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Confinement nanny

Discussion in 'Year 2014 Mums' started by charis3388, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Fannie925

    Fannie925 New Member

    Have u found one? U may call +60127602827 mandarin n hokkien speaking. She is hardworking and keep clean

  2. Lindsey Wong

    Lindsey Wong New Member

    I wish to share my bad confinement experience that i had this CL called Bency from Kluang (Johor) and she is definitely not worth recommending and i regretted to hire her as my CL. In terms of confinement experience she's just average, cooking is bad, almost every day are repeating the dishes and the vegetables can be not well cooked. She's slow and lazy worker, she tried to take some short-cuts such as making 1 big pot of food to be used in a few meals over 1 - 2 days or more(overnight food).

    My baby was had very serious rashes on face during his 10 days old and she don’t know how to handle; I had to ask help from other experience mothers. Sometimes she doesn’t willing to calm my baby to sleep and feed my baby; she would handover to me and herself relaxing on bed. We requested her to wipe off the milk stain on baby mouth with cotton every time after feed and she are refuse to do so and claiming it’s troublesome.

    She does basic sweeping, mopping once a week. However, when she left I found the kitchen is so messy and dirty. She even always dropped hints that previous employers had given her big ang bao, and lots free time to watch drama and so and so, and I bet it’s not truth. And her attitude is really sucks, always criticizing you when you learn how to taking care of baby.

    Sigh, I was wish could send her back before her assignment's up but unfortunately counts find any replacement. Finally, its past….Hope you guys can find a good CL!
  3. Fannie925

    Fannie925 New Member

    Hi. U may call +60127602827. She is neat and not calculative person
  4. jessie baby

    jessie baby New Member

    I engaged Confinement Angels, they are accredited by Thomson Parentcraft.
    I am appreciative to have their confinement nanny Wendy, gentle, soft spoken, patience and kind.
    Very professional in terms of baby care. She not only pay attention to detail, but also understands our feelings
    of me trying my best to breastfeed and encourages me.
    She is proactive and considerate and plans well.
    We loves her food, diverse, nutritional and tasty. In general, we like her.
    If I am pregnant again, I would definitely want Wendy to be our confinement nanny again!

    Their website www.confinementangels.com.sg
  5. alicia80

    alicia80 Member

  6. kevytan

    kevytan New Member


    I am dropping a post here because my confinement lady is so good that i hope she can get more clients in Singapore and more mothers are able to enjoy her quality services.

    I am a PR in Singapore and my confinement lady was recommended by my eldest sister who hired her before. She highly recommended me to hire her and helped me to reserve her at my first month of pregnancy. ( She is very popular in my hometown, Batu Pahat and she normally been booked for the next 6 to 7 months, but she is currently want to look more clients in Singapore)

    Why i recommend her :
    1) She was a nurse before working in an gynaecology medical centre in Johor, so she is very knowledgeable in pregnancy and baby info ( this is one of the most appealing part that attract me to hire her when my sis told me)

    1. Very experience ( work as confinement lady for more than 8 years)
    2. Very good in prepare confinement food ( simple, clean and yummy)
    3. Very helpful and do extra mile for example cook for my husband and help to do some house chore
    4. Experienced in take care baby and she is very caring and patient

    You can whatsapp me 90080920 for her contact.Thanks
  7. mummymm

    mummymm New Member

    Hi kevytan,

    Just saw your post. Thanks for sharing! Will whatsapp you for contact.
  8. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    hi, is she available in mid march 2017? Thanks,
  9. Jane0618

    Jane0618 New Member

    Hi Mummys,, my mum have 15 years experience 60 years old chinese lady, if you interest please call or interview is welcome Mdm Lee Tel: 87990713 Thanks...
  10. Afry

    Afry New Member

    Hi all. I want to introduce CL. She is 58 years. She is from batam indonesian. Can speak mandarin and hokkien. Not a traditional style. Very clean. Usually she quoted $2300. Call her whatsapp +6285264414668 aunty Gim Hua
  11. CleoTay

    CleoTay New Member

    Hi, may I ask how much BiJuan charge and does she cook for your family(hubby) too? Thx.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2017
  12. Shervelle

    Shervelle Member

    Hi mummy need confinement nanny i can introduce to you n cl work permit can help you to be done no worries. If you want to know more let me know i can give you details.thankz
  13. Lovingsoup

    Lovingsoup New Member


    My CL is with me now.
    So far, she is very responsible, honest and experienced.
    She has been in this profession for 20 yrs.

    At night, I can sleep in peace, only getting up to pump milk.

    I got her contact through online recommend too. Lucky she turns up good. I have read bad reviews.
    I extended her service for two more weeks as I want more rest n time to revise exam with older kids :)

    Her HP is 9 149 1959
    +60 13 935 9336

    Wish you happy confinement!
  14. tanghao

    tanghao New Member

    Hihi Jas Jas, oh yar gfi is more for christian n it is organized by fcbc..however the feeding method they advice is called parent direct feed u can google abt it where tmc i sign up but havent start the class i will attend the one by wong bb heard that she is realli good.. my sil attended as she is giving birth in may commented quite good..is this ur first child? If it is first time, tmc one should be useful.
  15. Doreenglc

    Doreenglc New Member

    Hi ladies, i just wanna share a contact of a good confinement lady. Her name is Sai Rong Jie, currently i'm under her care for 3 weeks already. She is cheerful and very caring, i like the way she handle my newborn, very gentle and she likes to talk and sing to her. My elder son is having bad cough and very cranky, she also shows her care and helped to cook some coughing remedy for my cranky son, and even offered to carry him around, so that i can have enough rest! She can cook nice homecook food, and helped us on basic housechores such as sweeping and mopping, wash all dishes (even my elder son's milk bottles) and wash all the clothes for the whole family. But most importantly, is her cheerful attitude which full of care that matters!

    Sai Rong Jie - +6013 6406332
  16. Jann83

    Jann83 New Member

    Hi All, just did my confinement and I like to recommend my confinement auntie from Malaysia. She's very good with taking care of babies, easy going and cooks some really good chinese and tcm dishes. Her fried kway tiao, fried rice, ee mien, sweet sour pork ribs and salty sweet chicken are all very delicious! You can request for her to cook these for you :) She's very experienced (10 years), pro-breastfeeding, knows how to massage for engorged breasts and relatively young (50s) hence more energetic. She will provide advice to you but don't force it if you have your own thoughts - Example: my baby had jaundice and the level hovered around 12-13 for 2-3 weeks so every week i had to bring baby to hospital to monitor his jaundice level. Auntie recommended to bottle feed/formula so that jaundice level would drop quickly but i insisted on latching for the 1st month. She was still v supportive :) I know some CL who insists that you go for bottle feed...

    As my mum comes over to my place everyday, she also cooks for her and that was very nice of her!

    For mummies who intend to do full-time latching for first month, you can safely let her take care of your baby at night and she would bring baby over to you for latching when baby needs so that you can catch a good night rest :)

    Her charge is $100/day so $2800 for 28 days. You can Whatsapp or Wechat Auntie Evon @ +60 163308664 (Malaysia) or 8435 9873(Singapore). From what i know, she's packed till Oct 2017 so contact her if you're interested! I posted this cause I don't seem to find post about her (her clients now are via verbal intro). Hope you will have a chance to do your confinement with her!
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2017
  17. GavDad

    GavDad New Member

    Mummies and daddies, please think twice for this confinment nanny (CN), Su Lan from Penang (SG number is XXXX 6937) if you want to hire her.

    1) Upfront laid down my expectations for her to cook well for my wife and nourish her for the 1 month and she said no problem. All mommies tend to be very hungry when they just delivered especially when they need to BF the baby. In the end, she woke up late every morning around 9am and my wife only get to eat her breakfast at 10am. Complained hungry to me a few times. Later, my Mother in law took over to prepare breakfast for my Wife. My wife questioned her if she treat the same way with other mummies and she told her that the mummy usually wake up late n she only cook brunch or if hungry, drink Milo and biscuit. Come on, my wife has to BF the baby so how could she only has 2 meals a day!

    2) The CN claim to eat simple food like porridge as she has no appetite when she is busy attending to the newborn and my wife. Wow, she turn out to be a big eater. My mum cook lunch and dinner for the family including CN and she can complain that the dishes are not tasty. Worst still, she can search my cabinets for food and just ate it without asking. Sometimes, she can prepare snacks in between meals. And when I came home late for dinner, she has the nerve to ask my mum if she needs to keep the fish for me (as she like fish) knowing that I am coming home for dinner.

    3) She also prepares her food very hastily. My mum told her to wash the veges throughly and boil the Mee Sua in hot water before cooking it as the Mee Sua is quite salty. And she can stare at my mum in a stern look.

    I thought I can find a experienced CN to take care of my wife and newborn since I have a helper at home to take care of washing but turns out the CN is just cooking that 2 meals for the day and at least she take care of the newborn.

    My rating of her is 5/10. For your consideration.
  18. smileyann

    smileyann New Member

    Hi, can you please share her contact details with me? Thank you.
  19. Marvelous

    Marvelous Active Member

    Thank you @xbabymoon for recommending CL -Wen Wen Jie.
    I just finished my confinement with her, wanted to extend her but she already booked for Jan, instead me getting her to come back in Mar

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