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Harmony Blood Test

Discussion in 'Year 2014 Mums' started by mumtobe0813, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. SUEZY

    SUEZY New Member

    My gynae said it is not necessary to test microdeletions because the chances of having it is extremely low. So I did some research and decided to take the basic one instead :D
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  2. MistyCloud

    MistyCloud Active Member

    Same here, I didn't do the rest of the genetics testing coz chances of it were pretty low. Just did the basic ones.
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  3. JSnow

    JSnow Member

    @SUEZY , @MistyCloud , thanks so much for both your feedback :)

    I think I will go for harmony as well. I will get tested in 2 weeks time. The 2 weeks waiting process is unnerving though!
  4. JSnow

    JSnow Member

    Thank you @bellebaby !! Think I will save some $and opt for harmony
    by the way, congrats on your baby boy!!!
    haha, ya the upside is finding out the gender. Quite exciting for me since im a first time MTB.
  5. bellebaby

    bellebaby Active Member

    No worries :) yes, harmony test is good enough , jus go for it :) for me cos my Gyne only offers panorama test , so i jus go for it too:)
    Yes, exciting to know the gender of baby. The nurse who called me for the panorama test result is super cute, even gave me a drum roll sound effect when announcing the gender of baby :D
  6. usopppk

    usopppk New Member

    is the harmony test result also in ratio like oscar? i am deciding which to take. thks
  7. allenhui5552

    allenhui5552 New Member

    hi all,
    newbie here, hope to hear some advice and getting some morale support.
    my wife is 38 coming 39 in Jul, currently 12weeks 6days into pregnancy. went for OSCAR at TMC yesterday and the result put us at high risk of 1:11, the measurement is 3.2mm
    now feeling super down and worried. trying to console the wife and making sure she stays positive, cos 1:11 doesn't mean the baby has DS.
    however, I read that many of the expecting mothers here went to see a Dr Ananda, may I know where is his clinic or how I can seek his 2nd opinion?
    our baby scan can see the nose bone etc, it pains me to see the wife in sad mood now, thus seeking out advices and hope to have a better result be it Harmony or other tests.
  8. TwinnyStars

    TwinnyStars Member

  9. bellebaby

    bellebaby Active Member

    Hi, I think for Oscar test , the ratio takes into account the maternal age too. What did the gyne say about your wife's NT scan? If NT scan is Okie , then at least one load off. What did the gyne suggest? Do harmony test or panorama test? Alternatively, like what some mothers-to-be did, they make appointment to see Dr Ananda to get second opinion. Jia you! :)
  10. allenhui5552

    allenhui5552 New Member

    NT scan at 3.2mm, I don't even know what is the normal range. I have made an appt with Dr. Ananda in early Jul, hopefully by then the baby grow abit more and can get a better/detailed scan. fingers crossed, its making me not able to concentrate at work...especially over a quarter-end closing....sigh
  11. bellebaby

    bellebaby Active Member

    Jia you Okie:) I know it is tough .. Our heart cannot settle until we hear that baby is growing well and healthily .. Continue to encourage your wife and be strong for your wife too:)
  12. allenhui5552

    allenhui5552 New Member

    Will hang in there till the next appt next Thursday and will definitely update the outcome. Just realised that I might be in the wrong thread. My wife's edd is 30dec15 - 01jan16. Kind of confused and not sure which thread I should be in. :) cheers.
  13. bickeybb

    bickeybb New Member

    Hi Bellebaby,
    which clinic did you go to? at which week did you do the blood test? mine quoted $2K (excl GST) for the panarama + microdeletion + general blood test
  14. bellebaby

    bellebaby Active Member

    Hi, I did my panorama test at around 11week .. At dr Kek lee phin 's clinic . But now I'm with another gyne . I also did panorama + microdeletion + general blood test . Where is your gyne from?
  15. sugarling

    sugarling Member

    Hi anyone knows Dr anandakumar charges for detailed scan?
  16. pingabell

    pingabell New Member


    I'm keen on the harmony test but its not offered at my gynae. Is it possible to take the test at somewhere ? Tx in advance
  17. dolly_gal

    dolly_gal Well-Known Member

    Thomson Novena
  18. pingabell

    pingabell New Member

    Any particular gynae you can recommend ? They do not entertain walk in.
  19. hippo78

    hippo78 Active Member

    maybe you can try calling ACJ clinic and check ?
    Their harmony package is ard 1.4k, and Panorama test is $1099.
  20. Keshia

    Keshia New Member

    Kowa's clinic(level 16) at Mount E Orchard. He charges $1000 for Harmony test. Very reasonable.
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  21. StarrGoh

    StarrGoh New Member

    Thanks for sharing, seems cheaper relative to other clinics...
  22. urbandudette

    urbandudette Member

    Hi all

    Trying to revive anmold thread. Can anyone share where and how much you paid for your panorama test? Thank you!!!

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