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2WW - for those TTC-ing

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by volf20, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. sassynsweet

    sassynsweet Member

    i been reading abt tongkat ali in this forum... is it really good?
    I trying for 2nd baby :D but not so successful. hahahaha

    hoping tongkat ali can help out my hubby

  2. sassynsweet

    sassynsweet Member

    ahhahaa battery operated boyfriend.

    Tongkat ali is the malay's ginsengs. They eat it to increase potency.
    I read on this blog on tongkat ali benefits and reviews in singapore

    sounds good. maybe buy some in shop to try.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
  3. Rainbowskies

    Rainbowskies Active Member

    For hydrosalpinx, most dr will advice to remove it as there is liquid in the tube and it will interfere with the implantation of our embryo plus also affect the lining of our uterus.
  4. Blue Rose

    Blue Rose Member

    Hi all the mummies-to-be,

    We will be returning 200 red eggs to ZSNN at Shuang Lin Cheng Huang Temple (184 Jalan Toa Payoh Singapore 319944) on 7th Dec 2018 (Fri) which also fall on a 初一, from 11am, to thank ZSNN for blessing me with a healthy baby boy after TTC for a year with 2 IVF fresh cycles.

    Feel free to visit the temple 11am to 5pm to receive the blessing.

    Best wishes and Baby dust to all of you! :)

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  5. plainmilk

    plainmilk Member

    Everyday. Twice a day. Morning n night. On inner forearms and neck.
  6. plainmilk

    plainmilk Member

    PPP really works! I got preg on 1st cycle while on PPP! Last two kids I didnt use PPP n it took me 3 to 6 cycles to get pregnant
  7. Hi, just to share that I just got my bfp and what was different during this month TWW!

    Every month I tried to spot symptoms... some months I couldn't wait and take pregnancy test immediately after I missed my period, but of course faced with a lot of disappointments. While searching online for many hints, there wasn't really much substantial information. It was a torture during every TWW as I couldn't help it, but to count down the days... Anyway, my symptoms for this month were there was a spot of blood 5 days post ovulation and nothing else. Then 7 days post ovulation, I woke up with some numbing pain on my left side. I ovulated on my left side this month as I felt the pain during ovulation. These were the two symptoms which kept my hopes higher... and when my period was due (14 days post ovulation), my boobs were not that swollen, some bloating, there was some sharp pain on my left side, overall dull cramps but no backaches, no bad cramps, no spotting. I also waited until I pass 14 days post ovulation before testing.

    Hope my symptoms spotting can help you ladies out there! :D
  8. jayjayqueenie

    jayjayqueenie Active Member

    it is better if we dont look into the symptoms though. ;)
  9. introvert521

    introvert521 Active Member

    Yes everyone is different. Looking out for symptoms make me more stressed.
  10. yunz

    yunz Member

    Agreed... just relax n dun b so stressful.. ur brain n heart cannot take it..
  11. Raspberry38

    Raspberry38 Member

    I am currently tww here. O on 5 March. No cramp no spotting, nothing. I think no hope le.
  12. Give a hope

    Give a hope Well-Known Member

    I think got cramp got spotting dr will den worry n put u on jab n med so best not to have it
  13. Ebiko8

    Ebiko8 Member

    Omg soon will be my 2ww!trying for a 2nd child before i “close factory” :)
  14. starlights

    starlights Member

    Hmm i had spotting last night n about midnight i got cramps and i woke up take panadol to sleep...
    Today i got abit bleeding... should i ignore it let it be or see doc? Its day 12 post iui...
  15. tiggerpooh

    tiggerpooh Active Member

    U shld visit d doc, just to be safe
  16. Give a hope

    Give a hope Well-Known Member

    Better go for a check be safe
  17. starlights

    starlights Member

    Got so serious? I today got a bit spotting also. Not to e extent of af la... pantyliner needa change twice a day...
  18. starlights

    starlights Member

    My friends who went for iui/ ivf tell me not to overreact... but i don't feel any pain also la...
  19. starlights

    starlights Member

    My doc appointment is on coming Tues 2nd... so i thot see doc then... today i tested my urine sample... its negative. Told my frens they say too early nothing can b tested yet... =/
  20. Give a hope

    Give a hope Well-Known Member

    Mbe diff ppl diff case.. For us high risk case we can't afford and must rush down to c dr
  21. starlights

    starlights Member

    So i have seen the urgent o&g clinic ytd..
    Doc checked my vagina n say its just pink discharge... dont understand what she meant. Say already like never say much like that. She just gave me more drug for the womb lining to carry on taking and see le IVF centre for blood test on coming Tues.

    Have anyone got tis encounter that on blood test day was tested negative then subsequently was found out preggy , due to late implantation?
  22. starlights

    starlights Member

    I was thinking maybe it could happen to me XD
  23. starlights

    starlights Member

    Sighz now im starting to worry liao... its 16days post iui. I just tested my urine x 5 test strips... no bfp, not even a faint line. =_= I still got the fresh & stale brown spotting daily. My blood test is on coming Tuesday...
  24. yunz

    yunz Member

    Just to play safe, visit the doc..

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