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  1. laughingcat

    ## Lelong Lelong - Glenn Doman Flash Cards and many many more

  2. A

    BNIB AR Flash Cards for Kids 3 years and above

    Apple and Samsung have been implementing Augmented Reality (AR) in their recent devices (the new iPad 2018 and the Samsung Galaxy S9). 2018 is the year where AR takes flight in our lives. You too can let your kids have their first experiences with AR. With AR PINKULL and INVJOY AR Flash Cards...
  3. faithpenn

    Blank Flashcards A4 (~250+ pcs) and A5 (~100 pcs)

    Selling for cheap! Make your own flashcards with your own themes for your little ones. I bought too much when my kids were young and now they have outgrown flashcards. Everything for $15 only. These are thick cards but I can’t remember what’s the weight. Please contact me at 9756 7264 to deal...
  4. F

    Free flash cards, linking memory cards & story cards

    Hi, i am a researcher by profession and i make over 200 thousand of flash cards for my children and for others. Flash cards have proven to work for my children and i would like to conduct a research on your child/children to study the effectiveness of flash cards training. I will send you a...