Blacklisted Confinement Nanny


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Hi all, I just want everyone to be cautious of this freelance confinement nanny who goes by May 姐. Real name L** M** H***.

We'd wanted to just let things go but the last straw was finding out she'd cut our baby's bottle teats without telling us and that's the reason why he's been choking when we took over. She kept complaining that baby drinks very slowly, and asked us to buy new teats. We did, but wanted to wait it out because we had our doubts... and after awhile she didn't ask anymore so we thought baby's ok with the Pigeon Size SS teats. Little did we know it's because she'd made the teats so large that milk flows out continuously without sucking. This is very dangerous for a newborn.

On top of that...

1. Anti-breastfeeding. Likely she has no knowledge of how breastfeeding works. Keeps telling me not to try so hard when my milk supply has yet to kick in, keeps promoting formula and even mocked about my efforts to my mother.

2. Gave baby an alarming amount of milk as a 2/3 week-old infant. Suspect she's taking the easy way out because she wants to get him to sleep.

3. Gossips too much and makes too many unnecessary comments. Overstays her welcome when guests come over. No one wants to hear her grandmother stories but she doesn't know when to stop.

4. Inconsiderate towards the mother who is undergoing confinement. Insists on opening all the windows and doors everyday because it is hot, even when the weather is rainy and the wind isn't good for me.

5. Unhappy we didn't invite her to an intimate man yue family lunch and bitched about it to my mum.

6. Shows black face when relatives come over wanting to see baby.

7. Reluctant to let me hold my own baby. This made me VERY upset and emotionally unstable throughout my confinement.

8. Reluctant to listen to anyone's opinions.

9. Other things like flushing hair down the toilet bowl / pipes, turning on aircon without closing windows show that she doesn't respect our home.

10. Food is ok but she got so lazy towards the end she served me tofu and frozen fried chicken.

11. Burnt my pot, didn't tell me and even denied when confronted.

... Amongst many, many other things. She really caused me mental breakdown, but because we needed help and we engaged her on a freelance basis, we'd decided to suck thumb. My silly husband and I even extended her employment because we thought she's at least treating baby okay.

Please DO NOT engage her.
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