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Am I pregnant or not... pls advice

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by lucida, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. lucida

    lucida Active Member

    I suspect that I'm pregnant. Clearblue pregnancy test say positive but yesterday when I went Yishun Polyclinic, the test say negative.. My period is due but did not come..(usually very accurate)

    Am I pregnant? Another concern was that I went to my husband's boss housewarming two days ago and drank couple of glasses of red with brie cheese.. Just discover yesterday that these two items are taboo if you are pregnant - will there be any problem

  2. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi lucida, try to abstain from alcohol and other food which is raw/semi-cooked in the meantime. Do another test & consult with your gynae. Since you suspect you may be pregnant, take precautions with what you eat & do. If you are really tested pregnant, congrats & take care.
  3. lucida

    lucida Active Member

    Thanks. Will go to a gynae tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be well.

  4. saintbaby

    saintbaby Active Member

    hi Lyn...

    The best is to see a gynea to confirm.. [​IMG] Take care of yourself... [​IMG]
  5. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Lucida, are you pregnant ? Congrats to you if you are. Take care in any case.
  6. nurse

    nurse New Member

    hi all

    is it possible to be preg when the preg test i took tdy showed negative? i am 2 days ate and normally my menes is quite accurate...
  7. wisteria

    wisteria New Member

    why dun u wait for 1 wk more then test again?
  8. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Nurse, wait for another week to test again. That would be more accurate. Sometimes, a delay in menses may not mean pregnant. Could be due to stress.
  9. slinky

    slinky Active Member


    Its more advisable to wait at least 1-2 weeks after your missed period day to test. my periods were usually quite on time too but there have been times my P came in 3 weeks late and I was not pregnant. Even if you go to a gynae, they'll also ask you to go back to them in 1-2 weeks time.
  10. slinky

    slinky Active Member


    Its more advisable to wait at least 1-2 weeks after your missed period day to test. my periods were usually quite on time too but there have been times my P came in 3 weeks late and I was not pregnant. Even if you go to a gynae, they'll also ask you to go back to them in 1-2 weeks time.
  11. msapple

    msapple New Member

    Hi All,

    Need advice, i have tried to conceive for 2 months. After i missed my menses for 2 day i went to bought a pregnacy test kit to test... it shown a very fade positive therefore i went to gyna to confirm again after 3 days... but again when he tested my urine with the test kit, it again shown a very fade result that i am preggie. The gyna told me that it will consider me as preggie but is in a very early stage that y the line is very fade. Then he do ultrascan for me, the screen shown that i already got the line for pregnancy but not yet have the fluid bag (which will only have during week 5 to 6) and will have fetus in the fluid bag only in week 8 onward i think). Do anyone encounter this. Is it really because is still in the early stage? Can any mummies here explain more to me.
  12. lhuisian

    lhuisian New Member

    Hi E-ling, i think i'm like you ... i also just bot the pregnancy test kit to test and instead of 2 super clear lines that i'm supposed to see , i see 1 super clear line and 1 very very faded and light line ... now dunno if i preggo or not ... or if the test kit is not working properly.

    If you had gone to the gynae to test then that means that u are confirm preggo rite ...

  13. eleana

    eleana New Member

    Hi E-Ling,

    It is normal. I was tested +ve on the 5th wk at home with very faint line too. Went to gynae to confirm with another unrine test. Also very faint +ve line. Gynae didnt even scan for me cos he said its too early to do so...I went back 3wks later for the scanning! By then cant see the heartbeat already :p

    Of cos during the 3wks wait I was very kancheong oso...1 day never see the bb 1 day dun believe I pregnant! Just have to be careful during the wait...eat well and all the best!

    Congrats and take care!
  14. eleana

    eleana New Member

    Hi E-Ling,

    Sorry there was a typo error in my earlier msg.... It should be "By then CAN see the heartbeat already :p"

    My bb is 6mths 2wks now.. [​IMG]
  15. unique0909

    unique0909 Member

    hi need some advice...

    I m into CD36. I notice some eggwhite dischrg on CD17 n it was very stretchy n on CD22, I notice some clear discg...my mense shld b due within CD31-35 but yest i notice some light pink spotting in the aftnn n nite time slight bleed..I have tested -ve tis morning n again tis morning... there r light spot...should i b worry.... last time when my mense is due, i hv brown spotting 4 few day n then my mense will come...but tis mth...no spotting at all...but keeps on hv discharge...but is water kind....cld i b hving infection???
  16. slinky

    slinky Active Member

    If your brownish discharge is sticky and fishy smelling, then you're having bacteria infection. If your discharge is cheesy and itchy, you're having fungal infection. Otherwise, if you get normal discharge with spotting, it could mean 2 things :

    1. You're pregnant
    2. You may be having a cyst or polysp in your uterus, esp if your period is heavy.

    You may have tested your pregnancy too early for now so you may not be able to get the correct results yet. If your period still don't come in 2 weeks time, try doing the pregnancy test again.
  17. unique0909

    unique0909 Member


    Tks...my dischrg is not brownish but pinkisk/red...

    1. I hv tested using morning urine but is negative...so may b i m not pregnant...

    2. Will vaginal scan able to tell if i hv cyst etc...cos i hv recently done a v scan n gynae said everytin is fine. Do i hv to do other test to determine if i hv cyst or polysp??
  18. slinky

    slinky Active Member

    What kind vagina scan you did? Ultrasound or physical check? Maybe the next time u see ur gynae, tell him/her about spotting before your period. I used to have a cyst near the right ovary and it caused my periods to be quite heavy and spotting before period. It also causes quite severe period pains where the cyst is. That was discovered through ultrasound.

    If not, maybe you'll want to wait 1-2 weeks before doing your pregnancy test again if your period is still not here.
  19. unique0909

    unique0909 Member


    I have done Vscan b4, gynae said all ok
  20. slinky

    slinky Active Member

    Maybe wait a few days and see how.
  21. shirza

    shirza New Member

    Hi, i m thinking am i pregnant. I having backache, sometimes giddy,abit of craving for food (sometimes only) tirness, my abdomen also aches in a while, my spine also ache as well as shoulder,some x will tend to burp too, well bloated also and hv some milky discharge. I will sometimes feel keep peeping, but i will tend to endure abit then when i go to the toilet i just pee a bit. In the night the same too,will tend to wakeup go peeing.
    Someitmes i wonder am i thinking too much thats y i have such symptoms, or just that my menses is coming thats y it has such symptoms during pre-menses...what do you think???By the way, My cycle are 28-30days. Well, last 2 months i had my menses on the same day 14 Mar & 14 Apr. Mine menese is very regular, and it comes monthly.
    My hubby and i had intimacy on the 27 Apr n 30 Apr(believing that period of time is my ovulation ba, i am not too aware when is my ovulation, i use calendar to guide me, as for thermonemeter i really had hard time using it.)Therefore, I am wondering will i get higher chances of getting pregnant???
  22. chung

    chung New Member


    your symptons sounds very like mine, but my period is not regular so i am not even sure how many months if it is positive, test kit shows negative but tcm detected pregenecy of few weeks, so i am also very lost, just have to wait until it's later in the weeks to really confirm, can also feel stomach hardening, do you?
  23. winniethepooh

    winniethepooh Member

    Hi, I am new here.

    I need an advise. I don't know whether I am pregnant or not? It is my 2nd month to take clomid. My temperature is high (36.9 decree onwards).I can feel stomach cramp at the abdomen. My nipple and breast feel slightly pain. This week is 5th week and this coming saturday will be the 6th week. I haven't use the pregnancy kit yet. Last few months,we use the pregnancy kit to test but not successful.I am very scared to see the result in negative.
  24. slinky

    slinky Active Member

    U mean this is ur 5th week after missing ur period or 5th week from your last period? Normally, u should be able to get accurate results 5-7days after missing your period. To my experience, I did not feel any difference until my morning sickness kick in on my 6th week of pregnancy. Breast pain, nipple pain, cramps, etc could also be a sign of PMS so those are not tell signs of pregnancy. Only a hCG test can confirm it.
  25. winniethepooh

    winniethepooh Member


    Confirm I am pregnant. I have used the pregnancy kit to test and it appears 2 lines. I will be seeing my gyn on 4 Dec.
  26. slinky

    slinky Active Member

    Congratulations! Must be exciting time for u and ur hubby [​IMG]
  27. winniethepooh

    winniethepooh Member


    Thanks :)
  28. bbsg_gal

    bbsg_gal New Member

    Hi ladies,

    I am new here. I hve similar experiences as some of you ladies. two pregnancy tests show positive, so i went to the gynae as i missed my period for 2mths. but when he did the scan he can't see anything. now waiting to go back and do a check again next week.. so anxious now.. i hope it's not a false alarm.

    but i do have those preggies symptons.. eat and eat, always so hungry. now i can't wear my bottoms.. [​IMG]
  29. dolly_gal

    dolly_gal Well-Known Member

    my menses late for more than 10 days but i have done the tests twice and it shows negative. I went to chinese doc to tiao my body before and after CNY, she didn't say any pregnancy signs..But i still wonder y so late tis time and i ve not experience it before. my colleague was saying i may have strike which i tik it's unlikely cos the last time we do was early jan and i still had my menses in late jan lor...

    Sigh, so busy these few weeks that i think i need to see my gynae to check wat's happening..

  30. alhana

    alhana New Member

    Stress and other factors can delay menses. If it's late for so long and tests are negative, it's not likely that you're pregnant. You may also hv ovulated later than usual, hence delaying the onset of your menses.
  31. howblur

    howblur New Member

    those normal cheese selling on the shelf one (eg. kraft cheese, etc), cheese on pizza topping, cheese biscuits kind of food or cheese spread can eat during pregnant or TTCing??
  32. vena_bibi

    vena_bibi Member

    Dear all,

    Just wondering that issit true that everytime when mense come alot means it's easier to get preg? Mine always come alot and my AF always come on time. Please advise.

    Thank you!
  33. slinky

    slinky Active Member

    Not true. One of the causes of heavy period is the presense of polysps and cysts in the uterus, which will hinder pregnancy. Therefore, there's no link between period flow and increasing fertility. However, the reverse may be true though not always, ie, you may have heavy periods but you don't have polysps or uetrian cysts. Your gynae should be able to detect polysps for you when u go for your pap smear.

    You can eat any cheese that's not soft (eg fetta cheese) or rotting (eg blue cheese). Yes, you can eat those cheeses you mentioned. However, note that hard cheese have relatively high sodium content (to remove water) so, eat in moderation [​IMG]
  34. jellpetit

    jellpetit New Member

    hi all, am trying to get pregnant but seems to have no success so far.. [​IMG] any tips??
  35. blur_garfield

    blur_garfield Member

    Very confused. Test negative after menses is 4 days late. Always feeling tired and hungry these days.. Not sure if preggy.
  36. pinkiss

    pinkiss New Member

    Hi, i am new here.

    I got a problem too. my last menses was on 19th aug, today is about 6weeks late le. my menses are very very regular one.i tested for 3 times, but still negative. then juz nw when to GP, still negative. but my tummy is very very bloated, all my skirts n jeans are very tight. could i b pregnant? v confuse n sian..
  37. gilbert

    gilbert New Member

    my wife also feel v bloated, n easily feel sleep, she seldom late for her period, now few days late. is she has a high chance to b pregnant?
  38. twinsmummy

    twinsmummy Member

    hi gilbert
    maybe wait for few more days ? if ur wife menses still not here den u can go pharmacy to buy Clear blue and test . Sometimes bloatedness is not due to pregnant but u never noe , since ur wife mens is always regular .
  39. gilbert

    gilbert New Member

    thanks mummy,

    is clear blue the most accurate kit in d market? can i pick it up on d shelf?
  40. twinsmummy

    twinsmummy Member

    i used Clear blue for my two pregnancy , and i think its very accurate cos it can be tested on the day ur wife missed her period , some brand cannot . U can buy from watson or pharmacy , and buy those two in one packet one cos sometimes we woman may suspect the thing bot accurate so wan to test again , hee hee , i tested two times during my first pregnancy cos i dun believed i really pregnant . Hope to hear good news from u
  41. oishi

    oishi Member

    hi gilbert,
    regarding pregnancy test kit, for the sensitive ones, which can pick up the HCG level earlier, u look for its sensitivity level. usually 10-20miu/ml will be the most sensitive ones and able to detect HCG level in urine earlier.

    clearblue test kits are accurate but expensive coz its branded. i've used pharmacy ones, also accurate, but u can also find as good as clearblue's, accurate test kits even cheaper than pharmacy's online. PM me if keen.

    Best wishes.
  42. lovelybun

    lovelybun Member

    i missed my menses for 13days. Tried the test kits for 3 times but all turn up -ve..my breast feels pain and sensitive, and stomach has alot of gases..keep on burping..i have never miss my menses for more then a week and always have regular menses..after 3 test which turns -ve. i am thinking to myself if i am being too paranoid or its due to stress that my menses is delayed...or its reali tat i am preggy..reali confused now [​IMG] anyone experience this kind of problems
  43. slinky

    slinky Active Member


    If u really want to know accurately if u're pregnant, goto the GP and take a blood HCG test. That will be able to track pregnancy from day 1. Tell them u want to do the blood test for HCG level.
  44. lovelybun

    lovelybun Member

    Hi mamapanda

    Any idea how much e cost is? and how long will i get to know the result? Thanks
  45. slinky

    slinky Active Member


    If u do it at a GP or polyclinic, should be about $30+ but results will take abt 3-5days to come back. If u do it at a gynae, the cost is $60+ but u can get the results back on the same day or next day. I supposed u can try KK too.

    GOod Luck!
  46. lovelybun

    lovelybun Member


  47. yungkimmy

    yungkimmy Member

    Hi..i ve got a problem here, dont know i pregs or not????

    My last month menses came on 7/7, i ve got 1 weeks period,after that 14/7 i ve got brownish discharge almost 10 days,,,,than 26/7 my hubby n i got intimacy...

    tis weeks ,i always feel like to vomit n no appetite,,so i go n buy pregnancy test,,n the result is +....

    ist possible i will have all the sympthom ( if i pregs 1 weeks only ) ????
  48. loviemum

    loviemum Active Member

    yungkimmy : If u're unsure, u can see a gynae to seek their advice but if u use a pregnancy kit to test, most prob, u're preggie coz pregnancy kit is normally reliable! Hope it helps! ;o)
  49. hello_k

    hello_k New Member

    Hi all.. i've missed my period for 3 weeks. Been having frequent urination and burping all the time.. also always feeling hungry and serious motion sickness. But all 5 urine tests which i took during these 3 weeks came back negative. Is it still possible that i'm pregnant??
  50. chibi_pony

    chibi_pony Member

    Hihi, I am new here. For almost 2 weeks, I did not haf much appetite, the abdomen feels bloated, I haf clear discharge for a few days. I also experienced cramps at the abdomen. I haf backache sometimes too. At times, I would feel like vomiting but it isn't very bad. My menses is due 1st week of the month, therefore, it is abt 2 weeks from now.

    My abdomen is still bloated. It looks like I am pregnant. My menses has always been regular and on time.

    Should I get a test kit from the pharmacy to test? I am worried it is a false alarm and I am worried that the bloating is due to some illness..

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