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Hi, i am a researcher by profession and i make over 200 thousand of flash cards for my children and for others. Flash cards have proven to work for my children and i would like to conduct a research on your child/children to study the effectiveness of flash cards training.

I will send you a set of flash cards and linking memory cards to use on your chil
d for only 3 days (materials and free and provided). After the last flash cards session on day 3, pls do a short survey, consisting of only 5 questions (which will take 5 mins or less of your time). I will then email you a complimentary soft copy set of story cards like the one you see in the pics for you to use (simply print and fold into half. more instructions in email) to thank you for your participation. No names are required and thereby no identity will be revealed.

Only requirement:
Child is able to tap/point

If you are keen to participate, please email me your home address at [email protected]
This exercise (to participate) will expire on 24 Mar 4pm

In the mean time, pls like my facebook page at www.facebook.com/www.holistic.child.com.sg and visit my website at http://www.holistic-child.com.sg/