1. D

    could it be ASD or just slow

    Hi everyone. My Son is 21 months now and we noticed some red flag for autism. We are just wondering if we should be worry? As his mum I am very worry and kind of getting paranoid on this as there’s no answer whether he is having ASD or now. We have been to child development unit the Pediatrician...
  2. Joey H

    Gift for son

    G'day! I need a little advice from you. Soon the birthday is for my son. He is very fond of all sorts of small scientific sets associated with science. We want to buy him a mini microscope (or a microscope for children). Here on the link we really liked PBOX but my wife and I do not understand...
  3. S

    I need help in saving my son's life!

    My son needs help. He has a serious illness that threatens his life. Our family lives in Ukraine and we are unable to pay for the entire course of treatment, therefore, we need help to help our little son. He was given a terrible diagnosis of Ewing's Sarcoma 5 months ago Sasha went to the 4th...