having aircon problem and need to hack the build in


Im very lost on how to begin. I do not know who to contact and how to start at all.
I move in to my new house 3 years ago, I installed the aircon through the renovation contractor
recommendation and 1 year after we stayed there, the aircon insulator in our master bedroom toilet
start leaking spoiling the lights installed there as well. The insulator was well hidden in our build in wardrobe
and false ceiling. my son bedroom, there is one part on the wall also leak. my bedroom wall, one false wall start to crack and I can see the water leaking as well. I find many technician and thought maybe is the aircon not clean enough that's why leaking, but it seams like now I have to change the whole insulator. I do not know whether do I have to change the whole aircon or not. how do I proceed? find a renovation contactor and hack the build in and false ceiling?
Below are the email complain that I wanted to send in, but realise the company could not be found online and there is no email address to send to.

I am writing this email to highlight about a serious concern on poor air conditioners insulations done by Mr Tay from Omega Cool. I also wish to highlight about his poor job professionalism.

My new unit’s air conditioners were all done by Mr Tay. After two years, I realised that there were leakages everywhere, including my ceilings. It resulted in dirty molds being formed underneath my trunkings (see attached photos). I had consulted Mr Tay and he had promised to come down to my house to take a look. After several delays and no responses, he finally came over one day to check it out. All he did was just eye visual checks on the outside, he did not even open up the trunkings to take a look. And he proposed to change the insulations, which was quoted to me for a few thousand dollars.

I was appalled by the price quoted, so I decided to call in another technician to do a price comparison and to check whether have I been overquoted. To my dismay, I was informed that all these leakages were due to the poor insulators quality and poor workmanship. I am super disappointed by Mr Tay’s ethics and what he had done to my house. To make things worse, these leakages actually causes my lightings to be damaged as well (does he even know that it is a SERIOUS SAFETY CONCERN once electricity gets in touch with water???).

Now I have to fork out additional costs just to redo the whole pipe and remove my built in cupboards, which further increases my cost.


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Hey check for freon in your air conditioner since the people who installed the air conditioner forgot or did not specifically charge the air conditioner with freon this is a very common problem. I have faced this situation once. I installed an air conditioner in the winter and all winter and spring I did not use it and when I turned on in the summer it turned out that it does not cool, I had to call the technicians from site. I think the people who installed my air conditioner did it on purpose in the hope of earning money on the fact that I will call them a second time, it's very ugly I call it foul play.