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Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by chloec, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. chloec

    chloec New Member

    Dear mummies,

    Was browsing the bookstore for some activity books for my child.
    For K2 they are already teaching nouns, verb, a, an, this, these.
    I have no idea how to explain and teach my son these.
    Any guide books to recommend teaching a K2? Or any website?

  2. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Hi Chloe,

    Google these words - quite a lot of resources.

    NOUN = a thing

    VERB = action word

    Don't need to stress over the technical bits, let him learn from school and see if he's confused. If he can comprehend and go along with the lessons, things should be fine.

    Teach him concepts of here/there, one/many before you start this/these/those/that. Might want to use toys to demonstrate.
  3. joycelinsg

    joycelinsg New Member

    I also think leave the technicalities to the teachers, if taught differently the child may get confused. Schools do have a structured way of teaching phonics, diction, grammer. English is such a living language, with listening & exposure, speaking in syntax will come naturally. Agree with mehui that simple concepts eg. understanding what a noun or verb is can be from daily things/movements.
  4. littlemssunshine

    littlemssunshine New Member

    Hi Chloe, I believe in learning English by reading storybooks and listening to proper speech. As the child reads/hears proper sentences, the ability to construct proper sentences with all the nouns, verbs, adjectives and whatnot will come naturally. I won't worry too much about nitty gritty technicalities like knowing what's a noun, pronoun or adjective. Knowing what nouns or pronouns are doesn't help a person write better sentences, even if you're an adult. To be honest, all the lessons on 'what's a noun' and 'what's a pronoun' only served to confuse me when writing sentences as a child.
  5. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Agree with Wendy,

    Best to expose kid to proper structures and tenses for a start. Encourage kids to be more vivid with desciptions. Eg. shades of colours, looking at interesting details etc.
  6. snowhamster

    snowhamster Member

    Hi Mummies,
    Happy New Year to all!

    I saw this new preschool called Giving Tre3 when I went to Thomson Plaza last week. I think their webpage is www.givingtre3.com. It was next to Thomson Plaza along the main road. Its a new preschool cum enrichment centre opening in Jan 2013. I decided to go drop by unannounced cos just nice my boy turning 3 next year and I want to put him in Nursery. The lady was very nice and friendly and showed me around the place.

    I must say, I loved that place alot!! It was not very big with only 3 classrooms, 1 class being dedicated as a computer lab for their reading enrichment programme and 2 other classrooms. But it was very cosy! Like a home feeling. Their boss is also very sweet and she shared that she's been in the early childhood industry for more than 12 years. I don't really like those big organisations cos most of them just care about the business and making money but I could feel her passion for children even through talking to her.

    They also have an outdoor area, although not very big with water and sand play. It was really nicely done up!

    They also had reading enrichment and Pri Sch Preparatory programmes. Their reading enrichment programme is from Australia and its partially an online lesson. I think the name is Reading Eggs. Seems very interesting cos I went to the reading eggs website just now and the lessons were very fun. My girl quite likes to play on the computer and I think this will attract her. Besides having the online lessons, the teachers will also conduct activities in the classroom. I think will be a good balance.

    They also have this Pri Sch preparatory programme that teaches grammar, maths, comprehension and creative writing to prep kids for P1. Sounds quite good too cos besides English and Maths, they also have this social and emotional learning lessons, something like learning how to listen, problem solving skills, focusing and paying attention etc. Which I feel my girl will need help in....she's quite hyper and can't really focus on a task for long.

    They having opening promo now. Got waiver off registration fees and discounts too. I've decided to sign my kids up cos they have sibling discounts too.
  7. sundaymorning

    sundaymorning Member

    Thanks Michelle , i will go check out givingtre3!
  8. frog

    frog Active Member

    I hate to disappoint you, Tammy... but this Michelle person was so enthused about the centre, she purposely registered in the forum to do like 15 postings about the same centre. Makes the centre looks very dodgy, going so low and do this kind of publicity.
  9. sundaymorning

    sundaymorning Member

    Oh no , perhaps she is only advertising for givetre3 . [​IMG]
    Does any have other recommendations then ? How about i can read? heard its quite effective from my friends.

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