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Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by megg, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. megg

    megg New Member

    dear all,
    pls do nt buy the lucky baby jazzy steriliser, it get faulty or rusty easily.
    when i tried to send it back for exchange/repair( the heating element-metal part turned rusty), they claimed tht it was misuse and they r unable to exchange. The steriliser was sent 1 mth ago to OG Albert 2/8/08 n later delivered back to their factory.they only called 1 mth later 27/8/08,n claimed they cant fixed it coz it was misuse n they were scratched made by me.
    how do i know if there is anyone who created the scratches on the heating element (metal part) as the whole process back to their factory from OG shop took so long. the sale executive Zyn was v rude n refuse to do an exchange, i asked for her mgr n she said 'no mgr'. 1 hr later i called back the office n noted they have a sale mgr, Andy. Andy promised to give me a new sterilise if i submit my receipt as proof. i told him the date of receipt was Sep 07, but onli started using end jan08 when my bb was borned. he say ok, he cant repair the old steriliser, but he will give me a free one this sat 30/8/08when i come to his office. Wat a disappointmt! it was all crap! they have no intention to replace or fix it! he claimed he cant do anything since receipt showed Sep07, he thinks he can onli do the replacemt if i bought end dec07! wat nonsense! i told him clearly i bought sep07, n only started using feb08. barely 6mths, the thing turned rusty! they r unethnical!!! hw can they make lousy /rusty products for baby. later he added on n say he can repair the metal part immediately if i willing to buy a nominal charge. i asked hw much, he said $20! wat a joke!

    i got the steriliser n warmer at $69. the warmer was spoilt in less than a mth, and the steriliser turned rusty barely 6 mths!!! why would i wan pay extra $@0 for a lousy replacemt of the metal part... i was so mad! waste my time n transport to go their office. it was juz one of their customer svc tactics to get consumers to PAY PAY PAY. their losuy customer service! forever changing statement pissed me real off!

    dear all, pls do not buy suck lousy products for ur bb health n safety...

  2. maswan02

    maswan02 New Member

    thanks for yr info
  3. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Thanks for the info,
    can post a picture here, if possible.
    TIA. [​IMG]
  4. autumnleaf

    autumnleaf Well-Known Member

    Yes, i agree, better stay away from Lucky Baby stuffs! Had a few bad encounters my self, with their strollers and after service!
  5. sunshinekid

    sunshinekid Active Member

    OH yes, I also have a Lucky Baby steriliser. Bot it after my Avent one cracked after serving me well for 5 yrs.

    I didnt notice the rust till my maid showed me the metal piece. Now I am expecting my #3, I will buy back my dear old Avent steriliser again!
  6. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Ya, mine spoil too after just 6 months. The light will not light up and it will only steam only for awhile. In the end, my kind cousin lent me her Avent one since she is not using now. Avent still the best. As for the free warmer, no comments cos it is still left untouched in my storeroom.
  7. candy_hmg

    candy_hmg New Member

    where is the metal part tat will turn rusty? i used my lucky baby steriliser for 3 over yrs liao its still working well. is the metal part hidden inside where we have to open and see? maybe i sud go explore it see if any parts are spoilt alr.
  8. hopefully

    hopefully New Member

    the metal part is the boiling bowl below.
    My friend used it for so many years without realising that hers actually had built up a lot of stuff on it.
    Actually mothercare brand also rust/brownish build up easily, which I had exchanged for a 2nd one already.
  9. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Thanks for the info!
  10. spongebb

    spongebb Member

    Could the rusty plate be due to the calcium deposits from the water? I will normally descale the steriliser every 2 months when i realised it looks rusty with lemon juice or vinegar.

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