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Advice on airplane travel for bb

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by jellybnzw, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. jellybnzw

    jellybnzw New Member

    Can anyone advice on how old should a baby be before travelling on planes?

  2. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    we just back from Japan last nov'08 ....free & ez 8D7N ..... he's 29mths old 1st time travellg.

    gotta pack lotsa of stuff for travellg...i'm used to bringing out lotsa of stuff while short/long trips locally .....

    infants can travel after 10days old after birth.
  3. luanee

    luanee New Member

    I brought my gal to BKK when she was 11 mths old..
  4. bluencream

    bluencream Member

    Hi. we took our baby to NZ when she was 6 months old. She slept almost 70% of the 9 hour journey. Just feed her during landing and takeoff to reduce the ear pressure.
  5. cuclainne

    cuclainne New Member

    ew, i find that it's easier travelling with younger babies cos then they don't fuss about as much .. [​IMG] when i brought my eldest on her first long-haul flight, she was about 6 months old but there was a lady on the same flight who had a newborn with her.
  6. fruche

    fruche Member

    ew: depends on how long is the flight...i delivered my baby in australia and took him home after he turned 1mth. 5hr flight. No problem for him.
  7. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    Hi all,
    Any advise on toddlers and flight?

    Wanna bring my 18mths old on a short flight to maybe KL or Bangkok but afraid she'll scream the house down during the flight.
  8. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    Hi Kaa,

    My son tore down SQ A380 last Nov'08...our 1st family trip 2 Tokyo !! He and the other 4 toddlers torn the whole plane down ........ till the captain announce in the whole flight tt these 5 families bear our own risks for our kids whom not co-operatg to fasten seat belt !

    Coming back from Tokyo, AGAIN....my son kana Chief Steward & Captain came personally to our seats WARNING US, insisted my son MUST fasten seat belt !

    We r gg 2 BKK next mth, wondering will he co-operate with us tis time ??? veri annoying when he scream & tear the whole air craft DOWN !
  9. elaineheng

    elaineheng New Member

    Hi, I'm bringing my 4 month bb on plane this Sunday. Anyone can give some advice on this? Will she be on a seatbelt attached to mine? How to cope pressure on ears?
  10. bluemarinesg

    bluemarinesg New Member

    Elaine, not all airlines provide infant seat belt and baby food. TG for one, has no belt and food services for infants.

    Coping with pressure in the ears - let the baby drink (milk or water is fine) or suck pacifier. The idea is to bring about the sucking action to 'clear the ears'. Try to coincide the flight time with the baby's nap.

    My child sleeps thru the take off and landing. So I had a pretty smooth time, except it's hard for me to enjoy the meals as I was carrying him in one arm.
  11. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member


    Pls book 2molo a bassinet for yr 4mth old BB ! or else is 1st come 1st serve basis hor !

    Pls let yr BB usck pacifer thru out the flight
    feed as much liquid as possible ..... remember bring extra diapers, 2sets of clothes, extra f/milk (if u not BF) .......

    Seat belt only given when child is able to sit upright by themselves. Bassinet is for infant till 18mths depends on weight & height !

    Bassinets are limited hor !
  12. elaineheng

    elaineheng New Member

    Hi Sam and mrs lew, thanks for ur advices!

    Good thing the flight is going to be a short one. We are flying japan airline to kl cos got special promotion. Tics are much cheaper. This is like a trial to see if she can take it then we can go HK.

    Will remember the pacifier and to express some milk once i reach the cabin. And will check out with airlines how to book the bassinet later. Not quite bother with no food for bb, cos she is on total EBM.

    I'll leave her in the bassinet after the plane take off? During plane take off, I'm supposed to carry her in arms right?will it be good if I uses my moms in mind sling?

    Now got another worry, i scare my daily milk is not enough for her each day. Cos I'm there for work and can't be with her whole day. Sigh. Need to bring frozen EBM there, now thinking how to pack. Today moving office, flying tomoro night. Nothing is packed yet. Wow!!!! Stressful haha. No wonder milk supply drops.
  13. elaineheng

    elaineheng New Member

    Hello mummies, back from our first family trip and baby did quite well. The air pressure was ok for her I think. She got a little cranky on our way back cos wanna sleep. After the trip, kinda regret as she really become very cranky and all her scheduled are messed up. Sigh.
  14. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    Dear Mummies

    Any idea if strollers are allowed in airplanes?I'm bringing my DD when she's 18mths to Turkey.Will be flying by SQ.Thanks!
  15. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    Airport staff will issue u a stroller tag for u 2 collect after u landed in Turkey.

    Strollers will be collected by the airport staff before u step into the plane. There's no space for yr strollers if u r holding economy class ! Do bring along yr sling/carrier just in case. Turkey distance is not nearby. Remember to ask SQ for heniz / gerber jar food for yr DD OR ask them to supply kids menu for yr DD . Kids menu mainly are solid food. My son loves adult food more than kids menu. Kids menu has goodies for kids.
    SQ has tape diapers, wet wipes, etc .... but no f/milk if u ask the cabin crews.
  16. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    Thanks a lot mimgoh.

    Gee.. now wondering how/where my daughter can sleep :p sleeping on our lap will be rather uncomfortable for her.. will the bassinet be suitable for her? any age limit for the bassinet?btw, will be booking the bulkhead seats so there'll be more space in front..thanks.
  17. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

  18. elaineheng

    elaineheng New Member

    Actually travel with bb has much privileges but also quite tough. The packing can be challenging.

    Bassinet seats are first come first served. Usually when u get an infant ticket, u will be assigned to the first row with more legspace and the bassinet area.there is a max weight. One think u can try, if plane has empty seats, u can change seat and lift up the divider and let her sleep lying down. Saw a mum did that on my flight back yesterday. She very idea... Brought a cloth to make a 'tent' and cover the happenings. Create a dark ambience for her baby.

    Need to lubricant ur bb, the air is very dry. Check out some good moisturizer and also baby lip balms. And give plenty of water.

    Was quite upset when someone stared at me when baby cried. Sigh I tried all ways to entertain her!!! Anyway, bring her fav toy.

    First trip? Have fun!
  19. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    Elaine Heng,

    dun bother abt those ETs ........

    our last Nov'08 trip to Tokyo, my son oso created HAVOC, refuse to buckle up till captain, lead steward/stewardess came foward to remind then warng us ...... so damn ma lu hor ! I even shown them my son's dr letter ( he's diagonse with ADHD ) still they warnings are serious !

    We even had encountered BAD services from Singapore to Tokyo by A380 hor ! Stewardess refill COLD tape water , refuse to gave us mineral water....ended up b4 arrivg Narita airport, my son lau sia badly hor !

    Worldwide airlines....SQ is worst coz' dun have nannies !! I meant stewardess nanny ...... continental airlines sure have whereby mums travellg alone with infants / young kids dun nid to worry long flights ! So far I heard, Cathy Pacific oso have nanny liao but die die SQ dun have lor !
  20. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    Thanks a lot, mimgoh & Elaine Heng
    I manage to get some info too. I'm wondering if my DD will climb out of the bassinet.Any idea how high is it?Hopefully there's empty seats ard :p

    I'm travelling in Apr 2011.. hopefully, the trip is going to be ok.. first trip by plane wif my DD :p
  21. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member


    wow ..... u so kia su (pardon me for my bluntness ! )

    i tot i kia su as i do " homework for almost 2yrs " planning for my last nov'07 Japan trip....some mums in tis forum knew and they oso [​IMG]

    pack yr usual outing bag .... go to any mothercare boutiques to pick up leaflet on travelling tips. Dun nid to b panick.

    my son not longer an infant so when our 1st annual trip, he has his own seat.

    check & read the SQ website information....still not clear then find out from them personally or call their reservations line.
  22. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member


    good luck 2 u coz' it's school holidays ..... plane flights will be full load so booked a bassinet early.

    front seat normal ones do come with TV.

    call etihad airways (seldom come singapore often).... to check
  23. elaineheng

    elaineheng New Member

    Mrs lew mimi, seems like you had a tough time on plane especially with your boy having stomach upsets. Didn't know got nanny, must be challenging for sia gals - all so young. You travel alone with your son?

    Breezewax, ur baby is new born now? And u planning 17 months later bring her go turkey. Wow. Plan so early?

    Effiruz, the tv and table are found on the side. The bassinet depending on airlines maybe different. I seen some are those cloth bassinets and the Jal's is fixed and if I m not wrong, the stewardess will put some cloth on it.
  24. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    Oops!! sorry! i'm travelling in Apr 2010!! not 2011! hahahahahahaha!!! i confused myself too! and the SIA customer svc!Dunno what i'm thinking off! kekekeke! sorry!
  25. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    Many nationalities commented SQ the best services......wait till they knw wat's the locals r being treated then they knw !!

    cabin crews neber tik abt they r just "high class waiter / waiteress " when they r not flying, they salary can't even buy a set of basic comsemtics for themselves hor !!!

    So far, i flown couple of airlines.....

    fahion show : Turkey Airlines.....the cabin crew greeted u in 1 set of uniform, change to another set for serving food then landing change another set uniform ......

    sincerity treatment : Thair Airlines (TG) .... they convinced their own people to have flight meals in order not to have discomfort when flying.

    I dun understand why SQ treatments towards we; locals r like SHIT ??? But when they r back to their homes ( i've @ least 3 cabin crews r my neighbours)....they r just like ordinary people compare when they r in uniforms (veri stuck-up, refuse to talk to anyone) !
  26. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    hahaha! i've gotta agree with u! well, i'd say majority of them are like dat. i'll definitely complain if their svc are nt up to the standard.They treat ang mohs better than locals.Shopping ctrs too...Wat to do?

    Wow! didn't noe turkish airlines crew are like doing fashion show!i'm taking their airlines too when i'm there [​IMG]Interesting!
  27. elaineheng

    elaineheng New Member

    Mrs lee mimi, I was laughing at ur turkish airlines fashion show. Guess sia is just famous for the Singapore girl. And I think standard dropping. Oh by the way, united famous for their obasans! So more motherly. Haha
  28. ashleybaby

    ashleybaby Member

    Hi mrs lew mimi (mimgoh),

    how do you plan your itinery for japan trip in 08? thinking of bringing my gal to japan next yr June. She will be 28months by then. thks
  29. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member


    we went there 2 c my ex-jap boss, jap frds + shoppg .......

    i do my " homework " for almost 2yrs b4 confm gg in last nov'08 !

    we went F & EZ .... depends on wat's yr family preferences ..... me pack lotsa of clothings, diapers, f/milk, medicines (western + chinese), extra m/bots, winter clothings.......even listen to mums here, bought pram w/o front bar handle (damn REGRET) .....

    read my blog:
  30. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    hope these websites r useful for u:







    The above webbies some r contributed from other mums last time......so i save in my favourite folder 4 references......tt's wat i meant tt i do "homework" b4 gg out of Singapore. MY hb dun like if " no homework done " !

    Change yr Yen in Singapore coz' there's no money changers like here.....changing money only accepted in BANKS hor !

    June ..... is their Japan schools summer holidays and veri crowded everywhere, oso flight / tour packages veri costly ! Their Summer weather degrees can shoot up to 37-40 !
    We love WINTER as my son's eczema nid tis kinda of weather ......

    we will go next yr if we save enough pocket $$ ! We 1 2 try out is place " http://www.lifeplus-karuizawa.com/index.html " .... open by my ex-jap manager.
  31. xxxcat

    xxxcat New Member

    anyone can share, u bought ur bb there, so how r u gtg to prepare their Porridge?

    or is it ok they dun take Porridge this few days over at other country?
  32. bluemarinesg

    bluemarinesg New Member

    My kid already eating porridge. So wat we did was to order a bowl of rice for him (easily available at jap/chinese restaurant) and then I added hot water to soften the rice.

    When my kid was much younger, the above method would not work. What I did was - get a stainless steel tiger food jar. Put in washed rice grains into the jar and pour hot boiling water into the jar and fill it to the brim. Cover the lid tight. After a few hours, you get plain porridge lor [​IMG]

    I didnt compromise on my kid's meals when we travelled as I feel that this would be unfair for him.

    I brought along pigeon and heinz baby food for him, train him to eat "harder and dryer porridge" and bread. Get him accustomed to biscuits etc. So that he would still be eating fine.
  33. bluemarinesg

    bluemarinesg New Member

    The only thing I missed - fish in his porridge.

    The only thing I need work-around - no stock for his porridge. I cook his porridge with plain hot water. So it's less flavourful than the usual one I cook for him
  34. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    Nicole, I brought slow cooker and cooked in the hotel room.
  35. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    tailor needs 2 suit my son's taste buds, NO WAY lor !!!

    we travel new places, purpose 2 train him havg NEW TASTE buds / food & beverages rather than home-cooked food !

    in tokyo, there's many outlets (onigiri rice balls outlets) sellg so we bought 6pcs assorted ones to keep into his m/bottle insulated travelling warmer to keep it warm. in tokyo, we ain't worry coz' japanese food almost similiar to ours and oso there's common brands like "pigeon" instant food........

    i do tikg of bringing electric stove along hor then my hb told me " bring along our kitchen stove then ! " ya lor, we ain't stayg there long term wat so Y bother pack so many things leh ???? Packing his clothes, diapers, winter wears alrdy occupied 3/4 of the 29" trolley luggage liao hor ......... my son had really proper home-cooked food in my japanese friends' house then.

    the recent bangkok trip, his food not adaptg well then in tokyo !

    me now found FT job liao so savg $$$ for next yr's trip 2 tokyo AGAIN !
  36. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi Nicole,

    I brought my DD1 to Perth for holidays when she was about 10mths old. We brought with us milk powder, cereal and also bought bottled heinz baby food for her to eat during the trip (I trained her to eat bottled food since she was 4 mths and it works [​IMG]).

    When we go eat Chinese food, I ordered porridge for her to eat (told the restaurant not to add any oil or sauce to her porridge).

    We went to Sydney when she was 16mths. By then, she already can eat food which we eat - Cereal, bread, rice with soup, porridge, etc.

    Oh yes, we also drop by supermarkets to buy fruits for her to eat - banana, apples, oranges, etc.

    No other special preparation of food for her.

    This June, we brought both our DDs - 16mths and 34mths to HK. Lagi no problem, HK got lotsa food for them [​IMG] Just end of last mth, we went up to KL via coach with my sisters' families. We were caught with very bad Jam at JB customs and end up with a 7-hr coach trip - Also no problem for my kids. Food in KL is also not a problem for them.

    On plane/ coach travelling, now that we travel with 2 young kids, we bought a portable DVD/ LCD player to keep my kids entertained (esp my DD2) with Barney and Sesame Streets VCD/ DVD. During our HK trip, this entertained her for about 1/2 the plane trip (2 hrs) and they napped for almost the other 1/2 the plane trip. So far so good.
  37. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    training of our kids' taste buds not just over a nite or two !

    if yr trip still long way, try introducing NEW FOOD apart from the daily food styles.........dun kan cheong lah, it takes TIME !!! if 2 panic then u will start 2 worri b4 & during the holidays " wat 2 give / buy food for our kids ! "

    tt's Y most parents prefer to bring their kids after they turn 5 !
  38. ashleybaby

    ashleybaby Member

    Hi mrs lew mimi (mimgoh),

    thks so much for your advice and sharings. hopefully everything will go smoothly. thks. ;p
  39. freshpoison77

    freshpoison77 New Member

    nt sure if I'll be scolded for posting.
    I brought my boy on the plane twice.

    1st: Qantas (he was 26 mth)
    Flying frm SIN to Christchurch / Christchurch to SIN
    Cabin crew was unfriendly, plane was cramp (economy class)
    My boy is a good flier, sleeps or entertains himself. Does not cause any noise disturbance so I was a little put off by the Qantas crew.

    2nd trip: SIA (38 mths)
    SIN to Perth / Perth to SIN
    Fantastic service by the crew. Never encountered any prejudices. Wider leg room (economy class)

    We are locals.
  40. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    Hi all,
    I tried bringing 20 mth old to Koh Samui. My DD hate the flight, more likely hate being restrained. Luckily, its only 2 hr.

    On the way there, she cried when plane was in the landing leg. She refused sweet / drink and complained pain and point to her ear. Other than that, no big issue. Phew!
  41. iiriishy

    iiriishy New Member

    Have anyone tried to bring a car seat on board of plane without purchasing a seat for your baby?

    I'm bringing my boy to Melbourne when he is 12mths. I was hoping if there is a empty seat available, the crew will allow me to let my son use it heehee.
  42. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    is yr car seat approved by airlines ? all airlines have rules for car seat provided by passengers.

    so be safe, kindly check with the airlines agent.
  43. iiriishy

    iiriishy New Member

    Hi Mrs lew mimi,

    Yap, was given a tel no by Emirates customer service to call to check if the car seat can fit into the overhead compartment. Will be checking with the dept soon. Thanks.

    By the way, to soothe baby's ear pain,
  44. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    soothe ears' pain.......bb nid to suck pacifier or drink lotsa of liquid as it's dry n worrying dehydarting...........

    pack lotsa of diapers & extra sets of clothes for yr BB n yrself than usual......ai yah, many things gotta pack extra than usual coz' me veri kia su !
  45. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    I just came back from Turkey with my 18mths daughter. It's a 13hrs flight, including 1hr transit. We flew by SQ & all goes well. My daughter slept throughout the journey. Most prob cos it's a night flight.

    Thank God she wasn't cranky cos my greatest fear would be the ears' pain. She didn't drink during taking off or landing. I'm not sure if she did feel pain but did not whine. But I'm sure my ears were blocked & had to swallow saliva to release the pressure.

    Just an experience. Turkish Airlines crew are not friendly. Not expecting much but at least a smile. Seats are cramp. Pilots are bad! Both domestic flights are horrible! We thought we are riding viking. U know those heart thumping feeling. After that, my daughter became cranky. Sigh.

    On the whole, it shldn't be a much of a prob to travel with a baby/toddler. Night flight is the best; hoping that they can sleep. If day flight, I feel short flights are better.

    This was our 1st time taking a long flight. Ist time flight for 18mths daughter too.

    Don't think too much! Just pack the neccessity & enjoy! Oh. Medicines are a must!
  46. happymrskoh

    happymrskoh Member

    hello! I am bringing my 9 months old daughter to Club Med Phuket in 2 weeks' time. Thanks for all the advices..

    Abit worried about the landing and taking off in the plane.. hope everything turns out well.

    Now sleep training her cos there's no yao lan over there! i hope she don't have any sleeping issue when we're there.. [​IMG]
  47. Hi I'm bringing my 26 months old girl to Phuket this Thursday. Any advice or tips? Is the food in Phuket suitable for my girl? How about the water?
  48. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    whenever we travelled to Thailand, we sure will BUY mineral bottles from supermarkets / 7-eleven stores.

    if yr gal takes heniz / gerber jar food then buy a few (enough for yr trip, dun over stocked)bottles to bring over there.

    eat fruits as it can ease thirst !

    Food it depends wat u order.......my son ate well last year's trip to BKK as we stay in Chinatown coz' we have our regular street side stalls to venture & missed veri much .
  49. littlemaelee

    littlemaelee Member

    Hi mummies,

    Has anyone travelled with Emirates before with a toddler below 2yrs old recently?

    Are we allowed to carry our stroller and car seat to the plane and kept by them? I intend to hand carry my car seat, as i'm afraid that it will be damaged if i check in car seat.

    How was the experience with emirates? As its my first time travelling with emirates in coming march to MEL.

  50. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member


    <font color="ff0000">NO STROLLERS / PRAMS r ALLOW inside planes</font> in all airlines. Maximum till the bridge(walking passage) when heading towards the plane. Ground staff will put a tag onto yr pram/stroller so when reah yr destination, to collect yr item @ the bridge. Travelling with kids regardless age with any airlines has priority early check-in the same time as business class passengers. Even if u choosen to check-in after still the ground staff will round searching for priority passengers.

    <font color="119911">CAR SEATs</font> unless has printed tags that indicating aircraft approved then can put onto the passenger seat.

    i dun check-in son's pram @ counter as cargo luggages, me always bring pram till the bridge.

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