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Good playgroup in Sengkang

Discussion in 'Year 2006 Mums' started by precioustots06, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. mycutey

    mycutey New Member


    anyone sent their tods to appletree at compassvale blk299c? Like to know the reviews also.
    Went to apple tree at compassvale and anchorvale, tods seems to like their techers, good impression. Went to the one at rivervale walk blk 158D, terrible. Told the assistant teacher I am here to look around as I hope to enrol my tod next year. She said " what u want to look?", Then she opened the door wide and said "look lor"..... Wah super singlish, how can i leave my boy there with the aunty. Both teachers seemed quite impatient to get me off their back, but class is only at 9am and I was asked to reach at 8.45am, no students at all.

  2. joenna

    joenna New Member


    Any of your kids enroll in Blk 237 Compassvale and wish to change to Blk 307 Apple Tree. Currently, my girl enrol in Blk 307 but i want to change her to Blk 237 but Blk 237 is already full unless got ppl want to transfer. Anyone???? Can email me at joennachua@yahoo.com.sg
  3. yp_tan

    yp_tan New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    My son is in 'KinderTots' at fernvale point. Its inside Clear minds education centre, next to top kang supermarket.
    Its been close to 2 yrs, the teachers are very professional and methods of teaching ar every good. My boy learn so much and i enrolled him when he was onli 16 mths old. they take in kids from 16 mths to 3 yrs old.
  4. ian3105

    ian3105 Member

    hi Crayonmum,

    i just resigstered online to the appletree at blk 412A,

    does yr boy like it?

    do u have the number ? so i can call and check if they have available slots for my boy?

    pls email me : lorelles_09@hotmail.com
  5. sze

    sze New Member


    Thinking of register my boy to Summerkids @ sengkang for N1. Any Comment pls,been searching hard for a cc for my boy.
  6. crayonmum

    crayonmum Member

  7. teojen

    teojen New Member

    Hi Mei Zhen & Pisces,

    My boy was born in Nov 2006. I live at Hougang Ave 10, very close to Sengkang. Interested in looking for a CC for him around Sengkang Area. May I know where do both of u send your kids to??? There are too many CC at sengkang area, need more suggestion and feedbacks. Thanks
  8. qiuxuan

    qiuxuan New Member

    hi Kayyan...wat u tink about the infant care in Moriah Schoolhouse at blk 409A...
  9. mrsngpk

    mrsngpk New Member

    any updates? would liek to know more about playgroup at sengkang area.
  10. airwaybu

    airwaybu New Member

  11. dowellmummy

    dowellmummy Member


    Any comments on The Montessori Playroom near hougang? I'm intend to send my child there next year.
  12. bbee

    bbee Member

    any good weekend playgroup in sengkang? my son is turning 2 come Jan.
  13. lenylim

    lenylim New Member

    I'm new here.
    I've a baby boy aged 16 months old. Would like to put him in a playgroup so that he can learn more and interect more with other kids as well. I'm living in Sengkang area. Any recommendation for me?
    Thank's! My email is leny@jklhouse.com
  14. aprilgal

    aprilgal Member

    hihi, any mummies sending their kids to smartie cottage @ fernvale lane?
    may i know the feedback?

    Currently my girl is with moriah schoolhouse @. so far i'm satisfied with the school only that the school fees is a bit steep and a walking distance of 10mins (one way) from my house.

    whereas for smartie cottage, it's relatively cheaper and just a foot step away.

    i'm facing a dilemma right now.
    any mummies can share your views with me?
  15. felix38

    felix38 New Member

    my son is at moriah schoolhouse since he was 2 months old, till now i never change sch, moriah schoolhouse is good
  16. hug_me

    hug_me Member

    Any rivervale mummy here got baby ~ 15mths? Want to form our own playgroup? as in set a time to meet and let the children play together? We can arrange to rotate houses, meet in playgroud etc . [​IMG]We can also save the $ of sending our child to playgroup. [​IMG]
  17. die

    die Member

    Keen there are two of us at rivervale walk blk 101 babies are 11 mths and 8 mths old contact me at 97540587
  18. yeezybiz

    yeezybiz New Member

    Mine is 16months.. Let me know.. [​IMG]
  19. alsh

    alsh Member

    Hi, any good pre-nursery school around sengkang to recommend?
  20. Happy bears

    Happy bears New Member

    Hi mommies,

    My boy attended a a playgroup in Sengkang (fernvale) whereas myself or my dosmetic helper can accompany him. This playgroup is run by a mom herself. She is an experienced speech and drama and phonics teacher. My boy enjoyed the music & movement and craft time while I felt great accompanying him and at the same time learn how to teach him. The charges is at $90plus/mth. Mommies, who were like me searching high and low for parent-child playgroup, you can try calling the teacher at 81013295.

    (Before finding this playgroup, I almost wanted to sign my boy to the playgroup near my place but overheard the teacher scolding a young girl over a small matter and was very rough and impatient to the rest of the toddlers. The little girl was too young to tell her grandma what had happened when her grandma asked abt her puffy eyes..... )
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2014
  21. yellowprincess

    yellowprincess New Member

    Hi. I am willing to open my home for a once a weekday playgroup session with my 1yo son for social interaction. My place is in Compassvale Walk. I have materials and experience. Do WA me @ 91287376 if interested. TIA!
  22. BabyK78

    BabyK78 New Member

    hi Everyone,

    I'm new here, I have a 18months girl and thinking to sign her up for Playgroup around Sengkang West area - any recommendations?
    Thanks tons!
  23. keanesther

    keanesther New Member

    any cc to recommend in Fernvale areas, or even SK area? im clueless where to start from for my boy who will be 18 months in July.
  24. Darv

    Darv New Member

    You can consider Exquisite Playskool at punggol mrt.
    Poshberries likes this.
  25. yaEsh

    yaEsh Member

    Any recommended playgroup around Punngol ? My bb is 18 months .. thinking to enrol ..
  26. Poshberries

    Poshberries Member

    May I ask is it good? I spoken to Ms Jay (the founder and principal twice) and found over the phone she’s not polite and sounded very unwilling to discuss further. She promised to call me as she’s in the mid of doing something. And I also msg to remind & request her to return my call and she really didn’t call back. I wanted to find out more about the curriculum (courses or stuffs offered in the playgroup).

    Over in the internet, they stated for playgroup will have:
    Maths, Science, English and Mandarin etc

    How true is this? And any feedbacks on their school?
  27. Darv

    Darv New Member

    I heard they are good and nice people. Maybe you can go down and enquire as they may not reveal more info due to some policies. I think they maybe full now. Ms.Jay sounded polite over the phone and shared a 20mins conversation with me about my child and her needs.
    Their programmes are enrichment kind of programmes.

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