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Good playgroup in Sengkang

Discussion in 'Year 2006 Mums' started by precioustots06, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Hello to all mummies,

    Looking for a nice playgroup for my 18 mths old gal in Sengkang. Any recommendations? Im looking at 2 hours classes during weekdays. Thanks!

  2. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    there is very limited choices... My son was with Julia Gabriel, due to distance and my 2nd pregnancy, we have decided to enrol him in neighbourhood playgroup. We are joining him into Apple Tree. I dun think there is a good playgroup. AppleTree is a daily one hour class. They do have website and think this week need to enrol liao. Better to call them up.
  3. I called them to enquire abt Year 2008 enrollment. They told me its for children born in year 2005. My gal born in Jan 2006, hence do not meet their criteria.
  4. seascent

    seascent New Member

    Hi precioustots and missylan,

    May I ask if you would mind sending your child to a home-based playgroup (say 4-rm flat) & the size is about max 5 kids for say an hr or 1.5hr? I'm actually trying to ask around for feedback as I'm keen to set up one since I love to interact with children [​IMG] Thks1
  5. yoyo06

    yoyo06 Member

    Hi Kin..
    I'm interested if your place not too far from mine. Any other details that you'd like to share with us?
  6. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member

    precioustots: i tink for those 2 hrs kind of programme, not much centre will have for 18 months.. if i am not wrong is 2 years and above only leh..
    u look at tis 2 link then u search those for 12-24 hrs a week kind lor...
    Currently my girl who is turning 18 months is in a infant care at Sengkang... [​IMG]

    Hope the link helps ya... [​IMG]
  7. seascent

    seascent New Member

    Hi hashisan,
    I'm staying ard Toa Payoh area. Actually am thinking of finding out whether mothers prefer playgroup to be home based or at a centre. For home based centres, usually max no. children allowed is 5, so it's more personalised care. But of course, some parents prefer a centre with structured curriculum etc & perhaps they might not feel 'safe' in a home based centre? It seems the ang mohs are more open to homebased style...perhaps because they have bigger place as well...so now I'm doing research with a friend at this stage [​IMG]
  8. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Hmm... I think I will rather choose a school based type. My thinking of playgroup is like Julia Gabriel's. Touch, sight, listen, self-interpret. I like school with spacious room and playground, don't like shopping centres or places too commercialized. So summarized, professional teachers. Cos I have good experiences with them.

    Currently, my son is still with Julia Gabriel and hubby stopped me from enrolling to AppleTree, he don't like the neighbour schools so got to continue till 2008 to Chiltern House for Nursery 1.
  9. haze_lmf

    haze_lmf New Member

    Hi Precioustots,

    Not too sure if you want to put your girl into tumbletots classes. They actually started a junior class for 18months to 2 and half i think. But the nearest is at Punggol Plaza, where my girl is in their Playgroup now. You can check out their website at www.tumbletots.com.sg and call in to look for Ita or Amy to find out more. =D
  10. seascent

    seascent New Member

    Thanks for your feedback Missylan [​IMG] will take that into consideration.
  11. gchng

    gchng New Member

    Hi Haze,
    You enrol your girl in the "Right Start Juniors" class is it?

    Just called them up to enquire abt the "Walking to Two"...The 45-min class cost $22 per session (Trial @ $23)..any1 any experience with this programme?
  12. shiningww

    shiningww New Member

    Hi all,
    My boy is Jan 2006 boy also, so turning 2 soon. I originally planned to put him into childcare center. But my friends suggested to put him to playgroup at the beginning to slowly settle him down to structured learning life. So anyone can suggest any playgroup to me? I also stay near to SengKang, to be exact, near the Compass Point.

    Btw, Grace, can you share with me some contacts you have called for those 1hr or 2 hr classes pls? Thank you!
  13. yoyo06

    yoyo06 Member

    My son is Feb 2006 baby. I put him at playgroup at blk 250B compassvale , and he'll be starting next week.Mon-Fri 2 hrs each.

    Near compasspoint I think there's an apple tree playgroup but only can start when kids are 3years old.

    There's also playgroup class at summerkids childcare at jalan merdu 9-12 am (they called it as flexi care). it's $300 per month.
  14. haze_lmf

    haze_lmf New Member

    Hi Grace,

    Sorry for this slow reply..

    Ya,but she is in RightStart I, which is their pre-nursery.. very nice teachers they have there in the centre, my gal is learning a lot.. i'm continuing to put her in for her nursery too.. Their walking to 2 programme is quite hot i heard.. heehee.. maybe will put my second daughter into the class when she is walking..
  15. jongsn

    jongsn Member

    Hi Haze,

    Which branch you put your daughter for the program, punggol? I'm staying in Sengkang area so wanna try the tumbletots in punggol plaza, I don't want to spend so much time in the travelling. Please enlighten and anyone enrol their kids in Punggol Plaza Tumbletots?
  16. haze_lmf

    haze_lmf New Member

    Hi jongsn

    Sorry for the slow reply too.. coz my posts are all in October thread.. yep, she is in Punggol plaza branch.. okie for me.. travelling there takes me half an hour.. and back another half an hour.. thus i wait fro her till school ends.. =P can try putting your child in weekend class for tryout before committing though. For me, i think the environment is good and the teachers are good as well.. one of the teachers i like is coming back to Punggol. Had already enrolled my girl for next year nursery class already. U can always call in to check with them for more details.
  17. naliem

    naliem New Member

    HI. I'm in the process of forming a playgroup among SAHM with toddlers between 1.5 and 2+ of age. Currently my friend and I take turns to conduct a theme-based session on an ad-hoc basis as we are still looking for another 1 or 2 mother-child pairs to make this playgroup happen on a more regular basis. The session will consist of free play, songs/rhymes and some learning and craft based on the theme determined by the mummy in charge. So far, we have run a few sessions on the follwoing themes:
    1) Farm Animals
    2) Apples
    3) Body Parts
    4) Shapes

    We hope to find like-minded mums who are willing to prepare for the sessions on a rotational basis. In fact, after having attended some commercial playgroups, we feel that for children at this age, it is a waste of money to send them for paid playgroups for activities that we can easily conduct ourselves as long as we are willing to commit the time and effort to do the preparatory work. The process can actually be quite fun for the mummy too [​IMG]

    As we both have an elder kid attending school, we can only hold the session between 11am and 12pm at either my house or her house near Bakau LRT.

    Our next session is on 16 Oct, 11am to 12pm. Please PM me for further details if you are are keen.
  18. eilnicole

    eilnicole Member

    Hi, i'm new to this thread.

    My baby is coming to 1 by end Dec. Do you think it is advisable to enroll her for the Gymbabes?
    For those who have classes with them, what do they teach the babies?
  19. nemolss

    nemolss New Member

    Um.. i must be very far behind in this thread since it's dec 07 however just wanna find out if anyone interested to form a playgroup for sengkang mummies. my boy is 26mths old, feb 06 bb.. he's lonely at hm n wishes to join a playgroup.. too many HFMD cases at childcares so delaying his admission.. but small playgroup shld be alrite??
  20. yeezybiz

    yeezybiz New Member

    Hi, my girl is also Feb 2006, staying in sengkang. I'm also interested in the playgroup Keep me informed, pls !! Thanks. [​IMG]
  21. celline

    celline Member

    My boy is born on Nov 2006.
    I'm keen in the playgroup as well.

    Please keep in the loop as well. Thanks!
  22. chewcj

    chewcj Member


    My twin gals are born in Dec 06 (gng 18mth) and stays in Sengkang too. If the timing is fine (3-5pm), will consider the playgroup too. Pls keep me in the loop.

    Am willing to open my house too as I have a pretty big and ehhh.. empty living rm space.

  23. melly55

    melly55 New Member

    Hi there, my boy is year end 2005 baby. We will be keen on the playgroup with similar aged kids. Keep me in the loop. Thanks.

    Btw any good recommendations for half day or 3-4 hours playgroup/childcare in this area. We tried apple tree but I brought him out as the teachers were not very good.
  24. yeezybiz

    yeezybiz New Member

    Hi chewcj,

    Your timing is the same as mine. Do you mind to kickstart the playgroup? We could take turns to go to each other's house thereafter? [​IMG]

    I'm staying in rivervale crescent and my girl is born in feb 06. [​IMG]
  25. chewcj

    chewcj Member

    Fun, Julia ng, celline, lee soo hoon,

    Are saturday afternoons better for you or weekday afternoons? Afternoon refers to 3-5pm.

    Yes of course, we can rotate and go to each other's house. I stay in Fernvale.
  26. yeezybiz

    yeezybiz New Member

    I'm better with weekday afternoons. [​IMG]
  27. melly55

    melly55 New Member

    Hi there, weekday noons is fine as long as the place is accessible by LRT. I am at Anchorvale link site. After 4 would be better for us as my boy naps from 1-3 plus. I am ok to meet up the week after next (mon -weds), sat noons should also be fine. Catch you guys soon!
  28. yeezybiz

    yeezybiz New Member

    I'm also ok for weekday mornings, say about 9.30-12pm. [​IMG]
  29. melly55

    melly55 New Member

    Hi guys, why don't we start one this tues (17th June) say 4pm. Fun and ChewcJ, let me know.
    Btw if any mummies have boys who are keen, let's meet up.
  30. yeezybiz

    yeezybiz New Member

    Hi Julia, I'm ok for tuesday. [​IMG] I'm looking forward to this.

    Chewcj, are you on?

    How shall we go about contacting one another??
  31. melly55

    melly55 New Member

    Fun can you send me a personal msg so we can contact each other with more details. Another mum may be joining us. Btw should we meet at a playground or something. We can open up my place the next time, rather messy this week!
  32. yeezybiz

    yeezybiz New Member

    I tried but it says that you do not accept private message. You can try to send me a private message too. [​IMG]
  33. melly55

    melly55 New Member

    Hi Fun, send you a private msg too. Funny I tried earlier before but couldn do it. Anyway check your email.
    Chewcj or any other mums, you guys keen?? If so let me know. Hope to catch you.
  34. chewcj

    chewcj Member

    Julia & Fun,

    This is quite last min. Just saw your msgs. Pls check your inbox.
  35. chewcj

    chewcj Member

    Hi Mummies,

    We'll be having the first playgrp on Tues 1 Jul 4pm at my plc at SK Fernvale. Pls PM me if you would like to join in.

    There's Fun, Julia and myself so far.
  36. melly55

    melly55 New Member

    Hi there,
    I am thinking of organising a gardenia factory tour for the kids, it would sometime be in Sept (we need to book in advance). It would be free. I need to gather 30 pax before the tour can proceed. So msg me if you guys are keen.
  37. inwedding

    inwedding New Member

    Hi there,

    My boy is born sep'05, wld like to enrol him in playgroup/nursey...any advice for me?

    Would prefer somewhere near my plc (Anchorvale) so that he don't have to travel so far.

  38. chen_mz

    chen_mz New Member

    I am new here. My son was born in Oct2006 and we stay at compassvale link, I am looking for a playgroup nearby. Any suggestions? pls keep me inform. Thank you!
  39. rachel_

    rachel_ New Member

    Hi all,

    My boy is turning 2 in coming Nov, I m staying at Rivervale Dr. looking for playgroup nearby too. Need your advise and suggestion. Thanks.
  40. kcw78

    kcw78 New Member

    Hi all,

    Due to my experience with my boy's first school, I really appreciate his current school - Moriah Schoolhouse at Blk 409A Fernvale Road(Sengkang West).


    Their teachers are professional and show genuine care for the children. They also bring in professionals to conduct speech and drama classes for the kids.

    The first school that my boy went to was along Yio Chu Kang Road. Terrible! He was bitten by his classmate, who is also the teacher's son. But the school keep hiding the facts from us. I don't wish to name the school here, but be very careful if you do send your kids to any school along that road.

    Can go to this website to read up on the school http://www.mylittlecottage.com.sg/
  41. yeezybiz

    yeezybiz New Member

    Hi Kayyan,

    Is the yio chu kang school you referred to called Brain Buttons?
  42. kcw78

    kcw78 New Member

    Hi Fun,

    Sorry, but I don't wish to name any schools here, just be careful if you intend to enrol your kids in any of the schools there.
  43. yeezybiz

    yeezybiz New Member

    Because I intend to enrol my daughter in this school. So I'm rather cautious.
  44. tigress

    tigress Member

    Hi Kayyan,

    Do you think you can PM me the school's name? I'm staying at Seng Kang West and already short-listed one school along YCK road.

    Little cottage - is it the one near Fernvale Primary and have a playgound just outside their facility? If that's that one, I don't really have good impression of it, as the caretakers always leave the children running around the playground while they sit there and talk.
  45. kcw78

    kcw78 New Member

    Little Cottage is the one that's nearer to the secondary school i.e. in the blocks opp the Koufu food court. The playground is behind the school.
  46. aquarius_888

    aquarius_888 Active Member

    The one near FV primary I think is called Smartie Cottage. I hv neighbours telling me dun enrol my child in Moriah schoolhouse cos they ever saw the teacher almost left behind a kid when they went out for outdoor activities. But I personally find the school better compared to smartie cottage (near FV primary). Initially I wanted to change my son to Moriah but becos of a 50% fee reduction offered by his current CC, I did not change him over. Moriah is very popular and seems like their style of teaching is quite good too.
  47. sweetiedollie_a

    sweetiedollie_a New Member

    Hi All

    agree, do not consider smartie cottage. . bad experience with them too! can consider ntuc childcare. . 5 bus stops away only
  48. crayonmum

    crayonmum Member

    Hi all,

    Anyone had sent their kids to Appletree Playgroup at the RC at Blk 412A Fernvale?

    I've enrolled my boy for next yr's class... it's the only playgroup that's within walking dist in Fernvale.. :p

    Hi Kayyan,

    Can U PM me the sch that u mentioned? Sounds bad.... I'm considering one of the schs ard there in case my boy dun like Appletree.

    Thks! [​IMG]
  49. tigress

    tigress Member


    Kayyan doesn't want to reveal to us, we have to respect her decision. Now I'm considering CAMBRIDGE or Kinderland @ YCK.
  50. crayonmum

    crayonmum Member


    Wld respect that if kayan dun want to reveal... tot maybe she just dun want to state it openly in this thread.

    My fren's 2 kids are in Cambridge (Ikids) at Saraca... not bad.. just that my fren said the teachers changed quite often.

    I'm also considering Kinderland for N2 when my kids turns 4 yo or N1 if my boy dun likes Appletree.

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