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Dr Lim May Li , Mount Elizabeth , Gynae review anyone?

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by PIXELBOX00, Oct 7, 2016.


    PIXELBOX00 New Member


    I am into 2nd trimester and was referred to her by Dr Charles Lim from Mount Elizabeth. Anybody has any review to offer?

  2. snoopyw83

    snoopyw83 New Member


    I would highly recommend Dr Lim May Li to anyone. Just to give some background, Dr Lim was not my gynae for my recent pregnancy, but was the doctor who took care of me (as my own gynae was away on holiday and Dr Lim was the arranged stand-in doc during her absence) on two occassions where i had severe bleeding due to some left over growth from my delivery (got admitted to Mt E A&E). This eventually led to her performing a D&C for me.

    Throughout the entire episode (which was really traumatic for me as I am a first time mum), Dr Lim was very caring and very detailed in her examination. As a doctor, her bedside manners is truly good, as you can feel her sincere care. She is also a very matter of fact doctor who provides full detail n explanation to her review.

    To me, if a doctor can show such concern for a patient she is merely standing in for other doctor, what more for her own patient. Both my husband and I were so impressed with her that we are determined to have her as my gynae for my next pregnancy. We also checked out her credential online (which u can easily do so), and saw that she is highly accreditated, being head of a dept in KKH previously.

    So yes, i have been spreading the word to my other frens who are planning to get pregnant and would therefore recommend u to give Dr Lim a try. Hope this helps!
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    PIXELBOX00 New Member

    Hi Snoopy

    Thanks for sharing, that is very helpful :) charges wise you have any idea?
  4. snoopyw83

    snoopyw83 New Member


    As Dr Lim was not my gynae, i'm not sure of her charges with regards to prenatal care. Best if u check out with her clinic.

    But i vaguely recall she may also go to Thomson Medical (which i would guess have cheaper hospital rates) U may want to find out more directly from her clinic.

    PIXELBOX00 New Member

    Thanks snoopy, will check out this 14th oct and shall update in case anybody keen to see her as well :)
  6. CarineC

    CarineC New Member

    Hi Pixel, Dr Lim is my gynae. She is very caring and provide detailed explanation. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and families.

    I do enjoy a discount for charges on ultrasound as all these while she is the only gynae who I have consulted. I think if you continue to consult her after your first visit, you will get a discount for your second visit onwards. I believe this is applicable to other gynae too.

    PIXELBOX00 New Member

    Great to hear that ! Care to share your delivery experience with Dr May Li? :)

  8. CarineC

    CarineC New Member

    Hi Grea, I am in my 2nd trimester too, hence does not have any delivery experience with Dr Lim to share.

    PIXELBOX00 New Member

    Ok Carine, thanks for sharing.. all the best :)
  10. yukiari

    yukiari New Member

    She is a very good and nice gynea, she was one of the few gynea referred to me by dr charles lim when i got pregnant
    I went to her to find out before my 2nd semester and i was very happy , she is very detail and did not rush, and take time to do ultrasound and explain very clearly what we see on the screen
    I only saw her for 3 times as we have to move overseas, even she knew that she will only handle me for 2 month and will not do delivery for me, in every appointment she never rushed us , in one occasion she even came in on the day when she was not on duty at MT.E to attend to my appointment and she gave me her handphone nos in case i have questions to ask.
  11. Kschan

    Kschan New Member

    Dr Lim = very high probability of a happy gynae experience. Lots of TLC and great bedside manners aside, she has fantastic stitching skills! Delivered my DS in Feb 17, he was a huge overdue baby at 3.6kg, hence there was quite a bit of a tear. However, I think Dr Lim’s stitching skills must had been pretty good cause I did not feel a lot of pain like those experienced by my other mummy friends. I had a high risk pregnancy due to existing fibroids and the way she shares information on how my pregnancy could go wrong had a lot of tact in it. I went to two other no nonsense female gynaes at Mount E as well before deciding on Dr Lim. I think soft skills are very important to me and she is definitely one of the best in soft skills around town. Highly recommended!
  12. iamawesam

    iamawesam New Member

    I created an account here so I can share my thoughts on Dr Lim!

    Dr Lim is an amazing gynae & I cannot recommend her enough to people! She wasn't even my first choice - I had another gynae who couldn't deliver at my preferred hospital (Mount Elizabeth Novena) so she recommended Dr Lim to me.

    I am so glad that it happened though - Dr Lim is extremely nice & patient. She doesn't rush through consultations like some other gynaes do, & will ask about your worries & concerns & address them thoroughly. She even gave us her personal mobile & told us to call her anytime of the day if we have any questions.

    I actually called her mobile early on the morning of my delivery because I had contractions & her clinic wasn't even opened yet so I wasn't sure what the next step was. She listened & told me to go to the labour ward directly & wait for her.

    The delivery went smoothly as well - she was there whenever she said she would (she gave me specific timings that she would check in on my dilation & was ALWAYS on time, thus I didn't have to lay around wondering what was happening). She was gentle during the process & very encouraging during the push & even though I was informed that my baby had his umbilical cord around his neck & his heart rate was dropping a little so she would like to use the vacuum, she was quick to reassure me that everything was fine & even explained everything that was happening & I never doubted her capabilities.

    Baby popped out & I think Dr Lim did a great job stitching me back up too! I couldn't feel anything since I was on epidural but I could tell she was very very thorough (she took quite a while with the stitching) & honestly, it didn't even hurt. Felt a bit sore but definitely wasn't hurting!

    Her follow-up was great too - I can attest to her excellent bedside manners & she makes you feel comfortable & well taken care of. My husband actually finds her very nurturing & told me that I should write a review for her. :) We plan to go back to her if we have a second child & I have definitely been recommending her to everyone looking for a good gynae!

    (Edit: I delivered in Jan this year.)
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  13. Braverie17

    Braverie17 New Member

    I can fully agree to this. I am typing this post for my wife (since she is still recovering). Dr Lim is a detailed, gentle and flexible doctor. She doesn’t force you to make a decision for delivery but gave you all available information for you to decide first (in normal medical condition). Her discharge memo is very detailed which will be helpful for your next birth.

    My wife feels comfortable with her before and after delivery. She showed great composure during the procedure and lead the surgical team confidently.

    Glad to have chosen her to be our gynae and if we ever have our 2nd child, she will be the gynae we be using.

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