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Advice pls: Starting on Solids

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by gloomy_newmom, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. gloomy_newmom

    gloomy_newmom New Member

    baby 5.5 mths old. just started her on solids 2 weeks back. currently giving her earth's best brown rice cereal & sweet potato.

    strangely, she shudder/spasm when she tasted sweet potato and banana. is it because it's too sweet?

    besides cereal & sweet potato, what other foodstuff can I give baby now? porridge? when can i feed fish? Chicken? pork?


  2. gloomy_newmom

    gloomy_newmom New Member

    after 2 weeks, baby swallowing not great, always seems as if everything spills out or gets spat out. is this normal?
  3. krazy

    krazy Active Member

    its very normal for them to spit food out. i have given my girl potato puree. i also find that she does not like sweet things.
  4. princessar

    princessar New Member

    babyblues, where can i purchase earth best brown rice?
  5. qoo

    qoo New Member

    Hi, I have consulted a doctor on Monday on the solid food for my 7 months old baby. As my baby got allergic on nose, The doctor recommended that we should put some chicken/pork/lamb in the porridge instead of fish. Fish can be recommended after 9th months.

    I starts feeding my BB from 5 month. Porridge with carrot and potato. I give him some apple, kiwi and papaya after the porridge. I give him brown rice too. But it's too hot for his body that I have stop giving him now.

    I will post the list of the allergic food and non-allergic food here tomorrow... Hope it helps... ^_^
  6. elmo

    elmo New Member

    Hi princessar,
    Use to buy earth best organic brown rice from "Brown Rice Paradise" at Tanglin Mall. But these days seldom see that brand. The place brings in another brand of organic brown rice. U can check it out.

  7. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    i started feeding my daughter solids when she was 5mths. she is now 7mths already and she took to solid foods very well, that i am going to start feeding her porridge this weekend. i started her on plain rice cereal (Heinz) and slowly started adding in cooked, pureed veges to the rice cereal (eg. sweet potato, carrot, zuchinni, turnip, green bean, cauliflower, brocolli, spinach, peas, pumpkin, sweetcorn, etc). I followed the weaning/feeding plan recommended in the book "The Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning" by Gina Ford, and I found it to be VERY useful. Everything you need to know about weaning you can find in this book. They sell it at most bookstores (MPH, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya). Of course I did some tweaking of my own to suit my daughter's tastebuds. If after you read the book and need some advice you can always PM me.

    You can feed all the above veges I mentioned to your baby already. Once she is past 7mths, you can also feed chicken and fish. Around 7mths you can start feeding porridge already. Cook the porridge with sweet potato or pumpkin, spinach and a meat (either fish or chicken). Make sure it is very watery and mushy (if not you will have to puree it). Very nice leh! Some ppl like to add ikan bilis powder to the porridge to make it tast nicer, but it's quite tasty already without it (remember baby's tastebuds are different from ours).
  8. orchid

    orchid New Member

    hi baby blues,
    my baby is 4 mths. we started her on cereal 3 weeks ago. she seem to like it. so far, she's had apple, banana, papaya & pear. both on their own and mixed with the rice cereal. i'm using the dumex fine cereal - very nice taste and very fine. she shuddered abit at the apple & pear when first introduced - maybe not sweet enough?

    check out this website. really good info:
  9. enya

    enya New Member

    which is a gd brand of rice cereal? my bb is turnin 4 mths soon, what shld i start him on?
  10. giggler

    giggler Active Member

    enya, I recommend Heinz rice cereal as it doesnt contain sugar.
  11. wendyl

    wendyl Member


    is rice cereal better or fine cereals for bb 4 mths old?
  12. gloomy_newmom

    gloomy_newmom New Member

    Hi there
    It's been a while since i logged on. Thanks for advice.
    Krazy - My baby getting better at swallowing now but it's still a super messy affair!
    Princessar - Got mine at Brown Rice Paradise. You can try Healthy Time Brown Rice Cereal too.
    Daphne - Would you have time to share the allergic food list?
    Lani & Orchid - many thanks for advice!

    Baby still taking Brown Rice Cereal with Avocado. We recently introduced pumpkin. We hope to re-introduce sweet potato a little later. She had rejected it last time.

    At 6.5 mths, is 1 meal (lunch) ok? Or should I introduce dinner?
  13. piscean33

    piscean33 Member

    Hi babyblues, at 6.5mths 1 meal should be ok, as babies below 1yr old should be getting most of their nutrients from milk. Their digestive system might not be matured enough to digest/absorb some of the solid food nutrients anyway + babies more prone to allergies to certain food. This lunch everyday of rice cereal/porridge with vege/fruit/meat should be just to introduce different tastes of food for the baby & not to be treated for replacement of milk feed. JMHO.
  14. love_piglet

    love_piglet Member

    Hi pol,6 mths and below better to eat rice cereal.But for my son, he refused to eat Heinz rice cereal after a while.A friend recommended Frisocrem.But find that frisocrem smells a bit sweet to me so started him on porridge when he was abt 6 mths...
  15. orchid

    orchid New Member

    hi pol,

    fine cereal is also rice. the fine ones are better cos they're smoother, less lumpy.

    hi babyblues, try to give sweet potato with the usual rice cereal. maybe the taste by itself not very nice. can also try mash potato.

    6.5 mths definitely can go 2 meals. my girl is 5 mths. now eating 2 meals - lunch & dinner.
  16. arielene_n_ling

    arielene_n_ling New Member

    Hi my gal is currently 7 mths. She is taking brown rice cereal (earthbest) for breakfast, lunch n dinner is porridge (using brown rice short grain). Brown rice doesnt cause heatiness to body and has much more nutritional value than the normal white rice tat we are eating. I hv a research article on brown rice vs white rice. Anyway she is still on 6 oz of formula milk 3 times a day too..

    Btw her porridge includes fish (threadfin), carrot, tomato, brocolli, toufu.. mix n match. Do give her minced chicken as well.
  17. bbrooster

    bbrooster New Member


    5 mths bb how many scoops of rice cereal to give.
    Do you mix sweet potato and mash potato into cereal? I have no idea how to start on solid. If anyone have any good suggestions or experience pls do let me know.
  18. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    at 6.5mths your baby should be getting 2 meals a day, and slowly be increased to 3 meals a day. once they reach 6mths old their iron stores in their body has diminished, so they will need most of their irons from their foods. also, just feeding milk alone and just 1 solid meal a day may not satisfy your baby's hunger. at 6mths old a baby's milk intake should be b/w 500-750ml per day only, and no more. if you want a rough feeding guideline for your baby, try this from the KK Hospital - it's quite useful and quite accurate: http://www.kkh.com.sg/PatientHealthLibrary/ChildrensHealth/FoodnNutrition/Weaning.htm

    my daughter is now almost 8mths old and this is her feeding schedule:

    8am (wake up) 6-7oz milk
    9am breakfast 6tsp oatmeal cereal mixed w/ 1oz milk
    12pm lunch 4-5tsp Heinz rice cereal mixed w/ chicken, sweet potato, spinach & zucchini (comes up to 3/4 rice bowl)
    3pm 6-8oz milk
    6.30pm dinner (same as what she had for lunch, plus 2tbsp grated fruit)
    9pm 8-9oz milk

    hope this info helps.

    when you first introduce rice cereal to your baby at 5mths, you just give 1tsp mixed with her milk, then every 3 days or so you can increase the amount of the rice cereal by 1/2 tsp. by the time your baby reaches 6mths old the amount would be about 6tsp rice cereal mixed w/ milk. in the 1st month, feed her milk first before giving the rice cereal. in the 2nd month, you can introduce the "tier-feeding" method, ie. give 2/3 of milk, then solids, then the rest of milk. at the beginning, you can just give plain rice cereal, then maybe after 2 weeks or so you can start to add in sweet potato, or carrot, or pumpkin, etc to the rice cereal. if you need more detailed advice you can always read the book i recommended above or PM me.
  19. hoho03

    hoho03 Active Member


    Teacher lani [​IMG],
    1) can advise if i need to blend the food like brocoli, califlower or green beans, do i cook them first or blend them raw?

    2) for corn, use those raw ones, those got leave ones right?

    3) got any recipe to share? easy easy ones...

    my gal eat carrot, spinach, fish until sian liao...this lazy mom buy the blender, still inside the box... heehee [​IMG]

  20. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    aiyoh, you don't feed babies raw veges! must ALWAYS cook first, then blend or mash. once baby is around 7-9mths old can mash already, but MAKE SURE there are no lumps as they will gag. After 9mths you can try feeding chopped (very very small) pieces.

    for me what i do is cook a batch (eg brocolli, green beans, cauliflower etc) - you can boil or steam, then i blend and then i freeze in ice cube trays. once frozen i put in ziplog bag, and every time i want to feed i will take out 1 cube of each vege and thaw either in the fridge or microwave. 1 cube is approx 1 tbsp, so that is equivalent to 1 serving. 1 day 6-9mth old needs about 4 servings of fruits/veges.

    for corn, you can use those fresh raw one (must cook first hor!) or you can buy frozen ones (also muct cook hor!). frozen is better than canned ones, as the canned ones has high salt content (because of the liquid they use). basically the only veges you can serve raw are cucumbers and lettuce, but then these 2 veges not much nutrients lah.

    if you want to feed sweet potato or potato, after cooking you can just mash (make sure there are no lumps), no need to blend.

    my blender used until wanna "koyak" already ah!! my daughter doesn't like to eat those jar baby foods, so all her veges i gotta buy fresh then cook and blend. she eats all kinds of veges ah, except brocolli.

    for now i still have not cooked much things for her so no recipes to share yet, i just mix milk into heinz rice cereal, then add in the fish/chicken and veges. every meal she will eat 3/4 rice bowl, then after that i will give her fruits, water and sometimes teething biscuit.

    i cook all kinds of veges for her that everyday i mix and match the veges i feed her. each meal she will get 2-3 different types.

    eh, you try giving your daughter chicken lah! my daughter loves it! she prefers it to fish, so now i give her more chicken instead of fish. good also lah, cause cheaper!! haha!!

    does your daughter eat porridge? mine hates porridge leh! that's why i give her rice cereal instead.
  21. hoho03

    hoho03 Active Member


    me, stupid mommy righT [​IMG]))

    so cook first then blend.

    frozen vege- how long can this last in the freezer? would this still consider as fresh?![​IMG]

    as i told u my mil wanted me to start porridge... so now waiting for P to get better from the phelgm...
    will be cooking Brown Rice porridge..

    now she is still taking rice cereal and brown rice..
    is heniz rice cereal good? which one did u bought?
    she is taking Frisocrem wheat cereal and i found tt this may be the cause of her phelgm... cause now i reduce or ONLY give the brown rice cereal and her phelgm is lesser...

    thinking of trying other brands... [​IMG]

  22. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    heinz rice cereal is good, as it has no added sugar or salt. i just buy the plain rice cereal - blue box. i'm not too keen on those flavoured cereals, cause i prefer to add in my own veges or fruits if i choose to.

    of course fresh vege is best, but because it's fresh you must cook straightaway. frozen would be 2nd best, and you can keep in freezer until expiry date stated on the package. the only frozen veges i tried before are frozen corn, frozen peas and those mixed frozen vege (carrot, corn, peas). and if possible don't give canned veges, as sodium content is very high.
  23. wendyl

    wendyl Member

    hw about Dumex nutrikids rice cereals?
    got add any sugar/salt in it?
  24. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    i'm not sure about dumex. perhaps you can try reading the label/list of ingredients and see if they have added sugar/salt? tomorrow i may be going down to the supermarket, so i will go and read the label and let you know! [​IMG]

    actually, if your kid is above the age of 1, a little salt/sugar in his/her diet is ok. it's just not advisable for babies below the age of 1 because their digestive system is still not matured enough to process sugar/salt/flavourings/ etc.
  25. gloomy_newmom

    gloomy_newmom New Member

    hi lani
    thanks so much for info above.

    currently, my gal is taking very little milk. she is turning 7 mths soon but drinking between 400ml-500ml in the daytime. I bf her when i go home. She takes lunch (cereal with carrot cube, pumpkin cube and 2 cubes of avocado). She dislikes sweet potato (stand alone or mixed with cereal).

    So really worried she is not consuming enough!

    Just started her on papaya yogurt as dinner.

    Tried spinach with her yesterday too.

    Very disturbed that she is not drinking enough milk-milk. [​IMG]
  26. wendyl

    wendyl Member

    thanks lani
  27. bbrooster

    bbrooster New Member


    U cook a batch of veg. blend them and put in ice cubes tray. Is it ok to use the microwave to defrost bb food? Normally, u cook a week's portion or just a few days. Thank you so much for your previous info. U r really an expert. I feel so stressed to start on solid. Wish that the bb can just drink on milk and grow.
  28. snowman

    snowman New Member

    Hi bbrooster,

    U r not alone leh.....i am also a first time mommy,my boy is 5.5mths. Your wish is also my wish (bb just drink on milk & grow).How nice...Me also feeling stressful to start him on solid foods. We shall "hao hao jia you" ok???

    I wish to ask all mommies is it possible to finish the whole jar of bb foods (Heniz pureed fruit/veges) within 3 days?? I usually hve half jar left by 3 days then has to throw away. What should i do so can finish within 3 days????
  29. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    at 7mths, min amount of milk needed is 500ml. if you bf when you go home that should come up to about 500ml already, so don't worry too much. if you are concerned that her milk intake is too low, you have several options. first one (i use this method alot myself) is to try adding milk into her food. that's why for me i add in her FM into her Heinz rice cereal (2oz for lunch and 2oz for dinner). you can also feed your baby substitutes, eg youghurt or cheese. there was once when my daughter refused to drink her 3pm milk, so what i did was feed her half a packet of yoghurt. when your daugher gets older and can eat more adult-style foods, you can always cook things like baked pasta (using milk & cheese as the sauce) or even poached fish and veges (also using milk and cheese as the sauce). i heard from some other mummies they are delicious!

    once she turns 7mths, you can substitute one of the avocado cubes with a cube of fish or chicken (she needs the protein). also try to have a leafy green vege in her meal, so either brocolli or spinach is best. if you add in spinach or brocolli then you can leave out the carrot or avocado. try not to feed carrots everyday, as it has a tendency to make your baby turn "orange". don't laugh, it's true!! from what i've read, try to have 1 vege/fruit rich in vit A, and at least 1 rich in vit C in her daily meals.

    yes it's ok to deforst in microwave, but it's better to defrost forzen food in the fridge. what i do is the day before, i will take out the vege cubes from the freezer and transfer to an airtight tupperware, then put it in the fridge. so next day it is already defrosted, and when it's time for her meal, i will just need to heat up in moicrowave for around 45secs only. just be sure when you heat up in microwave you stir thoroughly to make sure the heat is evenly distributed, and always test the heat first before you feed your baby.

    i actually cook quite a large batch! each time i cook can fill up 3 ice trays, which is 36 cubes! and this lasts for about 18 days! i read that frozen cooked and pureed veges can be kept for up to 3mths! frozen cooked and pureed meat up to 1 mth. fyi, the forzen fish i only cook about 2 week's worth only.

    3 days is the MAX you can keep opened jar baby foods. anything that is not consumed after 3 days MUST be thrown away. if your baby can't finish the jar foods, there really isn't much you can do about it...that's why i find jar foods are very wasteful and very EX! of worse comes to worst then maybe you gotta finish it yourself lor! haha! but i doubt you will like baby food right?

    you know, i know it seems very stressful and such a hassle to start babies on solids, and the thought of cooking, pureeing and freezing foods is very daunting. but take it from me, once you get the hang of it it's very very easy. i find it so convenient (it takes me less than 15mins each time to prepare, puree and freeze them) and it's soooo much cheaper than jar foods, and not to mention sooooo much healthier!! there is also very little wastage.

    one thing i need to mention is once you start feeding your babies protein (eg fish, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, etc) at mealtimes, you must not feed milk at that meal, as milk will slow down the iron absorption by 50%. you need to feed your baby either water (around 2-3tbsp) or diluted fruit juice (buy those meant for babies).
  30. enya

    enya New Member

    got the book by gina ford, its a really gd book on weaning! thanks for recommending!
  31. lachattesg

    lachattesg Member

    hi enya, where did you get it? didn't see it in kinokunya. how much is it?
  32. enya

    enya New Member

    i think sold out in alot of places. i finally got it in times the bookshop .... $26 for the book. i think the new edition is coming out soon in april. but i can't wait till april lar!

    if u ask kino or times to order, shipment in 4-6 weeks time. i think same if u order via amazon.
  33. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    i'm glad you really like the Gina Ford book on weaning! that book was a life saver for me when i was starting my girl on solids!! i truly believe because of all the advice and detailed eating plan is the reason my daughter had no probs whatsoever with eating solids and is a very healthy eater. however, do take note that the feeding plan for the 2nd mth is quite "angmoh", ie she recommends feeding things like sweet potato mixed w/ carrot puree, or sweet potato mixed w/ green bean puree, etc. i tried it on my girl first 2 days or so and she couldn't take it, so i had to improvise. i basically decided to add in the purees into rice cereal, and my girl liked it a lot better!
  34. snowman

    snowman New Member

    Hi lachattesg, I got the book from MPH(Parkway Parade) last week at $25.20. U might want to try there.

    Hi lani, thank you for sharing so much with us. I had tried your recommendation to freeze the veges. Now i hve potatoes,sweet potatoes & spinach in the freezer, it's really so...so convenience. Thanks a lot!!!

    Can i freeze fruits also? What kind of fruits leh?? Pls tell me how to do it also. "Xie Xie"
  35. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    you're most welcome! i am always more than willing to share any tips and experiences i have - all the better for our precious little darlings!

    yes, you can freeze fruits also. so far i have frozen pear, apple and peach. fyi, for babies below 6-7mths, you MUST cook (ie boil) the fruits (must peel first), then puree and freeze. some books say can keep in freezer for up to 3mths, but 6wks is better.

    once baby is past 7mths, you can feed raw fruits already. my daughter LOVES pears, so what i do is i will peel the pear, slice then grate and feed her. she will eat about half a pear after dinner. papaya, kiwi and canteloupe are also some of the best fruits to feed babies, because of the high vit A and/or C content. i find papaya is one of the EASIEST to feed, because you just need to peel and mash, then can feed straightaway. luckily my daughter also loves papaya. the same also applies to banana - just mash and feed. but beware that too much banana can cause constipation hor..

    i was at MPH Parkway last night and ALL Gina Ford books were sold out already. so maybe you wanna place an order. she has quite a number of books - so far i have 3 of them, now i am looking for the one on potty training.
  36. Lani, so you are here! [​IMG]

    You have fed Sarah kiwi already? Kiwi is a highly allergenic fruit and is best given after 9 months, as advised by many other sources. She is OK with kiwi on its own or do you give her that with other fruits concurrently as it can be fairly sour?

    SPINACH: Lani, do you cook and freeze spinach? I used to do that when I started weaning, until when I read that freezing leafy greens increases the nitrates level. though thre are contrasting schools of thoughts, I decided to be safe and avoided it.
  37. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    no i have not fed kiwis yet. so far only pear, apple, peach, banana, papaya and canteloupe. but she will only take pear or papaya regularly, so i usually alternate b/w these 2.

    yah, i actually freeze the spinach, as i find it more convenient for me. i will only freeze about 2 weeks' worth at a time.
  38. Lani, good that Sarah takes papaya. It is a shame that my Marcus hates it. The only fresh fruit he will eat is grapes and occasionally kiwi and banana.

    Cooking fruits: you may want to try lightly steaming fruits instead of boiling them to retain Vitamin C which is water soluble and easily lost with heat. How do you thaw your frozen fruit puree?
  39. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    now i don't cook, puree and freeze any more fruits for sarah, as she is able to eat them fresh already. when i used to freeze fruits, i would thaw them in the fridge (ie transfer the fruit cubes to a small tupperware the night before and put in the fridge for next day's consumption).
  40. Lani, where do you buy canteloupe? I kept seeing only rock melon in supermarkets around me.
  41. everafter_03

    everafter_03 Member


    Can I know if I can start giving some rice cerals when my bb turns 4 mth old? He is currently 3 mths old & lately he doesn't seems to drink alot of milk. Last time he used to drink 4oz every 2 hrs & now it is stretching to 21/2 to 3 hrs & 4oz cannot be finished...
    He seems to be interested in what adults are eating & when we eat, he also chews...
  42. arielene_n_ling

    arielene_n_ling New Member

    Hi is it necessary to thaw it? I usu cook the brown rice porridge first then add the frozem cube directly into the porridge w.o thawing. Will it affect the nutrients or vitamins? Pls advise
  43. everafter, the earliest recommended age is 4 month. My son was like yours, he wasn't interested in milk when he was 3 months and PD suggested I start with rice cereal when he was 3.5 months, but I waited till he was 4.5 months.

    Arielene, some books suggest thawing first while others said it is not necessary. I will thaw it first, then heat it up till piping hot, before mixing it with other cooked food.
  44. tuffy

    tuffy Active Member

    hi ladies,
    can you share with me the type of equipment you use to prepare the food for the bbies? thanks! is there a special baby food equipment I should look at?
  45. arielene_n_ling

    arielene_n_ling New Member

    Hi.. how do u freeze veg? U boil or steam before u blend it? Anything to add while boiling cos i heard boiling will kill the nutrients and vitamins in the veg. Anyway to cook veg without stripping off its nutrients?

    Normally i jus freeze the veg.. fish and minced chicken i cook on the spot n then add in the porridge..

    Mabe someone can enlighten me on how to cook spinach without stripping off nutrients? For brocolli i steam...
  46. Arielene, steaming is the best for most vegetables, except potatoes which should be boiled or baked.
  47. enya

    enya New Member

    hi lani

    did u get the cook book by gina ford? is it good?
  48. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    yes steaming is best for minimal loss of nutrients.

    the earliest baby can start on solids is 4mths, but it's best to wait slightly later. my daughter sarah started showing signs of being ready for solids at around 4mth+, but i waited till she was 5mths to start on solids. maybe you try to feed your baby his FM every 4 hourly to see if he will increase his intake at each feeding (eg 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm). alternatively, maybe you can try changing the brand of FM to see if he prefers another brand. try to wait to introduce solids till at least 4.5mths old lah, because at such a young age they still need most of their nutrients from milk, and not solids (solids are considered 1st tastes only before the age of 6mths).

    i didn't know gina ford had a cook book? i got these 3 books:
    contented little baby book
    contented little baby book of weaning
    from contented baby to confident child

    i am now looking for the book on potty training. if i can't find in any bookstores here then i may have to order.
  49. enya

    enya New Member

    yup,this the book i m referring to

    tot u would have it ...is the book on confident child gd?

    another book my fren was telling me abt - secrets of the baby whisperer. and another book, super baby foods.

    any comments on these 2 books?
  50. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    oh! got recipe book huh? ok i must go check it out!

    the book on confident child is quite good, but i find it's very applicable if your baby has any of the problems listed, ie not sleeping thru the night, or is a fussy eater, cries a lot, etc. it's a ctually a book on problem solving for toddlers 1-3 yrs old. but it also touches on other topics, like bad habits (nail biting, thumb sucking, addicted to pacifier, etc), and also on potty training.

    i've not read the baby whisperer book, so i can't really comment on it.

    can i know how old is your baby? i think the baby whisperer book is more for mums with NBs. my daughter is already 8mths old.

    in my personal opinion, any book that's meant for mums w/ NBs have to be read with a grain of salt. every baby is different, so the methods prescribed in these books may not be suitable for all babies, and sometimes the method will only work if you tweak it and adjust it a little bit! [​IMG]

    as for the super baby food book - i have that one, and i do find it relatively useful, but i hardly use it because it follows a VERY STRICT vegetarian and organic diet/regime, so it may not be appropriate for the average mum&baby. from the reviews online also i think alot of mums find it very strict, because the writer adheres to a very strict organic regime and she DOES NOT recommend feeding meat, chicken, etc (ie your child is to have a vegetarian diet from day one).

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