flash cards

  1. M

    Berries K1 Chinese Flash Cards for sale

    Berries K1 Chinese Flash Cards for sale, 100 plus pieces. Suitable for Kindergarten level Condition: 9/10. Selling it at $15 Meet up during weekday lunchtime at Mrt in town/orchard/red line towards YCK or Self collection at Siglap during weekends can be arranged. Mailing can be arranged at...
  2. S

    WTS blank A5 cards suitable for flash cards

    hi mummies i have an entire box full of brand new, unused blank a5 sized card stock. about 1000pieces. selling all for $30. suitable for printing on and writing on, to make your own flashcards for your kids. pls get in touch if interested to arrange pick up from my place! email me at...
  3. M

    Selling Glenn Doman flash cards in English and Chinese

    Glenn Doman flash cards - volume 1 & 2 complete set, in English and Chinese for sale at cheap prices. 4 boxes in total. Item has been kept in the store room for a long time hence box looks a bit worn out, but flash cards are ok as the whole set was seldom used. Please drop me an email at...
  4. faithpenn

    Blank Flashcards A4 (~250+ pcs) and A5 (~100 pcs)

    Selling for cheap! Make your own flashcards with your own themes for your little ones. I bought too much when my kids were young and now they have outgrown flashcards. Everything for $15 only. These are thick cards but I can’t remember what’s the weight. Please contact me at 9756 7264 to deal...
  5. F

    Free flash cards, linking memory cards & story cards

    Hi, i am a researcher by profession and i make over 200 thousand of flash cards for my children and for others. Flash cards have proven to work for my children and i would like to conduct a research on your child/children to study the effectiveness of flash cards training. I will send you a...
  6. h20fantasy

    Unused Bilingual World Famous Painting Flash Cards

    100 good quality glossy flash cards covering paintings by: (10 flash cards each) 1. Van Gogh 2. Michelangelo Bounaroti 3. Claude Monet 4. Salvador Dali 5. Picasso 6. Paul Cezanne 7. Ingres 8. Da Vinci 9. Botticelli 10. Raphael Sanzio Kept in storage until forgotten. Please see photos for...