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Frustrating TTC journey

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by MrMrsJay, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. MrMrsJay

    MrMrsJay New Member

    been diagnosed w PCOS & trying to get pregnant for 3 years now. Tried clomid, metformin and letrozole... all not working. Dr Veronique from KKH is super unhelpful and does not seem to care that we are TTC desperately.

    Feels like giving up. Feels like sinking into depression. Badly yearning for a child.

    Should I continue TTC or look at adoption?

  2. havingfaithh

    havingfaithh New Member

  3. lady081980

    lady081980 Active Member

    Then u should try ivf since u hv exhausted all mean.
  4. Eustoma

    Eustoma Member

    See if tcm helps u?
  5. MrMrsJay

    MrMrsJay New Member

    I dont know if i can cope emotionally w ivf...
  6. Hi, i am also with Dr Veronique kkh. i tried 3 months of Letrozole + 2 rounds of SO-IUI but unsuccessful.
    She recommended IVF.
    i just started my IVF cycle, so far still manageable.

    i think we can't expect personal touch in govt hospital because there are so many patients.
    It is so procedural. If not for the govt subsidy, i would have gone private. Don't have so much cash for such treatment.
  7. MrMrsJay

    MrMrsJay New Member

    I am currently on my second round of Letrozole. She has not suggested anything other than thse medication. Lets see on the next visit.

    She has not even mentioned any IUI or IVF to me. She told me to focus on simply losing weight and saying that i have pcos because i am overweight??

    Am thinking to go the private route at NUH. Seems to have good recommendation from Dr Anupriya.

  8. oh she gave me 3 months of Letrozole --> next consultation.
    1st round of SO-iui --> next consultation
    2nd round of SO-IUI--> next consultation
    current 1st IVF cycle .....

    i am not sure if PCOS and weight has co-relation.
  9. MrMrsJay

    MrMrsJay New Member

    She started me on letrozole after i didnt ovulate w clomid & metformin...
  10. qqduckie

    qqduckie Member

    why not try TCM together with IVF? Chances would increase slightly....
  11. Excited daddy

    Excited daddy Active Member

    Maybe should look for second doctor opinion. Dr Sadhana from KKIVF centre are quite good.

    Depend on individual, IVF can be not emotional at all.
  12. kissryl

    kissryl Active Member

    Ivf isn't an easy journey but at least it's an option for you to consider stepping into if you have been ttc without success. I've been married for 7 years and my ivf journey was 5 yrs.. most imptly, keep what u want in mind and dont give up
  13. loveholic

    loveholic Active Member

    actually, there is a corelation between PCOS & overweight. most ladies with PCOS are overweight or on a bigger side (me included hahaha). my gynae always always always ask me to lose weight because of this few reasons -
    1) up to 50% of PCOS ladies have insulin resistance, which means that we have a higher chance of getting diabetes etc. so to prevent this, we have to be more active, exercise, diet etc to lose weight to have a healthier body.
    2) with a healthier body / active lifestyle, your PCOS gets ALOT better. wont be as haywire as how it was.
    3) and when that happens, there's a even higher chance of a successful ovulation, or ever better - conception!

    i went for a checkup with my gynae last month after my menses decided to MIA for 2 months and realised that my PCOS is quite bad + my eggs are not growing well. they are all of the same tiny size when there's supposed to be 1 dominant one.
    so now im on revosit, metformin & letrozole when my menses came before CNY.

    hang in there ok! lets all jiayou for our TTC journey!
  14. MrMrsJay

    MrMrsJay New Member

    Yes, I completely agree that most PCOS patients are overweight but you do not have PCOS BECAUSE you are overweight

    And i have been trying my best to lose weight. Have lost a total of 7kg since Dec ‘18. Not much, but slowly.

    And i just find it frustruating that she only wants me to focus on losing weight and not suggest any more fertility options.
  15. loveholic

    loveholic Active Member

    did your gynae do an ultrasound for you? u/s is a obvious indicator if you have PCOS cause your ovaries will be covered with multiple tiny cysts. or for some, there's a bigger cyst.
  16. MrMrsJay

    MrMrsJay New Member

    Yes did the ultrasound. I dont have any cysts but just enlarged ovaries w multiple eggs thst dont mature & ovulate.
  17. loveholic

    loveholic Active Member

    that's PCOS already, right? the part where the multiple eggs dont mature/ovulate. thats why there are many small, fluid-filled sacs that grow inside the ovaries.
  18. MrMrsJay

    MrMrsJay New Member


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