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Confinement nanny

Discussion in 'Year 2014 Mums' started by charis3388, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. simmama

    simmama Member

    My CN is available in May. U may want to PM me yr contacts.
  2. juzsharing

    juzsharing Member

    Anyone need local day time confinement lady may contact Mdm Lim @ 9431 2382. She is easy going and accomadating.
  3. geetee

    geetee New Member

    Hi Yan Lin,
    I am looking for a confinement nanny for late nov onwards for 6 weeks, is there another number to reach Susie at? Thanks so much for your help!
  4. Jun loh

    Jun loh New Member

    Hi, anyone tried confinement nanny from thomson parent craft centre? Can share experience and any nanny to recommend? Thanks a million.
  5. supernicegirl

    supernicegirl Member

    Hi..mummies, congrat to all of u.
    I had a good experience with indo CL, if u interesting, kindly pm me at 92217257. Take care..
  6. Yan Lin

    Yan Lin Member

    Geetee, 6012 6489568
  7. cordell08

    cordell08 New Member

    Hi, anyone has reviews on lanjie, auntie huifeng and aunt mary?
  8. scenty

    scenty Member

    Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with aunty meiqing.

    And I'm also very surprise about your bad experience with her...I actually count myself lucky she did not put up such an act during my employment of her service.
    1) I am also using a front load washer. I taught her how to use it right. Did you confront her what did she actually do to your washer?

    2) My baby was on total breastfeeding. Fully Latch on. No bottle feeding needed... I set the rules on first day and told her my stand on breastfeeding, and I even set alarm clock (every 2 hours throughout the night) to wake myself and baby up for breastfeeding. She said no need to do that too, (maybe she said it becos my alarm clock disturb her sleep) but why do I care right? I just do what I think is right. And after a while she is used to my strict breastfeeding style. Btw, My boy also has jaundice.

    3)putting her comb and brush in the kitchen drawer, I must agree with you, very unhygienic. You should just point out to her and make sure this will nvr happen again. Actually, I remembered very well, she always placed her comb n toothbrush in the toilet next to sink....I will be extremely mad if she did the same. If I were you I be screaming on top of my lungs. I'm not a quiet person. I'm actually very direct and I could even be mean when she does not do the things right. So right from the beginning, it's quite tough trying to get her to get use to my kitchen rules and my style of living...like mopping kitchen floor daily is a must. Other part of the house do so at her own discretion as baby and me are her first priority. I'm a housewife with a then 3- year old girl, with no helper at home, but I sure know to tell her what to do and what not to do. Though first week was tough but things got better after all the "education"...she's also very flexible and open to accepting modern belief...etc. I do not like the old fashioned way.

    4) I've no comments about her multi-tasking skill.... I think I didn't even realise she took so longggg to eat...

    5) I've a different opinion on this. I'm often so jealous of her being able to calm my crying baby.... Even at 2am, she's still carrying him around coaxing him to sleep as she told me to quickly rest cos she knows 2 hours later I hv to get up again to feed him. My baby is extra cranky at night, one week before his full month. (This happened during the last week of her stay...and we all think that my baby knows my CL is leaving soon...) well, I already mentioned before, I would rather let my baby cry to sleep, than allowing her to rock and carry him to zzzz. But in the last few days I once, allowed her to carry baby to sleep....I even found both of them sleeping on the living room sofa! Though I shake my head, I was still very grateful to her.

    6) kitchen hygiene is very impt. At first I am also headache but it's becos she's confused which is table cloth n which is drying cloth....cos my kitchen cloth are all quite look-a-like. I didn't pay much attn to the kitchen, but I'm glad I didn't get food poisoning. Also, did I mention about her cooking skill? I rate it above average with the exception of fish porridge. Apparantly, her skill of removing fish bone isn't very good. So we ALL are being extra careful eating that day. After that, I told her NOT to cook fish porridge ANYMORE. Well, we dun like EVERY dish she cooked but mostly her cooking is satisfactory. She cooked confinement food just for me, and other non confinement dishes for my hubby and my girl. And will advise my hubby not to eat too much into my dishes for being too heaty. But my hubby really loves confinement food. Also, she has to be careful in cooking for my girl, as for the first ten days of her employment, my girl was having a bad case of stomach flu! She helped washed her buttock (up to 6-10 times) a day! After that she washed her hands with soap and the sanitised with dettol before carrying my baby, so I was very pleased. (The dettol was hubby's idea, to place one bottle in every corner of house, becos of the stomach flu virus in my family during my confinement. Actually, My husband and I caught the stomach flu too. I was hospitalised again (due to stomach flu), and spent two nights in the hospital with my baby and my CL! Meiqing was strong, she is the only one in my family that didn't catch the virus.

    7) I didn't take note abt the frequency of sweeping and mopping part, becos I'm less particular abt such. Maybe also becos my hse is very small.... One sheet of the magic clean wiper can Keep my entire hse dust free. So I let her use her own discretion, she did various housework for me, like sweeping, washing clothes, washing dishes, folding clothes, picking up the mess of toys left behind by my girl...etc. but lost importantly, she finds time to play with my girl when I'm breastfeeding, telling her that now she has to be understanding that mummy is busy with baby..etc. my girl is actually very close with her and was really sad when she has to leave.

    Actually, thanks for sharing your experience with meiqing. I didn't read your comments until now, cos my friend was asking me for recommendation...and then I chance about your sharing. So I also forwarded your experience of meiqing with her. it's impt to share such experience so That my frd, as well as other mummies can make more accurate choice when sourcing for CLs. I'm sure that my own review of meiqing is best according to my own experience with her. Which, after reading your experience, I felt so sorry that it's my recommendation you trusted and yet it didn't turn out well.

    For other mummies looking for CL or now currently in confinement, don't be afraid to voice out your stand, what is acceptable and what's not. Most importantly, don't feel stressed out during your pregnancy and confinement.

    And very sorry for my longgggg posting.
  9. SuperBerry

    SuperBerry Member

    I'm looking for a confinement lady in sept 2015. Any recommendations?

    I wish I have started finding earlier... :-(
  10. happy_mother_2

    happy_mother_2 New Member

    Thanks to this forum, we have found Auntie Kim Lan (Lan Jie) and engaged her as our CL for the past 2 months. I was skeptical about having a CL and the need for confinement but Auntie Kim Lan has completely changed my perception and gave our family a blissful 2 months. She is patient, caring and genuine. My baby boy came early at 2.4kg, I was worried about his weight gain but she is very experienced and has had great 'track record' in getting babies on the 'right track'. She has established a good schedule for his feeding from the start, she is extremely patient in feeding him, making sure that he finishes the last drop of milk even if it means she stays up all night. He is now reaching 5kg in 2 months and my pediatrician is extremely pleased with his progress. Auntie Kim Lan is very neat and tidy, diligent in cleaning the baby as well keeping baby's room in order. She is a great cook, my husband and elder daughter (both picky eaters) always look forward to her cooking. She has good knowledge in chinese herbs and boils various herbal soup for me daily. She is soft spoken and kind lady, my daughter has grown very fond of her and is already missing her! We have been very lucky to have her! Her contact: +6016 666 9594 or +65 9890 7889
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  11. bbarsshb

    bbarsshb New Member

    looking for Day Confinement nanny day time
    edd nov 2015
    location yishun
  12. LovesNewBorns

    LovesNewBorns Active Member

    Congrats !!
    I do do day confinement . If we could meet up b4 my June case starts . That'll be great . . Email me and we'll talk more thru there ..
  13. violett

    violett New Member

    Dear all, Pls avoid this auntie Zhu or Zhu Jie CL totally. She is a total nightmare. My sis delivered in mar and engaged her thru a 'recommended popular' CL in this forum but never did we expect this auntie zhu to be super unhygienic and worst, she took some tonic with her when she left.
    Caught her using only tap water to rinse used bb milk bottle and she can defend herself that not all mommy requires her to use detergent during washing. Is that even possible???
    Did not sterilise the bottles. Didnt change my nephew clothes for e whole day despite telling her many times. The list goes on...
    We asked her to leave after a few days and I hve also spoken to that popular CL who recommended her to us. I told her never to introduce this cl to any mommies.
    Her singapore number: 82271868,
    Msia no +60 (0) 12 706 8741
    We have her photo. Can pm mommies to be if you happen to engage anyone by the same name. She cld hve changed her contact no.

    Word of advice, engage CL only through people you know personally. Even those recommended by so call very good CL turns out to be really bad.
    Don't Rush into booking one. Trust me, you will be better off wo one rather than stuck to a horrible CL.
  14. supernicegirl

    supernicegirl Member

    OMG....what called cl she is, so unprofessional. I think u shd post her photo here in order to make her populars in spore. And to announce who was the recommended to ur sis. Really pity to the mummies pay money for suffering
  15. violett

    violett New Member

    Ya, so many mommies suffer in silence.
    we hve spoken to the popular CL and agreed not to mention her name as she claimed she isn't aware her 'friend' is so unreliable. Well, let's just be very careful before engaging.
    Since this incident, Me and my sister hve been thinking how we can do wo CL in our future pregnancy.
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  16. 4evernever

    4evernever New Member

    Thanks Coco for recommend Aunty Agnes in the forum, I am using her now and I am very pleased that I have her as my CL. After you confirm the service with her, she will send you a complete list of things to prepare for your confinement which I feel the list is very helpful for me to do pre-preparation. Her cooking was good and most important she take care my bb very well. Especially midnight, she is very attentive with my bb and very alert once bb cry for milk. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend her here as a way to thank Aunty Agnes.

    You can contact her at MY mobile +60164900565 or SG mobile +6581493032 and say recommend by Kristi Tampines via web.

    She will be in SG till 1st Aug. Wish all mummy to be, have a good CL like mine.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2015
  17. xbabymoon

    xbabymoon New Member

    i would strongly recommend my CL for my #2 wen wen her number is +6011 10895429 shes at her 40s very kind and soft spoken lady.you really need someone who r down to earth,soft spoken,and accommodating during ur confinement as i have a over whelming nanny for my #1 shes so bossy,give us wrong info and made mistake without saying sorry and she always want me to buy things for her convenience and at times she talk too much and over friendly with our friends too.shes is rather popular coz she will help mummies to pump out their milk and now i realized she did it all wrong so i was unable to breast feed for my #1.i been through hell the first time and i m glad that i found wen wen to be as my CL for my 2nd delivery.

    do whatsapp or LINE her preferbably if u could write in Chinese.If shes in singapore u may be able to call her at 86279169
  18. nwchen

    nwchen New Member

    Kui Jie is doing my confinement currently. No doubt, she is a good cook, but the way she handle bb, make me very worry. Everytime after feeding my boy; while trying to make him burp, she is making call and taking over the phone. Today, the phone suddenly dropped while she is taking half way and because she was too 'kan cheong' to pick up the phone, she kind of forgot that she is holding on to my bb and my bb nearly drop from her arm. I would say, she is not so careful in handling bb as she always too busy talking over the phone.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2015
  19. liyi.zhen

    liyi.zhen New Member

    Can i have her contact?
  20. liyi.zhen

    liyi.zhen New Member

    Do you have her contact?
  21. liyi.zhen

    liyi.zhen New Member

    Yan lin, can PM me your nanny's contact?
  22. liyi.zhen

    liyi.zhen New Member

    Hi can i have your CL's contact?
  23. liyi.zhen

    liyi.zhen New Member

    hi can i have the contact of your cl?
  24. liyi.zhen

    liyi.zhen New Member

    hi! can i have your CL'd contact? i am due in 2016 jan!
  25. nwchen

    nwchen New Member

  26. nwchen

    nwchen New Member

    To add on, i am very disappointed with kui jie. She started to cough from the 2nd week she came. We offer her cough syrup; asked her to c doctor. She keep saying dont need. Just itchy throat. Until last 3 days, she was having fever, runny nose, throat infection. So, no choice, i take care bb myself. Today, she getting much better; and eat dragon fruit. I told her dragon fruit will cause more cough. Her reply was "”唉呀,吃又死不吃又死。不管啦”..... I really speechless......
  27. joybleu

    joybleu Member

    Urgently Need recommendation for CL who can do confinement for 2 months from END AUG to END OCT.
    The original CL whom I booked just decided to cancel on me.
  28. almeizer

    almeizer New Member

    Hi, may I check what is the current price for CL in range? If disclosing the price is not allowed, please PM me. Thanks in advance.
  29. bangryun

    bangryun New Member

    Think is about 2.6k - 2.8k....
  30. Eury Wee

    Eury Wee New Member

    My mother's charges is $2600 for stay in 28 days. You may sms/whatsapp me 98160846 for more details. Thanks.
  31. chin chin

    chin chin New Member

    Hi all.
    if u all are searching for a good and responsibility confinement lady , please avoid to hire a bad attitude, dishonest and no manner confinement lady called aunty agnes (016-4900565) from penang (suppose is sungai petani, kedah people).

    I had a very worst experience with her. She a kind of lazy, dirty and careless person.she always like to act as very pro in everything but actually she has only 4 years experience in doing confinement work.She like to keep mentioned how good the past families treat her, they have maid to use by her so that she no need to make a lot things like wash the clothes herself, baby and in confinement mummy.so what u all think if she keep mentioned alll this? Is it if i hv no maid, i need to hire a maid for her to use Before she can provide a good service to me and baby? It seems like very funny.
    one more thing, when the time she on duty, she can put aside the work and take out the hair dyer to dye her hair.i really cant imagine why she so funny.some white hair grow out she also need to dye first.work for confinement not for meeting with outside people.
    In every night when my baby seek for milk, she not wake up until my baby cry for long time, she just wake up with unwilling face and make the things and close the door louder.

    for meals she cooked sometime very salty.sometime u can find dirty in the dishes.

    overall, i am not recommended aunty agnes as a responsibility and caring cl.
  32. joyjoyjoy_79

    joyjoyjoy_79 New Member

    I engaged Aunty Lai, introduce by my friend. We were impressed with the way she handle the baby. She record the baby feeding & poo poo time in details. She brought her own alarm to wake herself every 3 hours to feed the baby.

    She prepare breakfast (Mee sua) for me, lunch and dinner for my hubby and elder daughter. Tonics soup for me from 12th day. You can tell her what you want her to cook.

    She would do a thorough cleaning at the end of each day, she mop my whole house daily without fail.

    She washed baby clothes by hand, and machine wash my hubby, daughter and my clothes.

    I must admit that I have a fussy baby who took an hour to complete his milk, we were so impressed by Aunty Lai's patient on how she feed and pacify my baby.

    We extend her for another 5 days and today's her last day and we definitely going to miss her.

    As we are living in a 3 room flat and confinement nanny will have to sleep in the living room. We call few confinement nanny and none of them
    want to help me as I do not have a room for them to sleep. Aunty Lai was the only one who agreed to help out without a room.

    Interested to engage her, please email to me at: jossiow79@yahoo.com.sg
    for Aunty Lai's c/n.
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  33. belbel80

    belbel80 New Member

    Hi all,

    I would like to share my bad experience with one CL as well. Her name is Sitoh Siew Kim, a Malaysian. Ppl called her Siew Qin aunty. She was recommended by an aunty. She's one terrible CL . I engaged her and paid her a deposit of 300 in the month of Jul 2015 as my edd is in sept. She was so quick to get the deposit as I thought it's a norm to confirm the placement. However, in Aug she called and asked when is my EDD again and is it confirmed that I will deliver during my EDD. I told her it has be to plus minus 2 weeks before and after as I'll be delivering the baby naturally. When she received the deposit, she also agreed that she will stop work and be standby 2 weeks before my EDD. However, during the call in Aug, she actually taken another couples job and said she can only come on my EDD day itself. I asked what if I delivered early. She said she will ask her friend to stand in for her but I disagree as hubby and I don't like the idea of having different CL within the 28 days period. In the end, 10 days BEFORE my EDD, she went to request the aunty to find another CL for me. OMG! I was so frustrated by this as I know this Siew Qin is unreliable and irresponsible to do such a thing. She causes me so much of stress as I will be delivering soon and having a risk of not having a CL. I told her to return my deposit if the aunty is able to find me another CL. At last, aunty really managed to find another CL for me. I thank GOD for that. Then I went to request this Siew Qin to return my deposit. Her behaviour was so bad that at first she agreed to pay, but the next min, refused to pay anymore. I chased her a few times and she don't even wanna pick up my call! I went for police report and even to court! I told her about the court case and she even dare not to attend the consultation at court. See how daring this woman! As a result, till now I did not get my 300 back. It's not a big amount to me but to her, after foreign exchange, she can easily earn RM 900!! As a conclusion, I advice all mother-to-be to beware of this aunty and don't be cheated. I heard from a previous couple whom she worked before that this aunty is doing a lousy job as a cl too. She's one greedy and irresponsible person. Already engaged me first and yet last min taken another couple's job. This is her picture and beware! The worst thing that I can't tolerate is she still think it's the right thing to keep my deposit and blamed me for finding another CL whereas she's the first one to initiaite and ask aunty to find a replacement for her! She's even challenged me and told me that she agree to come and work for me for 28 days and it's my problem now for not able to accept her as a cl. Isn't this ridiculous??? I told her I do not need 2 CL for my confinement. Who dare to take her as CL when she is behaving weirdly this way and with no integrity at all?? I'm truly unlucky to have met her in the first place!

    Her SG number : 9131 0287 , Msia hp: 014 722 5882

  34. yakultmommy

    yakultmommy New Member

    Hi @Olivia G,
    Did you engage Atho ah yi in the end? The CL my friend recommended is not available and the agent recommend Atho ah yi to me. How was your experience with her? Thanks for sharing!
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2016
  35. lovedessert

    lovedessert New Member

    Please avoid confinment Lady called Ah Bao from Johor (Recommended by CL Xin Hua).

    Hi..I'm a first time mummy. Search Cl in last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. So, I have no choice and found a Cl name Xin Hua. She refer me to another CL name Ah Bao from Johor. ...Hiring her Is really a nightmare ...even now think of her make me depress..

    This Aunty Ah Bao is really dirty. She has no basic of hygiene..E.g: Never wash hands after changing diapers, touch baby and food after throwing diapers..Scratch her itchy leg while taking care of baby..I also cought her digging nose and touch baby!!

    My baby's face also become very sensitive and a lot of 'acne' under her caring...she told me this is normal!!...

    She also very rude. She can lay down on my master bed and also sit on my pillow without our permission.When she first enter my room, she just step on my bed when I was laying down. My hubby told her not to step our bed , but she ignore. She did it several times when my hubby was not around.

    Many times, I notice my baby was crying and her nappy wet and heavy. I Immediately I asked her to change but she will tell me not to bother first and insist me to breastfeed first. When my baby cry during breastfeed, she will push my baby harder toward my breast and shouted impatiently.She also keep on complaining that my baby change 8 diapers a day is really a lot and no one could believe it!!

    She will lost her temper whenever my baby cry non stop at night..She also keep on blaming me whenever I didn't know how to handle baby. This has caused me a lot of depressions and pressures during my confinement.

    One day, she pass my baby to me for breastfeed and I ask her to change her diaper first because it was soiled..She didn't want to listen and suddenly lost her temper and hold my baby legs and butt to clean ..and my baby's head was not supported and caused her body imbalance..My baby cried very loud and she passed urine...She just passed my baby back to me and use my baby's clothes to wipe the floor!!!....I really heart pain.

    A few days before she left I realized that some of my baby's clothes and towels are being put back into the cabinet without washing it. And after she left, I saw there is some shit staining on my baby's cabinet!!!

    After sometimes after she left, I also found out that there are few pieces of Mothercare's rompers went missing....

    And many more issues that she has created...

    ALL MUMMIES, please don't hire this confinement lady called Ah Bao from Johor.

    U can pm me to verify the details..
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2016
  36. almeizer

    almeizer New Member

    Hi all, if any mummy need experience confinement lady, you may contact Annie @ +6011-2008 2179.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
  37. neeese

    neeese New Member

    Hi all,

    I would like to recommend my confinement aunty, Aunty Mary. She was recommended to me through a friend.

    1) She has years of experience.
    2) She loves babies and takes good care of them.
    3) She is a wonderful cook. She also learns what you like / do not like to eat & adjusts from there.
    4) She is neat and tidy & makes the effort to clean the kitchen every day.
    5) She has been recommended by others as personable without being overbearing.

    She was a day-time nanny for me, meaning she did not stay over. I also breastfed exclusively during my confinement period, hence my experiences with her are limited.

    You can get in touch with her
    by calling her at these numbers: +65 9434 5945 / +60 12 756 3920.

    Attached are some of the wonderful food she had cooked for me ◡̈.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  38. blueberrylove

    blueberrylove New Member

    I'm one week + into my confinement and I feel that my confinement lady, Meizhen is worth recommending! She was recommended by a very close friend of mine and I tried to get her for my first delivery but didn't managed to. Fortunately, I called her early enough to get her this time.

    Her cooking is awesome and she is very hardworking. In the night, she asks me to sleep throughout and let her feed the baby instead. I planned to be on partial breastfeeding until I have enough supply in my fridge to go full breastfeeding. My baby wakes up every 1+ hour, and she diligently wakes up prepare milk for him and changes his diapers. In the day, sometimes I ask her to catch a nap but she only does so for 10mins or so, before waking up to prepare food for lunch/ dinner and other chores like washing clothes, cutting up red dates to make red date tea. She also boils herbal water for me everyday to shower.

    With my first baby, I didn't get a confinement lady and was really exhausted. This time, I could get much more rest and good food. Perhaps because of this, my milk supply is better too. I secretly wish I had spare cash to extend my confinement. :p

    If you are interested, you can pm me 93831743, as her mobile phone has no reception at my place. She will head back to Malaysia on 7 May and will reachable by her phone +60-10823-2696 then.
    Last edited: May 4, 2016
  39. xbabymoon

    xbabymoon New Member

    i will not hesitate to recommend wen wen from batu pahat call or LINE her at +601110895429 or 86279169
  40. momopeach

    momopeach Member

    Dear mummies to be, in case you stumbled upon this post by googling: amazinglystill.com/2013/01/my-41-days-of-confinement/#comment-46931,
    be warned that my experience with this nanny is anything but. You will see in the comments section that other mummies also had a nightmare experience with this nanny. Details of my terrible experience can be found in the comments section too.
    I do not relish posting negative comments about others but feel this is only right thing to do to stop fraudsters like this nanny mentioned in this blog from bringing suffering and misery to other mummies.
    As I'm speaking, I'm doing my confinement all by myself barely after 8 days with this fraudster as she had really brought nothing but misery to me. BE WARNED.
    Her name is SUN MEIYIN and her handphone no. is 84467815. She hails from Sabah.
  41. is your mum still available?
  42. still available?
  43. Julie060616

    Julie060616 New Member

    Hi everyone, I've just completed my confinement and would like to recommend our confinement nanny, Auntie Kim Lan. We found her through this forum. As with most online stuff, we were a bit skeptical at first and went to meet her since she was having another assignment in Singapore then. She looked tidy and sounded very experienced. In addition, she has a cheery disposition and was easy-going which we thought were important traits in handling babies so we decided to confirm her services. We definitely did not regret it.

    Auntie Kim Lan has a patient and loving nature. She handled our baby very well and has her way of coaxing him even when we all fail to stop his cries however hard we try! She talks and sings to baby, and rocks him gently as she dances - talk about being a happy and interactive nanny!

    As regards the other key task of cooking, Auntie has vast knowledge in preparing healthy and tasty confinement food and works efficiently. We once had a supper craving and she whipped up bowls of wholesome herbal mee sua in a couple of minutes! Auntie also takes the initiative in helping with our household chores including doing up the laundry, cleaning the floors daily and ensuring the nursery and kitchen were well-organised.

    Another plus point was that Auntie was very open in teaching us how to care for our baby and me. She also ensured we could function well enough for baby after she leaves by going through the day's events with us patiently and even taught us how to cook some of the dishes we enjoyed during her stay. When she left us, it was like seeing family leave. We still stay in touch and she asks after baby and us often.

    Auntie Kim Lan can be contacted via +60 16-666 9594 (Malaysia) or 9890 7889 (Singapore). Hope this helps!
  44. Mindlesspurple

    Mindlesspurple New Member

    I will like to recommend my CL, Auntie Chua. She is very friendly and she is patient towards my baby. When my baby is fussing she will comfort and coax her. She is also quite a good cook. My hubby and I enjoyed her cooking. Her contact is +60179891771
  45. MistyCloud

    MistyCloud Active Member

    What is the market rate for "closing" ang pow?
  46. reggie89

    reggie89 New Member

    I would like to check if there's any recommendation for available CL this Dec 2016?.. thanks
  47. Shervelle

    Shervelle Member

    Hi may i know how much she charge if not stay in? Where she live at?
  48. Shervelle

    Shervelle Member

    Hi may i know if she not stay in how much is it?where she stay? Thanks
  49. Lindsey Wong

    Lindsey Wong New Member

    I wish to share my bad confinement experience that i had this CL called Bency from Kluang (Johor) and she is definitely not worth recommending and i regretted to hire her as my CL. In terms of confinement experience she's just average, cooking is bad, almost every day are repeating the dishes and the vegetables can be not well cooked. She's slow and lazy worker, she tried to take some short-cuts such as making 1 big pot of food to be used in a few meals over 1 - 2 days or more(i.e you get overnight food).

    My baby was had very serious rashes on face during his 10 days old and she don’t know how to handle; I had to ask help from other experience mothers. Sometimes she doesn’t willing to calm my baby to sleep and feed my baby; she would handover to me and herself relaxing on bed. We requested her to wipe off the milk stain on baby mouth with cotton every time after feed and she are refuse to do so and claiming it’s troublesome.

    She does basic sweeping, mopping once a week. However, when she left I found the kitchen is so messy and dirty. She even always dropped hints that previous employers had given her big ang bao, and lots free time to watch drama and so and so, and I bet it’s not truth. And her attitude is really sucks, always criticizing you when you learn how to taking care of baby.

    Sigh, I was wish could send her back before her assignment's up but unfortunately counts find any replacement. Finally, its past….Hope you guys can find a good CL!
  50. Fannie925

    Fannie925 New Member

    Have u found one? U may call +60127602827 mandarin n hokkien speaking. She is hardworking and keep clean
  51. Lindsey Wong

    Lindsey Wong New Member

    I wish to share my bad confinement experience that i had this CL called Bency from Kluang (Johor) and she is definitely not worth recommending and i regretted to hire her as my CL. In terms of confinement experience she's just average, cooking is bad, almost every day are repeating the dishes and the vegetables can be not well cooked. She's slow and lazy worker, she tried to take some short-cuts such as making 1 big pot of food to be used in a few meals over 1 - 2 days or more(overnight food).

    My baby was had very serious rashes on face during his 10 days old and she don’t know how to handle; I had to ask help from other experience mothers. Sometimes she doesn’t willing to calm my baby to sleep and feed my baby; she would handover to me and herself relaxing on bed. We requested her to wipe off the milk stain on baby mouth with cotton every time after feed and she are refuse to do so and claiming it’s troublesome.

    She does basic sweeping, mopping once a week. However, when she left I found the kitchen is so messy and dirty. She even always dropped hints that previous employers had given her big ang bao, and lots free time to watch drama and so and so, and I bet it’s not truth. And her attitude is really sucks, always criticizing you when you learn how to taking care of baby.

    Sigh, I was wish could send her back before her assignment's up but unfortunately counts find any replacement. Finally, its past….Hope you guys can find a good CL!
  52. Fannie925

    Fannie925 New Member

    Hi. U may call +60127602827. She is neat and not calculative person
  53. jessie baby

    jessie baby New Member

    I engaged Confinement Angels, they are accredited by Thomson Parentcraft.
    I am appreciative to have their confinement nanny Wendy, gentle, soft spoken, patience and kind.
    Very professional in terms of baby care. She not only pay attention to detail, but also understands our feelings
    of me trying my best to breastfeed and encourages me.
    She is proactive and considerate and plans well.
    We loves her food, diverse, nutritional and tasty. In general, we like her.
    If I am pregnant again, I would definitely want Wendy to be our confinement nanny again!

    Their website www.confinementangels.com.sg
  54. alicia80

    alicia80 Member

  55. kevytan

    kevytan New Member


    I am dropping a post here because my confinement lady is so good that i hope she can get more clients in Singapore and more mothers are able to enjoy her quality services.

    I am a PR in Singapore and my confinement lady was recommended by my eldest sister who hired her before. She highly recommended me to hire her and helped me to reserve her at my first month of pregnancy. ( She is very popular in my hometown, Batu Pahat and she normally been booked for the next 6 to 7 months, but she is currently want to look more clients in Singapore)

    Why i recommend her :
    1) She was a nurse before working in an gynaecology medical centre in Johor, so she is very knowledgeable in pregnancy and baby info ( this is one of the most appealing part that attract me to hire her when my sis told me)

    1. Very experience ( work as confinement lady for more than 8 years)
    2. Very good in prepare confinement food ( simple, clean and yummy)
    3. Very helpful and do extra mile for example cook for my husband and help to do some house chore
    4. Experienced in take care baby and she is very caring and patient

    You can whatsapp me 90080920 for her contact.Thanks
  56. mummymm

    mummymm New Member

    Hi kevytan,

    Just saw your post. Thanks for sharing! Will whatsapp you for contact.
  57. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    hi, is she available in mid march 2017? Thanks,
  58. Jane0618

    Jane0618 New Member

    Hi Mummys,, my mum have 15 years experience 60 years old chinese lady, if you interest please call or interview is welcome Mdm Lee Tel: 87990713 Thanks...

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