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Child Adoption

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by vmom, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. pianonightz

    pianonightz New Member

    hi people,

    i am in my late 30s and my husband early 40s.... we are local singaporean chinese

    we have tried 3 cycles of IVF plus TCM but to no avail...

    if there is any family or single mom who wants to give up a chinese baby (boy or girl, both parents chinese) for adoption,

    please email me at


    we have a new 4-room HDB flat which is very well renovated and can provide a good home to raise the baby.

    we have already done the pre-adoption talk by MSF.

    we will pay the necessary fees required by law to effect the adoption...

    Hope to hear from you!

    ^ ^
    11 November 2015 (Wed)
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  2. mello

    mello New Member

    Dear all,

    I would like to bring to your attention a possible scam on the following posting in this thread by Miracle5 dated 20 Apr 2015:
    Hi,im giving up my baby for legal adoption...the baby is due 5.5.15...please contact me to joannewong5@yahoo.com

    I emailed this so called Joanne Wong, and she said she has a baby boy born on 5.11.15 (but her post read 5.5.15) and asked for my contact.

    At first I did not realize the difference in date... so i email her my number and waited for some weeks,

    she never replied then...

    this Joanne Wong might either be an agency fishing for mothers' contact, or a scam.

    Like to alert all ladies here to be careful NOT to email your details to her.

  3. coachy0203

    coachy0203 Member

    Maybe she wanted her baby back? Just a guess. And yeah, I agree do not share too much personal info before making sure they are not scams.
  4. starry 007

    starry 007 New Member

    Number 5 of the FAQs:

    If I had adopted a Singapore citizen or foreign child who was born in 2015, is my child eligible for the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift, and how do I register for it?
    Yes, adopted children born in 2015 and who are Singapore citizens are eligible for the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift. Adoptive citizen parents of a foreign child are encouraged to apply for the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift once the child receives the in-principle approval of dependant’s pass (IPA for DP).

    You may register for the gift through the home delivery portal (with the child’s birth certificate / citizenship certificate number), or through the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift email at SG50baby@msf.gov.sg (with the IPA for DP). The last date of registration for the Jubilee Gift is 30 June 2016.
  5. julie kee

    julie kee New Member

    Hi have your twins been adopted yet?
  6. Miracle5

    Miracle5 New Member

    Dear Mello.i normally help single mums who want to give their baby for adoption legally.when there is baby available for adoption,I will put the word out.sometimes the bio mothers go ahead with adoption process and sometimes they back out.please enlighten me how did I scam you? Thank you
  7. alanwhodidthistome

    alanwhodidthistome New Member

    hi i m 4.5 months preg and its a gal, anyone keen to adoption? I'm 34 chinese divorced and my bf ditched me. i hope to put it up for a good family as i already have a 8 yr old kid.
  8. Sunshinehope

    Sunshinehope New Member

    Hi, I would like to adopt your girl. Please pm me for more details. Thank you.
  9. Sunshinehope

    Sunshinehope New Member

    Forgot to add..my email address is sunshinehope365@gmail.com. hope to hear from you.
  10. Sunshinehope

    Sunshinehope New Member

    Hi mom to be,
    I sent a request to join the Facebook page but I am not able to type my reason. Please accept my request. Thank you.
  11. Sunshinehope

    Sunshinehope New Member

    Hi Coolkel and everyone,
    I'm new to this forum too. I have just signed up yesterday. I'm also a single lady and would like to adopt a child. Can anyone give me advice if adoption process is difficult for singles?

    Coolkel, did you manage to adopt a child already? Can share your experience so far?
  12. denice

    denice New Member

    Hi, i have a 5 year old boy and am looking for a girl for adoption. We are both Chinese and if you are interested, please contact me at faithpracticestudy@yahoo.com. Thanks for sharing your love!
  13. Luvgreen

    Luvgreen New Member

    Hi SunshineHope, I adopted as a single too. Managed to get my HSR within 2 months from first application/first interview. For singles, Fei Yue will host another interview to find out more information about the parent first prior to proceeding with the application.
    You first need to attend a Pre-Adoption Briefing (PAB) by registering from the MSF website then slowly from there, choose one of the six accredited agencies and they will guide you step by step what to do next. I chose Fei yue cause close to my place. Read up more on the below link (I did a lot of research before taking the first step as it's a lifetime commitment):

    Be prepared though on the tedious process of getting all necessary documents required, at least 2 rounds of interviews (1 round in office another at your home). You also need to think of who will take care of baby etc. I managed to get my baby girl from Indonesia 2 weeks after contacting an agency. But because baby from Indonesia, they need about 3 months to do paperwork so when baby comes, she will be around 3-4 months.

    Good luck!
  14. Sunshinehope

    Sunshinehope New Member

    Thanks Luvgreen. You are so lucky. The process went on so smoothly. Don't mind me asking. How much is the whole adoption process?

    Interview at office? Means your staff in office needs to be informed about your adoption plans?
  15. denice

    denice New Member

    Hi luvgreen, how do you decide which HSR to fm go with? APKIM seems to be the shortest but I wonder if there are any differences between the agencies?
  16. Luvgreen

    Luvgreen New Member

    The hsr application alone is 1.5k and definitely necessary if you are adopting out of Singapore. However if you are a Singaporean and adopting a Singaporean baby then the hsr is not necessary. Not easy to adopt Singaporean baby so I went through the hsr step. Hsr is only valid for two years though from approval date.

    No. Interview at office means go down to Fei Yue office for the interview. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Definitely will have house visit though and my mum was interviewed too as she is primary caregiver to my baby. Strong family support is important too and guess that is why I got it pretty fast. :)
  17. Luvgreen

    Luvgreen New Member

    Hi Denice, think you mean which accredited agencies I chose to do the hsr? Fei Yue for me due to distance from my home and convenience. No Idea about the others as I only chose one. :)
  18. mom_2_be

    mom_2_be Member

    dear Sunshinehope, i get lots of friend request, but they dont message me anything after the request accepted.

    if i've already accepted your request, please send me a message. thanks
  19. nadiakhmar

    nadiakhmar New Member

    Hi. We are looking to adopt local babies. Would you be able to PM your contact details?
  20. pupnui

    pupnui Active Member

    Hi all people here,

    I have joined here quite long but didn't talk much.

    I am in my 40s and my husband late 40s and both of us are local Singaporean Chinese

    We have tried 3 cycles of IVF (just finish my 3rd fresh cycle) Doctor say is my egg problem and if i still want carry on to do IVF, chances won't be high and asked me to go for egg donor or adoption.

    We also consult before TCM before but still failed all.

    So now for my next move is adoption.

    Would like to check if there is any chinese family or single mom who wants to give up a chinese baby (no preference boy or girl) for adoption.

    Please email me at jboey18@gmail.com

    We are living in 5-room HDB flat and can provide a good home to raise the baby.

    We have not done the pre-adoption talk by MSF and will be applying it asap in May which the date is available.

    We willing to pay the necessary fees required by law to effect the adoption.

    Hope to hear from you soon!!! ^.^

    Janice Boey
    15 March 2016
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2016
  21. pupnui

    pupnui Active Member

    Hi @Miracle5...
    If you have mom who wish to give up baby, please contact me at jboey18@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance.
  22. pupnui

    pupnui Active Member

    Hi.. I would like to join your FB group..
    I have send the fren request.
  23. thepinkgoose

    thepinkgoose New Member

    Hi all, my husband and I are also looking to adopt a child. We have done our HSR and contacted some agencies to look for a baby girl to adopt. We are in our late thirties, financially stable and would love to have an addition to our family. Do contact me at pinkthegoose@gmail.com if you know of anyone having a baby girl available for adopting. Thanks!
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  24. Nakano

    Nakano New Member

    Hi All,

    I am new in this grp chat.

    I had three miscarriage and tired for four IVF but failed. Wanted to know the procedure for adoption.
    But my husband and i were Singaporean, Chinese.

    Can anyone advise me on the cost for adoption and also what should i do (any course or talk to attend)?

    Thank you.
  25. thepinkgoose

    thepinkgoose New Member

    Hi Nakano,

    Sorry to hear of your stories, must be hard for you and your husband.

    You can find out more from MSF's website http://app.msf.gov.sg/Adoption

    I started by attending a pre-adoption talk. And getting my home study report done. Without the home study report, won't be able to adopt.

    Hope that helps
  26. Nakano

    Nakano New Member

    thanks for info
  27. Nakano

    Nakano New Member

    Hi PinkGoose
    Do u know the process time and cost?
  28. thepinkgoose

    thepinkgoose New Member

    I took about 4months to get my HSR. To identify a child to adopt really depends on availability and what kind of child you are looking for. Cost for HSR is $1500, cost for adoption is probably about $30k-$40k.
  29. thepinkgoose

    thepinkgoose New Member

    May I ask if anyone has gone overseas to identify a child and then adopt? Could you share the procedures? Thanks very much.
  30. Nakano

    Nakano New Member

    Anyone had successfully adopt a baby either local or oversea? Please share the process info. Thanks.
  31. Nakano

    Nakano New Member

    May I ask which stage u at now? After HSR? Chooses baby from where?
  32. blurtingz

    blurtingz Member

    Hi all, quick question. Did anyone managed to successfully join the fb group "giftsat budget price" ?
  33. thepinkgoose

    thepinkgoose New Member

    Hi Nakano, we have identified a baby for adoption. She is with us at home now :)
  34. mom_2_be

    mom_2_be Member

    Even today i added a person in the group. We're all going on smoothly
  35. sarah2012

    sarah2012 Member

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  36. lemet79

    lemet79 New Member

    hi everyone,

    we have just received our hsr report and are looking for a baby girl for adoption. can anyone recommend me some agencies? i tried to contact a few but no replies. what should i do?
  37. believefaith

    believefaith New Member

    Dear all,
    I'm new here. My HB & I are in our mid 30s & had 3 failed IVF. We are open for adoption but we are not sure how to go about it & where to find a suitable baby. We are both financially stable & capable of giving the baby a warm happy family.

    Can someone share with me on adoption procedure without going through agencies? And does anyone has any contact to adopt chinese baby (girl or boy) from local or overseas?

    Thanks! :)
  38. catinthesky

    catinthesky Active Member

    First step is, potential adopters need to attend a compulsory pre-adoption briefing https://app.adoption.gov.sg/RegisterWorkshopIntro.aspx

    You can then find out more during the briefing. It's quite a comprehensive workshop.
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  39. believefaith

    believefaith New Member

    Dear catinthesky,
    Thank you so much for your reply & link. Will check it out.. :D
  40. Nakano

    Nakano New Member

    Sorry i miss out ur msg earlier and i forgotte. The password to log in finally now i m able to.
    I also looking for a baby girl chinese fair skin and healthy. But i got no idea where to find.
  41. vickysmommy

    vickysmommy Member

    Hi all, for those of you thinking of adopting, you need to:
    1) attend Pre-Adoption Briefing by TOUCH, Fei Yue or Lutheran. Check for these workshops at: https://app.adoption.gov.sg/RegisterWorkshopIntro.aspx They are free of charge. However, if there are no dates available, call them directly cos sometimes you might want to do a one-to-one. This briefing is COMPULSORY anyway. You'll find that it gives you all the basic info you need.
    2) If you have leads to adopt a Singaporean baby (if you are S'pore or PR), you won't need to do a Home Study Report. If you have no leads, doing the Home Study Report with any of the agencies would allow you to widen where you can adopt from - mainly Malaysia & Indonesia. You cannot bring any foreign baby home until you have completed your Home Study Report and gotten the final approval. It'll take about 4 - 8 mths to have your HSR completed.
    3) Do check here on which agency you choose to work with. I think getting first hand experience from others is invaluable cos there have been some rather awful experiences which we can all do without.
    4) Working with experienced agencies help with the search later on if your child would like to search or obtain more information.
    5) During the legalisation of your child's adoption, the Adoption Disclosure talk is another briefing that is compulsory. You can book on the same website above.

    Lastly, do try to be in community with other adoptive families because the issues we face are so unique that only other adoptive families can understand and help navigate. We must also bear in mind that most issues we have are mainly parenting issues, not adoption issues.

    All the best to those of you waiting for your baby to find you!
  42. lutfenz

    lutfenz New Member

    Hi, I am new here and looking to adopt a baby girl. Not submitted the HSR application yet as I am single and biggest concern is the childcare support. Can anyone advise on how strict the agencies are with single women adopters?
  43. Melor

    Melor New Member

    I am interested to adopt a chinese baby.
  44. mom_2_be

    mom_2_be Member

    did u call TOUCH or MSF to check on the eligibility?
  45. mom_2_be

    mom_2_be Member

    reposting for the benefit of new parents to be...

    For benefit of all other members who have problems in joining the fb group :)


    All prospective adoptive parents who wish to join our FB group,

    The procedure for joining the group

    1. login to ur usual fb account
    2. Please send a friend request to "giftsat budgetprice".
    3. please send a reply to :
    "We would like to know the reason, why you would like to join this group? Are you in the process of adopting? are u an adoptive parent or currently exploring to adopt for yourself or for anyonelse? Please reply, so that we can process ur request accordingly. Thanks Admin

    PS: if you would like to join the group, Its mandatory to send in the reply"
    4. if you are serious in joining the group, you have to reply to the pm within 2 weeks. if you didn't reply, your request will be turned down.
    5. please allow 1 week for admin to "approve" ur request ( I'll check my fb acc only when i've time)

    NOTE: This group is only for serious prospective parents & adoptive parents. IF you are a agent please don't join or if you are looking for your friend, please don't join on behalf of them[​IMG]
    NOTE2: If you would like to check on about the service quality or to found out his reliability, please don't join the group, just because ur agent had asked u to do so. Please post ur query in this forum, so that others could reply.
    NOTE3: Please dont worry that ur friend would know about u joining the group. The group setting is secret. So, you can only communicate send/ receive with the fellow members of the group ( ur fellow members can see u & you'll get the messages in your news feed. your comments/ like will not be notified to your friends (non-group))

    A request to AGENTS: please don't use our group as ur marketing tool.

    Thanks for your understanding
  46. lutfenz

    lutfenz New Member

    Hi, have gone for pre-adoption talk and also consultation with Feiyue. The lady was very nice and said that her concern in my case is childcare support. My family is very supportive and I am not sure if that will be enough though.
    Is that the eligibility you are referring to?

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