Choices and options available for patients considering egg donation in Singapore. What are the disadvantages and pitfalls of using an egg donor?

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In Singapore, it is mandated by law that egg donation should be altruistic (Human Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Act). Egg donors are allowed to receive only minimal compensation for costs incurred such as traveling expenses. Here are 5 options or choices of women considering Egg Donation in Singapore:

(1) Seek out your close friends, relatives or family members as egg donors. In such cases, it is difficult to maintain secrecy of the child's conception. Such a secret may be deliberately or accidentally leaked-out to the child by friends, relatives or family members, in the future.


(2) Some patients secretly pay freelance egg donors that they find over the internet, or discreetly pay a foreign egg donor agency (under-the-table) to send a foreign egg donor to Singapore. This is against the law. Local fertility clinics will require both patients and egg donors to sign an official form declaring that the donation is altruistic. Such a signed declaration form absolves fertility doctors and IVF clinics from legal liability for any secret under-the-table payments. All criminal liability (perjury and bribery) rests solely on the recipient patient and egg donor.

(3) The Ministry of Health of Singapore permits patients to import frozen donor eggs from foreign egg banks.

(4) Travel overseas (usually Malaysia) for commercialized egg donation. Local fertility clinics in Singapore may facilitate this process by administering hormones to prime the patient's womb to be receptive for embryo transfer, prior to overseas travel.

(5) Receive donated spare frozen eggs from other patients at local IVF clinics in Singapore. Although altruistic donation is required, be wary of being overcharged for medical fees which could in fact "mask" covert sale of the donated eggs by the fertility clinic. Additionally, beware that leftover frozen eggs donated by other patients may not be of good quality.


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Here are the various disadvantages, pitfalls and downsides of using an egg donor :

(1) You may be subjected to emotional blackmail and psychological pressure from your husband and in-laws to undergo egg donation to conceive a child :

(2) Identity confusion and emotional distress of the child, if he/she suddenly and unexpectedly find out the truth about his/her conception :

(3) Risk of accidental incest between half-siblings conceived by the same egg donor - Genetic Sexual Attraction :

(4) Difficulty of maintaining secrecy even with anonymous egg donors, due to widespread availability of DNA home-testing kits and associated Genealogy / Ancestry websites :

(5) Possible transmission of genetic defects from anonymous egg donor to child. Foreign IVF clinics often exploit patients' fears of unknown genetic defects, to push them to do expensive genetic testing of embryos - PGS / PGT-A; instead of recommending cheaper alternatives such as genetic testing of the donor's blood sample or NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) :

(6) Don't believe claims that a woman receiving egg donation can pass some of her genes to the child. This is just a deceptive marketing gimmick :

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