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Healthier Water For Kids

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by Sandra Lim, Oct 21, 2018.


Which water should you be drinking at home?

  1. Boiled water

  2. Alkaline Water

  3. Tap water

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  1. Sandra Lim

    Sandra Lim New Member

    Someone came by at my place and told me about alkaline water, and states that its actually very good for growing kids, even adults as our body is 70%water and for kids,90%. I didn't believe him at first but he convinced me and said that he wanted to show me a water test in my kitchen so i let him do it.
    During the test, i slowly understood why alkaline water is better. It has anti-oxident ability, no chlorine, smaller water molecules that will make our body easy to absorb for hydration, and lastly, the pH level of the water is 9.5.
    I thought of comparing the price of it with other companies but realised that other brands actually sell their system while their brand is free system and installation.
    His service before and after installation was all excellent and deserves to be recommended to other parents out there:)

    if anyone is interested, feel free to drop me a message and give me ur contact. I'll pass ur contact to him and we all shall have healthier water to drink

  2. siti28

    siti28 New Member

    Sis, which hyflo you mean? I have chk and found out many hyflo website in google. Can you share me the link pls. Millions thank.
  3. joeltt101

    joeltt101 New Member

  4. Sandra Lim

    Sandra Lim New Member

    Hi guys, you can contact Justin from Purity Singapore @91818414 . He explained to me all the benefits of alkaline water and the difference in tap water compared to alkaline water. And the after sale service is good and i can really feel that he is more concern about my family's health than anything else.
  5. James1990zxc

    James1990zxc New Member

    Yeah last month Justin from Purity Sg came to my place regarding this alkaline water system too, they shown me a very thorough water test on why we should have this alkaline water. Service is good and price is very reasonable.i would strongly recommend this
  6. Mummy Rain

    Mummy Rain New Member

    Yes I use alkaline water too. Think good to invest since we drink water most of the time

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