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Any Flying mothers around?

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by les_petite_thing, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. les_petite_thing

    les_petite_thing New Member

    Care to share how do you or who to take care of yr bb while you hv to go to work?

  2. babypony

    babypony New Member

    Maids, not the best choice but guess tat's the only way now.
  3. les_petite_thing

    les_petite_thing New Member

    How abt yr husband? Is he also a flying father too?
    How long had you hv the maid b4 you decided to leave yr baby with the maid and to go back to work?
  4. m2be

    m2be New Member

    Hi there,
    Mind me asking how old is your bb now? Anyway I have a few flying mothers who are still waiting for reply from co.
  5. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    Hi J&S,

    My bb is abt 10mths. Wat abt yr friends' bb? Heard there was a few being called back last yr around Sept / Oct.
  6. m2be

    m2be New Member

    Yeah last year during Oct there was an intake for flying mothers but only one batch. More to Fss and only few Lss. My gf's daughter is bout 3 months now. She is an Lss, last heard from her last month is that the co yet to reply. But I thk chances are higher for Fss as there was an advert for it last month.

    Wow so you have been taking care of you bb for 10months huh. How do you adapt? Am also contemplating on whether I should go back aft delivery too. Just not sure how to cope when bb comes.
  7. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    Hi J&S,

    I still hv not adapt to it yet.... Almost every nite I dream of Jap flt.[​IMG] My last dream was I was in LA.

    Yap, the last of LSS consist of 3+ series. Are you in blue or green?

    Me having a prob, if I go back now, nobody helps me to take care of bb. Knowing that our Co allows us to be on ground till 2 yrs before we can apply to go back. Just keeping my fingers cross that they don't call me so early. Hopefully I can drag till next yr new yr.

    I do understand how you feel. At times I also hv the same feeling. Was feeling like if I go back, can't see baby how is he doing, what happen if he falls ill when Im on a long flt....
  8. morraine

    morraine New Member

    hi ladies.. ware u all saw the ad for recruitment of flying mothers? tot they dun wan to recruit already? den will we be having long flts or onli turnarounds? [​IMG]
  9. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    <font color="0000ff">Morraine</font>, When was that ad? Wat did it say?
  10. morraine

    morraine New Member

    les petite

    no lar.. im not the one who mentioned i saw tat ad.. it was J&S hence im asking if anyone of u saw tat ad.
  11. xsun

    xsun Member

    hello flying mothers,
    R u guys still active in tis thread?
    Any1 went back flying alredy?

    im one of those still within the 2yrs 'break'.

    Great to chance upon this thread.
  12. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    <font color="0000ff">Sungrapes</font>, Welcome!

    Nope yet... When is yr 2yrs 'break' up? Are you going back?

    *M1 now taking in P/T crew.
    *CX looking 4 Sin base crew- HKG & CMB flt only.
    *SQ interview comimg this JUL.
  13. woofwoof

    woofwoof New Member

    hi ladies,

    great to see this thread!

    i also one of those on 2yr break.
    now, my DS is 7mth old.
    left SQ in 06 feb as FSS.
  14. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    WoofWoof & Sungrapes,

    Do you intend to go back to SQ?
  15. xsun

    xsun Member

    hello mummies,

    I quit Apr 06. My bb boy now cmg 4mths.

    For sake of $$$ i'll probably hav to go back. I left abt 9mths b4 my 10th yr graduity. Cos u noe evbody say crew very hard to get preg after flying for so long rite?. So i kiasu, try for bb earlier..who noes 1st time try kena alredy!

    But my figure still cannot make it leh! Big ass and tummy, still got 4kg to lose. My other frends all got back their figure liao. Ex team gal went back flying and the other juz went for the interview. They very faithful abt binding maybe. I juz plain lazy, nv bind cos so uncomfortable and i had c-section oso.

    Juz received the application form for flying mothers, sitting on it cos very SIAN thinking abt gg back.

    Heard next training is in June.

    Woof n petite,How r u guys coping with being mummies? Can wake up for nite feedings? I cannot lor, cos u noe our lifestyle last time so 'nuah'. Sleep whole day and body clock all haywire. I think i still following States time man!

    This thread is a godsend. My 9mths pregnancy was a nitemare..I was so BORED and BROKE, am still broke now. Miss 21st of every mth.

    cant imagine doing only HKG n CMB..can die. Reach home oso no mre energy to play with bb.
    Hv u found solution as to who taking care of ur bb wen u go back? on long flts, away for a wk so long sure will miss bb very much. Any1 thinking of being SAHM?
  16. maymay84

    maymay84 New Member

    Hi ladies,

    I quitted a year ago as i was getting married n trying for a baby thinking of goin back now... anyone has any idea how to go bout it?

    Do we go for interview like the rest or we have to contact the company?
  17. maymay84

    maymay84 New Member

    Hi les_petite_chose (petite_chose),

    M1 is which airline? anyway thanks for the info... went to apply for CX le.. wonder wat their benefits are like and the workin hours...
  18. woofwoof

    woofwoof New Member

    hello mummies,
    i am coping well as a mummy, i guess. my son now sleeps thru for most nites... only once in a while wakes up early 5/6am for a feed. my MIL is taking care of him... both day and nite. i know, lucky me. my DS is my MIL's darling.

    i am working already in an office. in a dilemma whether to go back SQ a not. Husband not supportive of the idea. so once i delivered, i started looking for grd job... trying to adapt in case cannot go back flying. only one income very 'siong'. u mummies sure know what it means.

    after working on grd for abt 6 months... DH, DS and i had formed a routine... weekends go shopping or swimming, visit friends, go makan, etc. DH on 9-5 job, if i go back flying, he will be w DS alone during weekends and holidays. u know we crew cannot chose roster- only fly during weekdays.

    another thing that MIL and DH told me that made me wonder should i go back is - DS will start to look for me when i come home late. though he can't talk, his eyes will fix on my room door and main door... throws tantrums... refuse milk...

    heard frm another crew in another forum-bayb, there is a batch in dec this yr for returning mothers. u mummies may want to look out for it.
  19. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    Now this thread is getting hotter aridi. Tks alots for keeping us occupied.

    <font color="0000ff">Sungrapes</font>,I am like you. Don't like the binding at all. Always takeing it out. V uncomfortable. Even after massage, I straight away go and bath. Took me abt 1 yr to go back almost mt actual weigth. Still want to lose somemore. But having pro with w tummy & Bums.

    My HB wans me to go back, so bb and him can go for FOC holiday.

    Yap. I 'cried' when I resigned. Cos no income. Lots of C/O don't want to take you in. Applied for the promoter in The DFS for 3 weeks, they turn me dw- reasons: they scare I can't cope due to pregnancy. Wat a joke! Lots of bills to pay.

    Manage to find out abt Yahoo auctions and start selling all my things(esp from Overseas,Hello Kitty, etc...) just to earn some $$$ to buy ice-cream. [​IMG]

    Thinking of going back, but nobody to take care of bb. Was thinking of getting a maid- last resort. Still planning and thinking.

    <font color="0000ff">WoofWoof</font>, At least now you hv a ground job. Why don't you just stick to it? Is better for long run, incase you are planning 4 a 2nd bb. Go back SQ, later got to resign again , no $$$. Lucky you got yr MIL to take care of your bb.

    Got the link for the Bayb on SQ?

    Yap, Dec is not the training, Is the interview. But not comfirm yet. Might postpone be early next yr. Thats wat the staff told me.

    <font color="0000ff">Lee</font>, If you were to go back SQ, got to reapply again. Cos you did not quit due to pregnancy. They will hv to see case by case before accepting you in (either to maintain S/N or start anew). Can call up and check with them.

    Let us now how was the CX interview and the benefits when you are selected for the interview ok?

    <font color="ff6000">MI- Silk Air</font>
  20. xsun

    xsun Member

    Hi petite,
    Wat abt ur relatives, mother or PIL to help u take care of bb? Ur bb 10mths liao rite? Got routine so quite easy to take care. Maid how to trust? Esp during long flts and ur hb alone at home.

    Actually crew very hot property in the outside market. Alot becm property agents, insurance agents. Any kind of sales job or hotel line. Alot of crew doing car sales, all doing very well, better then SQ pay. U want lobang, i can help u.

    I wish can get grd job, flexible type, can spend mre time with bb. But i cannot make it be agent lor. I hav the attitude: want buy, dun want bye type. I'd rather face computer then humans now.

    How long were u a crew b4 u quit? I admire u, can take care of bb alone. Is ur hb working 9-5?

    Last resort will go for mesotherapy to get rid of my FATS. Juz found out my neighbor is a cosmetic surgeon. He promise gv me neighbor discount.HAHA!

    Tried to call crew svcs 2day. As usual, no1 pick up the phone..

    Lee, will reply u via ur email, gv u the details,ok?

    Woof, lucky u, got MIL to love ur bb and ur hb so supportive of u. Happy family! My MIL cant b bothered with her grandson. My hb is a crew, always not ard.

    Where do u guys stay? East area?
  21. maymay84

    maymay84 New Member

    thanks petite and sungrapes for the info...

    Will update on the CX interview.. Anyway im staying punggol.. how bout the rest?

    Anyway not even sure if i can make it for the cx interview cos im doing my confinement now... if they having the interview this few weeks i prbably cant make it.. Hai.. i cant wait to get back to work.. been rotting too long... [​IMG]
  22. maymay84

    maymay84 New Member

    thanks petite and sungrapes for the info...

    Will update on the CX interview.. Anyway im staying punggol.. how bout the rest?

    Anyway not even sure if i can make it for the cx interview cos im doing my confinement now... if they having the interview this few weeks i prbably cant make it.. Hai.. i cant wait to get back to work.. been rotting too long... [​IMG]

    i went silkair website but didnt see any interviews for p/t crew.. where did u get the info? Thanks...
  23. woofwoof

    woofwoof New Member

    for those who are interested about silkair part time, here is some info from another mummy crew in bayb forum (under thread flying mummies corner):

    1. they are called freelance crew .... no minimum flying hours per week rule ...

    2. pay is $28/hr ... flight time only .... reporting, ground prep, transit ... all no count ...

    3. no allowance ... no transport regardless of reporting/landing time .... but u'll get meal allowance and hotel if a/c AOG overseas .....

    4. u get to go home everyday cos all turnaround flights (but its common to get multiple sectors per day) - so their long flights like CAN turn, short flights like KUL turn ... hence long/short flights ... all turn

    5. u can state ur working schedule .... eg. permanently off on all weekends, or work on weekends only etc etc ... i.e. u get to chose how many days u wanna work per week .... u are paid hourly hence work more earn more lor ...... but no CPF hor ...

    6. nails colours - pastel colours .... lipstick should match ur nail colours ....

    7. freelance crew not permitted into JCL ... hence ur positions usually (2) or (3) ... no (4) cos their (4) sometimes need to help out in JCL ... something like tat ...

    minimum requirement is 2yrs flying experience and below 35yrs old ...

    i am staying in ang mo kio.

    juz a question to ask mummies here, if can find a grd job to maintain yr lifestyle (presume that u not big spender and not into branded), will u still go back flying??
    my pay now is not exactly much but cannot compare with SQ but enough for me to maintain myself and give my mum a small token.

    SUNGRAPES, my DS is the first grandchild of the family. that should explain why MIL dotes on him. my BIL married couple of years and no BB even after IVF. so my DS is sort of like MIL long waited BB. however, after i pregnant, my SIL also pregnant. but i staying with MIL, so naturally MIL takes care of my DS.

    u really think ex-crew hot property outside?? i think of trying sales but i not good at selling leh.. thinking of starting part time first instead of quiting my current job. if suit sales job then quit completely. any lobang??

    PETITE, me thought of that too. not sure whether want no 2 not. but i not young leh, already early 30s. my second contract left w 4yrs when i left. later if i go back to serve the balance 4 yrs and SQ dun renew my 3rd contract..i die leh.. mid/late 30s difficult to find job.
  24. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    <font color="0000ff">Sungrapes</font>, No la. My boy is comimg 1 yr by next Tue. Resigned in 05.

    Got nobody to take care of bb. My parents are still working and I dislike my MIL side to take care. Not Hygiene, Can bring out milk bottles without the cap, Use her towel to wipe my bb's mouth etc. The last time I was at her house, I wanted to give some bread to him to eat, She offered me COFFEE bread!

    Aiya you nod how crew are like la!

    <font color="ff6000">crew very hot property</font>

    I do agree. We can find job easlier. But working as Property agent, Insurance agent, Car sales, etc... Lots of hard work. Starting got to work v late and to build up yr reputation. I done Property b4 So I nod wat is like. $$$ comes in-shiok, But come to Income tax, Pay like hell!

    I did apply for One 15, the lady called me up and offer me the salary so low. She stated as: cos I hv not being working for almost a yr+, and my P/T job (during Pregnancy) is that much Etc... So She can offer that much without considering my YEARS in the Airline. Wat a Joke! Furthermore she has not gone thru my resume b4 calling me. She was reading and talking to me on the phone.

    <font color="0000ff">Lee</font>, I also staying in Punggol. Wow you want to start work so fast ah? Baby how?

    <font color="ff6000">MI interview</font>

    Can call the person-incharge to arrange an interview for you. Pm me if you need the Contact no.

    Not really as so flexi. Min 4x a week. If you can't do the flt, got to inform them earlier, so that they can locate another crew. Good things is that you can choose which day you wan to work.

    Btw, there is a C-I-C acts like Anne. She checks yr nail polishes and lipsticks.

    <font color="0000ff">Woof Woof</font>, Same situation like you. I'm also early 30s. SQ Can only work till 45 years old.
  25. maymay84

    maymay84 New Member


    No work no money... Plus nua at home too long le.. HUH!~ Anne Martinez!!! Argh.. god.. The 4x a week is for p/t crew huh?

    Anyway i only finish my bond den quit le lei.. haha.. total is 22months lei.. not really considered 2 yrs.. dunno silkair wil wan anot...
  26. nyc

    nyc Active Member

    hi everybody!!!!

    i didnt renew my contract in feb06 cus have bb. now she is 9mths old! didnt work since quitting SQ cus nobody to take care of my bb. sigh... now surviving on my savings n hb gives me money to spend. Can't stand that feeling cus you know crew lah... have that ability to earn so much n spend whatever amount we want. Now like wanna spend also must consider twice see if its a need or want.
    i'm not sure if i wanna go back flying or not... HB not supportive of it saying he has the ability to support both of us. And in the resume flying like not really much experience leh... except in service industry lah... sigh... dilemma dilemma dilemma
  27. xsun

    xsun Member

    Hello girls,

    Woof,I also share the same concern as u. If go back flying,can fly only till 3rd contract as fss. By then, i'm like 38. Who will employ me at that age? Hav to work at Macdonald's liao! If i am able to find promising grd job, i will stay on grd. By the time my bb grow up, i wld hav aso move up in position and can provide mre for my child.

    Wat kind sales u interested? Car? like can earn alot leh. Showrm every wkend so crowded, like got free car giveaway. Let me noe.

    this part time MI flying sounds interesting.. is it worth the time and effort? can any1 analyst further, gv us the pros and cons.?

    Petite, I m SOOOO sick of all these TYRANTS. They r everywhere lor! Why cant they get a life?
    wonder if Anne Martinez will ever chance upon this forum. Maybe she shd google her name then realise hw 'famous' she is.

    Lee, hw's ur confinement? Who helping u? Take a break and enjoy ur bb lar. U sound young. How young r u? Dun mind me kaypoh. i always regret not having bb earlier, wen u younger hv mre choices in terms of career. Im also in my early 30's liao..

    I stay in Marine Parade. Was hoping some of u stay in east, can meet up since we so free.

    How's everybody's hb? Got gv allowance? Mine ask for $ show face type. But i dun care, skin very thick liao, thanks to SQ training.. one ear in, one ear out. Smile and say thank you. HAHA! Last time very bothered by it, cos i earn as much as him. 1 japan flt can earn wat he gv me so unwillingly nw. Sigh...

    YLC, ur hb gd hor, willing to support u so happily..ENVY.

    Letz post our bb picts here!
  28. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">ylc</font>, can ask yr Hb to support us too? Hee Hee, Just kidding!

    <font color="ff6000">HB's money</font>,

    Mine said I suck him dry dry. But all my bills I pay myself lei. He only pay for my meals, bb things, diapers, household exp, maybe a few things that I would like to buy thats all. Now I don't even buy clothing or cosmetics.

    <font color="aa00aa">sungrapes</font>, I can meet up with you too. I go the marine parade quite often.

    <font color="ff6000">Tyrants</font>

    Wow! I did not nod she so well known. Even Lee also nods abt it. But actually she cools dw alot aridi. Much much better than the old days. But this 1 in MI acts like Anne in her olds days. She should chg man!

    Let's compile our 'listing' here:

    petite- Punggol
    Lee- Punggol (which blk you stay?)
    Sungrapes- Marine parade
    Woof Woof- AMK
    Got who else???

    I wonder do we really nod each other?
  29. nyc

    nyc Active Member

    haha i flew with Anne last time during CNY... haha i think all the crew feels demoralised cus CNY mah.... Thank God, she nvr come n bother me... haha

    HB's money,
    Well to be fair... he actually spends alot on us rather than on himself lor... he's paying for everything. bb things, household exp n even my shopping. I can't remember when he bought something for himself!

    I'm staying in the West... Queenstown

    haha we probably flew with each other b4 n not knowing it!
  30. nyc

    nyc Active Member

    My Princess!
  31. maymay84

    maymay84 New Member


    yr girl is so cute!!!


    i'm staying at blk 128B directly opp punggol plaza...


    My mother in law helping me with the confinement.. haha.. actually i just realise that giving birth young has its cons too.. im 23 n although i have a chance to look for other jobs since i stil can afford the time but i have no time to hang out with frenz anymore.. its now all bout family and earning money...

    miss the times when i can spend any amount i like and not have to worry bout saving up for baby n stuff..

    Husband's money,
    I guess my hb is ok with me using his money but since its not my own money i use already also not happy lei..

    depending on another person makes me feel useless and i feel a lack of confidence... last time when i was a crew i felt very sure of myself as i know i am able to support myself pretty well and have no need to depend on others.. rite now with no income i feel insecure..

    Really hope to get back to work soon!!
  32. nyc

    nyc Active Member


    i share the same sentiments!!! I also feel insecure with no income... but then no one look after my girl n putting her in childcare like v cruel to her leh... i sit in at the childcare b4 n she didnt like it at all... so no choice have to remain unemployed for the time being lor.
    HB support me cus he feels we should do what is best for our girl. But i wanna go back to work b4 my 30s...
  33. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    Tell you a joke:

    I recieved a call from a bank. They wanted to give me a new credit card. I told them I don't need. They keep on pestering me so in the end I told them I am not working. Straight away the CSO put dw the phone.

    Let's update our bb info here ok?

    petite- Punggol (BB Riz 1 yr old in a few days time)
    Lee- Punggol
    Sungrapes- Marine Parade
    Woof Woof- AMK
    Ylc- Queentowns

    <font color="0000ff">Lee</font>, gd location. Me near the Kadarloor Station.

    <font color="0000ff">Ylc</font>, Ya yr girl so cute. Go enter her in any contest or not??
  34. woofwoof

    woofwoof New Member

    HB's money
    me also live off HB when pregnant. the feeling is not good. still prefer to earn my own money. have my own job n earn my own $ give me a sense of self worth.

    sungrapes, my DH also same kind... ask for money also show face... say that i spendthrift. the only thing is that he pays for everything related to my pregnancy and BB willingly. i never touch my own savings on these.

    lee, u are so young. i am a good 10yrs your senior... so sad..

    the list continues:

    petite- Punggol
    Lee- Punggol (blk 128B)
    Sungrapes- Marine parade
    Woof Woof- AMK
    ylc- queenstown

    looks like we are all over the place... arrange for meet up also difficult hor...

    posting BB pix
    me... computer nerd.. have to figure out how to do it.. hope to update u mummies soon
  35. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    Ya. I miss all the shopping in Jap & States. Buy & buy. Never ending. Cos the next pay day is always comming.

    I had a dream that I was called up to go on flt thou I hv not really gone back to work. Waited at the holding rm cos A/C not in. Felt sad to leave my bb at hm cos going CDG 5days. So intend to report sick. but dare not cos scare CO don't want to cal me back again!
  36. nyc

    nyc Active Member


    no i didnt send my girl's photo for any contest... haha dunno where to send also... should go and find out more hehe

    i also have dreamt about going back flying... always dream abt reporting late for flt hahaha miss flying to places like the states, australia, japan... sigh... i miss those places not the flt, passengers nor the crew hahaha [​IMG]
  37. xsun

    xsun Member

    hi every body,
    ylc,ur princess is so pretty, look abit mix. I think i c resemblance of sm1 i flew with.HEHE!Maybe we do noe each other!

    woof, i think our hb muz get together..c who is mre 'kiam'. Of cos he muz pay for bb things, itz his responsibility wat. i noe a fss, hb dun gv her $. Milk and diapers muz pay frm her own savings. wenever i hav bouts of self pity, i will think of her. But then, y shd we put up with sour face hbs? We gv up our jobs to bear them children, lose our fantastic figure and go thru childbirth. Aftertat, still muz stay hm take care of bbs. If they cant even apprec tat, then i dun noe wat to say lor! Once awhile spend on their wives, watz the big deal? If let them go thru wat we went thru, they sure cannot take it 1.But i do hope every1's hb treats u well,gd hb to u, gd father to kids.

    U noe ever since my 2nd trimester i never go for facial. Then tat day my hb ask me y my nose got 'black dots' (itz blackheads lor!) Wah lau!

    Petite, u always cm to Parkway? How often? For wat? sure can meet u if u r free.

    Lee, OH MY GOD! u YOUNG mummy! Sure can get back ur figure very fast. Is urs a planned pregnancy? I got married wen i was 23, wanted to start family young. But fly and earn $$ very shiok, so 'tu' till i was 31. Now i regret if not i oso young mummy now.

    Actually, SQ shd let preg crew b grounded, do ground duties. So many female crew dun wan start family cos muz quit, so risky and unthinkable for some of us..itz a total lost of income. No wonder govt so worried.

    Well, im glad we did it!! And we found each other here. As mre bb picts cm up, letz c if we can 'recongnise' any1 here. HEHE!

    Any1 got postnatal blues after gvg birth? it seems like a taboo subject hor? no1 talks abt and every1 act like they r natural at being mummies..(mayb sm really r)but i do believe at sm point of time, we feel lousy rite?
  38. xsun

    xsun Member

    how to upload picts har? try to resize but they say file size too big lei..

    im such a computer indiot...
  39. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    Talk abt HB, I got more to complain: My HB used to say I got to listen to him cos He is the one forking out the money. Even ask me to sell away my insurances.

    Everytime I go out, leaving bb with my HB care, I got to rush back or else I get scolding from him. Want to go out by myself also must see his mood. So usually I stay at hm, If I'm out by myself, I like a 'hungry ghost'. Chioh ah....

    Tats y I still prefer to go back flying. I can sleep late, go out anytime I want etc... Sure comatose 24hrs @ outstations. Don't call me for meals. Ha!

    <font color="ff6000">Postnatal blues</font>
    I hv pre & post natal blues. Very stress even till nw if you hv this type of HB. Like Volcano, anytime can erupt.

    Flying with tyrants not that stress. Can siam them during flt. HB cannot.

    SQ use to offer ground jobs in the old contact. Nw no more. Maybe they don't hv so many jobs for so many preganant crew.

    I nod of a Airline, which you can take 2yrs or more leave before you come back flying. Need not resign.

    I also heard of that crew that needs to pay everything including bb's stuff. This HB is not human.
  40. xsun

    xsun Member

    mayb we talking abt the same person.

    So long alrdy u still hvg the blues? I tot of seeing shrink, but cost $120/hr. How to afford now?

    For me, problem with my hb start b4 bb. Told him i wun hav bb with him if his attitude still so f*** up. But he promise me he chg and will b a gd father and wun b so 'kiam'. So i tot muz hav faith in him. Maybe he see his own flesh and blood will becm a changed man..then he say dun hav kids marry for wat. So i think itz not fair to deny him a child,rite? I was wrong lor..

    In the beginning, he say wat food cravings i hav he will buy for me. So one nite i say i wan to eat guava. Guez wat he said? He said 'so late ask me where to find?'

    Wah lau, is tat my problem? So frm then onwards i noe i will regret..but alrdy preg wat to do?

    Smtimes really feel like running away. But my bb very cute. Cant bear to leave him. So i think abt being a single mum alot. Dun wan to live the rest of my life in misery with a man who doesnt apprec wat he has. Afterall, in this age and time we dun need a man to survive.

    *Big Sigh*

    On a lighter note.. shd hav nap a SPPS or LPPS hor.. No love got $$ oso can. At least solve the dilemma of gg back to work or not.

    After so many yrs of flying i still get strez with these tyrants. Smtimes hav to play'catching' with them. If u unlucky on tat flt no matter hw u siam oso he will find u. They can anytime call the galley and ask u go 1st class cos the IFS WANS TO SEE U!!!HAHA!

    Im trying whole nite to shrink the picts to fit tis page..ARghhhh!
  41. maymay84

    maymay84 New Member


    Actually i plan to have a baby so early cos i wana finish it all up early den find a good job and settle... hoping it will be easier to find a job and dun have to worry bout age... but now abit regret le.. shouldnt have planned it so early... now no freedom.. [​IMG]

    anyway i also easily depressed... guess its all part of being pregnant and having a baby..
  42. nyc

    nyc Active Member

    Aiyo, that crew poor thing lor.. everything gotta pay by herself! Wah lau.. whats the difference between having a hb n not having a hb in that case? she probably have the means to support herself n her bb lor!
    during confinement have got depression cus of the stupid nanny... couldn't agree with her on anything she does... haha dunno why lah... probably too particular liao! ANyway my mil pay for the nanny so i can't say dun want but it was the worst time of my life! a terrible nitemare! hb also agreed! haha
    you won't know whether ur hb will change or not so its a gamble lor... marriage is like a gamble what... if u end up with nice hb willing to spend $$ on you then we win the gamble but if not then lose the gamble lor... no choice but to stick with it [​IMG]
  43. woofwoof

    woofwoof New Member

    then after hearing all the stories, my DH dun seem that bad...
    difficult to get cash frm him but he brings us out makan.... shopping wise- only shop for BB but also very 'kiam'... when i preggie- will buy some stuff for me; but now i working- i buy for myself.

    pre and post natal blues
    i am emotional and tempremental during pregnancy... cried a few times when preggie- regret getting pregnant esp DH not very sensitive towards me... he is a no-nonsense kind of man so dun give in to any 'wayang', 'crying', 'sainai'.... he juz let me cry til i calm down... then talk later
    after birth, i was much better- no more blues.

    petite, me also like 'hungry ghost' when i am out w/o DH. he complain i fat so most things like ice-cream and choco- i can't eat in front of him. i had also become a 'mountain turtle'- dun know where is where in orchard... can get lost somemore... sad hor

    feel the same like most mummies- MY BB IS VERY CUTE... so the sacrifices are worth it
  44. nyc

    nyc Active Member

    Pre & post Natal Blues,
    haha i also cried quite alot when preggie, thank God, my girl is so happy despite me crying so often during preggie. I guess i was pretty much unhappy during preggie. And now when i think back, i also dunno why i cry so much. haha feel so stupid...

    hb dare not say i fat cus he knows he's in for trouble. haha but then he does stop me from eating too much junk food!
    I always go out with my bb to orchard rd or anywhere else. Dun care when hb told me to stay home cus of the inconvenience of carrying bb n everything else n walking ard w/o him. But i dun care... i told him i carried my luggage heavier than my girl so it's not a problem for me. I took bus & mrt with my girl to prove to him that i'm capable to go out without him ard! if i dun go out, i will be bored at home doing nothing but looking after the girl n watching her VCDs!!!
  45. woofwoof

    woofwoof New Member

    my BB is also a happy BB despite me feeling very unhappy during pregnancy.
  46. nyc

    nyc Active Member

    hehe isnt our bbs incredible??? they r like some magic potent to make us so happy!!! we r like so unhappy yet they come out in constrast of what we feel... definitely a balance to our imbalanced life!
  47. nyc

    nyc Active Member

    sometimes i wonder how m i going back to work when all my girl wants is me??? so happy when she first call me mama [​IMG] a magical & heavenly sound ever produced!
  48. morraine

    morraine New Member

    *wow* not visiting this thread so long and realised so many posts!! tot the thread died!! [​IMG]

    sungrapes - wah u left before u got ur gratutity arh!! but den again thinking back.. u got ur boy now so its a good exchange!! [​IMG]

    wei ladies but from wat my team gers said hor.. if go back den our staff no change oso leh!!

    talking abt dreaming.. i oso dreamt i got call up for HKG turn den i forgot to apply nail polish den forgot to check crew on flights and went to wrong reporting room!! wah can faint!!
  49. xsun

    xsun Member

    hi girls,
    Itz so funny how we still get tormented by our dreams of flying. I oso always dream of rushing for flts or running aft the a/c.

    the gratutity is my 'blood $'. Compensation for my youth given to SQ. Now, got son, lagi muz go back and take, save for him.

    If ur contract allows u to return as flying mothers then u can mantain ur s/n. if not, then itz considered re-employment.

    Ur hb and IL like sayang u alot hor! MIL pay for ur CL and hb want to support u,dun let u fly. *JEALOUS*

    now bb small u feel very bound, got no freedom. But itz juz a phase cos he will grow up very fast and be independant. u will get ur freedom back very soon and still hav the youth to enjoy.

    ok lar, i admit after reading other threads in tis forum, i feel my hb not tat bad. Itz classic case of man r frm Mars, woman r frm Venus. I try to b contented. Tell myself got house, food, clothes and most of all a healthy bb. Wen i deprez,i quickly go to c him sleeping in his sarong, so cute and innocent, my heart will melt and i feel stronger.
  50. xsun

    xsun Member

    My hb juz told me 2day he's gg get a maid after my nanny goes back. I like my nanny very much. She got alot of patience to feed my son wen he suffering frm reflux and refuse to drink milk.

    My bb able to grow well inspite of drinking problem is all b'cos of the nanny's care. I hate to think of her leaving. But unfair to tied her down with looking after a bb. I joke to her many times, i wan to throw away her passport so she cant go back m'sia.

    Any1 got maid to help out out? how is it? heard got many problems.Any advice?

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