BEDBUGS victims


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My place was infested before. My dad did a pretty good job of getting rid. But the treatment is tedious long periods. Sprayed the beds every week, then for fortnightly, then every month. This is because bedbugs can survive without food for prolonged periods. Do upkeep your place after first treatment. You might find that the problem as gone away and reoccur but actually the bugs were still there.
"Bed bugs can go without feeding for 80 to 140 days. Older stages of nymphs can survive longer without feeding than younger ones, and adults have survived without food for as long as 550 days."


I bought a bottle of bed bug spray at home-fix. It's not Bio-X cos Bio-X did nothing for me. It's a white plastic bottle a spray head. After spraying, leave the windows and doors close for 4 hours.

I did it before gg to work. and just repeated it twice over 2 weeks and it was gone.


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Shieldtox does not help.. Ive tried.. Somehow it doesnt kill the eggs... Fool4Love, pls share the name of the bottle that u got with me. I want to get it as I am paranoid the pest control did not kill all the bedbugs.


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Hi, does anyone of you here know where I can get Scent King and lavender essential oil? This BB problem is really very traumatizing! Ever since I discovered their existence in my place last week, I have been cleaning and spraying non-stop..going nuts soon!

When you click onto the above website, it will open to a "welcome to Singapore SPCA" page and you will see the packaging of Scent King.

Scroll down till you see last paragraph that reads, " To find out where you can buy it,right-click and "save link as" here.

As soon as you follow that instruction, you should see a pdf file downloading.

I understand the print of listing seems rather small to read, but I think you are able to enlarge?

If not, call the distributor Centery Enterprise at 6345 3028. Tell them where you are and ask if there is a retailer in your area.

Scent King may be found in Chinese medical halls or even at stationery shops.

I get my supply from a small medical shop in Bukit Merah View

Hope this info helps


So sorry. cant rem the brand. but i do recognise the bottle

It's not the conventional one that the home-fix guy will recommend to you. Typically they recommend Bio-X which did nothing much for me.

For this, you have to spray the lining of the walls, then close all the doors and windows and let the spray do its work for four hours.

It's a white plastic spray round bottle (the whole bottle is white) with the sticker around it featuring real bugs pictures. Comes in two sizes. The home-fix guy told me to get the small bottle if it's just a room.

I used it twice (i sprayed it at night though cos that's usually the time the bugs will come out) and after that, things got better... and the bugs were gone


hi ya i suspect my home also got bed bug ...
yesterday i found it it hide inside my wooden table..

i tot is a white ant but when i kill it , i actually saw blood coming out...
it white body with a black thing inside.. i think is a bug bed.. not wonder my hand like got rashes!!!

and recently i suspect my dog also kann.. he like itchy same as me


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go ntuc buy, the bedbug. dustmug spray. less than $20 i spray once a week. made in japan. non toxic. can used for soft toy. after used really can sleep well.


The DE powder cost $34++
can use damn long..

see my image when i comapre it with PSP u wil notice how big isit

THe pet shop at TPY is PETS' GANTRY but they SOLD out already. next shipping only come in on oct

Can get from


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Hello Everyone..

Did research on bedbugs --Insecticides do not work on them at all as they've developed resistance..aack!

so repellents (tree oil smell, listerine, etc.etc) are just that--repellents which means they are still in your house--alive and lurking..

In my opinion Diatomaceous Earth still the most effective as it kills the bugs mechanically..

DE is made from ground up shells which scratch bugs skin and kills them.. also kills other crawling insects

The catch is that DE has to be applied in areas which bed bugs frequent. It's safe to apply DE around the bed..

The good news is DE is not harmful like other insecticides..
Some people even eat DE for deworming and other health reasons..

Remember, the bed bugs have to come in contact with DE in order to die so place it strategically.. not harmful to humans, just don't inhale.. It can also dry out your skin, but that's about it.

Combination of heat and DE and patience should do the trick..


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I am thinking ordering one $35 DE package from an online store..However they will only waive delivery fee with order of $60 and above..

Anyone willing to meet in Vivo City to get the DE?

Please PM me..


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Hi All, I thought the bed bugs were gone but guess what, they came back after 2.5 mths!! what the heck!!! I got DE and sprinkled the house with it. Now I have to throw away more furniture and more money down the drain!. boohoooooo... Any way of finding exactly where they are coming from..


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Check with your neighbours beside you, up and down, see if they got affected as well. A month or 2 back it was in the news, some residences in a block got affected. If so, it's better you guys call up the pest busters.

It is possible that 1 or a handful of those commandos got attached to your clothes while you sat on some affected furnitures or sofas outside or even in vehicles and they just hitch a ride back to your place where they start growing a new home.

I suspected mine came from a cinema, Plaza Singapura possibly as I got bitten on my arm and it swelled with a few bumps just shortly after the movie. A week after that, I was assaulted nearly every night in my own room.

Cleaning needs to be very thorough and tedious, comb every inch for traces of them and their eggs / nymph. They love to hide in corners, latches, upholstries, cushy or furry places. Spray the bedbug killing chemical generously and use those anti bedbug mattress protector after spraying to trap them in for those hiding in the corners of your mattresses. Must be anti bedbug, dust mite protectors won't do.

Before spraying, remember to vacuum thoroughly and steam the whole affected place if possible.

I did the above steps for my room, very tiring, took me almost 6hrs and so far, 4mths had passed peacefully since the 1st occurence, still keeping my fingers crossed thou, becuse I've read that they will stage a return within 6 months if they manage to escape during the elimination work.


for me i spotted on my table (my mom dont want to throw away so i put boiling water to it and reprint the whole table.. so far did not find any).

i also did find few in my sofa (my is sofa bed) so i put alot DE powder on it... after 1 mth i spot one on my wall
till now i did not see any.. hopefully it gone..

not sure did they went other place a not.

i heard my another friend he reprint the whole house.. the bed bug really gone.. think they dislike print smell... but my house got dog cant use something that will harm my dog


Dear all,
I am very worried when I see people using DE powder without more knowledge on the product .

Pls use DE powder with caution. It is harmful when inhaled , this is how it kills the bedbugs as it is an abrasive type of crystalline .
Pls check out more before u sprinkle on the bed as it may not be as safe as you thought.

"Both food grade and non-food grade DME contain silica, a known carcinogen (cancer). Silica is the main ingredient in glass making. It can be VERY harmful if inhaled. The way it causes cancer is through irritation via inhalation rather than through chemical exposure - it is therefore considered much safer if consumed than inhaled."

Reference :

*I must declare here that I am the Bio-X online distributor and we have done some research on the DE powder . I m not trying to promote our products here , but jus hope that consumers do not endanger themselves and use such products with caution . Read up more before you use them on your bed .


Hi everyone, am a fellow victim here. Just realized they were bed bugs bites and not due to ticks. May I ask if DE and sprays are safe for rooms with babies and toddler? My girls slp with me and I'm wondering if it helps. Have no idea where they are hidden
( and now my toddler also suffers from bites.

What do u all apply on the itch btw? I've tried mopiko then snake powder to calamine lotion. Still itchy!! Argh!


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My spray version did warn against hazard of inhaling the mist. Did some online research and it mentioned the same too. So after treating the entire room, we vacated the room for 24hrs and had the windows wide open for ventilation.


Hi Stefan, sorry to ask stupid question but do u mind sharing if you left your clothes etc in or moved everything out?

I found that they have made my dressing table their home! Major cleaning done at the area using my mum's steam cleaner but cos I have two kids sticking to me, so it was hard to clear everything in one day. Any suggestions? Haven got any DE or spray yet


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Unravel, no worries, it's a good question!
I'll just add on to my previous sharing with whatever I knew, seen and did.

I took a bold assumption that they haven't invaded my cabinet yet because:

1) I took action within days of getting bitten and catching a dead 1 on my bed.

2) Haven't found traces and trails of them near my cabinet or the sliding door joints.

3) I have carpeted floor across the entire bedroom, that should slow them down I guess, but that also poses a big headache when performing the treatment

If not, I wouldn't be able to finish in a day judging by how much precision I put in every inch of the room. Luckily, that assumption worked.

Silly me didn't think of bedbugs at the time of renovating my room so I went on to lay carpet on the entire floor haha. So half my spray bottle went onto the carpet and I had to disassemble my bed frame.

If you are worried about your clothings, sheets and stuff throw them all into very hot water (don't need to be boiling hot), your bedsheet, covers as well. These buggers cannot stand hot water. After it's done, seal it up in a bag or something, don't put back into your room or affected area till you properly sanitized the whole place.

Check your bed frame, internal and external plus joints and attached shelves if any, examine thru all the stitches and linings at the edges of your mattress as well.

To be sure that they exist in your home, look out for:

1) concentration or trails of little dots like droppings
2) worm like things wriggling around (bedbug larvae).
3) bedbug shells, they change their "body casing" as they grow.
4) Bedbugs themselves. They look like very young and tiny cockroaches with a fat bottom and they are not necessarily red in colour, they could look beige as well for the young bedbugs or haven't feed in a long while. They have a flat and circular bottom when they haven't feed, and bloated round bottom after feeding.

Extremely tough buggers, I caught a live 1 and used quite some pinching strength before it got crushed.

There's a foreign site that taught both chemical and non chemical methods when I googled previously. Due to my kiasu nature, I employed both methods to exterminate with extreme prejudice


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Dear Unravel (ginack),

Hydrocortisone helps with relieving the bites. Some say garlic helps with insect bites but I don't know if thats true. Steam should be good as bedbugs die in heat. Do not spray insecticides anywhere since you have kids, and bedbugs have developed immunity to insecticides anyway.

Mechanical method is better, I think.


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I just want to share that without opting for anything chemical, STEAMING is a good way to get rid of the bedbugs and the eggs. But this is not easy and need to be very dilligent and repeat the process many times over. One of those vacumm cleaner with steaming function, or the clothes steamer... steam every nook and corner. For clothes, wash in hot water or put under the hot sun.
What does bed bug looks like? I never see anything on The bed, yet PD told me, my girl itchiness is due to allergy from bed bug, and i was told to wash The bed sheet in warm water. But juz wondering... Never see the "real" bug....
I have this natural way to kill bedbugs. It helps to kill germs on your kids too!!

I've just tried it last week and I don't see any bedbugs anymore.


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dont ever think 1 time can clear all the bugs.

I used dettol to wash all the bedsheet and sofa pillow cover. spray the chemical (non toxic) to every corner of the house. (sofa after remove - spray let it natural dry)

all the cover I used dryer to dry ( inside super hot all the eggs 100% die)

now i can't say totally all bug gone, but it getting lesser an lesser. i tried many natural way.. but take time to kill them. we cant wait.. cos the bug lay thousan of eggs..1 time. have to kill them by fatest way....

take note those wood (bed frame) and rice.. many bug and egg hide inside. I keep my rice at frosen for 2days. then move to the cold side. all bug inside died.

after i spray chemical. can see those bug died, just laying on floor.. many many black dot.. eye.. 1 month big cleaning 1 time at least...



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I throw my wood frame bed, order the steel type. no choice.. very inner side can't killthose egg hiding.. inside.

heard ppl say onion lemon.. so many natural way .. i tried. didnt work.

after spray this bottle of chemical i sit down there and wait.. they dont die immediately.. take abot 5-7min.

i even try salt.. soap.. really no help.

no choice bcos of itchyness.. i took this made in japan chemical spray.

take note: those rice must keep in fridge. very easy to keep egg there. i throw 10kg of rice, many many eggs inside. at first i try to fried it or boil it with water.. try to waste (before throw) but really too much.. very horrible...

many wood cupboard i also throw.. especially those bought from ikea, natural wood wowow.. super horrible.. i bought 1 keep beside my bed. many white color bugs hide inside. used less than 1 month throw... ..


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I have used bio-X, sprayed 4 bottles around the rooms, making sure walls are covered too.

I can tell it is effective in killings ants but not bed bugs.

I think bed bugs moves away from the spray, and spread from one area to another. They are not killed.

DE powder is more effective but need to be meticulous in applying it.