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i) Mode: Direct international shipping from Europe to SG
ii) Cost (after offsetting VAT): apportioned by actual item weight. Heavy/bulky items (eg. glass bottle packaging & bottles with liquid content) incur higher shipping charges.
iii) Delivery Time: ~ 1-2 weeks (AFTER batch submission)
iv) Exclusion: Prohibited items for export from Europe Items for Export from Europe
v) Brand Exclusion: The sale of all Pierre Fabre Laboratory ranges (Aderma, Anne de Péraudel, Avène, Ducray, Elancyl and Klorane) is limited to the European Economic Area. Any purchase made outside of this area will be immediately refunded.

i) Local Postage: Singpost
> SmartPac Envelope @ $4.00 for package up to 1kg & measures 240mm (w) x 330mm (l)
> SmartPac Box @ $5.00, for package up to 3kg & measures 30cm (l) x 19cm (w) x 7cm (h)
> Normal mail (at your own risk)
> Registered mail with tracking # (recommended)
- Nominal stationery/handling fee applies.

ii) Courier: Ta-Q-Bin/other
- $7.00 & above, depends on package size/weight
- Nominal stationery/handling fee applies.

iii) Collection
> My block or Boon Keng MRT - Main points; more flexible time
> Town area - No fixed location (strictly subject to my availability & schedule)
> Arrange in advance at mutually convenient day/time.
> For bulky/heavy items, please opt for courier dispatch or collect from Boon Keng MRT/my block only.

i) This website does not provide any product expiry information. Do order at your own discretion, especially for perishable products.
ii) Order will be included only upon receipt of payment, an indication of your confirmation.
iii) No amendment/cancellation/refund will be entertained once order is submitted/confirmed/shipped.
iv) Refund will be made in 3 days for items that are out of stock.
v) I am not liable for wrong/spoilt/leaked item or items that are not sent by Merchant & will thus not bear any cost for such loss.
vi) I will not be responsible for parcel loss/mishandle/delay once I dispatch it, be it by post or courier.
vii) I reserve the right to decline any order or close the spree earlier once capped amount is reached.
viii) Do refer to this spree thread for shipment status update as it serves as the common platform for all Spreeists.

* Please note this is a Spree from an overseas merchant. I act as a "Spree Organiser" who merely helps to coordinate your combined orders, primarily with the intention of sharing shipping cost.
It is understood that I am not the "originator", I.e. I do not produce/manufacture/issue the products. In the event of any error/dispute which stems from Merchant (eg. item is broken, item is missing, expiry date is brief, wrong item is sent & shipment delay etc), I cannot be held accountable.
I may liaise with Merchant regarding the problem, but resolution is entirely dependant on Merchant. Please do not impose cost on me or make me bear the brunt of such unexpected incidents.
You are welcomed to participate in my sprees if you comprehend the "spree metrics", acknowledge such "imperfect situation" or could, at the very least, be reasonable (& act so). Thanks.

Distribution Mode:
Email: (via PM/email)

Item name:
Product Code:
Price (€):
Quantity: (if > 1 unit)
Alternative if OOS:

Total quantity:
Total amt (S$): € x (applicable discount) x 1.65

i) 1st payment: item cost
ii) 2nd payment (when items arrive): int'l shipping cost + local postage/courier
iii) Indicate paid amt & whether fund transfer is made via ATM or ibanking (provide Nick/Name used)
iv) Exchange rate: 1.65 (revised if credit card bill is higher)
v) My bank account: POSB savings

i) Post in this spree thread (preferred)
ii) Send me PM (Start a Conversation)
iii) Email: [email protected]

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Hi reload72/Shirley

Item cost: €(10.50 + 7.40) x 1.65 = S$29.54
Pls inform me once you transfer payment. Thanks.
Hi ylerac

Item cost: €11.90 x 2 x 1.65 = S$39.27
Pls apply the full item price as the VAT difference will be used to offset int'l shipping cost. Thanks.
Hi sleecw

Int'l shipping could be free or minimal as I'll apply the VAT rebate to offset the cost.
Item cost: €48.90 x 2 x 1.62 = S$158.44. Pls confirm your order with payment. Thanks.
Nick/Name: Sue Ping
Distribution Mode: normal postage
Email: [email protected]

Item name: Akileïne Hydra-Defense Balm 150ml
Product Code: 3487176 / 3323034871765
Price (€): 7.95
Quantity: 2
Alternative if OOS: DNB

Total quantity:
Total amt (S$): €7.95 x (applicable discount) x 1.62= $25.76

Payment Info
Ibank nick: Sue Ping
Transaction Reference Number

Thank you.

Batch #1 @ 14 Mar --> Submitted
  • wens (2 items)
  • bearlong38 (8 items)
  • reload72/Shirley (3 items)
  • sleecw (2 items)
Hi zeqial

Item cost: € 8.90 x 1.62 = S$14.42.
Pls proceed with your fund transfer to confirm your order. Thanks.

Batch #1 @ 14 Mar/23 Mar --> Received
  • wens (2 items)
  • bearlong38 (8 items); excess S$2.14
  • reload72/Shirley (3 items); excess S$2.54
  • sleecw (2 items)
Dear Vicky

Please help to order following items-

Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray 300ml
Price in €:6.90 per piece
Qty: 2

Avène XeraCalm AD Lipid-Replenishing Cream 200ml

Price in €:16.90

Avène Micellar Lotion Cleanser and Make-Up Remover 2 x 400ml
Price in €:14.90

Lierac Body-Slim Destock Night 2 x 200ml
Price in €:38.17

Price in S$:83.77 X 1.62 = 135.75
Ibanking Transaction Reference:16863365068
Total items:5

Thank you.
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Hi Garnet

Payment received: $135.75
Avene brand is limited to shipping within Europe only. Pls provide your bank a/c for refund of the Avene products. Thanks.
Dear Vicky

Noted with thanks. Please replace earlier order with the items below:-

Lierac Body-Slim Destock Night 2 x 200ml
Price in €:38.17

Lierac Mésolift Vitamin-Enriched Fondant Cream 50ml
Price in €:38.90

Lierac Radiance Toner 400ml

Price in €:20.90

Lierac Prescription Re-Balancing Soothing Preparing Serum 50ml
Price in €:24.90

Payment in S$: 122.87 X 1.62 = 199.05 - 135.75 = 63.30
Ibanking transaction reference 16894471393

Thanks again.
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Hi Garnet

Refund of $199.05 was made via ibanking as per your request to cancel order. Pls check. Thanks.
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Hi applepie_80/Apple

Noted your order, 4 items.
Pls inform me once you transfer payment. Thanks.
Hi applepie_80/Apple

Noted your order, 4 items.
Pls inform me once you transfer payment. Thanks.

Hi dear,

Funds Transferred
Please note this transaction number for your records: 17109826539

Recipient Name
Transfer Currency and Amount