Confinement nanny review (recommendation)


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Hi mummies! Just wanted to recommend my nanny Auntie Xiu Yue. I’m currently at the tail-end of my confinement with her and she’s been a great help to me.

She’s really good with the baby - very patient and is always chatting with him! She takes care of us as parents too, always making sure my husband and I get enough rest while she handles the chores, gives us advice without being pushy/naggy and accommodates to our preferences.

She even helped me with breastfeeding/nursing baby, giving me guidance on latching, pumping and nursing positions. If my husband isn’t around, she would stay by my side during a breastfeeding session to help baby latch and burp baby when needed.

I’m very thankful for the support she provided that let me simply focus on recovery & nursing during confinement. You can WhatsApp her at +60 18 792 9693 :)