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Chin Leng, PLS TAKE NOTE!!!

Discussion in 'How To Improve SingaporeMotherhood.com?' started by mum mum, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. mum mum

    mum mum Guest

  2. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Mum mum,

    Thanks! The thread has been removed. [​IMG]

    Chin Leng.
  3. helena

    helena New Member

    Chin Leng,
    I started a thread in "Marketplace", selling my inflatable ship. I took 2 pix and posted them. However, a Mrs. Shim just came by and offered to sell a similar item.
    I dun mind her riding on it but she just posted it abruptly, without acknowleding the fact that she was riding on it.
    Besides I was the one who inflated the ship and took pix to post.
    Is this a good enough reason for you to help me remove the thread?
    Many thanks.
  4. is this allow?
  5. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    Chin Leng,
    can you pls remove my posting on Helena's thread? sorry to trouble you. tQ!
    rgds, mrs shim
  6. helena

    helena New Member

    Chin Leng,

    Yes, please remove the thread. My sale has been thwarted by someone. I do not relish the idea of someone taking advantage of me.

    Many thanks.
  7. captain hook

    captain hook Guest

    I watch the sea battles between the captains with bemusement...I mean, the fact that Chin Leng had called it the 'Marketplace' gives one the idea that it's founded on the laissez faire (free markets) principle. Any business-oriented moms who wish to sell/trade/purchase their items can capitalise on this site, with or without ad pictures.

    As in any e-market, the seller can propose a selling price and let the public bid for it. So too can another competitor. Undercutting of prices and interceding of sales of the same commodity are a common thing on most e-commerce sites. This is what we call price competition. Certainly this is to the delight of buyers like us...and sad to say, losing out on competition is what the seller has to face if you want to play this free markets game.

    Besides, you can't be sure which competitor or factor that really thwarted your sale. In my opinion, it's not Mrs Shim that beat you on your pricing. It's Takashimaya...ironically, the piece of news from Ruffy wouldn't surface in the forum if not for your constant appeals to ask Chin Leng to remove your posting.

    Now that buyers know they can get all 4 P's (Product-brandnew ship/Place-convenient downtown/Promotion/Price-40% cheaper than your secondhands)...isn't Takashimaya the seller that is more attractive to the prospective buyer?

    Yeah, I sure know it is unethical to piggyback on someone else's advertisement to sell your own thing, but you have already insisted you didn't mind in the first place and even gave your good luck to your competitor, so just let it be. Ruthlessly taking advantage of your business rivals are frequent in the free market, and that's just life traders gotta accept.

    Of course to the originator, it is Intellectual Property theft since you took pains to inflat and take ad photos. But honestly, I didn't think it was intentional for Mrs Shim to 'exploit' your ad. She merely stumbles upon your posting and in the spur of the moment, it struck her mind that she had the same item at home and thought 'hey, why not?'. Therefore she INSTINCTIVELY attached her posting to yours without much second thoughts, saying she also wished to let go of the same item.

    Put it this way, would you be happier if she didn't attach her sale posting to yours, but went on to shock you by starting a new thread with her own picture (of the same product at a lower price)? You would more aghast, I bet. You should be heartened that this woman is somewhat 'acknowledging' (which you accused her of not) the existence of your posting by making a cross-reference to it. In a cross-reference situation, the author needs not repeat certain diagrams or graphics. The reader understands he only needs to refer back to the top for the diagram. That, I suppose, is the INSTINCTIVE thing that a non-competitive Mrs Shim did. She thought, if there were more than one people that wanted the same boat, she could be another provider.

    Let's also give credit to Mrs Shim that she was at least ETHICAL enough to price it at $25 similar to your marked price. She could've been more business-savvy by undercutting her price by a fraction to woo more buyers. But she didn't. This is a telling sign that she was never out to kill your sale.

    For all that unintentional postings, she had already made amends by quickly putting up another posting (albeit without her own copyrighted ad photo since the whole forum now knows how that ship looks like - thanks to your ad). She had also supported your appeals to Chin Leng to have the thread removed and made public apologies for her non-intentions. Most buyers will appreciate her sincerity.

    At the end of the day, even if your prospective buyer had bought the secondhand ship from Mrs Shim, it would be because of her sincerity, as opposed to your ungraciousness.

    I suggest we move on from this navy saga and conduct ourselves as gracious traders, rather than indulge in relentless cat fights over a silly ship. After all, Takashimaya is the one that sank your ship.
  8. helena

    helena New Member

    Dear Captain Hook,

    Thank you for your eloquent post, which I think, stirs up the waters rather than calm it. If, according to you, I appear to be ungracious, it's because I aim to be transparent in my thoughts and intentions. Of course, in an e-community such as this, everyone uses a nick and is to some extent, anonymous. But I'd like to think that a nick is a matter of formality, a simulacrum that is nevertheless a measure of the personality of the author. As someone who joined the thread and saw its evolution from singaporebrides to singaporemotherhood (certainly no small accomplishment - kudos to Chin Leng and all parents here), I took it for granted that other people know who I am from my previous posts. Thus, even if Helena is a nick, it is nevertheless a nick with continuity, a consistent and reliable measure of who I am.

    So when I post something, I use the same nick. I wonder, Captain Hook, if you are a long-time participant in this community rather than a guest, because such an involved post would certainly imply that you have followed the threads closely. It is obvious that you care about the community and are interested in creating a congenial environment. In which case, "Captain Hook" is a pseudonym hiding behind a pseudonym, a persona conjured as to give the impression of an objective commentary and to criticize one of its participants even more anonymously. To continue the naval metaphor, it is to join the sea battle with no stakes. I wonder if the pseudonym is a Freudian slip - apart from the phallic innuendo, a masculine nick which dips itself anonymous into a largely female community, it is a hook, as it were, to bait further controversy after the tempest has subsided.

    If I had requested the thread to be deleted, it is to bring closure to the whole thing. My ship is wrecked, and yes, I am annoyed, but enough is enough and I don't want to pursue the matter further - no point creating more unhappiness over what is at the end of it all a small issue. I do know that Mrs. Shim and Ruffy did not do what they did on purpose, and I am especially touched by Mrs. Shim's sincerity in trying to undo the situation.

    Of course, there is no such thing as a utopia, but I see this place as a utopia of sorts, where like-minded mothers gather and exchange our concerns and joy on parenting. If according to you I am ungracious, it's because I do not see this community as being founded on laissez faire principles, and am disappointed that you regard it to be so. Words like "undercutting", "competitors", "4 P's" and "intellectual property" do not belong here. I am disappointed that some of us, however anonymous, think otherwise.

    OK, enough. Let's move on.
  9. helena

    helena New Member

    Oh..and I forgot to add that I certainly do not appreciate your sarcastic comment of "cat fights over a silly ship" - apart from your bad taste in mixing metaphors, it is a hook to bait further arguments.
  10. jenjen

    jenjen Active Member

    Helena, I think this is enough... I have followed this for a few days... I personally felt that your reaction was uncalled for in the first place as what Mrs Shim did was unintentional... she has tried to remedy already so why is there a need to INSIST on the removal? I (for one) feel that perhaps you were too sensitive about it but did not wish to waste my time to comment on it as I knew any remarks would have bait you further...

    Anyway, enough said... by now CL would probably have read your requests... if he deemed it necessary, he would take appropriate measures in due course... he is not around here 24/7 to remove posts at every request instantly... just FYI, all marketplace threads will be removed after 60 days of inactivity...

    Btw, I'm not captain hook... no time to write so long... I'm not hiding behind any anonymous nick and I'm not trying to start a flame war... just want to help CL close this chapter... thanks...
  11. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Helena,

    We would usually remove a thread in "Marketplace and Exchange Corner" when there is an inactivity of more than 60 days. We are glad that we didn't remove your thread as per your initial request as you've managed to sell the item after that.

    From what I gather, Mrs Shim seems like a relatively new user. As such, she may not be aware of the rules and etiqutte in posting in the forum. I belive that Mrs Shim didn't mean to cause you unhappiness when she posted in your thread. It was just an innocent mistake.

    In case you are wondering, Captain Hook is not Jenjen. Anyway, I hope that the misunderstandings, if any, have been cleared up.

    Chin Leng.
  12. helena

    helena New Member

    Hi CHin Leng,
    Thanks. But we are still not sure who Capt Hook is. Looks like there is no way to find out. Based on my other post, it looks like it is not possible to have users use ther real names?

    Yes, I do understand that Mrs. Shim may not have done what she did intentionally, that is why I said I didn't mind. However, it wouls be good if people not involved in this not get embroiled and use unkind lang, if any.

    Anyways, my item was sold on another forum, not here.

    Thanks for this forum..
  13. freedom

    freedom New Member

    i juz chance upon this thread n cant help say something from this little postings i read.

    what is the issue with riding on? i tot its "cleaner" for the forum to hv lesser threads...if we r selling the same thing, can use 1 single thread mah. juz like there r streets with the same kind of shops selling same kind of pdts...if seller can afford to sell cheaper n earn less margin, then its seller's biz tactics. seller can choose to mkt his/her pdt as he/she deem fit. competition is unavoidable,unless u hv such a unique pdt... also the pic might b yrs lah, but u din pay copyright for it, anyone can use it...

    sorry huh i dun mean to add fuel to fire, but it seems to me u are juz making a mountain out of a mole hill

    oh n this is public forum, n if CL allows "guest" means that there is nothing wrong with it, we hv choice to use watever nick we like depending on situation.
  14. mummy_bs

    mummy_bs New Member

    Hi everyone,

    sorry to interrupt, but I personally feel that since both of them have sold their item, regardless of who is right or wrong, let's close the chapter and move on.

    no hard feelings please.
  15. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Freedom,

    Actually, in most forum, it is not encouraged to ride on threads if you are selling similar items. It is better to have an individual thread so as to avoid any misunderstanding or conflict between two different sellers.

    Based on your analogy, "Marketplace and Exchange Corner" is the "street" and individual thread is the individual shop/stall. By rididing on a thread, it is akin to putting your item for sale in another person's shop or stall which would be inappropriate.

    Also, if the photo was taken and uploaded by the originator, it is also only appropriate and courteous to seek permission before using the image as the originator has taken the effort to do so.

    Riding on another seller's thread is usually done by new user of the forum or someone new to selling in the forum. The new user is typically not aware that it was not appropriate. We would thus encourage the original thread owner to gently remind the new user on the accepted practice.

    Apologies for having a different opinion but would just like to clarify the general accepted practice in this and most other forums.

    Chin Leng.
  16. twixyrosy

    twixyrosy New Member

  17. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Mrs Teo,

    Thank you for the notification! Appropriate actions taken.

    Chin Leng.
  18. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Domesticgoddess,

    Thanks. Appropriate actions taken.

    Chin Leng.
  19. surprise

    surprise New Member

  20. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Surprise,

    Can you let me know where the postings are? Your link above is for posting messages. Thanks.

    Chin Leng.
  21. surprise

    surprise New Member

  22. similar

    similar Guest

  23. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Surprise,

    Nope, we don't encourage buying and selling of pirated stuff in the forum.

    Thanks for the note. Appropriate actions taken.

    Chin Leng.
  24. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Similar,

    Thanks. Appropriate actions taken too.

    Chin Leng.
  25. not at all

    not at all Guest

  26. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Not at all,

    Thanks for spotting my carelessness. I mistakenly thought that I've removed the thread when I had not. The thread has now been removed. Thanks. [​IMG]

    Chin Leng.
  27. market

    market Guest

    CL: i have a question which has hanging there for rather sometime.

    the link below shows a lady who always putting Neogain on sale, which she gotten from her gynae, and she in turn sell it for cash. Is it right for her to do such trading? http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/270192/298936.html?1125555747

    we cant deny tt its a marketplace afterall, and people can sell things or even exchange, but this seems to be rather frequent.

    pardon me.. [​IMG] sorrie for the inconvenience.
  28. mashybrainz

    mashybrainz New Member


    ai yah, if there's a demand, there's a supply.
    Anyway, it's not like she got it for free. It may be a company entitlement but what's wrong with using it if that can help her pay for other things that she'll need for her bb. Even for pp who received gifts have a right to sell them.

    Don't be so jin jin ji jiao.
  29. mayng

    mayng New Member

    MASHY!!!!!! wah kao! I see u everywhere, like my hubby always say.. he sees my nick everywhere... kekke. u better rest lah. If a staff making use the company to pay for her medication and never consume it, and she then sell it for personal benefit, it is not a right thing to do lor. If you are the boss, and knowing your staff doing such things, i am sure u also wont like it.
  30. mashybrainz

    mashybrainz New Member


    hahaha, i'm bored mah.

    next time must tell me what u do at home to keep yourself occupied.

    Ai yah, a bit only what. Never mind one lah. Just do secretly lor. hahahah. She's too frank lah, just told the truth without thinking. Gotta give her credit for that.
  31. iloveoreo

    iloveoreo Active Member

  32. saintbaby

    saintbaby Active Member

    hi oreo...

    tks for helping me inform chin leng... [​IMG]
  33. verikpo

    verikpo Guest

  34. nanny?

    nanny? Guest

  35. iloveoreo

    iloveoreo Active Member

  36. mngo

    mngo Active Member

  37. tabitha

    tabitha New Member


    I am so surprised the threads you brought to the attention of Chin Leng are still there. Actually oranges posted it in many threads, if you go check carefully.

    This is very indeed very surprising cos I do remember a mummy posting something on her gynae and Chin Leng had it removed immediately cos he felt it was tentemount to defamation.

    What about these threads you brought to his attention? They even carry the victims' addresses, telephone numbers. If this is not defamation, then what is?

    I thought Chin Leng has a group of moderator deputies who report to him??????? Maybe they are all friends with oranges so she gets away with this defamation thingy?

    The babysitter and agent may be related to some big shots or lawyers..wait till they get to read of this!
  38. mngo

    mngo Active Member

  39. promoting

    promoting Guest

  40. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the note. All the appropriate actions have been taken.

    Chin Leng.
  41. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Tabitha,

    Thanks for the note. I'm not able to respond to all the messages here as I'm currently very busy in various projects. I'm sorry that I've not been able to further develop SingaporeMotherhood.com as we've limited resources and we are hoping to get more help.

    I happen to pop-by SingaporeMotherhood.com when the user started the thread on the experience with her gynae and thus I was able to remove the thread in a short time.

    Regarding the messages Oreo highlighted, I'm sorry that I'm not able to attend to it sooner. I'm glad that you are concern about Orange's message and well-being. However, since the messages were posted by Orange, the originator would have to be responsible for his/her own actions and messages.

    However, the messages will be removed as Orange had posted mulitple similar messages in the forum. This is strongly discouraged and I'm currently in the process of removing them. I've been trying to remove all the messages for the past hour but I'm not able to completely remove all and I'm currently too tired and sleepy to complete it this morning. I'll continue again later in the day.

    Chin Leng.
  42. subaru_hubby

    subaru_hubby New Member

  43. mashybrainz

    mashybrainz New Member

  44. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Police,

    Thanks! [​IMG]

    Chin Leng.
  45. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Mashy Brian,

    Thanks too! [​IMG]

    Chin Leng.
  46. fbi

    fbi Guest

  47. fbi

    fbi Guest

  48. takenote

    takenote Guest

  49. saintbaby

    saintbaby Active Member

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