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BEWARE!!! Dishonest confinement nanny.

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by ctyx, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. ctyx

    ctyx New Member

    Be careful of a confinement nanny call Xue Er. She is not honest and refuse to pay me back my deposit although she cannot provide service to me.

    She was my colleague's confinement nanny two years ago, my colleague said she is quite ok, and because she is Singapore PR, so i won't have to worry about the work permit issue, i think this is why her charges is quite high SGD2200. (A confinement nanny only earn about 1400 to 1500 if hire through agent)

    This is my second pregnancy, my EDD is Mid April this year, and I contacted her sometime in November last year. She want me to pay for deposit of 200bucks to confirm the booking. so i paid her the deposit in December and thought that everything will be fine.
    After making the payment, I check with her what if my born is born earlier than my EDD, is she able to make it? (I asked this because my first child was 3 weeks earlier) Her answer to me is no problem, she will adjust her schedule and won't be taking anymore booking around my EDD.
    About one month later, she called me back and said if i deliver earlier, she will get her friend to help(nanny A). At first she said this is just in case she is not able to make it. She claimed that nanny A is her best best friend and convinced me that nanny A is very experienced and very good person. I trusted her and accepted her offer. I got a little concern that nanny A is not singapore PR, but she convinced me that it will be fine.

    One month before my EDD, Xue Er called me again and said that nanny A is not able to make it because of immigration issue. She said she got another best best friend can help her (Nanny B). Nanny B also very very experienced. I was quite frustrated at that time because my baby is arriving soon. Nanny B is not singapore PR also. i asked her what if last minute nanny B is also not able to turn up, she said this time confirm no problem. I asked her, now is already mid March, actually i won't need another nanny, she herself should be available. But she said she is not able to make it because she got another customer delivering soon. I was very angry at that time. she reassured me that nanny B won't have immigration problem this time. So I accepted nanny B.
    After discussed with my husband, we decided not to trust Xue Er anymore and decided to hire a nanny through agent. I called Xue Er the next day to get back my deposit, but she refused to give back to me, and said that she already confirm with nanny B and give the deposit to nanny B. i know she in lying, and told her to collect the money back from nanny B. she refused to do so. then i said fine, i will call nanny B myself.
    I then called nanny B and asked her whether Xue Er gave her the money, she hesitate and said yes. i know she is lying. i then said i am sorry that i i won't need her service anymore, and ask her to give me back my deposit back to Xue Er, She said ok.
    I then called Xue Er back. She make a lot of complained and said i put her in difficult position. (i thought i am the victim in this incident??what the hell...but i keep quiet because i want to take my money back.)
    5 minutes later, she called me back. she said after discussed with nanny B, she agree to pay me back half of the deposit(100bucks) only to compensate her. i was very angry, i know she is making story again and questioned her that nanny B has already said she agree to pay me back just now. She said no, because it is me to reject their service, so can only pay me back 100bucks. Then i said, it is you that cannot provide service to me and now you said it it my problem. Then i said fine, you give me back 150 will do. She refused.
    So in the end she only agree to give me back 100.

    This is the whole story. I have not check whether she has bank in the money to me.
    Luckily i am able to book a nanny from agent in last minute.
    I think Xue Er is earning commission by introducing customer to others. She very good in making story, very dishonest and irresponsible.
    Beware of this women.

  2. snu

    snu Member

    no offence
    and infringe of personal info

    you might want to post the last 4 digits of her hp.
    (ok, i know hp can be easily changed,
    at least if she's lazy, this can still act as a safeguard)

    the name, may not even be real, since she's that dishonest.
  3. ctyx

    ctyx New Member

    The last 4 digit of Xue Er hp number is ****8642
  4. wls

    wls New Member

    I encountered the similar problem as you few years back and be able to get back my deposit after I lodged a police report.
    You can do so.
  5. quinbus9

    quinbus9 Member

    Such dishonest practice! Hope your current confinement lady is doing well at your place.
  6. pehong

    pehong New Member

    I would said that most of the good CL hire base on trust. If they said no need deposit, base on trust, I will give them a thumb up. compare my first CL require deposit, my comments is not good, my second CL said no need to pay, she is friendly and good. Any mummies have same view like me ?
  7. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    We should all be aware of such dishonest practice.

    Thanks for letting us know.

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