speech delay

  1. D

    Speech Therapy etc for LO

    Hi, Anyone LO having difficulties with speech, tantrums etc? My son had to undergo speech therapy and occupational therapy. Anyone had went through this can share with me? Any support team via whatsapp group available for parent with such LO?
  2. D

    could it be ASD or just slow

    Hi everyone. My Son is 21 months now and we noticed some red flag for autism. We are just wondering if we should be worry? As his mum I am very worry and kind of getting paranoid on this as there’s no answer whether he is having ASD or now. We have been to child development unit the Pediatrician...
  3. Mokzha Therapy

    Home based Autism Intervention Program and Academic Coaching Services

    Are you looking for home based therapy services or need Mainstream academic coaching services? We are a duo of certified Autism therapists wh provide a tailor made program for each of our clients. Our therapy sessions are based on the latest TEACCH methods, ABA, Play and Expressive Art...