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could it be ASD or just slow

Discussion in 'Year 2016 Mums' started by Deadprawn, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Deadprawn

    Deadprawn New Member

    Hi everyone. My Son is 21 months now and we noticed some red flag for autism. We are just wondering if we should be worry? As his mum I am very worry and kind of getting paranoid on this as there’s no answer whether he is having ASD or now. We have been to child development unit the Pediatrician who access him told us it’s too early to tell if he has ASD and currently we are seeing a speech therapist for his speech delay... twice a month. We use to let him watch tv with phonics and nursery rhythm Everyday (approx 8hrs) But recently we had stop and reduce to less than 1 hr a day. He also goes to childcare from 9am to 5pm on mon to fri since July 2018.

    Things he doesn’t do which is red flag for autism:
    1) don’t call us papa or mama. Speech delay, know less than 3 words.
    2) he doesn’t point at things he wants.
    3) he doesn’t react to us when his name was called most of the time.

    Things he does:
    1) love playing peekaboo and will follow by using his hand to cover his face
    2) he wave goodbye occasionally when he want to
    3) he will bring toys to us or anything that he need help with.
    4) he able to clap when we sing “if you happy and you know you clap your hand”
    5) he also gave eye contact.
    6) he likes to hold on to his fav car on one of his hand. But can do without it if we hide it.
    7) he point at alphabet or numbers or fruits chart or animals in story books.
    8) knows how to say “mum mum = food” and u understand mum mum is food.
    9) flapping arms at random time

    I really hope anyone can share we us. I have been reading up online and seeing video about ASD but is clueless. Sorry for the Long post. Thanks!
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018

  2. angeliasng

    angeliasng New Member

    Hi Mummy! how is your treatment for your son? is there any improvement?
    My 28mo son do not know to communicate with us. He does not know how to speak in sentence and he do not call us papa mama yet. He is attending chilcare from 9am to 5pm on mon to fri since May 2018. teacher feedback he is very frustrated in sch when he could not express himself when he want something and teacher do not know what he want. :(
    But he is very clever in Alphabet A-Z, Number 1-20, all colours, Shape, Object.. he could read & say all the Alphabet A-Z, Number 1-20, all colours, Shape, Object. Except that he do not know how to talk/communicate with us.
    I am intending to bring him to KKH and maybe refer us to Speech Therapy to check on him.
  3. Deadprawn

    Deadprawn New Member

    Hi Angelia,

    I understand your feeling am also in the same situation except my boy doesn’t know abt or numbers (maybe he knows but I’m not sure). I would suggest you to go to polyclinic to get referral to Child development unit at NuH or KKH. We didn’t wait very long for the appointment to be scheduled. The price will also be much more affordable than you just walk in as private. So far we only went for one speech therapy session and is trying our best to follow what the therapist told us. So far after 3 weeks still not talking yet but he’s starting to have abit of interaction. Does your boy watch tv or play ipad at home? Did you ask the Teachers in school to help?
  4. angeliasng

    angeliasng New Member

    Hi Deadprawn, your son is went to KKH ? how long did u wait for your appointment? my son already have a doctor appointment with KKH 2 weeks later, so intend to ask the doctor to refer me to the Child development unit. Previous time i was walk in to the A&E as my son is sick, and is following up now with the doctor there. does this consider private? my son do not like to watch tv. ipad yes but dont watch for long maybe less than an hour during evening time. But before he enter sch last time, he watch ipad for longer time as he whole day at home BUT he learn alot of alphabet, colour number from youtube. he is a late talker, he only start talking alphabet, colour number etc after he turn 2 yo. Sch teacher is talking n interact with him everyday except that my boy do not know how to answer them. is there any specific way the sch can help except keep talking to him?
  5. DoubleQ

    DoubleQ Member

    I feel you.. Mine also!! mine already hit 29 months.. speech delay too.. but was worried for ASD etc... Still under child development unit..
  6. angeliasng

    angeliasng New Member

    hi DoubleQ, can share with me what is your son symptom for his speech delay? As my son appointment with KKH Child development is in 23th Jan 2019. So during the long wait, we shall continue monitor his speech first.. i dont know does my 30mo boy consider as speech delay, as actually he can talk alot of word. BUT just that he do not know how to communicate with us like those normal conversation saying what he want, what he dont want. Answer yes or no to the thing he want or dont want. He only scream in frustration cause no one know what he want. He only babbling in his own language.
  7. DoubleQ

    DoubleQ Member

    Hi... Sorry didnt login for quite sometime.

    till today my son yet to speak. identify alphabets, number, shapes, colours are all fine... follow instruction too.. he also can sit and eye to eye if i talk to him when i ask to... but speech wise, no yet see any improvement. Few lesson with ST, but seems he focus more on playing the toys in that room rather than listening or follow what ST pronouncing.. so i am not sure whats next step.. cause if we prolong ST and still he focus on playing toys, i dont see why i need to continue bringing him to see ST.. cause the ST seems like talking and pronouncing on themself... i'm worried...

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