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To help those whose children are diagnosed with psychological issues such as – autism, ADHD, ADD, etc..

By sharing information on using natural treatment which have helped children who were previously diagnosed with such illness.

Who am I
I am a nobody who has done some research and reading on how and why such things happens to children and would really want to help those who are in need of help..
I want to share what I have learnt and what I have discovered.. There have been children who are healed from autism and your child has a chance of healing as well..
Whether it’ll work or not it all depends on how ‘far’ your child’s syndrome is and how determine and persistent are you to help your child..
Nonetheless, I know that there’s hope for your child and unborn child..

Recommended Reading
1. Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD
Her own child was diagnosed autistic and through change of diet and perseverance, her son who is currently 15 years old is in mainstream society.
2. What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child by Glenn Doman
This book will tell you on how to physically help your child at the very young age and minimize the damage to the brain.
Kindly PM for local contact who are experienced in the physical/brain area

Other Support Group
[email protected]

Local Support Group @ SMF
This forum will be an area for those who’d like to share information or anything at all.. but the focus would be healing the digestive tract via Dr. Natasha’s diet program.

GAPS Treatment
1. Diet.
2. Supplements
3. Detoxification & Lifestyle change

In a nutshell, we are what we eat.. Any food that goes into our mouth is not only feeding us but also the bacteria/virus/yeast which lives in our gut. They form our immune system. Any imbalance in our gut will compromise our immune system. When the digestive system isn’t working well, this will gives trouble too.
Most autistic children has leaky gut syndrome. Most of them and/or their parents (mainly the mommy)/siblings also have problem such as asthma, eczema, allergy, bowel (constipation/diarrhea), behavioral problem, autoimmune disease, etc..
Please note that the diet is somewhat advocating traditional/pre-industrial diet which consist of natural foods from mostly animals and fermented food.

Diet: First & Foremost Eliminate
Flour (bread, cookies, etc)
Artificial & Processed Ingredients
Starchy food (potatoes, yam, etc)
Canned food
Sweeteners (except honey)
Milk product, commercial yogurt (except homemade yogurt)
Bad Fats (vegetable oil, margarine, butter replacement – they go rancid after gone through high heat and when digested will replace all the good oil in the body)

Diet: Must Have
Fermented Foods - for good bacteria in the gut
Good Fats (cod liver oil, coconut oil, butter/ghee, animal fats!) – brain development, digestive healing, immunity booster and anti-inflammation in our system
(Homemade) Bone Broth/Stock – high nutrient and minerals which also aid in digestive healing

Healing of digestive tract is a long process.
In your journey of recovery with your child, do expect that everyone’s child is different.. Some will recover sooner than others but some will need more time to recover..
Nonetheless, you are not alone.. I hope to be able to build support group here where everyone can encourage and help each other.


Resources overseas
I would suggest on consolidating orders which are to be made overseas so that everyone can share the shipping cost.
1. GAPS book
2. Probiotics supplementation (as long as probiotics which contains NO inulin/FOS is OK)
3. Others

There’s just way too much information to share over here..
But if you do have some queries or doubts, do post them here.. I am not an expert but I am also willing to learn too..
It’s not the end.. there’s light at the other end of the tunnel..


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Thanks for sharing, cos that's what my therapist is doing for the autistic kids that he is treating, food intervention, cranial osteopathy etc.

I hope more mothers will read yr thread. I used to work for my therapist for a short while, but not a lot of parents are able to follow through a strict diet, some gave up halfway and found the healing effects too slow. It 's a very long healing process and needs a lot of patience from the the parents.


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It's good to know that we do have help treating autistic kids using food and it is also something that any parents will be able to do at home..

Apparently, this program is very widely used not only for autistic kids but to anyone who has leaky gut syndrome.. with just some problem in the gut, it actually affects the body and unfortunately the brain too..

I really do hope that there will be mothers who will read this thread..


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I found that GFCF is very stressful, esp for working parents. Nevertheless still want to give it a try.

Any idea to share on how to stop the milk formula. My son is 3YO this year. Anything that you can recommend to replace the formula. Tried rice milk last week not failed. He didnt like it at all, and also I found that not much nutrition in rice milk too.


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Main nutrition comes from solid food, milk is just a supplement and not the main source of nutrition. The media is doing too much of advertising of how good milk is, when it's actually creating havoc in our body. You will need to reduce his intake to once a day and weaning him completely, it takes time for yr son to get used to rice milk. Do you know that milk does not give yr body calcium but draining it instead?

For more info, pls read this


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Yes, leaky gut is the main problem for all allergies to start with, when the gut is healed, all the allergies will go away.


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I agree with PingPing, a 3YO can and should start getting most of his nutritions from solid food.. Formula isn't "real food".. they are all in powder form which derives from some chemical ingredients.

You can provide calcium to your child from bone broth/soup. This does not require much of your time.. I will post a recipe on how you can cook bone broth a little later..
By the way, bone broth not only provide calcium, it also provides all other minerals too..


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Broth Recipe: Chicken/Beef/Fish Stock

Chicken: 1 whole free-range chicken or 2 to 3 pounds of bony chicken parts
Beef/Pork/Lamb: joints, bones and meat bones
Fish: fins, skins and heads (exclude salmon head)

Other Ingredients:
1 large onion, coarsely chopped
2 carrots, peeled and coarsely chopped

1. Place all ingredients in large pot covered with water
2. Heat up to boiling point
3. Cover and simmer for 3hrs (beef/pork/lamb), 2hrs (chicken), 1.5hrs (fish) - the longer it's cooked, the more they will "give out" to the stock and the more nourishing the stock will be
4. Take bones and meat out and pour stock through a sieve into a separate pan to remove small bones and onions/carrots.

The stock can be frozen or it will keep well in a refrigerator for a least a week.

Bones and joints are particularly important as they enrich the stock with the kind of nourishing substances which meat alone cannot provide.


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My 13 year old son is autistic. We've tried a range of treatment for him. I strongly believe in food intervention cos I tried it with him when all else seems not to be working and there is significant changes. For a start, he was noticeably calmer, which makes learning &amp; teaching easier. Of course following a strict GFCF diet is strenuous. I must confess that I am not a true blue follower, but we manage it within our means. An important thing I learned is that when I am stressed up, my child gets affected. Furthermore, each child is unique in his/her own way, not one formula fits all, so we need to go by trial &amp; error.


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Thanks for sharing.. I totally agree that not one formula fits all as every child is unique..
How is your son so far?
As rice is one of our staple food, it is difficult to follow the strict GFCF diet..
Would you like to share more on what seems to help?


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thanks for the recipe.
I heard that we should not use carrot as carrot is high in salicylates which is no good for ASD.

the reason of getting milk subsitute is that my son is a very picky eater. his main food intake is porridge, bread (GFCF) &amp; milk. So really headache how to stop the milk...

btw anyone know if ikan billis soup is good for them? is it high in mercury?


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Ikan bilis is fine, it's not high in mercury. Big fishes like salmon will hv higher levels of mercury compared to small fishes like ikan bilis. Sesame seeds, japanese seaweeds, kailan and beans etc also hv calcium.


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I'd like to recommend this book "Healing the New Childhood epidemics" by Dr Kenneth Bock.;s=books&amp;qid=1222077694&amp;sr=8-1

You can also borrow it from the National Library.

Dr Bock has treated some autistic children with success. He maintains that the current increase in autism/ADHD/allergies all have the same link, i.e. toxification due to the mercury and aluminum found in vaccines (these heavy metals are used as preservatives for the vaccines).

I don't have a child with autism or ADHD. My toddler has skin allergy (well, trivial compared with autism and ADHD), but I am worried about asthma. So I bought this book to read.

Just thought I'd like to share this book with you.


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Carrots is considered legal.. check out here.. Carrots good for vit. A as well and without enough vit. A, digesitve mucus will not function properly.. Carrot juice when taken in therapeautic amount will aid in detoxification and done in GAPS diet as well..

As for the bread that your child is consuming, is this baked by you at home? The reason for asking is because when it's done outside, the ingredients used may still have detrimental effect on your child and high chances that it may not be GFCF.. best is done by a trusted source.. for example, ingredients like shortening/margerine is a NO-NO for ASD.

Yes, ikan bilis is OK.. you can grind them into powder and add it into your child's porridge too.. also, instead of using water to cook porridge, you can substitute it using the soup.. is he very sensetive to the taste of food?
based on the bristol stool chart, how is his stool and frequency of his bowel like?


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Thanks for sharing.. It's definately a great help..
Eczema and asthma is a sign of leaky gut as well..
Currently what is their diet like?


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Hi de GAPS,

I don't put my toddler on a special diet though. She eats mainly at home, but now she's in childcare so I have no control over what she eats there. But I try not to give her sweets. Sometimes ice cream and chocolate as a treat. She likes home boiled soups with bones so she gets that a lot. But I can't really limit her starch intake from breads and pasta since those are the stuff she would eat.

She's already 2+ years old so I presume her gut has started to close?


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de_Gaps, ping,

burdock -- can cook with porridge too?

his stool is type3. Poo almost everyday.
I'm a cookig idiot, dont know how to cook a decent meal, dont mention to bake the GFCF bread. :p
I bought from a shop open by lady who has an ASD child. The small shop selling GFCF stuff. There is even small bakery to bake their own FGCF bread, donuts &amp; cupcake. And my son loves the bread.
And yes, with your broth recipe, I'm going to make the broth this wkend..
now I'm tyring to see what container i can find to put the extra broth in freezer.
my son not fully GFCF yet (milk is one BIG problem). both hubby &amp; myself working, so we will just have to try and see what we can do for him. In a way i try not to stress myself too. Upon learning abt GFCF diet 2mths ago, I was very very stress.. I kept asking myself why cant I do 100% for him, why this, why that...
now i learn to take 1 step at a time, and learning to provide the best for my son.


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Burdock is a very hardy root vegetable, not very suitable to cook with porridge as I am afraid it's still very hard even cook in porridge (I hv tried it before). If you want to cook it in porridge, I think it's best to grate it so it'll be easier for yr child to eat and digest it.



My son has Autism and is on a GFCF diet. Just to share: You can get GFCF
*bread and wraps from the supermarket at Tanglin (if you don't want to bake bread).
*sauces and stock from organic section in the NTUC at Thomas Plaza. (Actually, many organic shops store a range of GFCF foods - including cereals, pretzels, chocolates)

There are heaps of recepies online for cakes and biscuits, so your kid need not feel deprived. There're also many healthier and easily obtainable sauces to substitute those that are not GFCF friendly.

So, for those Mummies out there, scared off by the thought of the GFCF diet, don't be. I'd be happy to share whatever info I have - just PM me.
Just to clarify, I'm not a professional in this field. I am just a mummy who knows what it feels like to be lost, scared and worried.
Hi Yvonne
Thanks for sharing.

Can u share w me what should my son be avoiding if i wanna introduce GFCF diet ?

Just for your info , i wanted to remove his milk (he is on Friso) and replaced w Pediasure .... but i realised that he is constantly hungry on Pediasure (he kept waking up middle of the night asking for milk !!!) This went on for 2 weeks until i gave up &amp; put him back on Friso ...

Now so far so good (touch wood) he only drinks his usual feed (ie 3 times a day) instead of 6 times a day when he was on Pediasure !

I guess apart from milk, i don't mind knowing what other food i can avoid giving him .... So if you could share w me the food i should avoid giving him , i shall try ... Thanks


Hi Ying Ying!

With the GFCF diet, you basically avoid all things with gluten (found in most flours) and animal milk.

Some commonly found stuff to avoid:
*soy sauce and unfortunately, most regular sauces we have in a Chinese kitchen - can repace with Tamari sauce or Liquid amino (Bragg).
*Butter - Can replce with olive oil or Melrose: Omega Gold Table Spread.
*MSG - it's bad for everyone anyway. Keke
*Regular bread and biscuits - there are gluten free and dairy free versions mainly from organic or health shops.
*Noodles - unless its noodles made from rice or beans.

Some brands you can look out for:
*Glutino - their pretzels are the best (good replacement for biscuits)
*Orgran - they carry gluten free flours (so you can make your own breads and cakes), pasta and bicuits.

Some commonly found stuff you CAN eat/ drink:
*All fruits and vege (without added sauces)
*Rice/ Porridge (without sauces to avoid)
*Chee Chong Fun - I sometimes cut them up into strips and cook as noodles.
*Carrot cakes and yam cakes (double check ingrediants for sauces and whatever extra ingrediants that may have been added - most are ok.)
*Fish floss or meat floss (Check ingrediants for those using fish sauce instead of soy sauce)
*Kallo Organic - they carry stock cubes that make cooking soups and making sauces a breeze.
*Certain brands of potato chips - (check ingrediants)

To wean from cow's milk:
I swapped my son from full cream milk to soy milk in stages - adding more soy milk and less cow's milk over about 2 weeks, till he gots used to the taste.

Additional supplements (check that they are GFCF):
*Fish oil (look for one with omega 3, 6 and 9 - for total brain devt)
*Calcium (may not be enough from soy or rice milk)
*Acidophilus (helps body absorb nutrients and keeps intestianl system healthy)
*Multivites (just incase)

Sounds like a lot to absorb, but start in stages. I eliminated milk/ dairy products first and got rid of gluten two weeks later. In the course of a year, I turned from someone who does not know how to switch on an oven to someone who can whip up a batch of cookies and pizza from scratch in fifteen mins (not entirely delicious but very eatable!).

Something to take note of:
If you find that there's no difference after 3 months or so on the diet, might want to rethink the diet. Heard it doesn't help some people. I personally saw difference in my son within a week. His tanturms dropped drastically. Sometimes, now, his little sister would innocently share her GFCF non-friendly food with my son and I would see a difference in his behaviour within a day.

Good luck trying the diet!
THanks Yvonne

WOW yes indeed . definitely sounds like a lot ...
BTW how old is your son now ?

I might try replacing the milk with Pediasure again... and then slowly introduce the diet... Yes i did hear it doesn't work on some ASD kids.... u know Choo Kah Ying (the author of the book "RAISING SEBASTIEN") she is single mom who raise her son Sebastien (now 13 year old)....she wrote this book to share her encounters w ASD and how she brings up Sebastien ... if i remember correctly, she wrote that GFCF diet didn't work for her son (in fact her son became more cranky &amp; temperamental w the introduction of GFCF diet) Of course she clarified that while it didn't work on her son , it might work for others so she did not stop anyone from trying....

I would like to give it a go again ... Thanks v much for sharing...if along the way u think of anything my son can or cannot eat (in accordance to GFCF diet) do let me know. Thanks

BTW i checked w my maids - they don't use Soy sauce but they use Teriyaki sauce - is Teriyaki sauce ok? Thanks
hi mummies, u may want to join the yahoo groups "shoulders". it is an active forum for parents with ASD kids. very informative and updated
hi sophie
Many Thanks .
Can i ask - is it a forum ???
I don't see any forum lei - to me all i see is emails after emails - i don't know how to participate i just keep deleting emails!! I was going to ask Jac to remove me until i saw your posting here ...maybe u can help me..

is there any "settings" i need to take note of to ensure it is "forum-format" like the SMH ?

Thanks again


Hi Ying Ying!

Most Teriyaki sauces are not gluten free. Have to check the ingredients for the brand you're using. Most of the time, if the item is gluten and dairy free, they will state it down somewhere - especially so with food items from US.

How's your son's diet coming along? There's this book - Special diet for special kids - that might be helpful to you. This lady who has a kid with Autism put it together. It comes with what to expect and do when you go on GFCF diet, also contains recipes that are ok.


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Hi Yvonne

Thanks so much for sharing... I am actually trying different GFCF products now and plan to put my son under the full GFCF diet soon. The info you gave helped a lot. Just want to know.. what brand of soy milk did you give your son? Are eggs ok for them? Thanks.


Hi sab!

Am giving Unisoy to my boy most of the time now. It uses non-modified soyabeans, so guess that's healthier.

Eggs by itself are ok for GFCF diet. Casein is the protein from animal milk, so any product without that is fine.

I bought this book - Special Diets For Special Kids by Lisa Lewis when I first started out on the GFCF diet and found it helpful. Might want check it out cos it contains some recipes that will come in handy when you need to prepare meals.
I've been studying on the nutrition for hyperactive kids and this article is rather comprehensive on the symptoms, drugs available and nutritional therapy.

In the article, flax oil has been identified to reduce hyperactivity in children because of the Omega-3 fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids. A growing body of scientific literature is helping parents and doctors better understand the link between fatty acids and behavioral disorders such as ADHD. The ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (such as arachidonic acid) seems especially important. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseed oil and cold water fish. In the typical Western diet, we tend to consume more omega-6 fatty acids relative to omega-3 fatty acids. The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids has been shown to influence the development of neurotransmitters and other chemicals that are essential for normal brain function. Increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to reduce the tendency toward hyperactivity among children with ADHD (Haag M 2003).

The only flax oil available in Singapore and suitable for kids consumption is the Barleans Omega Swirl Flax Oil from PomeFresh. Its strawberry flavour is very palatable and my son loves it! My son is a very fussy eater, so luckily he is fine eating the flax oil. He has been taking for about 2 months now and I do see improved behaviour. He can sit down for longer periods of time and his writing has also improved. I'm also trying to see how I can improve his intake of zinc, magnesium and Vit B6.


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Can anyone tell me abt the shampoo and shower gels, like must we change the Shampoo and shower gel to a specific kind ?



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hi mummies

re: GCFC diet

Can u share your child's ASD traits &amp; behv before &amp; after starting the diet?

I think this will help other mummies to decide if the diet will work for their child.

I'm a therapist.

From my limited experience, special diets may help some children who have food intolerance &amp; other allergies such as eczema, asthma, allergic rhinitis (perennial running nose, incl itchy skin, eyes, nose, skin). Other symptoms of a child with food intolerance incl bowel problems (constipation or loose stools on a regular basis), gas, stomach cramps, poor sleep due to stuffy nose or itchy skin, etc.

benefits -
a) parents of young non-verbal children may report some benefits.
b) most parents of high functioning children who are verbal don't report any benefit.

The hypothesis is when a child is in better health and comfort &amp; has better sleep/rest, it is easier to teach and communicate with him. There is a marked improvement in function for some children. Put simply, a child with ASD and colic/allergic rhinitis and limited lg ability, tend to be more rigid, prone to tantrums.

For children who are already verbal or able to understand lg well, there is not much difference. For them, quality of therapy matters more than diets.

For children with itchy or dry skin, you may want to consider switching to non-soap cleansers such QV wash. It works better than most organic soaps which still have soap. I have seen some children finally sit still after switching to this cleanser. One of my clients used to pinch and scratch his body. He has sensitive nose and was on special diet for 1-2 yrs. There was no improvement in cog or lg function except better health &amp; somewhat better attn (as he wasn't distracted by his scratching).

take care!


Hi Ping!
Am mummy to 5 yo with Autism. He was diagnosed at 2 plus ( was told then to place him in special ed school) and I started him on the GFCF diet almost immediately after. Before the diet, he was able to understand lg but was lagging behind his peers in speech. He was also super hyperactive and had several meltdowns a day. He was asthmatic with a nose that was constantly dripping.

Within a week of the diet, his tantrums disappeared, his nose dried up and his therapists reported marked improvements in his ability to focus.

A year after being on GFCF diet, he was discharged by doc at kkh for asthma. His speech also improved. And, in the mainstream kindy he attends, he is able to follow the lessons and give me accounts of things that happened when he gets home. His form teacher also reported his ability to stand up for his friends who were bullied in class.

I am sure all the progress were NOT the result of GFCF diet alone cos he's got great speech and occupational therapists working 3 sessions with him per week concurrently. But I am sure the diet plays a part. Whenever he gets contaminated with food containing milk or gluten, his teachers and therapists will complain about him being sleepy and cranky. We'd also see unreasonable demands from him at home.

I hope this info is of help to u.


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hi Yvonne mummy,

thks for sharing!

I hope the info is of help to other mummies as I feel parents should be discerning in trying out alternative therapies.

I'm a very "allergic-prone" person &amp; also have food intolerance. But my ENT doc frames the problem differently. I did a food skin prick test.

I agree that ASD children with asthma &amp; related condtns can benefit fr special diets.

Most parents seem to share aspects &amp; results of the diet rather than medical condtn, which affects sleep, attn &amp; child's behv, incl rigidity &amp; tantrums. I hope more mummies will consider their child's underlying medical condtn b4 deciding on special diets.

The well-known "allergens" are gluten &amp; casein. There are other foods which trigger allergic rhinitis, asthma, gastritis or IBS, which in turn cause poor sleep, hyperactivity, crankiness, low thresholds for change in a child with ASD who also happen to have SIDS. Somehow, antihistamines don't help.

Special diets can't cure obsessions for children who are verbal. A healthy child can tolerate change/flexibility to a larger extent &amp; learn better.

Just wanted to highlight this


Does it mean that my girl has to stop her milk now if she has slight ASD? Because the polyclinic nurse say she isn't drinking enough milk and it's important to continue because of the DHA for the brain development.


Hi faith777! Your girl doesn't have to stay away from milk because of ASD, unless she's allergic to it or if u r putting her on the GFCF diet. If she's on GFCF diet, there are substitutes for cow's milk and also supplements to make up for what will be left out in a cow-milk free diet.


Thanks Yvonne, someone replied told me can go on pediasure is glutten free but problem is my daughter finds it too sweet i think so I have to mix with other brands. Yeah i'm to follow the GFCF diet and cut down the bread.


Hi faith777! How old is your girl? If milk is no longer her main source of food, u can try other sources of milk - almonds, soy, rice, hazelnut, etc. Was advices to alternate so my son gets a variety of vitamins. I've also been told to supplement omega 3,6 n 9 for brain devt. If you r trying to avoid gluten in bread, there are some gluten free versions (though most taste dry) or u can try to get bread from spelt or other low gluten grains. Those are not really GF, but have a lower amount of gluten in them than regular bread.


my girl is 3+. she doesn't like nuts and don't like cod liver oil even in orange flavour. Thanks I will look for supplements hopefully she will take. didn't see any stated low gluten on bread labels.. how old is your kid and did he or she improve from GFCF diet?


Hi faith777! Cedele carries bread that's has low gluten content so does Swiss bake. U have to check with the staff to make sure it's milk free too. My kid's turning 6 soon. He's been on GFCF since 3yo. We were very strict with the diet in the beginning n saw results in a week- no tantrums. Once in a while now we'd "contaminate" him w low gluten items and we'd see him go cranky for couple of days. Last year, we sent him for allergy testing and he did register intorlerence to gluten and milk. So guess that's probably why the diet actually works for him.


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Hi All,

I've a boy turning 4 in a few months. I've recently been told by his nursery teacher that he lacks writing skills and attention span is rather short for his age. He was behind all his classmates.

I've brought him to KKH for assessments and therapies when he was 2 as i've noticed that he just seemed to be a little different from a 'regular' child. He has even been 'discharged' by OT that he seems to be coping along fine, albeit low muscle tone around his jaw.

After hearing from his nursery teacher, the worried, scared and lost ME began frantically researching on the net for info and both my hubby and myself think he's mildly autistic/aspergers though KKH ruled out autism.

I'm quite lost and doesn't know where to begin...

Can anyone help me on what they do at SLT &amp; OT. I was told we can do it at home for SLT. Is it a wise thing to do? If not, anyone can recommend good and reasonably priced therapists?

Thanks in advance!


Hi LostMom! OT will be able to identify the areas your kid has prob w and recommend the necessary exercises to help. My son's OT recommended chewing exercises (non-sugared bubble gum or anything that requires lots of chewing), bubble blowing, blowing balloons n whistles to help muscle tone in mouth area. For writing, we got loads of coloring books, tracing and pattern drawing books for him to practice. He was also made to write a page of alphabets a day to help train his writing skills. You may want to start with crayons before moving onto pencils cos they take less effort.

I started off spending half an hour everyday, engaging my boy with singing, reading and doodling- slowly increased to an hour - to build his attention span. Was told his inability to sit still was cos his weak muscle tone. It simply took too much effort to hold his body in place to stay still. OT did lots of balancing, coordination exercises. We supplemented by bringing him for wall climbing, to the playground, running n swimming. Once the kid's muscle tone improves, his attention span will too.

You can do most of the stuff yourself, but it may help to get an OT for at least a couple of sessions to pinpoint the problematic areas.

You can PM me if there's anything I may be able to help u with. All the best!


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I was looking at it too. I read about it, and discovered, it really depend on what is the condition of your child before you decide if you want to take part of this method. You can DIY if u have time. Are u a sthm?


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Hi all,
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