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Anyone with child having hole in the heart

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by jackiejon, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. jackiejon

    jackiejon Active Member

    I just want to check whether anyone out there have any kid with hole in the heart?

  2. bellybutton

    bellybutton Member

    hi jackiejon,
    i know of a friend whose baby was borne of this condition.
    may i ask why you're asking this question?
  3. jackiejon

    jackiejon Active Member

    Hi BellyButton

    The reason why I am asking is because I am trying for a 2nd child and wants to know whether what is the risk of having the 2nd child having hole in the heart. My 1st child was born with this condition.

    Does anyone know anybody who have child with hole in the heart but the other children in the family does not have?
  4. bellybutton

    bellybutton Member

    hi jackiejon,
    the friend that i know whose bb had this condition, unfortunately, the bb passed away after 10 months due to other complications not relating to the heart.

    so sorry to hear about your 1st child, but did you ask your gynae how the condition came about? is it due to a chromosomal or genetic abnormality? and is the condition a sporadic occurance?

    you should perhaps consult a gynae that specialise in fetal maternal medicine (fetal assessment of abnormality, high risk pregnancies), they would be able to offer you more insight and if the problem is really genetic, they would even do blood test and trace your family history etc etc. And if you are pregnant with your 2nd child, they are able to perform complex obstetric scans to look out for any such abnormality at an early stage.

    If you want, i can recommend my gynae to you, he is very experienced in this field.

    my bb also had some abnormalities which was detected early, i also saw many gynaes in this field, so my advice to you is to seek help from such specialists.
  5. jackiejon

    jackiejon Active Member

    Dear BellyButton

    Thanks for replying me :)

    I am not pregnant at the moment.

    Can I know who is your gynae and where is his clinic?

    What happen to your child? Is he/she alright now?
  6. bellybutton

    bellybutton Member

    my gynae is Dr Henry Cheng. he has 2 clinics - one at Bishan 65527377, the other at glenE - 64732533

    his charges are very reasonable, even cheaper than many of the non-specialist gynaes. no harm dropping by to see him even if you're not yet pregnant. just tell him your history and that you're planning for a 2nd child. i'm sure he'll be able to help you and clear many of your doubts.

    my baby was diagnosed with multi cystic left kidney, severe intra-uterine growth restriction on top of severe oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid). in the end, dr Henry advised me to terminate my pregnancy and start again, which i did last week and is now recuperating at home. heartwrenching decision, but we believe it's for the good of our little angel.

    so is your first child ok now?
  7. gisele

    gisele New Member

    Hi Jackiejon

    My sis is born with a hole in her heart and rest of us (5 sisters) are ok.
  8. spongme

    spongme New Member

    Hi, Jackiejon,

    My hb is the 2nd child, he was born with hole in heart. His 3 other siblings are ok.
  9. jackiejon

    jackiejon Active Member

    Hi BellyButton

    He is okie now. He had his operation to close the hole in his heart when he was 1 1/2 years old.

    I just dont want to go through it again after what he had gone through. I dont think I can accept it if the doctor is going to tell me that my 2nd child will also have a hole in the heart.

    When he was in the hospital, there were so many tubes go through his body. Its really heart breaking when we first saw him being pushed out of the operation theater. Now he has a big scar at his chest but we told him he is a very brave boy to go through such a major operation at his age.

    He was actually born with 2 holes in his heart but 1 of them closed when he was about 4 months old.
    Hi Gisele

    Did your sister had any operation done to patch up the hole? Does she has any kid of her own?
    Hi Spongme

    Do you have any child on your own?
  10. gisele

    gisele New Member

    Hi Jackiejon

    That happened about 30 years ago and medical was not so advance then. There were no operations available and she passed away when she was 12 years old.
  11. jackiejon

    jackiejon Active Member

    Hi Gisele

    I sorry to hear that.

  12. spongme

    spongme New Member

    Hi, Jackiejon,

    My hb went for operation when he was 7 (20+ years ago), together with another boy. He survived, but the boy didn't. He still has the scar, it'll always be a part of him, but he's very thankful he's the one who lived.

    We r expecting our bb now, hv no idea whether bb's heart is ok or not. If you don't mind, may I ask u when did u discover yr child has hole in heart? After birth or during pregnancy?
  13. gisele

    gisele New Member

    Hi Jackiejon

    It's ok...dun worry. May God Bless your family and take care!
  14. ohmig0sh

    ohmig0sh Active Member

    Hi Jackiejon,
    My younger brother has a hole in heart..i don't (not that i know of).
    No surgery done...although i think the drs almost wanted to operate on him at 1st. But i think it slowly closed on its own. But he was followed up for a few years in hospitals. Now he's fitter than me!
  15. bellybutton

    bellybutton Member


    does anyone know what causes holes in the heart? i din know that they can actually close on their own too!

    jackiejon, i think if you want to have another child, choose a good gynae that specalise in complex obstetrics scans. they will be able to detect any abnormality in the heart in early stages and can give you a peace of mind.

    and if your fears come true, you still have the option to terminate the pregnancy if you dun want your bb to suffer..
  16. jackiejon

    jackiejon Active Member

    Hi Spongme

    We discovered our son having hole in the heart when he was about 1 week old while he was still in the hospital.
    Hi BellyButton

    I have not idea but they can actually close on their own. My son was born with not one but two. When he was about 4 months old, one of the hole closed but the 2nd one did not.

    It also depend where the hole is located. If it is near the valves, most of the time you will need an operation to close up the hole.

    My son is still seeing his doctor @ KKH even though he had done his operation last September. He only needs to see him once a year.

  17. bellybutton

    bellybutton Member

    Hi Jackiejon,

    i'm glad to hear that your boy is doing well after the op and that he only needs to see the doctor once a year.

    understand that there'd always be fear that such things may happen again in your next pregnancy, so it's important to get a good gynae and tell him or her your problems so he can look out for you during the antenatal scans.

    all the best!
  18. mummy_bs

    mummy_bs New Member

    Hi Jackiejon,

    I perfectly understand what you have gone through! my 2nd son have a big hole in the heart, AVSD, yours is ASD or VSD? We lost him when he was about 4 months old, those hospital scenes..... I know the pain you have gone through...

    The good news is, my other children, I have another 3 boys! are perfectly fine and healthy, I have gone through the stage of worrying during pregnancy but later learn to put my faith and trust in the Lord, reduce the risk to the lowest by having a healthy diet and have plenty of rest, since you need to take care of the elder one too.

    I also strongly agree with BellyButton, a good GYNAE is a must!!
  19. jackiejon

    jackiejon Active Member

    Hi Mummy Bs

    My son was born with AVSD. Fortunately, his ASD closed when he was about 4 months old while his VSD did not. He had an operation at KKH last Sept to close up the VSD.

    By the way, who was yr gynae after yr 2nd son? Can you recommend me as I am planning to have a 2nd child?
  20. mummy_bs

    mummy_bs New Member

    Hi Jackiejon,

    Great to know that he is well now, it must be very hard on you. Will pray for him that he continue to grow in good health, may God bless you and your little boy.

    Mr Gynae is Dr HK Ho from Mt A. There is a thread under this section and you can go and "discover" more there [​IMG]. He is great but a bit expensive.
  21. cutepanda

    cutepanda New Member

    Hi everyone here ^_^

    I m born with a hole in the heart. Am still single, in my thirties. I m the only one in the family that has the condition, my bro and 3 sisters r normal.

    My grandma also have a hole in her heart and the same for my cousin. Grandma have 11 kids in total and she is now 92yo.

    My parents discovered it when i was abt 4yo as i turn blue on one occasion. No operation needed for me as the docs can't detect the hole. I still have triggers of palpitation on and off since young til now. No strenous exercise.

    Just want to share my experience with u here. To all mums here and mums to be, may GOD blessed you and your family. I know how worrying it can be for my mum, dad and family all these years.

    To mummies who have kids like my condition, it is best for them to stay off caffeine-related products like tea, coffee, chocolates, coke, etc. It is what the doc told my mum when she found out abt me. It is also what my cardiologist told me. Also, to stay off nicotine. ^_^
  22. jackiejon

    jackiejon Active Member

    Dear Sabrina

    Nice to hear about your story.

    May I know who is your cardiologist?

    My son's cardiologist is @ KKH.

  23. cutepanda

    cutepanda New Member

    Hi Jackiejon

    I m from Melaka. My cardiologist is with Pantai Medical Centre, Melaka. He is my family doctor.

    Should have stated it in the earlier post. My apology.
  24. mumof3

    mumof3 New Member


    sorry to hear about your babies having hole in the heart.
    I myself have hole in heart, VSD. I was borned with it. long time ago medical is not advanced, thus treatment is very limited.
    I gone thru normal schooling, except I can't participate in eca, strenous pe (just a light warm up exercise can). my parents worried that my heart can't take it. I so frustrated I dun bother, I went gentle swimming, slowly it build up my heart condition.

    today, my hole is smaller and I go for checkup once every two to three years. I am a mother of three, all my girls are borned normal healthy kids.

    My cardiologist is dr koh keng thye. he was previously from nuh but now he is in tths.

    all mothers here whose kids have hole in heart, vsd, dun worri with right treatment, your child will be fine.
  25. yenchern

    yenchern New Member

    My son is now 2yrs 4mths, he was found with 2 smaller & 1 bigger holes in his heart 2nd day he was born. He isn't premature but wt only 2.14kg and I was upset bec I could only see him for the 1st time 48hrs after he was born as I was forced to accept a c-section due to lack of oxygen for my son.

    May I know are all babies with the above problem born small like my son?
  26. sasha4real

    sasha4real Member

    Hi Yenchern,
    My twins were born premature at 29wks and both had holes in the heart. They were given 3 doses of medication (cant remember wat its called) to help close the hole. To date, my elder twin is alright, his hole closed by the 2nd dosage so he was ok upon discharged. My younger twin still has a small hole which KKH is monitoring.

    My youngest bro who was born abt 5yrs ago also has a hole in the heart. Like your son, he was also of low birth weight. I am not sure wat actually causes a baby to be born wt a hole in the heart whether its prematurity or low birth weight.

    Your story is very heartwarming. Sometimes when my younger twin cries, there wont be any noise and his lips wld start turning blue. It can get quite scary at times so I pray he gets better soon. Thanks for your advises!

    As mentioned above, my youngest bro had a hole in the heart. I hv 2 other younger brothers and like me, we were all born normal.
  27. rebeccaloos

    rebeccaloos New Member

    Hi Mummy Bs,

    just wanted to find out did your son passed away during surgery? What was the cause? sorry to ask this.....
  28. are

    are Member

    hey victoria... every hole in the heart is different, & may not be fatal. they are usually so minor that no need surgery. my baby has fallots tetralogy (3-4 problems w her heart) but she has been pink for the past 2 years. *touch wood* [​IMG]. the docs would like to do corrective surgery on her soon. they are confident of 98% success rate, but the risk is always the complications after the op. my ger has other problems so her risk is very much higher.
  29. patsy_sg

    patsy_sg New Member

    are: my daughter also has fallots tetralogy, she's turning 1 in 2 weeks time! she's had one temporary surgery already and will be going in for an angiogram in november! will pray for your daughter's continued recovery!
  30. rebeccaloos

    rebeccaloos New Member

    Hi Patsy,

    don't worry. Just continue to pray hard. God closes one door and opens up another. Such conditions are usually related to chromosonal problems such as down syndrome, digeorge syndrome, thomas syndrome etc.... but of coz there are cases when babies' problems lies only with the heart and not anything else....

    Has anyone heard of digeorge syndrome?
  31. jackiejon

    jackiejon Active Member


    Thanks for all the replied messages.

    I have just given birth to a healthy normal baby gal (2nd child) in October 2006 and just started work after 3 months of maternity leave.

  32. kkf

    kkf Active Member

    very inspriring jackie. My boy has moderate hole in heart and went thru surgery to patch up too. Currently he is 3 years old.

    I am pregnant now, and worry about my little gal, whether she will have hole in heart. i hope she will be born healthy like your gal!
  33. adaline

    adaline Member

    My elder son has 2 holes in the heart-vsd. It's near the valves. But currently he only need to go for checkup once a year.
  34. vanilla_pod_2

    vanilla_pod_2 Active Member

    hi any mummies whose child had gone thru open heart surgery, can pls advise me abt it? Thanks
  35. are

    are Member

    hey vanilla... my child is going for open heart surgery on 18 mar... would you like to pm me and i update you later on?
  36. cicilia

    cicilia New Member

    My boy is 2 mnths 2 wks old, new PD said he might have hole which hasn't closed up yet.
    Prev 2 PD and 1 PD in hospital did not mentioned anything abt this, and they did thorough check up. Should I wait a while and seek a second opinion before going to Heart Specialist?
    My first born also diagnosed with murmur when she was born, but was ok at 6 wks and later check up. Anyone with similar experience?
  37. cicilia

    cicilia New Member

    after reading all the thread, just notice my son was born with low birth weight 2.1 at 38 wks as well. Now his weight gain v slow almost 5 months only 4.9 kg. He is drinking fine as I know I have plenty of bm and feeding on demand.
    I just check the internet as to why the slow weight gain, and one of the reason is congenital heart defect.
    I am going to check up again.
    Anyone with similar experience?
    What is the max age the hole in the heart can close without surgery, anyone?
  38. vanilla_pod_2

    vanilla_pod_2 Active Member

    hi lia - my son was born w multiple holes in the heart and was of low weight - 2.69kg. His weigt gain was v slow even though at 1 week he did banding... at a pt in time his weight gin per day is just 10g... he can suckle and tired out v easily... he sighs alot.. catches alot of breathes -- like he just climbed mt everest.... it is v common for heart prob bb to have low weight gain.

    Ur son is not too bad. his weight gain on av is 18g per day..and normal bb is 20-30g.

    there is no max age thehole in the heart can close wout surgery - it is a v complicated issue -- firstly it depends what heart condition the bb has. a visit w the cardiologist will allow u to have a better idea and a better comfort what to expect. The cardiologist can advise if surgery is required and if so, when a surgery is needed.

    U can see Dr KY Wong at KKH. He is the best in town. I like him v much and he is my son's doc. We see him at his Mt E clinic (private) instead cos we worrying abt Q at KKH.
  39. rosabella

    rosabella New Member

    My younger brother hav this condition, he undergo operation to mend his heart when he is ard 1 yr old... he is always smaller n weaker than others , when young he is always sickly...he is a v.sweet child tough... now he is 26 yr old, v.active n well ... run marathon n v.sociable. in army he's Pes C . but really, he is very normal n good now..
  40. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    What abt preemie with hole in the heart, doc said will close by itself..issit true..
  41. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    Until they are born, yes - it allows the blood to bypass the lungs since all oxygen comes from the placenta via mom, not from breathing air. There is an umbilical vein and artery that also has to be closed upon delivery along with the hole in the heart, usually they close automatically upon delivery.

    Antibiotics do not close it, they prevent infection - closure sometimes is delayed and happens without intervention, others occur only with surgery, most of us had our holes close at birth - it's the normal manner.

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