second one because of his professionalism and his superb care/human touch

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