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Hi, my husband and I are currently looking for a baby adoption. Preferably a Chinese baby gal/boy. We are 38 & 33 years old, and both of us are Singapore citizens. Due to medical conditions, we are unable to conceive. Looking forward to finding a little one to join our family. If you happen to know anyone who is looking for a family for their child or sincerely willing to give up your baby for adoption. Please drop me a message. Thank you so much.
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Anyone done the medical check up for HSR ?
Any recommended GP and estimated cost ?
I think any regular GP will be able to do it. It’s just a general check up - blood test, height/weight, BP.If in doubt, can call the clinic to ask over the phone first (that’s what we did because I didn’t want to walk in and ask at counter with other patients hearing) we paid about $100+


You can do the medical check up and blood test in any polyclinics if you do not mind the waiting time. I did mine at one of the polyclinics.


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hi, How’s everyone doing? A few of us new adoptive parents started a WhatsApp support group, it’s mainly for those who are in process of HSR / just adopted. If anyone would like to join do PM me :D


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Hi all, I am just starting on my HSR journey and I tried to contact one agency to understand the situation now... was told that they have stopped their biz for the time being and they have no idea when they can restart. Was just wondering if I should try other agencies or it is really this bad now...