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Advise on 2nd opinion !!

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by geraldinegoh, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. geraldinegoh

    geraldinegoh New Member

    Hi, currently I'm at my 13w5d. Just went for ultrascan earlier on, doc suspected was a girl.. My guts feeling tells me that I'm having a boy.. Am thinking of going for a 2nd opinion.. Anyone have any good recommendation on gynae or TMCs who have accurate gender prediction? Btw, this is my #3, my #1 & #2 are both girls.. Been wanting to have a boy.. Kindly advise ! Thanks..

  2. dibolove

    dibolove New Member

    Hi Geraldine..! First of all congrats..! [​IMG] Irregardless of gender, I believe all parents want their child to be born healthy...Dont let this affect you much ok..
    Shld u stil wanna hv another scanning done, why not try Thomson?

    Whatever it is, I wish you all the best and hope u hv a smooth pregnancy...[​IMG]
  3. geraldinegoh

    geraldinegoh New Member

    Hi suriana, thanks for your concern [​IMG] will try another scanning probably at thomson [​IMG]
  4. bluegal

    bluegal Member

    Hi Geraildine,
    It's all fate, my friend try 4 times still gals and my other friend 4th baby then is boy... My first pregnancy, I have all the boy symtons...but it's a gal. Don't let baby gender bother you too much.. What happn if the baby you are pregnant now is really a gal? I am trying for a boy too, but I guess we only afford to have two kids. So we'll stop at 2nd one regardless gal or boy.
  5. apple79

    apple79 Active Member

    Geraldine, 13 weeks is still early lah. wait for DS. I am not too bothered by gender but just to share at week 13, gynae predicted its boy and i even saw the *birdie* too lol but at detailed scan, its a girl. don't be anxious. By the way its my 3rd too and my 1st 2 are girls just like you.
  6. geraldinegoh

    geraldinegoh New Member

    Hi all, just very stressed up by the gender as ive decided to stop at 3.. So kinda worried now.. As you know, mil as well as hubby wants a boy.. But my hubby says that girl is also fine.. But is me who is feeling very stressed & pressured ! Can't stop thinking about the gender..
  7. desireelinda

    desireelinda New Member

    So Sorry to post here while u guys have discussion. I need a little help. Do get to me for adoption of baby. As I'm trying to adopt one with reasonable amount which dont exceed 9,000.

    Due to not able to give birth anymore(knew the news last month due to 2 times miscarriage in a year), i decided to go for adoption. The news really hurts me lOts coz I'm just 24 and have not even a kid yet. And the news do hurt my mum a lot too . She went a little bit far more than depressed and always thinking that baby is still in me whenever she thinks of it. Consult doctor but was saying medication can't cure only control as she needs to work out herself. So despite I'm very sad and depressed I got to think of not only me but her too.and at this point of time, Husband left me too. So my dad and I came out with a solution, since I can't give birth, why not adopt those who are keen to put for adoption so that my mum can be better and I can have a better motivation of living my life better.  kindly do help out for this.  it will be good for going to give birth de or newborn as they still can't recognise if not its like so cruel for those who alrd know their parents. Kindly give a helping hand. Apps 83006803 thank
    Thanks so much
  8. tempo4me

    tempo4me Member

    Gender is decided by the husband's sperm. Not your fault if your baby is a girl. Anyway, I also feel 13 week still too early to see... but usually doctors here are quite accurate.

    You can ask for another opinion when you got for those tests that needs detailed ultrasound scanning. Just ask the person doing the scan about the gender of the baby again.

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