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Anyone with headache or migraine problem?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by mylittlecloset79, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Any mummies suffering from headache or migraine? Im having headache since last week. The headache comes on and off... Have seen the doctor and the doctor prescribes me some medication and ask me to rest as it is probably due to stress....

    Does headache last so long? I'm worried... Please advice...

  2. haahoos_star

    haahoos_star Member

    I'm suffering from migraine for years now. Sometime the pain is too terrible, I'll throw out and the pain gone..if not, I'll take pain killer. Recently I found out that one type of pain killer is super effective to cure migraine blue. It's blue but I forget what is the name of that pain killer but when I ask this medicine from a new doctor, he'll comment that the medicine is very strong. But that is the only pain killer that works for my migraine
  3. joycelinsg

    joycelinsg New Member

    For me, pain in the head & neck areas when under stress. Better start small with pain relief medication cos if the body gets accustomed to it, the dose has to be bigger & bigger for effect. Afterall, it's only symptomatic, not remedy.
  4. sotong1209

    sotong1209 Member

    I believe the blue medicine is Synflex. I also take that for bad migraine.
  5. Lambi

    Lambi Well-Known Member

    me too, have been suffering from migraine since young..(i had a fall and hit the back of my neck when younger) so whenever pain comes (which mostly it's due to lack of sleep and neck tensions/stress) i'll take panadol and apply lotsa medicated oil on the part + massage/pinch the neck area and go to bed/nap..usually go away ..maybe you gals can try it..
  6. dadof4

    dadof4 New Member

    I will take actifast so far quite effective but still want to find remedy.
  7. tulips12

    tulips12 Member

    Synflex for me.. I always have with me wherever i go. Noise, lightings and anything sausage/bacon will cause migraine for me.
  8. elmobn

    elmobn Member

    mummies .... synflex to consume on long run not good for health. actually any medicine also the same cannot consume on long term.

    i m sharing based on personal experience.

    i used to have migraine often due to
    -lack of sleep
    - my serious sinus

    i used to take supplements, chcken essense, also not much diff.

    but after i started taking high purity peptides, my sinus gone, migraine also gone.

    i m very happy becoz i feel healthier too.

    feel free to ask questions
  9. nemo88

    nemo88 New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I have my migraine when my menses almost come. My colleague recommended suppliment to me "TANAKA" quite effective. You can't get in Singapore Pharmacy only JB Pharmacy available. Selling RM 35-40/box contain 30 tablets.

    After I finished one box I felt better and my migraine never come again. Recently, I went to another pharmacy wanted to get another box of TANAKA but the auntie recommend me to take THOMSON Gingko Extract 40mg but I found not as good as TANAKA.

    Just share my experinces with you guys...
  10. babak

    babak Member

    I am wearing compression socks to relieve migraine and headache. It works pretty fast without pop any painkiller.
  11. september

    september Active Member

    Yes, medicine on long term is no good for our body and basically it will nv cure the problem. However, there are supplements that can help cure ur problem. U can pm me for more details.
  12. moorspa7

    moorspa7 Member

    Try essential oils. I had a headache last night. I drip 1-2 drops of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, and 1 drop of peppermint essential oil onto tissue paper and inhale a few times. My headache starts to subside. My headache is due to lack of sleep.

    If you don't hv peppermint essential oil, lavender and eucalyptus radiata will do. Hope this helps.

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