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Baby with thick neck fluid 3mm

Discussion in 'Year 2015 Mums' started by Nmama, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Givemefries

    Givemefries Member

    Congrats!!! =))
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  2. Emily_Emily

    Emily_Emily Active Member

    doc didnt mention what test. omg... the doc in kkh is actually not my gynae, just dono which doc accessing me. and she said need to do heart scan that's all. also dono what is that. maybe just normal ultrasound scanning? next week is e scan.

    congrats on your little baby girl! hope mine is a girl too... and so glad that everyting is fine! sometimes these tests really scare us.
  3. Emily_Emily

    Emily_Emily Active Member

    wow congrats on ur bb girl. !!! yeah everything is well! how many weeks are u now? i am 14weeks already
    u sure is mm not cm??? lol
    mine is abt 7cm at 12 weeks+. and the trisomy showed 21, 13 and 18. not sure e numbers in sequence matter or not. cos mine is opposite of yours.
  4. Nmama

    Nmama Member

    Hi Emily,

    Maybe you can check with ur gynae on what test to do next.. that time the genetic counselor explain to me on each of the test then i decide..
  5. missus_bl

    missus_bl Member

    Congrats on all mummies on your positive results!

    I had a lousy nt measurement of 3.1mm for this preg too.

    Took harmony as we dun wanna risk miscarriage. Took 8d for the result to come back and all was well. But due to the high nt, we also had to make sure there were no heart defects with the baby.

    It was a roller coastal ride for us.

    During the 20th week detailed scan, the baby's heart is perfect! But we were told that the nasal bone is shorter than it should be!


    But the gynae who did the scan for me, as well as my own gynae told us.. If we had cleared the harmony test, it would mean my bb has a flat nose. Nothing to be worried about.

    Woman being woman, it's hard not to think and worry at times.. Though I have to be positive about it and assured myself, everything will be ok.

    Man being man. My hubby is very confident that the bb is going to be healthy and well.

    Keeping my thoughts for all the mummies who are still waiting for results. I'm sure you gals will be fine too.
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  6. hong

    hong Active Member

    Nmama, have you got your result. I agreed with some of the ladies here that I find OSCAR test is really waste of $$ for women like me who is close to 40. I failed my test too 1:141 although I asked the gynae about the scan result and Neck and nasal reading all ok but I think I failed my blood and age test. I was told they using all the data + a mathematical formula to work out the ratio. Hey who is the idiot who come out with this formula!

    But I am quite mentally prepared when I was told to come to my gynae clinic so suddenly. Yes I have to go through Amniocentesis test.

    same as my hubby. He felt that our 2 children are healthy and normal and he also believe our 3rd will be ok.
  7. Nmama

    Nmama Member

    Hi Hong,

    Good news.. Normal, BABYGIRL :)
  8. hong

    hong Active Member

  9. Nmama

    Nmama Member

    Hi Emily,

    How is everything gg so far? Done e heart scan for bb?
  10. millbear

    millbear Member

    hi all!

    my oscar result came high risk - 1:113 out of the background border 1:212 for T21 last week.
    my gyane said that the baby growth and NT is normal, and visible nasal bone...
    she cannot confirm if my baby is normal, based on my ratio, and encouraged me to go for amnio for more accuracy...
    she said that my ratio got issue with my blood test and maternal age...

    Not sure whether I shld skip amnio as i know the baby growth is good...

    please advise.....
  11. Charmsss

    Charmsss Member

    Hello! I would suggest u to do harmony test. To be honest it's another ratio risk test, but the accuracy is 99%, instead of 92% (Oscar). Harmony test is non invasive - blood test only, whereas amnio is invasive and put baby at risk.
  12. Wenwen8

    Wenwen8 New Member

    Can consider to do Verifi test as it have more checks compare to harmony. 3 major and 4 minor chromosome check.
  13. Nmama

    Nmama Member


    Don't worry yet, discuss with ur gynae & hubby which further test u feel comfortable most.. All should be fine.. I went with amnio & results is good! Im due in another 9 weeks time, can't wait to hold my babygirl in my arms soon ;)
  14. millbear

    millbear Member

    sorry to ask a few questions, how long the amnio is performed? by your own gyane? how long the result is after the fluid sample is extracted? I worried about 0.5% miscarriage risk if done amnio..
  15. millbear

    millbear Member

    I did ask my gyane about the harmony test, but she advised us not.
    Amino is more accuracy than harmony test.

    where to conduct the verifi test? i understand that it will conduct tests for those who are 11 weeks pregnant...
    please enlighten me.. thanks.
  16. Wenwen8

    Wenwen8 New Member

    You may want to check with your gynae if they offer this test? I think importantly, it is non-invasive test compare to amino test.

    You can read more detail in below link

  17. Nmama

    Nmama Member

    The amnio procedure was quite fast about 10-15mins & it was done by the amnio specialist doctor.. i had mine done at KKH. The results will take 2weeks but you can opt for the express one (abt 1week i tink) but u need to pay extra.. Yes i was also worried abt miscarriage but i rest well and did not think so much after i went home, now all is good.. If you are really worried abt miscarriage i suggest u go for harmony test :)
  18. Charmsss

    Charmsss Member

    Hmmm interesting choice your Gynae made, given that harmony / verify carries no risk but amnio does. But nevertheless I'm no expert here!
  19. Sarah160679

    Sarah160679 New Member

    My result is close to yours on T21. Besides that I have high risk on T13 background 1:1466 vs adjusted risk 1:131. Me too was being advise to go for the amnio fluid test. I was wondering how yours went? Did all went out fine? Appreciate if you can share.Thanks.
  20. millbear

    millbear Member

    Hi Sarah,

    Ya, decided to go ahead with the amnio fluid test during 15th week pregnancy. The result came out normal after 2 weeks waiting..

    The small risk is about 1%~5% risk for testing. (Sorry, cannot remember how much % risk).
  21. Worrisomegirl

    Worrisomegirl Member

    Hi I did both Oscar and harmony tests. Oscar results show that baby has thick neck fluid at 3mm but harmony tests show Low risk. But doctor advised me to go for scans on the baby’s heart as thick neck thickness could indicate risk of heart problem. Anyone heard of this or went through something similar? I didn’t know thick NT could be linked to hear problems
  22. saladcream

    saladcream New Member

    Hi there,

    i had the same issue when i had my #2
    The person who gave me the report looked worried and make sure i see my gynae soon, i saw my gynae that week as i have my appointments scheduled beforehand. I did not do the Harmony Test though (no idea what is that)

    My gynae was not particularly worried as he looked at my past birth which was about 2 years before. The risk reading was low and we had a healthy boy with no complications, plus we are generally healthy people with no major health history. We didn't really think further but go ahead to continue with the pregnancy.

    Do you or your family have any history of this? I feel that since your gynae has advise you to do that, for a peace of mind. Maybe you should check it out or have another opinion?
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  23. Worrisomegirl

    Worrisomegirl Member

    Thanks for replying, yeah I am seeing my gynea this week too, hope to get a peace of mind. My hubby’s Brother had some heart issues but both hubby and I are fine. This is also our 2nd child , first boy is 3 now n didn’t experience this
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  24. saladcream

    saladcream New Member

    I wish you all the best! Don't worry too much for now till you meet with your gynae this week!
    Chin up!
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