Bad review (and beware) of confinement nanny (Ah Siok) - DO NOT USE


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We have just fired the nanny (Ah Siok, +65 9896 7746) from service yesterday evening.

She displayed a lazy attitude (insisting parents be around to take care of kids for hours whilst she stays in the nanny’s room, and throwing a black face when told we were working, repeatedly suggesting using formula instead of breast milk amongst others).
She applied oil to the baby causing an allergy and when instructed by the doctor to stop she persisted until the oil was taken away. Subsequently she displayed a black face and pretended not to hear when being asked to tend to chores (lunch, baby).
As the month drew to a close she became more arrogant and insolent(suggesting if we did not take care of the child for a few hours dinner would be served late and other passive aggressive actions) which culminated in her insisting she had no patience for the mother and made the mother cry due to her rudeness and insolence. She was terminated with immediate effect. Please note she does not come cheap ($3600) and likes to speak of her past preferable experience working for so-and-so rich family and how her pay was higher and her chores lesser(which is a red-flag in itself). We later found out the her past 3 stints also ended in a cloud of acrimony between herself and past employers.