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    Any recommended water dispensers for a family of 4?

    Hi, I'm looking for a slim water dispenser for my home, any recommendations :D
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    Healthier Water For Kids

    Someone came by at my place and told me about alkaline water, and states that its actually very good for growing kids, even adults as our body is 70%water and for kids,90%. I didn't believe him at first but he convinced me and said that he wanted to show me a water test in my kitchen so i let...
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    Water Treatment System - with free installation

    Water Treatment System is essential for good health. There are many different types, but may not be certified to justify their claims. If you are looking to install one, we can go do a free demo for you first. Let me know if anyone is interested. Best regards, CleanWater
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    [HELP]Any good Water Purifier Recommend?

    Sorry for the multiple posting. I'm new here, the previous portal I posted seems don't have a lot of active parents and I hope I could get more help from here. Recently my son got red rashes, went to the doctor a few times, not helping. I heard people say this might because the water we use. We...